father of the orphans

Damian Wayne grows up and follows in his father’s footsteps, adopting strays and orphans at an alarming rate.

And feels fucking awful about every “blood son” or “blood is thicker than water” comment he ever made to his siblings.

It’s all behind them and he isn’t going to dredge it up now, but once in a while - maybe on Gotcha days, or when his kids’ classmates make insensitive comments about adoption and hurt their feelings - he feels that ghost of remembered shame that makes your stomach drop even years after the fact.

Concept: Naruto is a good father, Sasuke is happy, Itachi’s name is cleared, orphans are cared for, Naruto actually reforms the council, Gaara and Sasuke become really good friends. No one ever touches Gaara or Naruto’s hair, Sasuke gets his arm, never is imprisoned, thanked for saving the world instead, Orochimaru is the one who is in fucking jail because wow, Yamato gets a life that doesn’t involve babysitting his perpetrator who experimented on him, Kakashi isn’t a piece of shit who placed that position on Yamato because he isn’t an asshole, Sakura opens that hospital and stops fucking fangirling, Hinata does something useful for once and helps change the ways of the Hyuga clan. Danzo is realized to be an actual whole bitch by the entire village.

Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit. 

Yahiko deserves more attention *sobs* (reference used)

Also I have a new headcanon that his eyes are those kind of which you can’t define the color, somehow they look brown, green or grey

EDIT : have a close-up under the cut bc I forgot yesterday

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Robert Collis, an Irish doctor, carrying Zoltan Zinn-Collins, a young child who had just survived the Holocaust. He had been located at Bergen-Belsen where his mother, one of his sisters and his brother had died. His father died in Ravensbruck.

Following the war, Dr. Robert Collis brought five orphans from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp to Ireland. He adopted Zoltan and his one surviving sister.

The Children of Sherlock

This is a show in which no main character (so far) has children. One might think that children do not play an important part in the show but in fact quite the opposite is true. Because there is a pattern. Children and young people are mentioned or featured in every single episode. And they are always victims in some way. They get kidnapped, used as leverage, made to witness their father’s death, are betrayed by their own mother, poisoned, stabbed, stillborn … I could go on. So let’s have a closer look at the episodes and then think about what this might mean for the show as a whole. 


  • “Some kids found her” = the dead body of Jennifer Wilson.
  • Rachel Wilson, stillborn. She does not even live. 
  • The kids of the cabbie. Their parents are divorced, their father is suffering from a potentially fatal illness and becomes a serial killer to ensure their financial security. He is shot, they lose their father.  

  •  Soo Lin and Zhi Zhu. They are orphans and were forced to become criminals in order not to starve in the streets. 


  • Carl Powers, the boy killed by Moriarty
  • The kidnapped boy who is used as a living bomb by Moriarty
  • Two kids stabbed in Stoke Newington”, John quoting the papers


  • The little girls who lost their grandfather and learn about death and cremation the hard way. Their trust in Sherlock, an adult, is probably weakened by his rudeness. 


  • Henry Knight who witnessed his father’s murder and is deeply traumatised
  • Kirsty Stapleton who lost her rabbit and was betrayed by her own mother.


  • The children of the jury chairwoman, used as pawns against their mother
  • the Bruhl children, kidnapped and poisoned


  • Zoe, the girl in red, horrified at the man almost burning to death in the bonfire


  • Archie who is not understood by adults and does not talk. He is fascinated by violence and crime


  • The disabled daughter of MP John Garvie, used as pressure point against her father
  • Helen Catherine Driscoll, the fifteen-year-old girl who received erotic letters by Lord Smallwood
  • Young Sherlock. I could write volumes about him.
  • Mary Morstan, stillborn in 1972. Another child who did not live and was even robbed of her name by an assassin who needed a new identity. 

This is lot, right? The story of children and teens suffering at the hands of adults, be it their own parents or strangers, or their peers as in the case of Carl Powers. Children who are bearing scars, who are not taken seriously by adults, who are subjected to violence and fear. Who have learned not to trust. Who are haunted by traumatic events in their past. 

This is what we have seen so far. Now think about series 4. We know that Heather Kneafsey from ASiB has been cast again, we have the little blonde girl with the pigtails, a young Sherlock and - probably - a young Mycroft. Chicken coming to roost. Demons will have to be dealt with. There is pattern regarding children in the whole show and this will be addressed in S4 with regard to Sherlock and Mycroft. They are the children we have to think about and not so much the pink bunny baby. 

