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The Fathers Day Special G.D Smut

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Summary: Grayson apparently has a “not so secret” daddy kink.

Warning: Some classic fathers day smut

Based off of a prompt from @graysonsgucci

(Text Messages Are Bolded)

“Hey Y/n are you almost here?” 

I saw as i was driving, where you ask? To my boyfriend Grayson’s parents house and that’s who texted. I flew out to jersey to meet him, for fathers day. It was currently Saturday so we had a  day until then, but i love his family anyway, so i figured why not come?        Plus my family was out of town, so what better idea than to visit the Dolan’s? And, you did have a surprise for Grayson tomorrow as well.

“Yea Babe i’m pulling up now.”  

As you pulled up, you saw Grayson, Ethan,Cameron and both of their parents waiting for you. Which honestly, looked like a cheesy family portrait, but was still sweet. You were just wondering how they got the boy’s to be so calm, i mean they would usually be shirtless running around the backyard by now.

“Y/n!!! Grayson yelled out as you walked out of your car, picking you up and spinning you around. 

“Gray, put her down so we can say hi too!” his mom yelled out, causing him to carry me to the front door, where the rest of his family stood. Moments late, after all of their greeting, and hugs you were now heading in to the house, followed by Gray carrying all of your luggage up to is room. 

As you stayed downstairs talking with his mother and Cameron, about your journey from the plane to here. Which wasn’t too special, just some small talk.

“Hey babe! Can you come up here please!” Grayson called out from upstairs.

“Oh, y/n don’t take too long! You’re still helping me with dinner right?” His mom said.

“I won’t be long promise!” you replied.

“Yea give me a sec!” you yelled back. Heading up to his room, where he currently resided, probably wanting you to unpack or something.

As you neared the door, you saw something well, suspicious a sock hung on the knob, he’s a little cocky huh? ‘Gray, why the fuck is there a sock on the do-” you attempted to say as you entered the bedroom, only to be pushed up against the now closed door. As he continued to kiss you, swiping his tongue against your lips, begging for access which you obliged to. As the kiss deepened more and more.You could feel his hard on against your thigh already, soon he began to remove your shirt, which you quickly stopped. “Gray no! your parents are down stairs awake, maybe later. Now go take that sock off of the door, dinners almost done.” you said, instantly causing the fluffy haired boy to pout, damn what a horny bastard he was.  “Gray, i’m going to go downstairs and help your mom, finish whatever she’s cooking. You take care of that.” you said pointing to the “large” problem which was more than obvious in his black skinny jeans. “Babe, please just five minutes!” he pleaded as you were about to exit the room.”Gray, no! Later I promise.” you said as you were now on the way to help his mother with dinner.

“Bye daddy!” you said, running out of the room, as you knew he hated the word “daddy”.

“You’re fucking getting it later princess.” he muttered as you left the room,which you didn’t hear.

As the time passed, and you continued to help Lisa cook. All you could think of was what you would be in store for later.

You see, Grayson was never “rough” he was into soft, passionate sex. So, he had never been too aggressive, but you had no idea what was with him. Normally, he wouldn’t even think about “fucking” with his parents even one hundred yards in distance, but upstairs. That wasn’t even the Grayson you knew, but you weren’t going to lie. It was hot as hell. You’ve always known this boy wasn’t as “innocent” as he seems. Even with you he tries to pull that card. But, let’s hope tonight he turns into “daddy” Gray, well kind of appropriate considering tomorrow was father day, might have to get him a card now.

But now all you could think of was his large rough hands, roaming your body as you squirmed beneath his touch. But that was going to have to wait.

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“The voice that you probably need to listen to might not be the loudest voice inside your head. It might be a real quiet whisper of, ‘go on, you’re alright, you can do it’. But usually that’s the voice to listen to, and the loud voice which is saying, ‘you’re not good at what you do’ is the one you shouldn’t listen to. So you’ve got to listen very carefully to your own instincts and your reasons for doing stuff.” - Adeel Akhtar

thegirlwithmultiplepersonas  asked:

Tfp team prime reaction when their s/o bot adopted an annoyed teenage human as a sparkling?

Tag yourself, I’m the annoyed teenage human. *snort* sorry
Wasn’t sure if you meant like… original five or all of them so I went with all. Go big or go home.
Also I left Arcee out since this is Father’s Day–


When you bring the teenager in and they look up at him with a scowl he knows this is only going to go well. You don’t get much out of him at first, just a nod when you explain why you’re adopting them as your own. If it’s not because they don’t have parents you have to take them straight back. He and the teenager butt heads a lot, but he’s only raised his voice once at them.

No. You’re not getting anything else out of him. You can help the teen find a good adoptive family and be a /foster/ parent, but that’s not your sparkling. He and the teen fight pretty much 24/7.

He’s excited when you first bring the teen in. When you explain why they’re there he gets a little bit upset for them. Just like Prime if the reason is anything other than a lack of parents you have to take them back. He argues with the teen sometimes, but he’s always sure to figure out a way to work it out.

