father with son

Why Yondu is so important to me

Hey guys, this is just a little thought about this great character played wondurfully by Michael Rooker: I really love Yondu’s character not just because he’s from a comic book, not because he’s totally badass space pirate captain and a misterious person or not even because he made us cry because of the yondad feels…. I love him so much because he made me see my father under a different light.

Let me explain better: my dad is not the best father figure at all, he’s never been mature enough to take his responsebilities as parent seriously, and neither now that I’m 25 years old he hasn’t change and you have no idea how this attitude of him made me suffer through the years, ‘cause of him I see men in a twisted way and when I grown up I developed a kind of hate/love relationship with him, just like Peter with Yondu, but in a different way of course.

But thanks to Yondu’s sacrifice, I started to see my dad through an other point of view, through a good one and see just the good things about him, even if there are just few of them: he loves me with all life in his own way ( too much childish way, but it’s okay, I can handle it ), he tries to cheer me up when I’m sad even if he doesn’t understand at all the origin of the problem most of the times ( he’s like the dumbest idiot in the entire universe, but it’s okay, I can handle it ), he supports me in most of the things I want to do, especially on my job choice.. be a comic book artist ( last year he said for the first time in his life that he was so proud of me and he cried when he said it when we were talking at the phone! and he shows my published works to his friends at work, akward silly man XD ), he would litterly kill anybody who tries to hurt me emotionally or phisically ( yeah guys, I swear, he totally goes from a stupid child to a serial killer in no time if something happens to me! ), he would die for saving me from a potential danger situation, I had fun with him when I was a child and still now whe have fun together when it happens to see each other, like watching movies or have lunch together ( we don’t have much in common unfortunately, except the interest for martial arts.. he did Tai Quan Do and I’m currently doing Ninjutsu, but those 2 little things are very precious to me ), and he has a LOT of flaws, but who doesn’t have them?! He’s very annoying and boring most of the times, but he’s trying to listen more and talk less now and at least is a good person and I love him no matter what.

Thanks to Yondu, now I’ll love my dad more than I ever did.

Thank you Michael Rooker for made me open my eyes on my father, thank you James Gunn for creating such an amazing and deep character as Yondu.

Thank you all of you guys!


SWAN CENA (( is it too late to make a john cena joke? ))  Anyway, I found some month old sketches for a comic I never made, sooo I finished it up

At one point I thought it would be cool if Shaun could be your companion and maybe learn how to not be horrible. Along the road he could learn valuable lessons like how to fish, how to hunt, and how synths are not a lower form of life


As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have the set! Thank you so much to the amazing and highly talented @tinymintywolf for sending them and for MAKING THEM of course!! Hi there, I’m the one that messaged you a few weeks ago about your store not being open; thank you so much for kindly answering and thank you so much for these wonderful buttons and the thank you card! It’s official, you made me realized just how much of a Kraglin fan I am!!

Keep up the awesome work and again a thousand thank you so muches!! XD