Master post of CS parent fic!

This includes lots of daddy Killian, mommy Emma, pregnant Emma, CS parent, and basically every single really good multi chapter or one shot fic I’ve been collecting over the years :D! Enjoy :)  

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I remember very clearly the first time I saw bisexuality in a TV show. The TV show 24 actually, an a asassin suduced a male Target and then killed him. She then proceeded to return to her female handler/lover. And it was this relationship that caught my attention. I was floored. Women could love each other like that? I had thought of kissing classmates before, of both sexes. But I was an odd child, I didn’t fit in. I was already dubbed that weirdo in 2nd grade. I asked questions that made people uncomfortable out of pure curiosity. Wondering behind the mechanics, the why, the how’s? So I was curious about the fact that no one in my sheltered world of Utah seemed to be interested in both. But I had learned to curb my questions because the teachers and other adults always made my questions into arguments then into me being belligerent, and defying authority. And that led to me being in trouble.

So me seeing my questions played out in front of me on a TV screen displayed on a show I watched with my parents was an absolute vindication of my sense of self.

When I talked with my dad about it I wasn’t hesitant. My dad never treated me like a silly little child. When I asked him questions he always answered and explained them the best he could. I was a very intelligent child, and my dad always encouraged me to learn. So now that I had evidence of others like me I knew he would have answers. His answer was simple, and completely changed my world.

“Some men are like me and love women. Some men love men. Some women love women. Some love both. But as long as they are in love, it’s ok.” And that is all he had to say. The truck ride was over we had arrived at our destination. We always seemed to have​ the important talks in the truck.

darry as a single father,, let’s talk

-his daughters friends all have crushes on him (he’s the hot dad)
-gets really riled up at meetings
-makes HOMEMADE brownies
-will fight the moms
-he would give up the world for his kids
-piggyback rides!!
-played lots of cute lil games with them when they were babies
-has a minivan
-coaches football for his son
-has never missed a game for either of his kids. NEVER.
-he did night school for a while (pony & soda helped a lot) and ended up getting his bachelors degree (im so proud)
-takes them skiing a lot and on various day trips
-has a golden retriever
-has a really nice house
-takes care of the lawn
-has a garden where he grows flowers and one where he grows vegetables
-makes sure everyone eats healthy
-A Good Dad™

Request: I don’t wanna miss a thing

Request: Can you please write a happy imagine where happy is spending time with you and the baby can it be sooo fluffy

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You woke up early but feeling well rested. It was a miracle, your baby girl hadn’t cried once during the night. You should go check on her but when you turned on your back you saw why she hadn’t cried. Your husband, Happy, was by your side and your little girl was laying on his naked chest, peacefully sleeping.

“Morning”, Happy whispered and opened his eyes. He wasn’t sleeping of course. He probably had watched you and the baby sleep all night.

“Morning”, you whispered back and propped your body up to kiss him. You noticed the bedside crib by his side too and raised an eyebrow.

“I heard her fussing after you fell asleep and decided to bring her here”, he explained, “She slept like an angel and you had a good night sleep too babe”

“You are the best husband and dad Happy Lowman”, you said, earning a bashful smile from him too, “Just don’t get her used to it. I know she’s a daddy’s girl but she has to sleep on her own crib and bedroom”

“I know”, Happy sighed, making you smile as you got up and walked to the bathroom. You knew Happy thought he was missing things as he worked hard at TM and for his MC and that made him a bad father, so he tried to make it up every chance, every extra second he could get with you and your baby. He hasn’t realized yet there was nothing to make it up to you two.


Happy was talking on the phone as you finished breakfast, but his eyes never left the little girl on her swing for a second. You smiled as you put a plate in front of him and he hung up the phone, “Jax said we have the day off”

“That’s great honey!”, you pecked his lips and poured coffee on your cups.

“Yes it is”, Happy smiled at you and looked at the baby, “And I get to spend it with my girls. What you wanna do babe? I can help you clean, watch her…”

“Thank you Hap”, you caressed his arm, “But I cleaned the house just fine and I had plans to go out today”. Happy creased his brow as he listened to you, “She’s old enough to go out Hap, she needs fresh air and sun… We could go to the park”

“No”, Happy just said and began to eat.

“Hap…”, you sighed.

“No”, he looked at you again but you just stared back until he sigh and rolls his eyes, “People will try to touch her. Look at her, she’s adorable! And I don’t want her exposed to all the germs”

“Oh Happy Lowman, you’re a softy”, you laughed, “Nothing bad will happen and you will be with us all the time. I doubt someone will dare to come any closer”


Happy growled and complained but you dragged him out of the house with your baby girl and dog. Reaper, your dog, was in the backseat with your baby and looking happy to go out too. You smiled at them and at your grumpy husband driving. At the park, nobody would come closer as you had predicted. Happy had the baby in the carrier and a “Do Not Come Closer or Touch the Baby” glare.

“Smile Lowman”, you glanced at your husband, “Just a little bit”

“We should have stayed home”, he muttered, “Watch cartoons or something”

You just rolled your eyes and continued to walk. Your dog was sniffing the air and obediently walking by your side. Your baby was just looking at everything in this new place. Happy talked to her and she looked up at her dad, making your husband finally smile. You walked for a while and found a place to sit. Happy let your dog run and played with him while you and your baby watched them. He kept an eye on your two all the time and seemed to actually enjoy the morning outside. You were just putting your phone away when Happy walked back to you.

“Time to go home?”, he asked, kneeling to give water to your dog.

“Nope”, you said, “It’s time to go to grandma’s for lunch”


Your old man looked happier as you greeted his mother and she held her granddaughter. Family was everything to Happy and you knew paying his mom a visit would make his day off even better. He insisted on helping to set the table and serve lunch, making you and your mother in law glance at each other and smile. As soon as Happy sat by the table, your baby girl screeched for him.

