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RebelCaptain Pregnant Headcanon

-Jyn didn’t even think about being pregnant it just never crossed her mind - Jyn: *misses period* - doesn’t notice                                                         Morning Sickness- lol ok                                                                                 Gains 10 pounds- well muscle weighs more than fat

 -k2 mentioned something about babies and she had a that’s so raven moment K2:  Did you know you’re at the perfect age for children?                                     Jyn: What ?                                                                                                       K2: well ovulation is-                                                                                       Jyn: Gotta go                                                                                          

-She told Cassian as soon as she saw him

-she wanted it to be more eloquent but instead                                                    Cassian: “I’m so tired”                                                                                          Jyn: “I’m so pregnant”

-Cassian doesn’t get nervous until the end of the pregnancy, the rest of the time he is so excited                                                                                              “I’M GONNA BE A FATHER”

-They told the team kind of by accident                                                                *Jyn gets onto ship for mission*                                                                            Cassian: No, you’re not coming                                                                            Jyn: Why not?                                                                                                      Bodhi: Yeah, why not?                                                                                          Cassian: I’m just worried about the baby                                                              Bodhi: the what                                                                                                    Jyn: It’ll be fine                                                                                              Bodhi: THE WHAT

-Everytime Jyn does something K2 names a pregnancy fact about it

- He thinks his facts will help and then they’ll name the baby K2 after him for “saving its life”

-Bodhi is the one who gets freaked out by the facts                                              *Jyn Sneezes*                                                                                                     “ ARE YOU OK”

-When Cassian doesn’t know what to do Chirrut always does and is really good at taking care of Jyn

-He is basically a mid-wife

-Cassian and Jyn ask Baze and Chirrut to be the godparents                              *Baze sheds a single tear*                                                                                   “Be a man damnit”

-Jyn has the craziest cravings but Cassian always tries to comply to them           * Brings her rice with chocolate syrup*                                                                  “MY FAVORITE”

-Jyn is not glowing she hates her life

-She can’t work or bend or move fast and it is so frustrating

-She is so moody too                                                                                            *drops cookie*                                                                                   NOOOOOOOOO                                                                                     *Cassian comes home an hour later*                                                              “why are you crying?”                                                                                     “My cookie”

-They are very much the couple who bickers about if its a boy or a girl

-K2 starts calling himself uncle K-2SO all the time

-They all want to be in the room for the birth and all have to crowd around a tiny window pushing each other


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WOAH GUYS CHILL! It’s just me with the most requested thing I’ve ever gotten! Yes, after millions of requests I’ve finally made a masterslist!!

Winchester Sister

Bad Dreams-  After having a nightmare, you look towards Sam for comfort

Life of the Party- After a very long and hard hunt, you sneak out of the bunker to go to a party, but when Sam and Dean find you, they aren’t very happy

Life of the Party Pt 2- It’s the morning after the party and Sam and Dean are just as pissed as they were the night before

Backseat Driver- Dean gets hurt during a hunt and you have to drive him to the hospital, much to your disliking

Here’s Johnny- While on a hunt with your older brothers, Sam and Dean, your father shows up and things don’t go so well

Anchor- Dean needs to remind his sister why she is perfect the way she is

It’s Totally Normal- Reader is 15 and asks her brothers, Sam and Dean, about sex

Hookup- Dean walks in on reader and her hookup in their motel room

I’m Coming Home- Sam and Dean hold a surprise party for their little sister after her boyfriend comes home from the military.

Penalty On Ice- Reader secretly plays hockey until Sam and Dean find a flyer in her room and come to her game

Smallest of the Four: Part 1- reader is the youngest of the four Winchesters and is sometimes put under a lot of pressure by her older sister and two older brothers.

Paper Doll- Reader is in a toxic relationship and doesn’t come to her senses until after her two older brothers have a talk with her

Heavy Metal- Dean takes sister!reader to a Metallica concert

Come Back- Dean snaps on his sister after sister!reader messes up on a hunt, making her run away

Hero- Dean gets jealous that his sister is spending more time with Sam than him.

It’s Not Your Fault- Dean and Reader go to Stanford to go get Sammy, but the reader is afraid that Sam still hates her.

Crash- After reader accidentally crashes Sam’s computer, she tries all she can to not give it away that it was her who messes up his computer

I’m Here- Reader with anxiety has a panic attack while Sam and Dean are away and tries to control it. But when it gets out of hand, she calls her big brother for help.

