father son trip

I want a fanfic involving Alfred taking Tim in a road trip. I really do.

I want Alfred to notice how much stress is on Tim’s young shoulders and how much he’s in desperate need of some recreation, and when Tim one day let it slip that he always wanted to go to one of those long cliche father-son road-trips that you always see on the movies, Alfred immediately go and demands that Bruce take Tim to one of them, so that both Tim and him would get the rest they need, but once Bruce pulls the “Eh, sure just after today’s meeting at the company…and the other meeting the next day…and the patrol the next next day it’s very important….matter of fact the whole month’s patrols will be important. You know what, I think Tim will understand if we don’t do it?” Alfred just knew that he would be completely useless in this department, and even if he made time for it, Alfred would highly doubt that Bruce would be an enjoyable companion that would help both Tim and himself to relax and forget about work.

So naturally Alfred would put on his cargo short and Hawaiian shirt and pull his good old Ford out of the garage and honks infront of Tim’s room when no one else is in the house, to tell him to bring what ever he needed in a small suitcase and come down so that he can steal him for a while. Or in Alfred’s own words: “I’m afraid master Tim that I would be stealing you from master Bruce for this month in order to roam some of the US most touristy spots. Don’t worry, master Bruce has some ‘important’ patrols scheduled for the whole month, so he wouldn’t notice us being gone.” 

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I'm a believer DANNY IS TRANS

i have so many thoughts for trans danny

like he probably came out to his family when he was a Tiny Smol, say like 8 or 9, and his family was great about it

  • jack jumped up and threw his hands in the air happily then IMMEDIATELY started planning a Father Son Fishing Trip because “i finally have a son!!”
  • maddie took danny shopping for whatever masculine clothes he wanted and threw in a few “boy” things too like action figures
  • jazz was already the Social Justice Activist even at that tender age and was ready to Fight anyone who didn’t respect her baby brother’s gender
  • one time this kid was being a total asshat to danny and jazz strolled right up to the kid and broke his nose
  • jack made one of his fenton inventions with the trans colors
  • maddie got the ball rolling with getting danny’s name legally changed from danielle to daniel and helped him start puberty blockers, and also bought him his first binder

and his friends were just as Awesome if not better

  • some fuckface outs him at school and tucker and sam are Swift and Merciless with anyone who dares to treat danny as anything less than a valid boy
  • they go with him to his first pride (jazz drives)
  • they have this Closet Humor going that only gets stronger after danny’s accident in the portal, because it’s the first time in forever that he feels like he can’t come out of the closet to his family

i just really love Trans Danny

It’s a girl... and a boy.

Thank you for the wonderful prompt. Fluffiness and comfort and all those good things are ahead. Also I live in Australia so I am not quite sure how the whole snowed in thing works so anyway here we go. It turned into a long one, so I have put in the dreaded ‘Keep Reading’ break so apolgies to the mobile users that have the story cut off.

Also @believe-that-you-can-my-friend you are one of my fave Bughead fanfiction writers so to have you trust me with one of your prompts is a big thing. Hope you enjoy.

“This snow.” Betty exclaimed looking out the window at the thick blanket of snow that was now covering most of the town. They were effectively housebound, as vehicles could not get through the heavy snow and the snow ploughs were only maintaining main roads due to the overwhelming need. She was just glad that Jughead was with her. They were both keeping Polly company after her returning from her brief stay at the Blossoms and the craziness that had ensued there. Polly was relaxing on the couch, resting, so big now that the smallest task seemed insurmountable. She had the week before felt so full of energy flitting around the spare room that had now become a nursery ready for the arrival of the twins. Betty was so happy to have her sister back home, spending the long weekend with her two favourite people while her mum and dad went to a ‘marriage’ retreat seemed like a good time to her.

That was before she had heard a shriek from Polly on the couch. Exclaiming that she had felt something before she had looked at her hand in horror at the wetness that was there, that had seeped through her clothes.

“Betty, I need you.” She had screamed from the couch. Betty had been at her side within seconds. Jughead had rushed in from the kitchen where he had been fixing some snacks, which for Jughead usually meant a 10 course meal. There was panic on her sister’s face which went straight to the pit of her own stomach. Her waters had broken there was no doubt about that, the scream that tore from her lips as she was hit by a contraction made Betty flinch and she could feel her anxiety rising.