No way. You can’t take care of a teenager. He may understand why you want to take care of the teen, but no. You’ll either take them straight back or find a good foster home. He and the teen get along just fine, he just doesn’t want to put them in unnecessary danger.

What the scrap is that? He’s so confused as to why, you have to explain. Doesn’t think to make you take them back if they have parents, someone else has to do so for him. He also gets along great with the teenager, usually they take drives at speeds that are way too fast on roads that are abandoned.

Sure why not? He’s not going to fight you or even ask why. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with it. If the teens a little asshole they fight. A lot. If they’re just your average run of the mill annoyed teen he just laughs at them.

Why would you want to adopt a human? Only understands if the teen doesn’t have parents. He’ll personally take the teen back if they do and tell you how ridiculous that was. He usually gets on with the teen alright. He doesn’t really ever bother arguing with them, just lets it go, so they never fight. 

Why hello there Mr. Mystery <3

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Father’s Day

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Here’s an Opie one-shot as requested of @redwood-writer, hope this does your Nonny justice sweets! Apologies if it’s not enough, or too much, I am a little rusty. This One-Shot is smutty so it’s rated 18+ and only suitable for Mature(ish) audiences.

Father’s Day


Father’s Day had gone off without a hitch. Ellie and Kenny helped with the breakfast prep and before Opie could manage to drag himself out of bed it was presented to him with a chorus of Happy’s Father’s Day so loud she swears her ears are still ringing, and letting out a steady breath she stares at herself in the mirror.

Her hands shake as she smooths her hair over her shoulders. She feels a little ridiculous in all honesty. She spent far more on the frilly bra and panties than she probably should have, but hey, Father’s Day only comes once a year, and with a smile that grows steadily on her lips she knows this is going to be one of the best Father’s Days yet. She hopes at least.

“Babe,” Opie’s voice drifts through the door, “you okay in there?”

“Yeah,” she calls back smiling softly, “just getting your gift ready.”

“I told you I didn’t want anything,” he trails off as she rolls her eyes, “besides I’m not sure I want anything from in there…”

Stifling a laugh, she pulls the door open to reveal herself and when Opie’s eyes widen as he lifts his fingers to rub against his lips.

“You sure about that?” she asks bracing a hand on her hips.

“Mmm, I might take some convincing,” he murmurs reaching out to cup her waist between his hands but she her hand planting on the center of his chest stops him.

“I better get to work then…”

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I’ve been sitting here thinking about the fact that I have no kids and that I probably wont have any children. And that my mom won’t have any biological grandkids. Some days I’m really ok with that, but today?


I’m glad one of my stepbrothers (I hate that term-we are brothers) is having kids and made it a priority for that part of the family. My nephew is a great kid, and my sis in law has invited me down for his birthday in December(truly lovely people). Part of me really wants to go, but part of me doesn’t want the reminder of my own failure by being responsible. Or to be reminded that “it was never the right time”, only to see your ex wife pregnant 2 years later. Yeah, fuck off fathers day.

Ever have that feeling that you are teetering on the very fine point between greatness and total failure? That’s me today. I’m organizing the music for 2 city wide celebrations, 2 festivals that are going to get regional PR- boosting my career and others, have 3 fun paying local gigs planned, but I can’t seem to look in the mirror and say, “you’re awesome”.

I’ll be ok tomorrow, but today just blows.

“The truth comes out when the fire burns low”- Corb Lund.

4 Unique Father’s Day Gifts
By Mia Mercado

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to honor the men who have put up with all our metaphoric and literal crap throughout the years. What better way to celebrate all the dads in your life than with some unique Father’s Day gifts. You think a dress tie and a practical pair of socks is going to be memorable? Get real. Here are four ideas to help give your dad a Father’s Day he’ll never forget but desperately wish he could.

Bouquet of Lawn Clippings

Dads want to spend Father’s Day with the ones they love the most: their yard! Grab a handful of that lush, thoroughly fertilized grass and arrange it into a bouquet that says, “I wish my adult life was as well-maintained as your lawn!”

Framed Receipt From Your Oil Change

Let Dad know he raised you right by framing the receipt from the one time you got your oil changed on schedule. For the extra proud papa, make wallet-sized copies of the receipt so he can show off what a good, human child he helped make.

A Bounty of Foods with Grill Marks On Them

Does your dad love a good cook out? Father’s Day is the perfect chance to make all your food via outdoor grill. This day calls for more than grilling a few steaks and burgers, so go all out. Prepare a breakfast in bed for Dad by throwing a bowl of cereal on the grill. Scramble up some eggs on the ol’ BBQ. Garnish a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with some hot coals. One Father’s Day to remember coming right up!


Fatherly Awards

Want to pay Dad back for all those years of raising you right? Well, too bad because there’s no way you have that much cash on hand. Instead, you can give him some of these fatherly awards to celebrate all his greatest moments in dad-ing. Want to let him know his repair skills haven’t gone unnoticed? Give Dad a “Never used duct tape on an actual duct!” award. For his phenomenal work in flatulence, Dad’s rightfully earned a “Farts Even When Finger Isn’t Pulled” badge. He won’t be able to wait to show off his most notable achievements in fatherhood.