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My new favorite COCKLES / DESTIEL Au video:


Video Summary from the comments: 

“Jensen and Misha met at a party when they were both 18. They were a natural fit and very soon realized that what they had went far beyond friendship. But one day Misha takes off with no explanation, and Jensen doesn’t get any more information from Misha’s father, other than Misha has left. Ten years later, they meet again. Misha tries to obtain classified information from a closed military base, where Jensen now serves. After detaining and questioning his former love, Jensen releases him.  But soon after, Jensen learns of an incident in the news, leading him to believe Misha was a spy and killed in an explosion. Will fate give them a second chance?“

Jane Colden (1724-1766) was the first female botanist in the United States. Her work in identifying hundreds of plant species native to the country is regarded as holding great importance for the advancement of knowledge in the field.

Even though she did not receive a formal education in botany, she was instructed by her father at home. Over a period of five years, she gathered specimens and information about more than 300 plant species around the New York area. Her work, along with detailed illustrations, was compiled in a nameless manuscript which is now held in the British Museum.

I don’t want that lady to be Anna OR Layla, because I just know that Lucy is going to see them and get all happy, and then Mashima is going to kill them and it’s going to utterly crush Lucy.

Like, if it’s Layla and she dies, that means Lucy’s going to think her mother has been dead for years, have suffered emotional abuse/neglect at the hands of her father for years, had a falling out with him, come back to make amends only to find out he’s dead, and then? What? Have Layla pop up and learn that her mother was potentially hiding away somewhere for 19 years? And then potentially watch her mother die? That’s really f’d up.

Like, that’s super f’d up and I’d much rather it be Anna that appears tbh

some arthur dayne headcanons nobody asked for
  • he has his mother’s temper and sword training helps curb it but he’s a terrible liar so everyone can tell when he is Not Pleased
  • he squires for prince lewyn from whom he later gets his knighthood
  • he’s super awkward and short and not particularly handsome (things oberyn never fails to point out) until he’s like 14
  • he had mixed feelings about being named the sword of the morning because it was one of the only times he ever felt his father was proud of him but it had also been 80 years since the last sotm and he knows his father was antsy for house dayne to be notable again and arthur hates that it’s less to do with him as a son and more because he’s a convenient excuse

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C: My younger sister is out of control. She has no respect for me, my mother (who is pretty damn fierce but can’t be bothered to get involved). She’s only scared of my Nigerian father and he visits only a few times a year. We have to share my room currently and if I feel tired at 1am she will lock me out because she doesn’t want me in my own room. Some of my friends say I should beat her up once and she will learn but she’s stubborn, I wish she would respect me and allow us to get on as sisters.

palmwinegal  asked:

How do you remain emotionally honest? Is emotional honesty necessary for good writing?

Emotionally honest? That is interesting. What i think is when we are passionate about certain issues, it shows in our writing. We keep researching, we keep honing our craft to write better stories about that topic. To observe the issue properly. I remember when my father told me something I will never forget five or six years ago about how we can never get tired about what moves us to write. He was right, after a few months, I was no longer interested in writing some articles from the angle I thought I should be writing from.

Also, I find that there is a falsehood to claiming you have experienced a particular pain you haven’t. I believe in growing with your words, especially if you are writing poetry. Don’t bother about what everyone else is writing. What moves you? Really, what moves you, not what we think people want to hear. No, what moves you. What is important to you? Tell the world that.



Donald Neilson was also known as ‘the Black Panther’ during his criminal career. His career began when his building and carpentry business hit hard times and he was unable to support himself, turning firstly to burglary and eventually armed robbery to supplement his income.

His target of choice were small post offices, operating under the logic that they would be easier to rob and would have fewer security measures. It was during these armed robberies that he committed his first murders, shooting witnesses in the process of robbing the post offices. While the robberies supplied him with small amounts of money he craved a much larger pay off, and decided to branch out into kidnapping for ransom.

He targeted 17 year old Lesley Whittle, whose father had left her £82,500 in his will. Neilson broke into her house at night and kidnapped her at gun point, enabling him to take the young girl without a struggle or much noise. He left a ransom note demanding £50,000 and tied Lesley to a disused drainage shaft by a rope around her neck, leaving her with food and bedding. Eventually Neilson grew to believe that Mr Whittle was operating within a police trap in order facilitate his arrest, and in a rage is thought to have pushed Leslie off a ledge by the drainage shaft, throttling her, the constriction of her carotid artery slowing her heart down to such an extent that it quickly stopped altogether, killing her.

