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Pls I need more to that gency pregnancy GENJI YOU ARE THE FATHER


The Orca arrived at roughly 5 AM about a day and a half later. Mercy could usually sleep through the sound of the Orca entering the Watchpoint’s airspace, but as soon as she heard the whir of the turbines she was up and out of bed and pulling on a pair of sweats and her robe and hurrying out in bare feet onto the Watchpoint’s tarmac. She shielded her eyes from the glare of the sunrise as the orca touched down and opened up. Tracer and Ana were the first ones out. Tracer saluted and Ana nodded to her, both with a visible weariness as they made their way over to either dining hall for breakfast or the dormitories for another couple hours of sleep that weren’t uncomfortably tucked around the Orca. McCree followed after with a yawn and a tip of his hat to her, going toward the dormitories himself. Then out came Reinhardt and Torbjörn, Reinhardt out of his armor and rolling his shoulders with multiple pops and cracks as Torbjörn muttered about tweaking some turret designs in a half-asleep haze. They greeted her politely enough as they walked past. Mercy paused and there was a brief feeling of dread that gripped her insides until she calmed herself, mentally reminding herself that if anything happened, someone would have said something.

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Parent R5 #9--Daddy Ross

Daddy Ross taking his two and a half year old son to the aquarium.
It starts out at just talking about the animal, but soon, he discovers it has been a hour and a half, his son is asleep, and he’s STILL talking about orcas and how they shouldn’t be in captivity and should be free and out of the small pools and their history and all that jazz.
He continued talking just to get it off his chest.


This is a picture of Tilikum, a 32 year old, 12,000 lb orca at SeaWorld. He is also one of the orcas featured in the recent documentary Blackfish. I just watched it and it really spoke to me. Not many people know this, but when I was younger I wanted to be a marine biologist. I wanted to study at Memorial University in Newfoundland and in time I planned to study orcas and dolphins in the wild. Did you know that there has not been a single human fatality from orcas in the wild ever recorded? This raises the question, why have there been so many attacks and deaths from orcas in captivity? Tilikum was stolen from the his mothers side off the east coast of Iceland in 1983. He was 2 years old. Can you imagine spending 2 years with your mother day and night, never leaving her side, and suddenly being ripped away from her to be thrown in a 20 foot cage all by yourself? Never mind the trauma that his mother must’ve suffered as well. When they caught Tilikum they found 3 dead orcas in the net as well. They were told to gut these poor creatures, fill them with rocks, and attach weights to their tails to ensure that they sunk. When Tilikum arrived at Sealand of the Pacific, his first captive home, he was bullied by two of the older orcas constantly. As part of his training for the shows he was paired with older orcas and he would copy what they did. However, if he failed to do so he and the other orca would be deprived of food. It’s an odd thing, you would think that the older orca shouldn’t have been punished because Tilikum didn’t imitate him properly. Eventually, the other orca would get frustrated with him and rake him with their teeth. There were times when he would be covered head to toe in these rake marks. After a tragedy at Sealand where he and two other orcas pulled a young woman into the water and drowned her, he was transferred to SeaWorld Orlando, where he wasn’t supposed to be doing shows. The trainers there fell in love with him, and soon enough he was doing shows again. Since then he has killed two other people, one of which was his trainer Dawn Bransheau. This was a particularly sad one for a couple of reasons. One was that you could see the genuine love that Dawn had for this animal. When you look at pictures and videos, she seems so genuinely happy to be working with these amazing creatures. I truly believe that she loved Tilikum, and that makes what happened even harder. The other thing that makes it so much worse is that SeaWorld had the audacity to say that the attack was Dawn’s fault because she had a long ponytail and she must have been handling Tilikum’s fish and touched the ponytail so he got confused. Multiple witnesses have corroborated that he pulled her in by her wrist, he didn’t touch her ponytail until she was in the water. If you look at pictures you can see her doing many other shows with this same ponytail. Many people believe that Tilikum’s actions, towards her and others, was a result of a psychosis brought on by his poor living conditions. One of the things said in the documentary that really stuck with me was “If you were in a bathtub for 25 years, don’t you think you’d get a little psychotic?” I know I would. One result of this documentary is that people are now petitioning to get Tilikum released back into the wild. While I believe this is a noble cause, I also know that unfortunately it would probably kill him because he hasn’t been in the wild for 30 years. He couldn’t survive on his own. I do believe that something has to be done though. The only reason that he’s even still there is because he’s essentially their sperm bank. So far he’s sired 21 calves, 11 of which are still alive. As far as I’m aware, he’s even still performing. Now, since this animal has attacked on multiple occasions, wouldn’t it make sense to not only stop him from performing, but also stop him from fathering any more children?