Bloody Hell- Reader gets her first period and her brothers help her out.

Five Days of Christmas 2016 - Five imagines for five days that focus on Christmas

Dean’s Daughter

Baby Cakes- Dean’s Daughter gets cursed by a witch and is turned into an infant. While Sam and Dean try to reverse the curse, Castiel is put on baby duty.

That awkward moment when you’re in the middle of writing smut and your parents wander into the room and try to talk to you.






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Here is everything I’ve written for ya


  • What If (songfic. ft. Baekhyun) (Angst/Fluff)



After so many arguments, even your school principal got tired of your fights with Sehun. That’s why your detention will be to work for school, until you get along with each other.


    After a brutal break-up, Jongin realizes he may never see the girl he loves again.


    You’re looking forward to your birthday. Actually you’re looking forward to inviting Kim Junmyeon, while he will make sure you’ll never forget this day.


    •     What If (songfic. ft. Chanyeol) (Angst/Fluff)


    Arranged Marriage. Sehun Edition. (finished)

    Arranged Marriage. Suho Edition. (ongoing)

    Arranged Marriage. Baekhyun Edition. (ongoing)

    After your father found out about your relationship with Jongdae, he forced you to marry son of his partner. Baekhyun just wanted to follow his dreams, but his plans are also ruined as he has to live in your house.

    Split - Kai series.

    You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family.

    Word Count: 2976


    the most popular reactions have little stars beside them.

    Christmas / New Year Series.

    Contrast - (Harrison “ Harry” Wells/Reader)

    Imagine E-2 reader let Zoom take Jesse. So Jesse and Harry are shocked when they see E-1 reader walk in one day correcting one of Jesse’s science equations.

    For my dear @wowjeena

    Originally posted by allenparker

    “Oh… my… god…” Jesse turned to her father, “Why didn’t I see that? Why did you see that!?”

    Harry stared at the board tilting his head at the corrected complicated equation he had his daughter had been working on, “I don’t know…It makes perfect sense…”

    “It’s a common misplacement of numbers.” They both froze at the sound of your voice behind them, “I’m sorry, I hope you two weren’t working on that forever and I just ruined everything. Sometimes I just see things and can’t help myself”

    Harry turned defensively stepping in front of Jesse, “Y/N…”

    Your eyes widened in surprise, “Oh…you must have a version of me back home.”

    Jesse stepped closer to her father, “You could…say that.”

    You looked toward her seeing their uneasiness, “I’m making you uncomfortable…I’m so sorry…”

    Harry watched you take a step back putting yourself in almost a submissive body position. Something the Y/N back home would never had done. Back home you would have strutted over declaring how wrong he’d been for such a simple solution and go on to how incompetent he was. 

    “I can go…” You lowered your gaze from his hard stare, “I’m sorry…”

    “Wait…” He spoke up feeling Jesse tug on his arm. He looked back at his daughter, “After everything this team has done for me…after everything I’ve done to them…to get you back…”

    “Dad…” She whispered fear lacing her eyes, “She…”

    “That…” He looked to you pausing by the door way, “That isn’t Y/N…this is…Y/N.

    You gave him a small smile relaxing a little, “I’m not here to cause trouble…Barry just asked me to come introduce myself after he explained what’s going…I’ve been abroad in New Zealand doing some work on-”

    “A new form of electrochemical energy storage?” His eyes smiled a little as he interrupted you taking a guess.

    “No…” You shook your head a little at his remark, “Same field-ish… Photobioreactor…is that what my counterpart is working on, on your earth?”

    He watched you curiously take a step toward him as he crossed his arms, “Yes.”

    “That’s atrocious!” You looked at him, “Everyone knows that it is cleaner to use photobio over electrochem!”

    “Yes, but it’s more expensive to maintain.” He countered surprised by your concern for the green ideal, “Everyone knows that it takes twice as much, versus chemical.”

    “It provides jobs and if we could get federal funding here in the states…” You shook your head frustrated.

    “Job security isn’t an issue back home.” He told you glancing to Jesse who still seemed uncomfortable, “Jesse…why don’t you go make us some lunch. Pretty sure Cisco brought us some groceries today…why don’t you go deem what they consider food here.”

    “Right…” She nodded glancing at you as she walked out.

