father of the year

i don’t usually make personal posts but tomorrow is the 3 year anniversary of my father dying and i’m still trying to wrap my head around it. wrap my head around how someone so full of life can have it ripped from them so brutally, i guess i’m making this post to say cherish the people that make you smile every day through the darkest moments, the people that pull you out of the gutter when you’re at your lowest. i know we all wander sometimes and it’s the most human thing we do. but our heart always leads us back to those people at the end of the day. i have that man’s name and i will carry it on my shoulder despite every ounce of pressure. i will make him proud if it’s the last thing i do on this planet, if it’s the only thing i do

Do you ever just

Think about people that died years ago, that you never knew and only ever heard studies about or read about

And get overwhelmed thinking about the lives they lived and the changes they saw

And wish you could talk to them, just once, to tell them how much they mean to you and how much they’ve helped you even though they’re gone

Because I do and let me tell you I’m damned emotional right now

I tend to shy away from writing fic in a modern setting, since it tends to put me in a constant state of worry that I’ll miss something important, or screw it up like so many books and films do.

That being said, fuck it I’m having an absolute blast with this young Tony meets the Winter Soldier fic. Absolute, balls-to-wall, excited squeaking level blast.

My favorite part has to be reading up on major events that were happening in the world in 1991-1992 and being like *tongue click* HYDRA *finger waggle*

The Soviet Union dissolving ten days after the Winter Soldier is sent to kill Howard and Maria Stark? *tongue click* HYDRA *finger waggle*

And if I’m getting a particular glee from writing up scenes where a sarcastic and gangly 21-year-old Tony Stark goes head-to-head with HYDRA agents and assassins and his own father issues and one particularly done-with-this-Stark-shit 70-year-old eternally a badass Peggy Carter? Well, good for me for enjoying myself. I deserve that.

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Bill/Laura - "What in the world did I do with that magic wand?"

This kind of dilemma, Bill assumed, was exactly the kind of trouble his father had had in mind, twenty years earlier, when King Joseph had objected so strongly to the union of his son, then-Crown Prince William of Galactica, to the village sorceress.

“Where did you last see it?” Bill prompted patiently, as he followed his wife through the castle, wondering if he should warn the populace that spinning wheels might be about to become deadly objects (as they had last time Queen Laura had had a spot of bother with her wand) or if this might be one of those rare, glorious problems that were solved inside the castle, without any of the peasants the wiser.

rest on ao3

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I love Damian except for injustice Damian who just wants to kill people and doesn't appreciate what Bruce gave him. Not that injustice Bruce is Father of the Year but Damian was looking for any excuse to join Clark's murder spree tbh

Uh idk Anything about injustice but it seems really confusing and like doodoo lol.


You’re a good student. You’ll make it - I promise you, you’ll make it. You get better grades than I did. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be fine.

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How do u come up with your inspiration? Love your art btw it's really really beautiful in both colouring and style

thankyou so much!!!! you mean the inspiration for my style?? i guess.. mm i haven’t mentioned this here before but my father and grandfather were actually very talented in chinese calligraphy and painting!! i guess the impression was very lasting since childhood, so i tend to drift towards more “liquidy” colouring styles and splashy techniques!

Reminder that not everyone has good parents, or uncomplicated feelings/relationships with their family, and that its 100% okay to not want to celebrate/do anything for holidays such as mothers day and fathers day. 

Reminder that its not okay to make people feel guilty for not wanting to do anything for fathers day or mothers day.