“Oh god.” Betty was feeling queasy and her nails were digging into her palms as she tried to take in deep and calming breaths. Jughead could see the terror on her face and knew that he needed to step up and take control of this situation even if it was terrifying him. She had her phone to her ear before throwing it at the wall. “They said they can’t be disturbed, it’s bullshit.” She was frantically pacing around the room.

“Betty, look at me.” He grasped his hands in his own, forcing her to look him in the eyes. His mind was racing, the Andrews were gone they were at a father son bonding trip when the snow had hit. There was only one person he could think of who may be able to help them. “I need you to phone my mum. Okay. She can help. She helped my cousin deliver her baby.” She nodded eagerly, he felt the wetness of fresh blood on his own hands, and brought her hand to his lips, kissing her fingers gently. “It’s going to be okay.” He told her not quite believing the words himself.  

“Yeah, Yeah.” She was nodding emphatically, as if if she nodded enough she would start to believe it herself. But she was still in the same spot unmoving.

“The phone Betty.” Jughead reminded her breaking her out of her repetitive thoughts. She seemed to hear him and went to grab his phone. He looked back to Polly who was laying on the couch breathing carefully, seemingly the calmest out of all three of them. He went to her side.

“Polly.” He said gently. “We are not going to be able to get help in here. The roads are closed. We are just going to have to do this ourselves.” He could feel her eyes watching his lips intently hearing each word and processing. “Betty is going to call my mum, she has done this before, she can help.” Polly nodded at him, turning to face the other side of the loungeroom wall as she took in a deep breath. She focused on her breathing, in and out, just like the classes, she reminded herself.

“Juggie.” Betty re-entered the room. The phone by her side. “She didn’t answer, I couldn’t get through. I left a message, but.” Betty’s voice trailed off as she looked at Polly whose eyes were watching her carefully.

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brian jr., age 14, helping his dads out with spring cleaning, discovers a box of old DVDs in an upstairs closet, opens it up, they’re all labeled like “brian jr.’s third birthday,” “dee and charlie’s wedding,” “father n’ son fishing trip 2k23,” and at the very bottom of the box he discovers a case labeled “the nightman cometh” and he’s like “hm i wonder what this could be let me pop it into my laptop and find out”

Fun Range!

I finally got to the gun range. My dad took me. I could not last the full hour. I also got to finally shoot my 12 ga coach gun and Glock 30 .45acp! The coach gun caught me on recoil. I put heavy dove and 00 buck shot through it. It was the 00 buck shot. I slipped my grip on the shoulder just before I fired, which was thanks to my disability. I am ever so slightly shaky, which threw my aim a few times with the handguns. We shot the coach gun, Colt Police Positive .38spl, and Glock 30. I forgot to grab my G17. My dad was looking forward to shooting my G17. It is a well used great running G17, and everybody who knows me, knows how awesome that Glock runs. My G30 ran very well to, but it does not have that familiar feel the G17 has; however, all that build up about .45acp recoil was a let down. It felt just like my G17 9mm. Maybe it is all those +p and +p+ rounds in 9x19MM NATO I shoot. Still I enjoyed .45acp. That is good because the G30 is my carry piece.

I had one problem. My Walther P22 did not fire. I went through ten rounds, and not a single one went down range. So I know it is not the ammo. I figured the first one was that typical .22lr dud you run into once in a while in a bulk pack. This is Federal ammunition, which generally in my experience has less problems regarding .22lr bulk packs. So I need to figure out why my Walther P22 would not fire. It has never had a problem before and has less then 500 rounds through it. Any suggestions about what the problem may be are welcomed. I need to fix it. And yes I will call Walther to find out from them, but if I can fix it I will. I have owned those gun for ten years. I am not a big rim fire shooter.

This has probably been said a million times but I REALLY LOVE BRUCE WAYNE BEING A DAD ok like young Dick took and tumble and hit his head? Bruce is there to pick him up and comfort him. Jason is feeling antsy and out-of-place? Bruce takes him on a father/son trip and they go have fun for the weekend. Tim is sick? Bruce sits near him on the bed and reads Tim’s favorite books out loud as Tim snuggles against him. Damian feeling frustrated because sometimes no one seems to understand? Bruce is there to let him know that he’s not alone (and then buys him a new katana or something and spars with him probably) I JUST REALLY LOVE BRUCE INTERACTING WITH HIS LITTLE BIRDS OK.