“She’s a daddy’s girl indeed”, his mother said, making Happy smile from ear to ear. You told her about your morning and Happy just listened you two talk, protectively holding his baby. You glanced at father and daughter talking and felt happy to see your old man relax for once.

After lunch, you went back home and Happy carried your baby girl to her crib for a nap. Reaper laid on a rug by the crib and Happy petted his head, “Good boy. Watch our girl for me”. You held his hand and pulled him to the bedroom. You snuggled in bed, Happy’s head on your stomach and his arm around you.

“You should get some sleep”, you caressed his back, “You watched us all night”

“I didn’t”, Happy muttered.

“We will be right here when you wake up”, you softly traced the tattoos on his skin.

“I don’t wanna miss a thing”, your old man admitted, “I wanna be a good dad”

“You won’t miss anything”, you reassured him and felt Happy relaxing, “And you already are the best dad”

Our Land: The First 100 (or so) Days

When we started the “Our Land” journey in January, I mentioned that I drew inspiration from the words of John Steinbeck: his notion, in the travelogue Travels with Charley, to “rediscover this monster land.”

Four months later, as we wrap up the first phase of our project, I’m turning for inspiration to another John: the naturalist, explorer and author John Muir. 

In the late 1800s, Muir took three trips to southeast Alaska, where producer Elissa Nadworny and I just spent a revelatory two weeks gathering stories. Muir traveled along the Inside Passage by steamer ship and canoe, marveling at the glaciers he watched calving into fjords, the huge girth of Sitka spruce trees, the endless, quivering light display of the aurora borealis. The scenery of coastal Alaska, Muir wrote, was “hopelessly beyond description.” But he managed, beautifully:

In these coast landscapes there is such indefinite, on-leading expansiveness,     such a multitude of features without apparent redundance, their lines           graduating delicately into one another in endless succession, while the whole is so fine, so tender, so ethereal, that all pen-work seems hopelessly unavailing. Tracing shining ways through fiord and sound, past forests and waterfalls, islands and mountains and far azure headlands, it seems as if surely we must at length reach the very paradise of the poets, the abode of the blessed. 

The guiding principle behind the “Our Land” series has been to explore how place shapes identity: how where we live shapes who we are, and how ties to the land determine our sense of self. These ideas are front and center in our most recent Alaska reporting. Among our stories, we’ll hear a father-daughter commercial fishing duo talk about making a living, and a life, on the water. We’ll hear from Alaska Natives about celebrating and revitalizing their ancient cultures, rooted in the land. And we’ll visit a tiny village – with just a post office to its name – where living independently, off the grid, defines the people who make it their home.

Throughout our travels, I’ve been reminded time and again of people’s intense pride in where they’re from. We heard this expressed clearly by the sons of Yemeni immigrants in Hamtramck, Michigan. By a cattle broker along the Arizona-Mexico border. By Chinese-American families in the Mississippi Delta.

And it’s no small thing that on every step of our road trip, we’ve been welcomed into people’s homes and invited to share the bounty at their dinner table. We’ve gratefully shared in a community potlatch in Klukwan, Alaska, a Chinese feast in Clarksdale, Mississippi, an Uzbek dinner in Kansas City, Missouri, and many more.

(Sheila Spores holding a platter of grilled wild Alaska king and coho salmon at the home of our dinner host, Peter Rice, in Ketchikan)

Outside my office at NPR, I’ve hung a laminated map of the U.S., and I’ve marked our travel routes to date with a black Sharpie. It’s satisfying to look at the ground we’ve covered, but it’s also a constant reminder that there’s so much more territory to explore. The road beckons.

–Melissa Block

(Photos: Melissa Block/NPR)

Map: published in Alaska Days with John Muir (New York: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1915)

Review of 14x01 “Break Down the House” and 14x02 “Get Off on the Pain “

“The painful irony for doctors is that we often have to make you sicker in order to heal you.”

There are a few things we can count on with Grey’s Anatomy.  One, the voiceovers are meaningful.  The words that begin and end each episode are intentional.  Two, most seasons (13 was a glaring exception) are written with the end in mind.  Where our characters start is rarely where they finish.  However, where they start is still important.   Three, when the show promises a lighter, happier season, we will always get the exact opposite.  With that said, once I heard the opening voiceover, I knew we should expect pain and lots of it.  And in true Grey’s fashion, they delivered.

Let’s start somewhere easy.  

Ben/Bailey-  Benley spent most of the two hours snacking on the stairs of the main lobby, overanalyzing the construction workers, and discussing shoes. When I heard Ben would be going to the spin-off I wondered what their story would be this season. Season 12 brought us rebellious Ben who sliced people open with clipboards and waited for his wife to chastise him.  Season 13 brought us doormat Bailey who let Catherine Avery intimidate her into thinking she didn’t know how to run a hospital, which of course, led to the terribleness that was the Eliza storyline. So for season 14, I could do with a little less Benley. I adore both of them, but honestly, I would be okay with them staying on the stairs.  

Megan/Nathan/Meredith - Megan’s return is something we have all been waiting for since we heard she was only” presumed dead.”  It could possibly be the least shocking return from the dead in the history of television.  Predictability aside, I appreciate that while this feels like a different version of Addison showing up in her fur coat, Mer and Megan stayed mature in an awkward situation.  They are setting up Mer and Nathan’s relationship much better than last season as well.  In season 13, we collectively cringed each time Nathan asked Meredith out because after fifteen rejections, you’ve got to take a hint, man.  By the time they ended up on the plane together it felt so forced that it was hard to root for them.  Having Nathan show that he is torn between the two is warming me up to Griggs more, though.  And that proposal scene has so much secondhand awkwardness that I literally threw my blanket over my head so I didn’t have to watch.  My guess is that in the end, Megan will choose her son over Nathan and return to Iraq, and Nathan and Mer will find their way back to each other after an entire season of pining from afar.  

