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Psych S08E03: Remake AKA Cloudy… with a Chance of Improvement.

Gus: Is it because I’m a yute?

Judge: A what?

Phelps: What’s a yute?

Hornstock: Oh, a yute, a yute. It’s a youth. It’s from My Cousin Vinny. Terrific film, sir. 

Phleps: Objection, your Honor. It’s OK, decent at best. 

Why is this so hilarious? Phelps (Ralph Macchio) was a main character in My Cousin Vinny, Bill Gambini. 

True Crime Non-Fiction

Here’s a short list of my favorite true crime non-fiction:

1. One Of Your Own: The Life and Death of Myra Hindley

Author: Carol Ann Lee

A very informative biography on one half of the infamous “Moors Murder” duo. Includes detailed chapters about how Myra Hindley met Ian Brady and their life before the murders.

2. Lust Killer

Author: Ann Rule

A chronicle of the crimes perpetrated by Jerome Brudos, a little known serial killer who operated in the 1960’s. A very chilling read.

3. My James

Author: Ralph Bulger

This heartbreaking biography details the grief of a parent who must cope with their child’s vicious murder. Two year old James Bulger was killed by two truant children in 1993, and his father Ralph penned ‘My James’ as a memorial to his son.

Please add your own favorites :)

Utterly fascinating insights from Fred Astaire’s beautiful daughter, Ava (photographed here with her father in 1958 by Ralph Crane), from an article she wrote in 2012:

“Despite things that have been written, Daddy and Ginger had great respect for each other and liked working together. Perhaps they weren’t great social friends, they had their own lives, but they certainly did not fight. I remember Ginger coming to the house in Beverly Hills and all of us eating in the casual day room rather than the formal dining room.

Although I was unaware of it at the time, in retrospect I realise that I grew up in a magical world. Our neighbours were Charlie Chaplin on one side and Mary Pickford on the other. Among my parents’ good friends were Cole Porter, Merle Oberon, Sam Goldwyn and David Niven. Randolph Scott was my godfather. Clark Gable was a regular visitor to our ranch in the San Fernando Valley, and I remember going to Liza Minnelli’s birthday party where there were elephants.”


we’ll give the world to you and you’ll blow us all away.  someday, someday.

knowing you by heart [my favorite fictional fathers & daughters]
↪ Ralph and Sara Crewe, A Little Princess

[Captain Crewe] got out of his bed in the middle of that night and went and stood looking down at Sara, who lay asleep with Emily in her arms. … He drew a big sigh and pulled his mustache with a boyish expression.

“Heigh-ho, little Sara!” he said to himself “I don’t believe you know how much your daddy will miss you.”

The next day he took her to Miss Minchin’s and left her there. He was to sail away the next morning. … He would write to Sara twice a week, and she was to be given every pleasure she asked for.

Then he went with Sara into her little sitting room and they bade each other good-by. Sara sat on his knee and held the lapels of his coat in her small hands, and looked long and hard at his face.

“Are you learning me by heart, little Sara?” he said, stroking her hair.

“No,” she answered. “I know you by heart. You are inside my heart.” And they put their arms round each other and kissed as if they would never let each other go.