    “Nice to meet you, Jesse.” You smiled at her warmly as she walked out without a word. You looked back to Harry, “Did…my doppelganger…do something?”

    He swallowed looking away, “Our Y/N…she…well…she was a rival of mine. Always looking for a way to gain an edge. She’s the one who planted the idea in Zoom’s head to take her…to set this whole plan into motion…”

    Your face fell as you put a hand to your stomach, “…I…I don’t know what to say…I’m so sorry…I wouldn’t have just…”

    “I know.” He nodded slowly taking off his glasses, “I was in your position a few months ago when I first came here. Your team trusted me…I will try to do the same for you. Jesse…she…”

    “I don’t expect anything.” You told him slowly taking a step toward him, “I can’t even imagine…”

    “I should go talk to her and make sure everything’s okay.” He looked to your face. Even your eyes seemed different, they were so warm and inviting. Full of curiosity he would guess. He was used of this cold harsh individual. All busy, and only there for the glory and looking for the kill.

    “If there’s anything I can do for either of you, please, don’t hesitate to ask.” You told him that desirable smile coming back to your face, “You’ve both have been through too much and I would like to help you anyway I can.”

    “Thank you.” He watched you turn walking out noticing all the differences even more. You didn’t wear stilettos that clacked against the floor like a war drum. You hair was relaxed gracefully bouncing as you glided out. Then there was that gentle look back full of genuine sincerity instead of pure contempt with a desire to destroy.

    He took a deep breath clearing his throat before he went to seek out Jesse. Yes…this was going to be different if you were going to be around the lab. He’d try to be wary for Jesse…he wouldn’t lie that there was a sinking feeling in the back of his head knowing you were there.

    Even his doppelganger here had secrets…he wondered what yours were.

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    Do you happen to have any headcanons of les amis as mixed race..? Keep writing you beautiful gift to the world

    Aw, thank you so much!

    My headcanons for what the Amis look like change and switch around all the time, but here are some that are hard to budge:

    Joly: South Korean and French- His parent’s met in Nice at a Dentistry convention. Yes, like Hermione’s parents they are both dentists. (Part of the reason why Hermione is Joly’s favourite HP character) Joly has had perfect teeth since age 19 when his braces finally came off and has a rigorous brushing schedule. 
    Bossuet: Jamaican and Italian- He doesn’t know anything about his father but has a very strong connection with his mother, who moved to France after raising him in Italy for ten years. When Bossuet calls his Mama (weekly) he speaks to her in Italian.
    Bahorel: Pacific Islander and Maori- Bahorel moved to France from New Zealand on an international scholarship for law. After two months in law school he said “Fuck that” and dropped out, but decided to stay in Paris and fund his own stay there. He skypes his huge family frequently and they are constantly nagging him to come home and bring Feuilly with him.
    Musichetta: Romani and Northern Indian- Her parents met in Wales and travelled all over Europe. They eventually settled in France halfway through their planned trip when they realised her mother was pregnant with her. They continued travelling after she was born but their compass always found their way back to France.
    Cosette: French and Chinese- Tholomyès (ew) is French, but Fantine’s parent’s were both born in China. She came over to France on her own at a very young age.
    Combeferre: Southern Indian and German. His parents are both hard working but were never well off. He grew up learning 5 different languages, but has never travelled outside of France. Has a huge extended family on both sides of his parents. It’s a bit hard to keep up sometimes and his relative’s phone contacts have cliffnotes. 

    a letter to my mother:

    i’m jealous. i envy the mothers and daughters who are like two peas in a pod. i look at them and wonder why we are not that close. we’ve both faced loss; you lost a husband and i a father, so shouldn’t that be the rope that ties us together? the world sucks and people die, but that only means you have to hold the ones you love even tighter. i know i look like him, and maybe it’s a reminder of what you lost when you look at me, but you should also see what you gained. he left behind a piece of him, isn’t that what you should focus on? i’m not perfect, i’m going to make mistakes and i’m going to mess up, but instead of looking at me like i’m a huge disappointment, instead of embarrassing me in front of everyone, instead of yelling at me, tell me that everyone makes mistakes. tell me that in life, you’re going to make plenty of mistakes, but that it’s okay because they’re all lessons. please hold your tongue when insulting me; refrain from the harsh insults because words hurt. they are also tattooed in my heart; every word and every rude comment you have made about me. please understand that i am fragile and i take things personally. understand that even though i am 20 years old, i’m still a your little girl, and i want the love and affection of my mother. i have lost one parent already, please don’t push me away because i can’t bear to lose another.