Amelia/Owen/Teddy - I thought Teddy was such a nice addition to these two episodes.  She was absolutely correct that Mer operating on Megan is a conflict of interest, and I think Teddy and Owen have great chemistry.  Just like Megan’s return, Amelia’s brain tumor also feels like a new version of an old story - Izzie’s brain tumor.  Are we going to see her freeze her eggs as well?  Because all Owen Hunt has wanted for the last 74 years is a baby, and he clearly has no problem finding a new woman if he needs to.  Staying faithful is not his strong point.  As much as I like Owen and Teddy’s chemistry, I felt that having Owen cheat on his wife who wouldn’t give him a baby yet again, really put a dent in his character.  Giving Amelia a tumor should make for some great dramatic scenes with Owen, Amelia, Mer, etc., but it also pushes the “Owen finally gets a baby” story back another season.  And really, unless Caterina leaves, which I don’t think she will, Amelia will be fine.  Krista said in an interview that she wanted to explain Amelia’s ooc actions (a nice way of saying bad writing) so she decided to give her a tumor.  That’s how bad things got in season 13.  They can only be explained by a brain tumor.  Nice.

Jo/Alex/Deluca - Looks like they quickly kicked Deluca out of the picture, and made it pretty clear this will not be a triangle.  Every time Alex or Jo started talking to each other I so badly wanted one of them to say, “Why I haven’t I seen you in eight weeks?”  Last season they could barely look at each other without getting teary-eyed and mopey, and this season they act like most of s13 didn’t happen.  I guess that is another way Krista is trying to fix the writing.  Just act like it didn’t happen.  I wish we had that luxury.  I am a Jolex fan.  I think they belong together, and I want to see them get rid of Paul and live happily ever after.  Unfortunately, happily ever after usually lasts about five episodes on this show, so the fact that they are so happy in the premiere makes me nervous for where their story will go from here.  Also, I know Jo sleeping with the intern was supposed to be shocking and funny, but it made me cringe.  For a woman who has been with multiple abusive men in the past, Jo going home with a man who is essentially a stranger seemed ooc.  Also, she snuck out of his room in the morning and then had sex with Alex hours later in the Resident’s Lounge.  I hope she showered in between.

Arizona/Carina - Carina is already better than Eliza, but I am not completely sold on this story.  This was also incredibly predictable.  Once she was announced as joining the show, most of the fans called that she was joining for Arizona.  How did we know?  Because that seems to be the only story Arizona can have.  I am all for her finding someone and finding happiness, but I would like to see Arizona, the doctor, again as well.  

April/Jackson/Maggie - Before I say anything else, I have to say that Sarah Drew is incredible.  Her heartbreak was so real and so tangible that it made an unbearable scene beautiful.  

I see this from two angles.  One perspective is the show (Krista? Shonda?) wants to end Japril and has decided to put Jackson with Maggie because (like Arizona) hooking her up with someone seems to be the ultimate goal, while her abilities as a doctor and her character development are ignored.  There were some hints that this may happen.  I think Jackson and Maggie may have been trying to have some moments, but it is so hard to tell.  I have to rewatch their scenes and analyze are they being intentionally awkward or is the awkwardness a result of their lack of chemistry?  Is that a confused look or a thinking look? Was that a smile or a grimace?  With Japril and Maggie/Nathan and Maggie/Deluca their feelings were always clear.  Now whatever they are doing is making their already painful scenes more difficult to watch.  If Jackson and Maggie is something they pursue, they will have a hard time getting the audience on board.  The majority is adamantly against it, and they will never come out from Japril’s shadow.  Japril’s story cannot be matched or recreated, so Jackson/Maggie would eventually become a side couple who just happen to be on a show that people are watching for Griggs or Jolex. As viewers we feel so disrespected that there is no saving that ship in our eyes. From this perspective it was difficult to watch Jackson sit there and not respond.  Or to accept the idea that he would think sex to April could ever be casual.  It was heartbreaking.

Another perspective I see is that Japril may not be completely dead.  I am not at all trying to give out false hope.  I saw what you saw.  But as painful as it was, I am happy that April said what she was feeling and that Jackson was clearly bothered by knowing he had hurt her.  And as much as I wanted him to fight for her, to say something, anything, watching them sit in silence, holding hands made me think about how through everything, the love and respect has remained.  They may be the only couple in the history of the show who have stayed faithful to each other no matter what.  The writers could have destroyed them completely.  We easily could have seen a Jackson/Maggie hook-up that would have broken them in a different way.  Instead, we saw April tell Jackson what she needed to say and Jackson listened.  Writing the scene that way leaves that trust, respect, and love in tact so that it can be revived.  The episode had a couple of other moments made me wonder if they were hints as well.  Maggie’s relationship with Deluca was brought up for the first time in forever, and Maggie seemed pretty excited that he called her beautiful.  Granted, Maggie would get excited about a man offering her a tissue when she sneezes, but again, Grey’s does not write random lines.  Plus, Deluca is officially out of Jolex’s relationship, I believe.  So that is something to keep an eye on.  Also, Maggie and Webber had a clear father/daughter scene where he talked about hoping she got her talent from him.  So, for anyone arguing he isn’t her dad, the show seems to say otherwise.  I thought it was interesting they put that scene in if they have any thoughts of Jackson and Maggie happening.  Krista says April has a complicated journey this season.  I would argue that she has had a complicated journey every season, but for them to openly say it has my wheels turning with ideas.  And of course, these things on top of Jesse and Sarah’s open support and love for Japril leaves me with a flicker of hope.  

They left hope for a reason.  If we are to believe the words that opened and closed the show, then this season will be about breaking things down to build them up better the second time.  

We’ve seen how they are going to break things.  Now let’s see how they fix it.

