father son

I spilled water on the upper lefthand side of this paper, but I think everything turned out okay! 

Chairman Han isn’t a perfect father, but I like to believe that he and Jumin shared a lot of happy memories when he was a kid. Honestly, I’d like to see more official art of him!

(Oh, I forgot to point out that I tried to make them both look older going from frame to frame!)

“Who’s going to be a hero!?”
“Hah! He already speaks our people’s tongue!”

Baby Link, Breath of the Wild.
Old Link, Origin, Skyward Sword Manga.

The story here is (based on my non-cannon, absolutely fictional mind) that Origin lives in heaven. He delivers the spirit of the Hero into earth, and receives the heroes when it’s time to return. The idea here is that he’s sending baby Link, and he’s a baby because he’s about to be born :)

⚪[ “The life of a conquering warlord wasn’t the life she wanted for you. I could have changed. But I didn’t.„ ]
⚪The Lego Ninjago Movie
⚪Lord Garmadon and Lady Iron Dragon
⚪My edit. Hope you’ll like it. :-)