I like to think that Jonathan and his dad had a good lil relationship going.

Definitely weird and definitely NOT GOOD parenting,  but they were close.

I like the idea of Mr.Crane being the kind of parent who would pick Jonathan up from school right on time everyday in the minivan and ask how his day went and actually listen. He wouldn’t push for answers when Jonathan just replies with a shrug and wouldn’t nag Jonathan about getting a haircut even though he can barely see his eyes. Since he supposes that it’s “just one of the hip fashions these days.”

“Oh my god dad. Please don’t call my hair a hip fashion.”

I also like the idea of Jonathan being supportive of his dads weird fear hobby.  Like he was probably just like “aight dad sure I’ll go along on your scaring people to death adventures” because it probably meant a lot to his pops that Jonathan tagged along,  like father-son camping trips spooky edition.

I bet on the days when Jonathan didn’t  want to go along,  Mr. Crane got all sad and guilt trippy in that lame parent way,  like
“Oh. guess I’ll have to go alone, then. I thought it could be fun,  just me and you. Well. Goodbye son. There’s dinner in the fridge next to the fermenting adrenal glands. I love you.”

Until Jonathan’s like “FINEEEE I’LL COMEEE” and then Mr. Crane just lights up.

Mr. Crane would get super giddy over who they are going to scare,  like “Jonathan this next fellow is scared of zombies. Zombies son! What do you say we dress up and give him a good scare?”

Then after a night of scaring people they probably run into the car and Mr. Crane is like GOOD SHOW, MY BOY and he highfives Jonathan and on the way home they get burgers while they’re still in zombie makeup

Jonathan must have no friends whatsoever because all of his evenings were spent this way.

But maybe he doesn’t mind so much.

juzosuke domestic au!!

me and maddie came up with this huge ass juzosuke au to recuperate from episode 11 and i needed a way to keep track of it so its all under the cut!!

WARNING: this thing is ridiculously long?? unless u really want a super long juzosuke au, then go for it my dude

edit: if ur reading this there is now a part two so click this cool link 2 read it 

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Same. I am totally over any/all Lucifer storylines. I'm seriously hoping they pull a total deus ex machina in the finale (Chuck comes back briefly, messes with time so that the nephilim devil baby was never conceived, leaves again but this time takes Lucifer with him (a healing father-son millennia long road trip to the Andromeda galaxy!) ..or something. Basically ANYTHING so that we never have to listen to or watch or think about Lucifer ever again.)

Bahaha well all that might be a bit of a stretch. I would love to see Chuck come back but I don’t think that’s in the cards for right now. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

A few people have brought up the possibility of Michael returning and putting Lucifer in his place… I personally wouldn’t like that ending either because it’s so recycled no matter which way they decide to play that (hi, season 5, nice to see you again!), but I think that theory comes from the same frustration as the kind you’re expressing. “Somebody PLEASE just get rid of him!” Michael is an obvious choice.

Either way I think we’re stuck with a nephilim baby for the time being. Like his antichrist predecessor before him, though, maybe he will just disappear and never be heard from again~

strangely are our souls constructed

this is my birthday present to myself, which i started weeks ago, and then Memoria happened, and it all worked surprisingly well together, so i had to finish this fic. 

let me know if i fucked anything up, i’ll correct stuff ASAP.

tw for: emotional abuse, gaslighting, tricky manipulative stuff. 

title is taken from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein because I’m an English major dammit. 


1. Dr. Alana Maxwell’s favorite book, besides Nuts and Bolts: A Guide to Constructing Artificial Intelligence by Dr. Jasika Simmons, is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

This should be surprising to no one. 

Kepler had laughed when she told him, smug, catlike grin widening across his broad face. “Figures,” he’d chortled, like he had known all along. 

Jacobi had immediately shrieked, “It’s alive!” before going back to building another one of his explosive devices, yelling more references to tease her with. 

It is important to note that neither of them know why she loves Frankenstein. It’s not for the reasons they think.