    • Craig: The endings are the best part.
    • Zahra: They are predictable. Like the guy gets the girl and that kid sees dead people and Darth Vader is Luke’s father…
    • Craig: Oh! Right, so you just happened to guess the biggest cinematic reveal in HISTORY.
    • Zahra: Vader in German means father, his name is literally Darth Father…
    • Craig: Huh. You know German? Now I know why you don’t like fun things.

    The friend can hook Agent Carter up to something that will “help her”. She can speak to him, he was a “heavy user, he’d be perfect.”



    Man, can you guys imagine if my blog kept going after I died.


    Celeborn: I want to know why you never invite me over to visit Rivendell, Elrond?

    Elrond: You are my father-in-law. You know you are always welcome.

    Celeborn: Gandalf visits quite often, I understand. He always seems to come to Rivendell. Never to Lothlórien or Mirkwood.

    Elrond: I do not know why he will not visit Lothlórien, Celeborn, but we all know of Mirkwood. Such darkness lurks within.

    Celeborn: Yes, I know. Thranduil can be rather frightening.

    Elrond: I was referring to the curse Sauron put upon his kingdom.

    Celeborn: So was I.

    Thranduil: Yes, I am so horribly cursed with good looks, perfect hair, fabulous clothes, awesome weapons, fierce elven guards defying the laws of physics and an army of elves in golden armor. I have to settle for riding a majestic elk. How can I go on with the curse of being the Elven King of the Woodland Realm? I mean, my son is a Prince! My poor Legolas has to live with the shame of being the son of a king. Why could he not have had an all powerful tree lord for a father? We are cursed to live within a cavernous mountain palace with endless and elaborately carved halls named after me? You are so lucky. Living in a tree with a walking lightbulb that never seems to get electrocuted playing in a bird bath. I cannot tell you how many nights I wish I could cry myself to sleep wishing I had your life. Not your obvious lack of fashion sense. Just your life.

    send ☭ for a vs. battle quote to your muse

    Battle Theme:


    Battle intro:

    “You’re a Super Saiyan or whatever it’s called, right? This’ll be an experience….”


    “You mentioned Goku was your father right? Sure he’d be disappointed…”


    “I- Alright…You just got lucky, Goldielocks….”


    “I’ll help this once, but that’s only because our power combined could probably beat these assholes.”


    “You said you were Super Saiyan! Why aren’t you fighting like one?!”

    Reacting to Taunt:

    “Did I fucking ask you for input, Goldielocks?!”


    “You’re pretty good, I won’t lie to you. You aren’t better than myself though…”

    Perfect Victory:

    “So much for being a Saiyan, huh?! If I were you, I’d call myself a disgrace!”

    When people say that we can’t define historical figures by the “terms we use today,” (aka lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, asexual, etc.) they are really saying that we have no history for ourselves. That we are not entitled to people like us. They are used to straight being “Normal.” They wish so desperately for everyone they admire to be straight (and to be white, to be neurotypical, to be able bodied, to be “perfect” in every sense of the word).
    Why is it such a strange concept that at least one of the founding fathers was probably attracted to other men? Why is it so foreign to you that Shakespeare was likely bisexual? Why can’t you recognize that Sappho, the Greek poet who wlw are literally named for, was a lesbian? Why can’t we claim these people for our own? You do it all the time.
    Why do we need to write scholarly essays to convince you of a historical figure’s sexuality when you are convinced that your children are heterosexual and cis the moment they enter this world? Why do we have to fight for our right to get married, to work, to USE THE BATHROOM?
    Why have 8/80 of the wlw on tv this year been killed off already? Why are articles condemning “those fangirls” blogging about Hamilton published?

    Why is straight the default?
    Why aren’t we allowed representation?

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    got a secret, can you keep it? 

         Sometimes, I can’t help but wish the harpies weren’t my sisters. Don’t get me wrong, I– I love them! But they scratch me, and they screech when I’m trying to sleep after working 12 hours so I can keep all of us with a roof over my head. They’re violent and rude and unappreciative.