“The painful irony for doctors is that we often have to make you sicker in order to heal you. If a bone is healed unevenly, we have to re-break it. If a scar is too thick, we have to scrape it off and create a new wound. We break you down to rebuild you. We go to medical school because we want to learn how to fix what’s broken, but we quickly learn that we often have to make things worse before we can make them better. It’s risky, and it’s frightening for surgeons and for patients, but usually, it’s worth it. You get a second chance at life, and we get to be the architects of your second chance. It’s win-win, when it works.”

The Better Howlett
  • (The one where Logan had a father daughter talk and reminds Kimberly that she's always the better howlett)
  • Logan: -sees Kimberly storming into their house and slamming the door behind her- Kim?
  • Kim: -no answer. She just storms up the stairs-
  • Logan: Kimmy? Is everything ok?
  • Kim: -shouts out- Just fucking peachy! -she slams the door to her room-
  • -Logan walks up the door and sees Kim lying on her bed. He doesn't say anything. Just sits next to her while she huffs in frustration.-
  • Logan: you're upset.
  • Kim: -scoffs- duh.
  • Logan: -smirks.- something you want to talk about? Boy problems?
  • Kim: ew...no
  • Logan: -thinks for a sec-...girl problems.
  • Kim: ...maybe.
  • Logan: ah so you met someone.
  • Kim: -shifts in bed- yeah...not like it matters though. Nobody wants to be seen with a freak.
  • Logan: kimmy, I keep telling you-
  • Kim: everyone at school thinks I'm a freak Dad. Ever since Amanda...-Kimberly tears up- ever since Amanda outed me, nobody at school wants to be seen with me.
  • Logan: you mean...oh
  • Kimberly: yeah ...oh. She showed everyone at school Dad. She showed my...-Kimberly rubs her knuckles. Specifically the two spots where her two claws were and unleashed them- she said that muties and animals like us should be put in a cage were we belong.
  • Logan: -jaw clenches and his fist tightens- she said that?
  • Kimberly: - nods- she even got me kicked off the cheerleading squad. She knew how much that meant to me and...-she beings to cry-...
  • Logan: ...oh Kimmy -he wraps her daughter in his strong arms. Kimberly sobs into her fathers broad chest-
  • Kimberly: they're all afraid of me. They'll never accept us.
  • Logan: kimmy, they don't know you. Or us for that matter. People will always fear and attack what they don't understand. But you're better than them. You know why?
  • Kimberly: -sniffles and shakes her head as she wipes her eyes-
  • Logan: Because you never fall to their level. You're always the better Howlett. So you keep showing them why you're the better person ok? Don't become what they made you.
  • Kimberly: -nods and sniffles one last time- you know Amanda sent me a photo of her a shortly before she outed me. It was a...personal photo...I could've done things with it...I didn't. I deleted it.
  • Logan: see? I told you that you were the better Howlett. Personally I would've slashed her tires with those claws of yours. But that's why you're better than me.
  • Kimberly: -giggles and smiles- I...I love you Dad.
  • Logan: -kisses his daughters forehead- I love you too Kimmy. Now. Tell me about this girl. Is she pretty?
  • Kimberly: - she smiles. Thinking about her.- yeah. The prettiest.
  • Logan: is she kind?
  • Kimberly: too kind. The world doesn't deserve her.
  • Logan: is she short, has long brown hair and wears a yellow beanie?
  • Kimberly: yeah- wait. How did you know?
  • Logan: well she's down stairs waiting for you.
  • Kimberly: what? Dad why didn't you tell me?
  • Logan: I was going to but I figured you needed to vent a little. Trini told me what happened and she was concerned for you. You're right. She is pretty. And nice.
  • Kimberly: -she smiles one more time before wiping her face. Making sure that she's presentable-
  • Logan: come on. Why don't we go meet her together.
  • Logan takes kimberly's hand in his own as both father and daughter walk down together. Hand in hand.

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Being Sirius Black's daughter would include?

  • Being so badass and never taking someones shit.
  • Sirius would try to be the best father but some days he just messes everything up.
  • Since Sirius didn’t have a good father figure growing up, he tries to overcompensate by always being there for you since the day you were born. 
  • That sometimes gets frustreted, and it can lead to some fights.
  • He would love you so much it hurts, and dispite some figts you two would have the b e s t father/daughter relationship. 
  • Sirius won’t talk  about his past, even if you ask him.
  • You can talk to him about everything, but every time you bring up his family, he kind of gives you the cold shoulder.
  • He would cry his out off after you leave for Hogwarts for the first time. 
Chapter 6: Forgetting Peter Parker (Spider-boy - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

A/n: I don’t really mention the original marvel characters that much since Y/n Stark’s character doesn’t live with the rest of the Avengers but actually resides on the Upper East Side (as if it weren’t already that obvious). BTW, I apologize for the various time lapses because the big events usually happen on weekends. By the way, the new guy stepping in will kinda be like this story’s version of Nate Archibald (bc let’s face it, he’s gorgeous af) and let’s just say he’s going to form the love triangle; Wouldn’t you want to date a guy from Vieux riche family? ;)

 Also, I may have inserted a quote from Riverdale, if you managed to spot it, congratulations!

UES = Upper East Side


Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 7


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Before Y/n Stark’s rise to the social ladder, there was Liz Allan, the Upper East Side’s golden girl, Spence Middle School’s perfect student, and the talk of the town. She was the batch valedictorian, was vied to be the first in line at the Dispensary Cotillion and Debutante Ball where the children of the Upper East Side get to show their grand entrance to the high society. Liz was the ideal lady but Y/n knew she had to step up to take the crown from her ex-best friend.

Unfortunately, Liz Allan left without an explanation whatsoever, that’s when Y/n Stark rose to become Spence’s golden girl sitting on top of the Elites pyramid, the Queen Bee of the Upper East Side, and every Prep school boy’s dream girl.