She had first read the book when she was seven years old, eating lunch in the tiny school library as usual, and some other student had knocked it off its shelf. She began reading Frankenstein immediately, and forgot about her apple juice and stale granola bar, and almost didn’t make it class on time. She loved books because they took her away from places, and this one was no exception.

Maxwell had never understood why Dorothy would ever want to go home. 

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Thranduil: Remember when I used to read to you before bedtime?

Legolas: Is that a trick question?

Thranduil: No, I am asking if you remember.

Legolas: Yes. Why?

Thranduil: I just wanted to know.

Legolas: Oh no. Here it comes.

Thranduil: Legolas, when did you become so suspicious of your father?

Legolas: How much time do we have?

Thranduil: Son, can we just have a conversation without the cynicism?

Legolas: I am almost afraid to answer that.

Thranduil: You can do it.

Legolas: Fine. Yes, Dad, I remember when you read to me at bedtime.

Thranduil: And remember when what I gave you for your 2160th birthday?

Legolas: Yes. You gave me a horse.

Thranduil: Watching you grow up was a genuine pleasure.

Legolas: Thanks, Dad.

Thranduil: So, what are you getting me for Father’s Day?

Legolas: I don’t know.

Thranduil: You mean you didn’t think about it.

Legolas: Yes, I did. You are hard shop for.

Thranduil: No I am not. I like silver. I need a new broach–this one is so second age. I could use another coat–this is so fall, it’s summer. Gold, or green–embroidered with silk lining. No cotton. Dry clean only. And I would like breakfast in my chambers for a change.

Legolas: Is that all, Dad?

Thranduil: I was giving you some ideas. I mean I raised you all alone while ruling a kingdom invaded by hordes of orcs and spiders–there were days it was almost to much too bear.

Legolas: Dad, I had a governess until last year.

Thranduil: It was a struggle telling her how to take care of you all alone while ruling a kingdom invaded by hordes of orcs and spiders.

Legolas: Guilt trip?

Thranduil: Pack your bags, it’s going to be a long one.

okay put picture this

Animorphs everyone is alive AU

  • Jake and Cassie getting married and moving into a nice farmhouse and having lots of kids and letting them run around the farm and zoo and play with the animals
  • Marco being super famous (more than the last book) and hosting the miss america pageant and starring in like cool action movies
  • Marco making lots of money and buying a nice house for his mom and dad to finally live peacefully in
  • Ax getting a very high position in the Andalite government and everyone loves him because Ax is amazing
  • Ax visiting Earth many many times
  • Ax making Cinnabon open chain restaurants on the Andalite homeworld
  • Elfangor and Loren buying a nice suburban house and moving into it with Tobias
  • Tobias sneaking Rachel into the house in the middle of the night and getting caught by Elfangor
  • Tobias and Rachel just being a stupidly happy young couple
  • Tobias and Elfangor doing typical father son things like mini-golf and Elfangor swings his tail blade to hit the golf ball and just annihilates the windmill
  • Tobias and Elfangor going on a father-son fishing trip. They’re in the middle of the lake and Elfangor is in human morph but his time runs out and he morphs back and falls out of the boat.
  • Tobias and Rachel having kids, but Tobias keeps the red tailed hawk as his main morph. On parent career day, everyone’s parents have normal jobs like doctor and fireman, and this kid just walks up to the front of the classroom with a bird on his arm like “have I got a story for you”
  • I don’t know a lot about Tom but he is alive and happy, maybe in a stable relationship. He is best man at Jake and Cassie’s wedding
  • Elfangor winning best grandpa cause he lets Tobias’s kids ride him and they go on adventures.
  • Elfangor and Ax telling Tobias and Rachel’s kids cool war stories.
  • Thanksgiving dinner with the Berenson’s. There’s Tom, Jake, Cassie, and Rachel brings Tobias and the kids. And Loren and Elfangor comes too (and maybe Ax if he’s not busy) and Elfangor brings food and is like “this is an andalite delicacy. A secret family recipe that has been in my family for generations” and it’s just a plate of grass
  • Everyone is alive and happy

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Prompt? I haven't seen any NHL father/son trips done or I haven't run across any yet anyway. Any chance of the Falconers meeting Bad Bob on Jack's "Take your dad to work day"?

There’s probably a family day where they all come see the training, etc.

I bet the guys would be really freaking out about meeting Bad Bod.