Her body was discovered hanging from a wire, with her feet inches from the ground. Neilson was eventually arrested in the process of carrying out another armed robbery, with police officers spotting the gun sitting in the back of his car. After a struggle - which lead to the injuries shown above - he was apprehended. He was convicted of four murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.

SSS - Untitled

I’ve got Chapter 9 of AtWDD, Part 2 of Heathens, and a fic for the Everlark Fic Exchange in progress. I guess I should post a snippet of something to prove I’ve been productive, lol. Here’s a SSS of my untitled, unedited fic exchange story.

Everyone Peeta had ever known was dead.

His two older brothers. His father, mother. Delly, his next-door neighbor and oldest friend. Those giggling fourteen-year-olds he had tutored in the library every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

And now he would join them. Not by the same hacking, bloody sickness that had taken them, but by a bullet from some scrawny kid who wouldn’t stop shouting that Peeta had stolen from him.

While Peeta had stuffed several canned food items, a smashed bag of chocolate-chip cookies, two unopened bottles of water, and a travel size container of ibuprofen into his bag, they belonged to the abandoned Cumberland Farms they currently stood in, not this psycho.

Instead of denying his guilt though, Peeta dropped his backpack and raised his arms. He was, after all, at a great disadvantage. In all his scavenging, he had yet to find a useful weapon. The switchblade in his pocket wasn’t going to do much against a shotgun.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know this was yours,” Peeta said in what he hoped was a placating tone. He had always been good at remaining calm during emergencies, but he’d never had a gun pointed at his head before.

“What the fuck, man! This is my shit. Mine!”

While Peeta hated to lose the medicine and water, he still had a stash back at the motel room he’d been living in – if it hasn’t been ransacked yet. He knew it was only a matter of time before someone found it. Boards covered the windows, and he kept the door locked, but desperate times made for desperate people.

“I can’t have you coming back here, taking what’s mine.”

Peeta’s heart sank.

Midwestern Gothic

-Your father and grandfather heard screaming in the woods while hunting. They say it was just a bobcat, but you’ve never seen one in the area and they refuse to hunt there afterwards.

- Your father tells you to watch for deer. When you’re young you think it’s because they’re graceful and shy, like spirits of the forest. When you’re older, you know better. Your father tells you to watch for deer.

-Every few years a stray cat goes missing and is never seen again. You swear the raccoons and possums who come to eat the leftover cat food keep getting bigger and bigger.

-Monday it’s Winter. Tuesday it’s Spring. Wednesday it’s Summer. Thursday it’s winter again. 

-It isn’t the corn fields you should be afraid of, it’s the forest behind them. The corn is shielding you.

Connecting Hearts

A Klaroline AU.

Trigger warnings: Physical Abuse towards Caroline. NOT by the hands of Klaus. Caroline also gets a little dark in this one but still remains herself.


Setting: AU. Caroline is NOT from Mystic Falls, she is a human girl born in the late 1400’s. Klaus stumbles upon her after a harsh beating from her Father and bonds with her. Time frame is a few years after Katerina escaped the ritual.




“Papa! Papa stop!” The young boy screamed as he tried to wriggle out of his Mother’s arms.

“Shh son. Hush yourself.” She whispered harshly to her son, pulling him tightly against her own trembling form, “William,” She uttered hesitantly, “Do you not think that is enough?”

“Enough? Enough!” He roared, pausing his hand holding the horse switch, shifting so he could kick a broken bow on the ground with his booted foot, “Was it enough when the stupid chit broken my prized bow?”

The anger and drunken rage churning in his eyes silenced his wife and son. The power from the effect of his single glare aimed at them filled him with glee as he turned back to his daughter whose body was draped stomach down against a fallen tree.

With his arm holding the switch raised high above his head he sneered with malicious intent, “It will be enough when I hear her scream.”

The sounds of whimpering behind him was met with the repeated thwack as he continued to crack the switch over her bloody back.

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