For everyone on the UES, Liz Allan is a dead woman walking, nobody knows her whereabouts, thinking she went to boarding school or migrated somewhere far from the US. Y/n’s prominence is what keeps her moving, and she intends to stay that way.

Tony steps inside the Stark Penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side. He sees his daughter holding papers in one hand and a calculator in the other.

“Hi, sweetie! It’s a Sunday night, what are you doing?” Tony sits beside Y/n looking at her oddly before looking at the television screen to see the news.

“I’m almost done with this month’s audit. I know you like it when your staff is early when it comes to tasks so here I am finishing what I have to do, so all I have to do tomorrow are; go to school until 10 AM since the teachers will have a general meeting or something, I wasn’t really paying attention…. and then I’m going to drop this off at your office in the afternoon.” Y/n states.

“Wow, you’re like a self-cleaning oven. Efficient, just the way I like my staff, but you’re my daughter. Honey, you need to relax. I’ve always been proud of your work ethic but you’re a kid, you’re my kid, I want you to let loose, show them how Starks party.” Tony reminds you.

“Are you telling me to go out and do something stupid? Because you have Nicholas to do all the party stuff for you.” Y/n replies, not looking at her dad.

“Yeah well he’s at Dartmouth, I can’t really have my son party his life away since he’s going to inherit most of the company.” Tony responds.

“What about me and Eloise? What do we get?” Y/n looks at her dad sternly.

“See now, you’re starting to look like your mother when you’re angry. You get to keep the penthouse apartment and besides, I thought you wanted to go to Med school?” Tony asks.

“Yeah but I also want to be part of the Stark Industries, at least own a share of it.” You tell your dad.

“Alright, alright. At this rate, you can always consider Law. You have your mother’s tenacity.” Tony jokes.

“Well, would you look at that.” Tony looks at the TV screen to see Spiderman breaking in the Washington Monument.

You lift your head up from all the slouching to see what your dad’s reacting to. A footage of Liz and Spiderman locking eyes the moment he saves her from the falling elevator.

“Gross.” Your face forms into a disgusted expression.

“Hold on, the Liz, Peter was talking about is the same Liz from Spence?” Tony inquires.

“Yup. It’s a small world, dad.” Y/n sighs.

“Did Peter tell you about his infatuation with Liz? How’d you know about it?” You furrow your eyebrows at your dad.

“No, the baby monitor in his suit sends me updates of his whereabouts and what he’s been doing. He might have mentioned her a couple of times through his suit.” Your dad replies.

“Of course, he’s mentioned her.” You mumble.

Because even when she’s no longer living near me, she still manages to annoy me to my very core. Everything just has to be about Liz.’ You think to herself.

“Want to talk about it or am I just going to assume that you’re harboring feelings for Peter Parker?” Tony questions.

“Dad, clearly Peter doesn’t want anything to do with me or my life here on the UES, he’s all about becoming an avenger and getting the girl of his dreams, Liz freaking Allen.” Y/n sneers.

“The conversation about Peter is making me feel uncomfortable; Firstly because you’re my daughter and you’re only turning 16 next week. Secondly, I don’t like you gushing on my protege, I thought you were into Prep school boys? You know, those future Yalies type. Lastly, I trust your every decision, Peter is the stupidest boy if he thinks you’re not the most gorgeous girl in Manhattan.” Tony smiles at his daughter reassuringly.

“Thanks, dad. Creepy comment, though.” You raise your eyebrows at him.

“You know I’m bad at these ‘Father-Daughter’ talks. You’re like a self-cleaning oven, I trust you well enough.” He pats you lightly on the knee.

Did he just compare me to an appliance? twice?!’ You think to yourself.

“Anyway, I have to go back to the Headquarters. Good night, sweetie.” Your dad kisses you on the forehead before heading off.

“Good night, dad! Go save the world for me.” You exclaim a second before the you hear the elevator door closing.

The news is still focused on Spiderman.

“Ugh, Spiderman is sooo two weeks ago.” You grumble, turning off the television.

Your phone’s IM ringtone starts to buzz like crazy.

Tinatintin: Any of you seen the news?

ElizaBabe: What are you, 30??

You: Liz Allan still has it.

MaddieMadness: Dalton boys are raving about Liz’s comeback, even if it’s on the news.

You: That’s not what I call a comeback, for all I know, Liz Allan is a dead woman walking on the UES.

Tinatintin: Looks like everyone knows Liz still exists.

You: But still irrelevant.

ElizaBabe: Completely.

MaddieMadness: On it…

The three of them understood what Maddie’s onto, she’s Spence’s real life gossip girl, minus the anonymity, the obsession over the Upper East Siders and the fact that Spence girls are not as catty as the girls of Constance-Billard.

You move around your bed, trying hard to fall asleep when a thud against your window interrupts your reverie.

Y/n sits up and sees a shadow lurking against the bedroom window. You turn the lights on to see Spiderman outside your window. You were about to open the seal when Peter decides to sling away.


Y/n and the rest of group are gathered at the Gramercy Tavern for lunch

“Okay girls, now I brought you here today to discuss Y/n’s current situation.” Eliza starts.

“Girls, as much as I enjoy all of you partaking in my non-existent love life, I’d rather not talk about that Tony Stark ass-kisser, Liz Allan fanboy.” You hiss.

“Exactly, hence the reason why we found you a new guy. His name is Ted Vanderbilt, his surname already speaks for himself and he’s the captain of Dalton’s Lacrosse Team.” Tina states.

“I need a picture.” You pretend to be uninterested.

Maddie takes her phone out see a teenage guy with golden blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes, looking like a true poster boy of the UES.

Just the distraction Y/n needs from all the Spiderman fiasco she’s experienced, plus he’s a Vanderbilt, what more can Y/n ask for?

