father's day


Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible Dads and Father figures around the world and to these animated daddies from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks ~

shout out to the kids with absent dads 

shout out to the kids whose dads are nothing but a sperm donor to them

shout out to the kids with abusive dads 

shout out to the kids who have dads who don’t act like proper dads 

shout out to the kids who feel guilty, conflicted, or confused during father’s day. You’re not a bad person for not celebrating. You are loved and you matter so, so much. You are your own person who does not have to be defined by him. 

“Daaaaad, I’m hungry!”

“Hello, Hungry. I’m Dad.”

The two embraced. At long last, father and son were reunited.

“I have returned to fulfill the prophecy, father—my one true destiny, to devour all of the glorious foods.”

It had been many, many moons since Hunger had seen his father, Dad, the all-powerful overseer of Mount Senses, after being tricked into exile by his scheming brother and rival, Thirsty. But now he would claim what was rightfully his: the prodigal feast.

“O, my son, how long you have patiently waited, subsisting solely on saltines from Mom’s enchanted purse, bottomless with preparedness. Your over-eager and desperate brother, Thirsty, commenting on all in your absence, unquenched and single, but now your noble quest achieved,"Dad’s eyes glistened with pride and emotion. "As the oracle prophesied, a great bounty of exquisite entrees, beautiful breakfasts, and delicious desserts have come together beneath one comforting roof. Behold, it is the Denny’s.”

Together, they gazed upon its magnificence.

They sat upon a throne-like booth, befitting the majestic mythological figures they were, as endless treasures arrived at their table; golden pancakes, the sweetest of syrups, eggs prepared in a myriad of styles. The feast was truly extravagant. Satiated and joyful, they relaxed and awaited their royal dessert. The son looked at his predecessor with great respect and admiration.

“Happy Father’s Day, Dad.”

And the father looked upon his son with great pride.

“Thank you, Hungry.”

with father’s day coming up here’s a shoutout to everyone who isn’t looking forward to it — those of you with abusive fathers, absent fathers, or fathers you just don’t get along with as well as those of you who had good dads who have passed on and struggle with spending father’s day without them.

i hope it will be a good day for you regardless of what your situation or relationship with your father is.