father's day


[ Cartman’s Father’s Day. 11:00 PM June 21st 2015

Backstory/Headcanon: Once Cartman got his revenge on Scott Tenorman, he kept his victim’s skulls as trophies. They remained his trophies until he realized that Jack Tenorman was his father. After that he hid his father’s skull away and only visited it on Father’s Day. It was a very recent decision to place his remains under his tombstone.

This is the first “off-screen event.” An off-screen event is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an undocumented event shown simply for convenience. Since this wasn’t recorded or posted by the boys, any direct mentions to of this event to the boys should be avoided. 

But anyway, this was super fun to do and I hope you enjoy. ]


Dear Dad,
I could not ask for a better father; you mean the world to me. You are always there for me when I need you, even when I don’t know that I need you. For these past few difficult months of my life, you tried your best to help me, even when I didn’t want to help myself. You were there for me when I thought I was worthless. You were there for me when people I thought were my friends betrayed me. You were there for me when I didn’t even want to get better. You never gave up on me. You love me, and this Father’s Day I want you to know that I love you just as much if not more.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you. ~Mary

Visiting Dad is a Trip to Hell

Nico DiAngelo was not patient man. The required visit to Hades each father’s day meant a rather long boat ride across the Styx which left him jittery and irritable. That was nothing conpared to the reaction the darkness had on his boyfriend, Will, who was a son of Apollo. He was shaking in the cold and the dark, but he never once complained to Nico.

Nico put his arm protectively around Will as he led him around Cerberus the three headed dog. He felt bad for dragging his boyfriend with him, but he hadn’t wanted to come alone. Nico and his dad never exactly had a healthy relationship.

They walked through the palace into the throne room, passing Persephone’s garden along the way.

“As soon as he starts acting like an ass we’re leaving,” Nico promised Will who still looked a bit green from his boat ride across the Styx.

“Give him the benefit of the doubt Nico,” Will said as the approached the throne room, “ maybe he’ll surprise you. Also I made you suffer through a ride on the sun chariot with my dad at 6 am, so I really don’t mind being here Nico.”

Nico snorted at the notion his father could behave like a father but entered the throne room anyway. What he saw shocked him.

Hades sat at a large banquet table with the furies and was… laughing. Nico didn’t even know his father knew how to laugh.

“Um. Dad?” Nico asked with an astonished look on his face.

Hades got up and stalked over to Nico on unsteady legs with a smile on his face.

“Nico!” He exclaimed before pulling him into a hug. Nico stood there stiffly, shocked his father was even touching him.

“And Will,” Hades slurred, “when are you going to ask my beautiful boy to marry you.”


Will just laughed and promised Hades he wouldn’t wait too much longer.

“Are you drunk?” Nico asked still in awe over the friendly exchange between Will amd Hades.

“Mmm yes I think so,” he said, “Apollo sent me some delightful wine.” He then glided back to his seat at the table to down more of the gifted alcohol.

“Did you do that?” Nico said as he turned back to his laughing boyfriend.

“I may have had something to do with it.”

Nico leaned up and kissed his boyfriend before whispering into his ear, “thank you.”

They sat down and piled good into their plates.

“What in the name if Zeus is this?” Hazel said from the doorway.

Will and Nico looked at her sheepishly. “We can explain.”