“Girls, set up the date. Tomorrow night, here at 7 pm.” You tell your friends who just nod along in excitement.

Y/n drops off the files on top of his dad’s desk and sits on his office chair. Out of sheer curiosity, you open his Mac desktop and look for Spiderman’s baby monitor protocol.

Hundreds of videos appear of Spiderman jumping off buildings, web-slinging along Queens. Then there were clips of Peter wearing only the mask in front of the mirror.

Hey what’s up, Liz? Peter’s told me a lot about you.” Peter does a wink through his suit.

You roll your eyes and click fast forward.

Hey Y/n! I heard you’re into bad boys, I don’t mean to brag but, I’m bad at almost everything I do.” He shrugs his shoulders.

You see a footage of Peter scrolling through his science notes and you notice his sketch of you and Spiderman.

You turn on the television to see live news regarding a Staten Island ferry.

“Oh my god, Peter.” Y/n mumbles.

You take your phone out from your Mulberry bag and call your dad.

“What is it, honey?” Tony picks up.

“Dad, Peter needs help. He tore a Staten Island ship in half.” You say calmly.

“He what?! I’m on it, sweetie.” Tony then hangs up.

“You owe me, Peter Parker.” You murmur.

Y/n is sitting on one of the Fendi Casa couches she picked out for the Stark Tower living room, waiting for your dad’s update.

You hear loud knocks against the window to see Spiderman himself, signaling you to open the window. Y/n opens the window for Peter to enter.

“Peter, do you realize what you’ve done? You could’ve died. What the hell were you thinking? Did you not think about the consequences of your actions?” Y/n bombards him with questions.

Peter removes his mask as Y/n notices the redness in eyes, her anger washes away immediately.

“My actions? Those bad guys had millions worth of weapons of destruction. Somebody had to stop them, I didn’t want to sit around and wait for bad things to happen because I have a responsibility to the world.” Peter defends himself.

“No Peter, you are not like one of the Avengers just yet, you’re only 16. My dad told you to stay away from those guys and you didn’t listen. Your responsibilities are your education and your Aunt May because if anything happens to you, it might kill her.” Y/n replies.

“And besides, how could we even forget about Liz Allan, Peter Parker’s dream girl and Spence’s brightest, nobody could’ve forgotten about her. Even when she’s not here, she’s still being talked about. Don’t you see how frustrating it was for me to live behind her shadows when we were growing up?” You feel your tears pooling.

“We were best of friends, Peter, but I always felt like I had to prove myself to the UES while Liz… She didn’t need to, she was the perfect student, the perfect daughter, heck she was Spence’s Golden girl. I was just the salutatorian, always coming in second. My parents wanted me to be like my best friend, they put the pressure on me and not on my siblings, because they knew that living in the High society means having to show yourself that you are the best of what your parents are. You know how my dad is.” Y/n continues.

“I was just trying to do the right thing, Y/n. You’re Y/n Stark, an Upper East Sider and I’m just Peter Parker from Queens, I can’t say the right words to make you feel better because my life is no walk in the park either. I’m scared, okay? I’m scared that if I don’t do something about it, I might lose an important someone again.” Peter sighs.

“-And Liz…. Liz was my real first crush, the first girl I ever truly liked, and she’s always been nice to me. I just… I care for her. I care for you too, Y/n.. You have no idea hard it was for me try and not to like you because I do, I really really do.” Peter adds.

“Peter-” You try to put your hand on his arm but his hand stops you from doing so.

“I’m sorry… for everything.” He looks at you with a sincere look on his face.

“Get your hands off my daughter, Mr. Parker.” Tony walks in in full Iron Man gear.

“Sweetie, it’s time to go home.” Your dad steps off from his suit and walks over towards you.

Peter lets go of you as the two of you look at one another.

“Dad, it’s only 3 pm.” You remind him.

“I don’t care. I need to have a word with Mr. Parker, alone.” Your dad looks at you sternly.

“Bye Peter.” You smile weakly at him before heading out.


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“Is he there?” Y/n and your three friends are on a three-way call to prepare you for the date with Ted Vanderbilt. The three girls are already seated at the Tavern.

“He just arrived! He’s wearing a gray blazer, white button downs, and dress shoes. He looks so gorgeous, Y/n/n.” Maddie sighs.

“Hey, ease up on the squealing, he’s my date.” Y/n reminds Maddie.

“Alright alright.. Settle down. Anyway, are you near? He’s already seated down.” Eliza asks.

“Turn your phone off ladies, I’m about to enter.” You tell your friends as you step out of the car.

“I’ll call you when I need you, Happy.” You smile at your father’s personal security.

Happy just nods and heads back inside the car.

“Show time.” A smirk forms on your face.

Before you could walk inside the restaurant, you see a red and blue object swinging around. Peter followed you again.

It’s time to let go, Parker… Because as of this moment, I’m already trying to.’ Y/n thinks to herself.

You walk inside to see to see the golden blonde boy seated at your favorite spot in your favorite restaurant while your friends are seated 3 tables away, all three of them giving you the thumbs up.

“Hi, you must be Ted Vanderbilt.” You smile down at the handsome fella.

He stands up from his seat, a bit shaken but leans in to kiss you on the cheek, not that you mind or anything.

“And you’re THE Y/n Stark. Wow. Gala pictures don’t do you justice.” He smiles at you before the two of you can sit down.

Good answer, Vanderbilt. 

Looks like Peter Parker may just have found a loophole out of Y/n Stark’s life. At least he now has time to focus on the ex-best friend Liz Allan, the former golden girl, but now just an old name for everyone on the UES, because right now, it’s all about Y/n Stark and her Waldorf-esque emergence from the chrysalis of Spence’s Red Door


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Detention {Peter Parker Imagine}

Paring: Peter Parker x (f)Reader

Word Count: 2k+

Plot: When they’re both given detention, Y/N and Peter learn a lot about each other. 

