So, tonight at dinner C$ asked, “Daddy, are you famous?”

Not knowing exactly where this was coming from, I asked her where she got that idea. She said, “Because of SPX,” which she knows I help run.

I started to reply (the answer being “Umm, no.”) but she pressed on.

She said, “Well, Raina (Telgemeier / goraina ) is at SPX and she’s famous. I know she’s famous because she has a book in my library at school.”

To which, I could only agree. Yes, Raina is, quite deservedly, famous.

Rebels was so good tonight because SPACE WHALES

I was honestly waiting for Ezra to be like

the smol blueberry can speak space whale CONFIRMED

but like



Cham Syndulla (and possibly/most likely Numa????) next week

I have a feeling this is gonna be an emotional experience

  • dad:why in star wars do they make those catwalk things??
  • me:have you seen any of the other movies? they design their bases with a mix of excitement and horribleness.
  • dad:would you walk out on that catwalk???
  • me:as i am afraid of heights, no, i would not. it didn't even have hand rails...
  • dad:i think you mean HAN rails. ;)
  • me:...i don't think that could have helped the hole in his heart...
Talking with Dad

So before my dad went to work we had a little talk, well it became a talk after he asked a rhetorical question and I honestly dont think he wanted an answer to, but this is how it went;

Dad: Why do I have to go to work?

Me: Because Life. It makes you do a load of crap you dont want to do, and over time you just feel like you wanna kill the Bastard.

Dad: Good answer! How long did it take you to come up with that?

Me: Ages. Lost track of time.

Dad: 48 years and I still havent come up with anything better.

I love my conversation with my dad xD

What my dad told me today.

Relationships are full of compromises. And in relationships, compromise is how much your willing to put up with the other persons load and still love them.

For me, relationships need more than compromising and love. You could have all the love, but still feel misunderstood and even alone.

But in the end, he’s kinda right. We all have issues, but it’s the part where you accept those “issues” that your partner has and love them anyways.

So, the other day my dad asked me if I was dating anyone and this was our conversation:

Me: Ugh, no, Dad.

Dad: Why not?

Me: Because boys are stupid.

Dad: You don’t like anyone?

Me: Well, not really…expect maybe this one guy.

Dad: Tell me about him.

Me: Well, he’s a little taller than me and has brown hair.

Dad: No, no. I mean, what is he like?

Me: Oh, uhm, well, let me put it this way…he’s into Doctor Who.

Dad: So?

Me: It’s DOCTOR WHO, dad.

Dad: Yeah, I watch it, too. Does that make him a nerd? I must be a nerd, too, then. *laughs* I am nerd.

Me: *SIGH*

Two days ago I called my dad at work around 12 am since he works the night shift:
  • Me:Hi dad.
  • Dad:Hi, what's wrong?
  • Me:Nothing's wrong, I just wanted to call to see how you're doing and how's work. I'm just eating some food right now.
  • Dad:It's okay, just eating lunch with my friend right now.
  • Me:Have you played basketball?
  • Dad:No, not really.
  • Me:Have you been running?
  • Dad:Yeah, I run and weight lift.
  • Me:Oh that's good. I miss you dad.
  • Dad:I miss you too. No matter what just do your best, keep trying work hard. All that hard work will pay off.
  • Me (tears a little):Thanks, I love you dad.
  • Dad:I love you too, bye.
  • Me:Bye...(I miss my dad).
[John Patrick Shanley is hilllllaaarrrrious & brilliant]

DONNA. That’s what you say when I pour out my heart to you?

DAD. I’m sorry. What you’re afraid of just cracks me up, that’s all.

DONNA. I don’t understand.

DAD. Alright, you want your father’s smarts, I’ll give you your father’s smarts. What you have are women fears.

DONNA. Women fears.

DAD. That’s right.

DONNA. I hate what I’m hearin.

DAD. Well, tough shit. You got women fears. That’s what I know and I’m tellin you. When I talk to a woman, I feel like I’m yellin across the Indian Ocean. That’s cause I’m a man. Do you wanna hear this or not?


DAD. Women are very concerned about bein trapped. All women, or virtually, anyway. They worry about it, that’s been my experience. So what they do, a lot of em, to feel strong, they trap a man. They trap some guy in their dream. And then they feel trapped cause they gotta guard what they caught. At least let me say, this is what happened with me an your mother. But there’s a certain universal here.

DONNA. And men don’t feel that?

DAD. What happens with men is a little different. I think that men recognize or make up that they are trapped, already, an what they do is, the man feeling is, they long to be free. Of mother, wife, job, art, whatever.

DONNA. Do you hear yourself? You sound like a total jerk. This stuff you’re sayin can be knocked down by a three-year-old with a feather.

DAD. So what? I’m tryin to tell you somethin to get somewhere, somewhere maybe you’d like to get to. Don’t think you can get everywhere by algebra, honey. Things ain’t that straight. Life ain’t at all like the psychological section in the New York Times three-warning-signs-to-look-for bullshit. Things ain’t like that at all. If somebody’s willin to talk to you an tell you shit they think is true, don’t be so quick to knock it. People don’t usually part with the weird shit they personally know because theyh know how easy it will be to punch holes in. Now I’m tellin you somethin. It’s for you to poke through the soup an find the meat. So listen up. There’s a level where you fear an want that’s a woman level. This shit you just told me about bein afraid you’re turnin inta your mother, that’s on the woman level, that’s a women fear. So my suggestion about that is, you go talk to a woman about that. But there’s another place under that place, where men an women can meet an talk, if you know what I mean. It’s way down. An it’s dark. An it’s old as the motherfuckin stars. If you want somethin from me, or if you wanna tell me somethin, that’s where we’re gonna haveta be.

