father's day

Hey, guess what?

If you have a shitty father, you’re allowed to be angry about it.

If you have a shitty father, you don’t have to love them.

If you have a shitty father, you don’t have to feel bad or guilty about being angry and not loving them.

Your feelings are VALID.

They had no right to treat you like that.

Do something nice for yourself today; you earned it.

Inspired by me and @lmnomo convos

So Father’s Day comes around, and Bc Pidge and hunk have probably figured out a way too measure it in earth time, they know that it’s Father’s Day. So everyone makes these awesome gifts for Shiro, and they don’t tell anyone else what their doings. They’re all like, “let’s make space dad happy!” And stuff right?

When the actual day comes a long they each show off their gift like proud little children, and explain the culture to Coran and Allura. Except then it’s Lances turn to give Shiro a gift. He walks over to Coran and hands him a sweater he knit out of some wool he got- except it’s styled after an altean style they had shown him.

He explains how much of a father figure Coran is too him, and how much he appreciates all that Coran does. He looks at Shiro and is like, “Don’t get me wrong! You’re our leader, and you do almost everything for us, but Coran actually takes care of us. He deserves some recognition too.”

And Coran is so touched, and everyone agrees with Lance, even Allura and Shiro. Coran just hugs Lance and promises to wear the sweater he got him.

I just- give me more Coran and Lance bonding moments. Please?