“Peter, we need to concentrate!” You muttered to him under your breath.

“But just think about it! How amazing would it be if Rey was actually Luke Skywalkers daughter!” He giggled excitedly.

You tried to block him out by continuing the experiment and making notes in your extremely organised book. Chemistry was your favorite subject, so when you started the year you were beyond excited to begin the lessons - until you got paired with Peter Parker.

It’s not that you weren’t friends, you were as close as anything, but Peter was rather talkative. In fact, he didn’t stop talking. Ever. As the terms progressed, you grew closer as friends, and eventually you became ‘besties’ (a term Peter liked to use much more than you, but you went along with the child for his sake). The friendship was great, it was everything you could ask for - except you were maybe kinda stupidly in love with him. Nobody knew of course, the secret was yours and yours alone; but you were surprised people couldn’t see it from the way you melted when he looked into your eyes. Or smiled at you. Or laughed at your jokes.

Or basically did anything a normal human being would do.

Which made it rather difficult for you when he would never shut up about Liz and how ‘majestic’ she looked. You wanted to tell him how you felt, it was killing you inside. But deep down, you knew if you spilled your guts out, it would ruin the connection of friendship you already have, and that’s not something you were risking to lose.

So, your moth remained shut.

Unlike Peters about Star Wars when you were supposed to be working on your project in silence.

“Can you just think of how cool the Jedi father-daughter talks would be? It would go like ‘dad, I want to date that stormtrooper’ and ‘no Rey, you can’t’ and ‘but daddyyy’” Peter whined on to himself, putting on stupid different voices for each character.   

You had to stifle back a laugh at his pathetic attempts to distract you from your work, and you playfully pushed him on the arm so he would finally get the hint.

“I personally take offence to that abuse Y/N Y/L/N!” Peter scoffed, bringing his hand to his mouth in fake-shock and brandished his hurt-puppy-dog eyes at you, to make you feel some remorse for the poor boy.

”I swear to god Pete if you don’t sh-”

“PETER PARKER AND Y/N Y/L/N DETENTION! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU TWO TALKING, AND IF YOU TRY ONE MORE TIME IS A ‘F’ FOR THE REST OF THE SEMESTER!” The teacher screamed at you from the front of the class, making all heads turn your way. 

You felt your cheeks flush and shot Peter a death stare that could murder, only to meet his eyes that gave a certain look of ‘I’m sorry’. But you brushed them away and ignored his eyes, trying to focus yet again on the project that was half-finished and was starting to look a little sad.

The buzzer sounded quicker than you thought, and you started to pack away your belongings until a dreaded though dawned on your mind; you still had detention to deal with. You slumped back in your desk and gave a wry smile to your friend who was leaving for the day, and you felt a warm hand on your arm.

Turning your head so you could face the suspect, Peter smiled at you hopefully, only to be met with a huff or boredom, and the detention was still yet to start.

“My parents are going to murder me for this Peter Parker,” you told him, annoyed. He shrugged his shoulders with a ‘devil-may-care’ look on his face.

“At least we get to spend a precious hour and half in each others company“, he touched his heart and started to act all choked up at the thought of you two being alone.

Little did he know, so were you.

“Right you two,” Sir announced from the front of the class, “this is an hour-long detention. There will be no phones, no communication and no leaving. I have a meeting to attend, so the small amount of trust I have for you had better pay off. If I catch you breaking an of the rules,” His eyes glared at Peter who acted hurt, “there will be consequences.”

And after his little lecture, he sauntered off and slammed the door behind him, obviously feeling satisfied he had frightened two poor children.

“Yes, your majesty,” you mocked, pretending to bow down. 

“He probably has super hearing you know,” Peter justified, pulling his phone from his back pocket and starting to play Candy Crush. 

You looked at Peter with raised eyebrows, “seriously?”

“What? This game is highly addicting!” he defended himself.

“You are honestly the biggest dork I know Peter Parker.”

He turned to look at you, and you almost melted in the gaze of his brown eyes.

“But I’m your dork.”

You felt your heart flutter, but you tried to push it aside. He only meant it as a friend, a best friend. Obviously, nothing was going to happen, he was just messing about. And here you were, once again, overthinking every minor detail of yet another situation. “Y/N, I’m going to tell you a secret. There’s this girl,” Peter started, as he was still glued to the screen. You braced yourself to listen to a whole speech about Liz, and pretended not to hurt. “And she’s amazing, she’s honestly perfect in every way. She makes me laugh and do anything in the world. She’s funny and kind and the smartest girl I’ve ever known, and the best part is? She’s my best friend.” You looked up wide-eyed to meet the brown orbs of the vulnerable boy next to you. “Are you sure?” Peter laughed, “of course I am Y/N! Actually, I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.” You just stared at him. “Like, really sure?” Just then, Peter leaned forward on the wobbly desk chair and kissed you. Right then, right there, Peter Parker kissed you. And it was a dream come true. “You’re sure,” you clarified. “Now,” he smiled softly, “all i need to hear is how you feel the same.” You just grinned at him, “I’m sure.”

ohtheshippings  asked:

"You're so beautiful when you've just woken up" with Hunk and Pidge? ((Im really enjoying your short stories they're so fluffy aaaahh))

Thank you -w-

Sharing a Bed Sentence Starters

“You’re so beautiful when you’ve just woken up”
Since you didn’t state if it were platonic or romantic i did some pre-couple thingy

Pidge had no idea how Hunk did it, he could look dead on his feet and snore so loudly the walls shook, but still, he always looked beautiful when he woke up, and she didn’t know HOW! Compared on how the others looked, that with counting Allura, they all looked different states of dead in the morning, Keith and Shiro unconsciously fighting on looking the worst until Shiro got the Altean version of coffee and Keith woke up fully.

