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This has probably been said a million times but I REALLY LOVE BRUCE WAYNE BEING A DAD ok like young Dick took and tumble and hit his head? Bruce is there to pick him up and comfort him. Jason is feeling antsy and out-of-place? Bruce takes him on a father/son trip and they go have fun for the weekend. Tim is sick? Bruce sits near him on the bed and reads Tim’s favorite books out loud as Tim snuggles against him. Damian feeling frustrated because sometimes no one seems to understand? Bruce is there to let him know that he’s not alone (and then buys him a new katana or something and spars with him probably) I JUST REALLY LOVE BRUCE INTERACTING WITH HIS LITTLE BIRDS OK.

Thranduil: Remember when I used to read to you before bedtime?

Legolas: Is that a trick question?

Thranduil: No, I am asking if you remember.

Legolas: Yes. Why?

Thranduil: I just wanted to know.

Legolas: Oh no. Here it comes.

Thranduil: Legolas, when did you become so suspicious of your father?

Legolas: How much time do we have?

Thranduil: Son, can we just have a conversation without the cynicism?

Legolas: I am almost afraid to answer that.

Thranduil: You can do it.

Legolas: Fine. Yes, Dad, I remember when you read to me at bedtime.

Thranduil: And remember when what I gave you for your 2160th birthday?

Legolas: Yes. You gave me a horse.

Thranduil: Watching you grow up was a genuine pleasure.

Legolas: Thanks, Dad.

Thranduil: So, what are you getting me for Father’s Day?

Legolas: I don’t know.

Thranduil: You mean you didn’t think about it.

Legolas: Yes, I did. You are hard shop for.

Thranduil: No I am not. I like silver. I need a new broach–this one is so second age. I could use another coat–this is so fall, it’s summer. Gold, or green–embroidered with silk lining. No cotton. Dry clean only. And I would like breakfast in my chambers for a change.

Legolas: Is that all, Dad?

Thranduil: I was giving you some ideas. I mean I raised you all alone while ruling a kingdom invaded by hordes of orcs and spiders–there were days it was almost to much too bear.

Legolas: Dad, I had a governess until last year.

Thranduil: It was a struggle telling her how to take care of you all alone while ruling a kingdom invaded by hordes of orcs and spiders.

Legolas: Guilt trip?

Thranduil: Pack your bags, it’s going to be a long one.

Watch: iKON’s Bobby Jokes That He’d Like To Be Handsome For Just One Day

On July 21’s episode of “Daddy And Me,” Bobby and his father chat as they continue to drive around during their father-son trip in Hawaii.

Bobby looks at himself in the camera screen, and then turns to his dad and says with a grin, “What do you think when you see comments online that say I’m ugly?”
His father says he doesn’t think much of it, and Bobby says, “I don’t care much about it either.” His dad replies that he thinks Bobby is handsome, and Bobby laughs and insists he’s not.

He then smiles and turns to his dad to say, “But I want to try being handsome, just once. Just for a day. I just want to try it once!”
“Do you think that you have a certain charm though?” asks his dad. “Me? I totally love myself!” replies Bobby confidently. He then jokes that he thinks he’s more handsome than his older brother, even though people say they look the same. “I think that a guy’s personality is more important than his face,” says Bobby.

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On The Road: Father Son trip, Game Day


Hang on a second, are you two in cahoots?
You know what, I’m calling the police.

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On The Road: Father Son Trip, Vancouver