[A long pause]

DONNA. Alright. [a long pause] Tommy an me … When he loves me. In bed. When he puts his arms around me, and I can feel his skin, his heart beating, his breath, and I smell him, it’s like Africa. It’s like, I get scared because all of my guts shake … Sometimes I press my hands against myself because I think things are coming loose inside. He just touches me, starts to barely touch me, and I’m so frightened because it’s so much, it’s so hot, it’s so close to losing my mind. It’s beyond pleasure. It’s … he takes me over. Like there’s a storm, I get caught in this storm with electricity and rain and noise and I’m blind I’m blind. I’m seeing things, but just wild, wild shapes flying by like white flyin rain and black shapes. I feel I feel this this rising thing like a yell a flame. My hair I can feel my hair like slowly going up on its toes on my skull my skull. Everything goes up through me from my belly and legs and feet to my head and all these tears come out but it can’t get out that way, so it goes down against my throat swells an through down to where it can get out GET OUT GET OUT. But it doesn’t go out, so I, I EXPAND. Like to an ocean. To hold the size of it. An then it’s maybe something you could speak of as pleasure, since then somehow I can hold it. I’m this ocean with a thousand moons and comets reflecting in me. And then I come back. Slowly. Slowly. From such a long way. And such a different size. And I’m wet. My body my hair. The bed is just soaked, torn up and soaked. There ain’t a muscle left in me. I’m all eyes. My eyes are the size of like two black pools of water in the middle of an endless night. And Tommy’s there. And he did it to me. He took me completely. I wasn’t me anymore. I was just a blast a light out in the stars. What could be better than that? What could be better? It’s like gettin to die, an get past death, to get to the universe, an then come back. In the world where we talk and fight and he fucks me over, it all just seems so unimportant after that. I don’t understand how he can do that for me an then turn around an be such a, well, smaller. It is a small world this world, in comparison to where we go in bed. And I guess we gotta be smaller in it.

DAD. What are you tryin to tell me, Donna?

DONNA. I’m afraid.

DAD. Of what?

DONNA. I’m afraid to leave him or that he’ll leave me. I’m afraid to be without the sex we get to. Everything else seems like nothin next to it. But I can’t give up who I am to be his love slave. That’s what I’m afraid of. That I’ll lose myself if I stay with him, and that I’ll lose the sex if I get away.

DAD. I’ve felt that.

DONNA. You have?

DAD. Yeah.

DONNA. But that seems like a woman thing to me.

DAD. Nope. Men have that too. It’s a very down thing. It’s very near the bottom.

DONNA. In one way, he don’t know a thing about me, not really. And in another way, what he knows is the key that lets me outta my life. It’s like what he don’t know about me is exactly what I don’t care about anyway.

DAD. Yeah.

DONNA. You’ve really had this?

DAD. Oh yeah. I had this with your mother. It’s why I always kept a girlfriend on the side. I hadda keep somethin away from her, so I didn’t lose everything when we went nuts in bed. And too, because I wanted to protect what we had in bed by havin somethin else goin that was not that intense. Sort’ve a comparison, a reminder. Somethin common to underline the extraordinary. Your mother was the love of my life.

DONNA. But if that’s true, how the fuck could you treat her like you did?

DAD. That bed was what we had. When I got outta that bed, I didn’t walk, I ran. When I got outta that bed the most important thing was that my feet hit the ground, found the fuckin ground. Do you understand? If there was gonna be anything else a me outside a that bed, it hadda be without her. Otherwise, she woulda taken me over all the way. I hadda create a second place in me and outta me where I could work. Do my painting. I got the studio. I got the girlfriend. WHY DO YOU REMIND ME OF THESE THINGS? It’s so fuckin painful. Your mother’s dead. My baby’s dead.

DONNA. I can’t believe this. You mean, you really loved her?

DAD. Shut up shut up. Can’t you understand? All I have now is that little bit I kept from her. That little room. I can’t even paint anymore. Why would I want to? What do I care what I see, why would I describe it? I hid a part a me from her to save somethin cause I was scared. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I shoulda given her that, too. If I’d given her everything, then when she died, I woulda died, too, and that woulda been the merciful end of it. Why did I save something? What for? It wasn’t worth it. What I saved wasn’t worth a goddamn thing. If I only known.

—  Dress Rehearsal #199: Hilarious W.O.M.E.N. fear (or not) by John Patrick Shanley (The Dreamer Examines His Pillowcase)
Chasing Pasts

“I love seeing young couples with a couple of kids.”

“Why is that?”

“It makes me think that they are actually going to do it right, that they will be together and their kids will be happy.  I always wanted to be a young couple like that.”

“You were at one point.”

“At one point I was, yes, but that life wasn’t dealt to me.”

Okay I thought I was going to do cute I lied. In the text order. Also I apparently didn’t finish writing it out but the child’s name is Minori 

 Mom I am stuck on the roof 

 I’m coming don’t worry 


 Also how to consistency. No Naoto is not dying she is just having some self reflection.

anonymous asked:

I am sick in the head- I'm starting to ship Han and Rey. Have you ever had any very um... questionable shipping moments?

woah owha woah woah waoh

i had to refer to jodi bc i honestly didn’t know how to react to this and it didn’t help much bc all she did was squeal and keep repeating ‘no’ and variations of the word

and no…i don’t think i have had any questionable shipping moments…

EDIT: also, you need jesus