Pidge wasn’t sure how Hunk managed this inhuman ability, was there something she had missed? this had been plaguing her for weeks!
Her eyes seemed to draw more towards the Yellow paladin now more than before, she could find herself staring at him without remembering when she had even turned to look. If Hunk caught her starring he never said anything, just beamed at her and continued with whatever it was he was doing, it was down right infuriating. and she didn’t know how to stop it, or who to turn to.
Lance was a big no, he’d only grin like a cat who ate the canary and act all big brotherly about it. Keith was a social awkward cat, so that was a no to, Shiro? NO! she did not feel like getting a father to daughter talk, nu-hu. Allura, ugh the same problem there…
CORAN! she could ask Coran!

The older Altean was easy to find, and he smiled when he saw her.

  “Hello number 5, how’s the Altean lessons going?”

  “Good i think, but that’s not why i’m here.”

  “Is the castle catching up to it’s old age again?” Coran asked turning to face her.

  “No, this is… uh… a bit personal…” Coran blinked before he smiled, making the edges of his moustache curl.

  “Oh, just as a heads up i’m not sure how I can help if it’s human stuff, but i’ll tyr my best”

  “Okay, so like… hypocritically, have you ever found someone, that no matter what they do they seem to shine brighter than the sun and ate more beautiful than anyone else, and despite trying to do something else you always find your eyes draw to them?” Pidge fidgeted with the hem of her shirt. Coran blinked at her before he got a distant look, but it vanished in another blink.

  “I think i know what you’re talking about, you got a love string.”

  “A what.” Pidge stared at him.

  “A love string.” Coran said and smiled “It’s when you found someone you want to get close to and maybe love and cherish some day.”

  “Me?” Coran nodded still smiling “No, no, no, i don’t do stuff like that, i don’t have time!”

  “You heart seem to differ.”

  “Did… did you ever have a love string?”

  “I’ve had plenty, some grow others fade with time.” Coran placed his hand on Pidge’s shoulder  “Now who’s the one that’s caught you string?” Pidge looked away “Is it Hunk? I’ve seen the way you look at him.” Pidge groaned placing her hands over her face

  “He’s so god damn beautiful and i don’t know how to handle it!”

  “I’d advise you to tell him, not that you love him perhaps, i know you humans are a bit touchy with that deceleration, but tell him your feelings.” Pidge groaned loudly.


the morning came and everyone entered the dining room, Pidge had barely gotten any sleep, being unable to shut her brain off, why couldn’t she be a robot? then she’d be able to just shut off and sleep.

Hunk was brighter than the sun and Pidge gave away a scream throwing her arms in the air, startling everyone.

  “WHY!” she yelled before she pointed at Hunk “Why are you so beautiful when you’ve just woken up?” she yelled, everyone stared at her, Hunk blinking several times. “Ugh! I’m not awake enough for this!”

  “Wait, you think Hunk’s beautiful?” Lance asked pointing at Hunk with his thumb

  “What’s going on?” Allura asked confused and still half asleep.

  “She’s gotten her love strings for Hunk.” Coran said and beamed.

  “The what?” the rest of paladins asked and looked at Coran, while Allura nodded in acceptance.


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Dan and Phil play: Dream Daddy #2

0:01 I love Phil in his burgundy hearts shirt.
0:02 Dan’s shirt is a bit distracting but he looks really cute in it.
0:05 The dog *was* the most important thing last time.
0:08 The animated corgi added in and the effect that Phil bops it down with his fist while saying “sadly the owner was quite sassy” was quite satisfying.
0:25 Love the slow pan in intro with the logo and hearts.
0:29 Hearing Phil say “our old husband” is a bit surreal.
0:30 “died!” in sync
0:58 Reaffirming their dad choices are each other.
1:05 Is Dan chewing on something?
1:28 Dan sings “Dream Daddy”
1:39 “We apologize so much.”- Dan

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I kind of just wanted to get this over and done with since its been sitting in my files for ages unfinished

its time for some father-daughter shit talk bonding, I bet its about freyr


brooke davis in every episode

↳9.11 Danny Boy ♔ “I thought you said that the final decision in this was up to me. You knew I wouldn’t wanna sell and that’s the whole reason that you flew down here. It wasn’t to check on me or spend time with your little girl. You came here to put on a show. Playing with my boys and this whole father-daughter ‘let’s not talk business’ day, dinner, stories about me when I was a kid. I can’t believe it, I’m just another client to you, another deal you had to close. Julian thought that you could use a push in the right direction, how’s this? Get out. Go. I want you out of here. I cannot believe I am such a sucker. You want Baker Man? Fine, take it. I do not want any part of it. Congratulations, daddy, you closed the deal. Guess what? I can close things, too.”

“The Talk” - Father/Daughter Moment

It was very very rushed.
Kristoff attempts to give his daughter the talk about the birds and the bees… with dolls. He doesn’t quite know where to start.
(props to Ging-ler who’s writing a mini prompt for it~)
Although I ended up drawing her younger than I should have, Heidi here is supposed to be about 6, which is around the age my brother got the talk. 
I didn’t get the talk. I was 14 and my mom turns to me in the car, “Nadia, did you have sex” “MOM
Also, don’t kill me but I forgot to draw the ring on his finger, damnit.

Being Aaron Hotchner’s daughter would involve:

  • Lots of protective daddy moments.
  • The team constantly looking out for you.
  • Always being welcomed in the office after school if your dad is still working.
  • Watching your younger brother, Jack, a lot while he is away.
  • Long father-daughter talks about your mom.
  • Never wanting to bother your dad with your problems, and him always insisting that you can come to him.
  • Him background checking your boyfriends once you start to date.
  • Never considering bringing a guy home.  Ever.