          The worst is Podarce. Sure, Aellope’s absolutely out of control, but to me, Podarce’s the most horrible. I used to be so, so in love with Zephyros. I thought, finally, I have the family I wanted so badly. A husband, a wife, a son. Absolutely perfect. But Podarce became pregnant. I couldn’t figure out by whom, and she wouldn’t tell me. She had her son, Xanthos. And then Balios. I kept pestering and pestering, who’s the father? Why won’t you tell me? Until one of the other harpies, Ocypete, confessed to me– it was Zephyros. He’d been cheating on me this whole time, with mortals and other gods and even my own sister. 

          It’s frustrating. She expects me to do so much for her, to live with me without any payment back– I don’t even want payment, like, drachmae. I just want her to be a sister to me. What awful sister uses and manipulates her sister and fucks her sister’s husband? It’s cruel. It’s cruel. I’ve saved the harpies’ lives; it’s written in the ancient texts. And they treat me like this. They all do. People ask why I have no self-worth, and there’s so many reasons, but it all starts with my family.

    Be my boyfriend? [closed]


    Clint banged loudly on the door of Loki’s house, a little scowl on his face. His parents were assholes! He finally came out about being Bi and they started yelling all this homophobic shit- and on top of that his sister’s coming home with her perfect little boyfriend.
    ‘Why can’t you be more like your sister?’ His father had complained, 'Where did we go wrong with you?’

    Well, they want him to be like his sister? They’ll freaking get it. Quite literally, too. She has a boyfriend? Well then, so will he. They’ll hate it- but that’s the point.

    And that’s also why Clint was at Loki’s doorstep. He knows Loki likes getting into all sort of trouble, so who’s a better person to go to?

    As soon as Loki opened the door, Clint was already talking, “Be my boyfriend? Please?”

    Exo Reaction

    Exo reaction to taking their kid to the beach/pool.

    I personally love swimming and I was a competitive swimmer until I screwed up my shoulder. :(

    I apologize ahead of time, this one was really rushed. Still I hope you enjoy :)

    Sehun: *Trying to get your attention, but your worrying too much about the baby to notice Sehun*

    Kai: *being the perfect father*
    “Don’t worry (y/s/n) I won’t drop you.”

    Tao: *trying to teach the baby to swim, but he kinda has to teach himself first*

    D.o: *watching the kid all day like this*
    “She doesn’t know how to swim, this was a bad idea”

    Chanyeol: “Why you so worried Jagi, don’t you trust you cool awesome superman daddy?
    (y/n): no and your not cool either.
    Chanyeol: Come’on I even got this cool jacket!!

    Chen: *being the dad of the year*
    “Come on my little mermaid! You can do this!”

    Baekhyun: *doesn’t let his eyes get off your little girl*
    (y/n): “Baekhyun come help”
    “No… something might happen to her, I need to watch”
    (y/n): “She’s been in that pool for 3 hours, she’ll be fine”
    “You never know!”
    *stays intensely watching the whole time*

    Lay: *The baby is afraid*
    “Look baby, it’s warm and it’s fun. You’ll love it!”

    Suho: *When your kinda worried*
    “Don’t worry Jagi, I control water this is no big deal, if something happens to her i’ll save her”

    Kris: *trying to teach your kid how to swim*
    “Just move your hand like this”

    Luhan: *being the responsible parent*
    “You see, this is like the water in the tub, this is just a bigger tub… yeah”

    Xiumin: *cheering on your baby*
    “Come on baby you can do it!!! DADDY LOVES YOU~”

    Gifs belong to rightful owners

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    Imagine Steve being the godfather of every child the avengers have. Seriously it started off cute and kinda funny but now he has way too many godkids bonus angst if you wanna add in that Steve can't have children

    Steve doesn’t even tell Wanda congratulations when she announces that she’s pregnant. All she gets from him is a side eye, which only makes her grin wider.



    “Steve,” she repeated. “Would you consider being the godfather?”

    “No. You don’t mean that.”

    “Yes, I do!” she insisted. “You’d be perfect. And you already have so much practice.”

    It’s true, and Steve was forced to consider the fact that they were all having so many babies and why was that such a thing in the last couple of years? And somehow, he was god father to all of them.

    “You understand what that means, right? If anything happens to you guys, I have to raise your kids.”

    “Get to,” Clint corrected softly, causing Steve to sigh.

    “I’m going to be 200 years old and have 50 god children.” He meant it as a joke, but Tony shrugged.

    “Time to perfect changing those diapers, Cheaper by the Dozen.”

    In the end, he told Wanda he would be humbled and honored.