But this also speaks of an enormous compassion towards children, of showing what they need and are deprived of far too often. In Doctor Who we often see children, they are important to Steven Moffat. And the same goes for this show, it is just more subtle. 

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  • what i used to know about alexander hamilton: founding father, on ten dollar bill
  • what i know now: bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor, grew up to be a hero and a scholar, ten-dollar founding father without a father, got a lot farther by working a lot harder, by being a lot smarter, by being a self-starter, there was a million things he hadn't done, left him with nothin’ but ruined pride, another immigrant comin’ up from the bottom, his enemies destroyed his rep, America forgot him, just like his country, young, scrappy, and hungry, not throwing away his shot, got a lot of brains but no polish, a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal, only nineteen but his mind was older, sometimes he got over excited, imagined death so much it felt more like a memory, as a kid in the Caribbean he wished for a war, obnoxious, arrogant, loudmouth bother, seated at the right hand of the father, his skill with a quill was undeniable, didn't have a dollar to his name, all he had was his honor, a tolerance for pain, a couple of college credits and a top-notch brain, been livin’ without a family since he was a child he grew up buckwild, he had never been satisfied, penniless, he was flying by the seat of his pants, handsome, boy, did he know it, the tomcat, faced an endless uphill climb, didn't hesitate, exhibited no restraint, he kept winning anyways, he changed the game, played and he raised the stakes, the fact that he was alive was a miracle, he knew what to do in a trench, ingenuitive and fluent in French, no one had more resilience or had so much practical tactical brilliance, had to start a new nation, the man was non-stop, assumed he was the smartest in the room, that attitude may have been his doom, practiced the law, practic’ly perfected it, saw injustice in the world and he corrected it, proposed his own form of government, talked for six hours, always said what he believed, fought like it was going out of style, talked too much, abrasive, wrote the other fifty-one, wrote like tomorrow wouldn't arrive, like he needed it to survive, wrote every second he was alive, immigrant decorated war vet, fought the other founding fathers til he has to forfeit, united the colonies through more debt, treasury secretary, ambition was his folly, a polymath, a pain in the ass, a massive pain, didn't know how to say no, had unprecedented financial power, his pride would be the death of them all, knew nothing of loyalty, desperate to rise above his station, everything he did betrayed the ideals of the nation, quick-witted, keeping them all on their toes, the short-tempered, protean creator of the Coast Guard, founder of the New York Post, creole bastard, out of control, an immigrant embezzling the government funds, had reasons for shame, couldn't seem to die, wrote his way out of hell, louder than the crack in the bell, his prayers to God were met with indifference, wrote his own deliverance, had a torrid affair, never was gon' be president, ruined his own life, did what it took to survive, flew too close to the sun, obsessed with his legacy, paranoid in every paragraph how they perceived him, worked through the unimaginable, arrogant, immigrant, orphan, bastard, whoreson, wouldn't apologize for doing what's right, a soldier with a marksman’s ability, wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone would sing for him, didn't get enough credit for all the credit he gave, eliza told his story.

Mother, at our request, would tell us of her early years.  At the age of two, she was left an orphan.  Her father, when he was dying, committed her to the care of General and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton.  When Gen. Hamilton was Secretary of the Treasury, and Gen. Washington, President of the United States, they lived opposite to each other in Philadelphia, and the children of the two families were together every day.  Mrs. Washington took the Custis children, and Angelica Hamilton, and Fanny Antill, (my mother,) in her carriage to dancing-school twice a week.  She stayed with them through the lesson and brought them home.

Mother remembered Gen. Washington once sitting on a sofa in the room where the children were playing, and laying aside his newspaper, to watch them, and smile and encourage them to continue their frolic.  Once, on a reception evening, when the drawing-room in his house was filled with ladies and gentlemen, talking and laughing, and the children were amusing themselves in a corner, there was a sudden great stillness–and mother looked up with surprise and awe, and saw Gen. Washington coming through the folding doors.

-from the Life of Arthur Tappan.

I just love this fancy party filled with all the big government guys and their wives and children playing in a corner. It just makes it feel so real.

Hannah Butler took a photo of a ghost girl in the forest one day. Butler claimed that she didn’t notice the girl until she came home and reviewed the photos. Three years later, the young mother told others that the ghost was haunting her dreams. Hannah was frightened by the image, and stayed with a friend. The photo was taken in the Hessle Foreshore Woods of England, where there is a folk tale about an orphan waiting for her lost father. Curious about the tale, Hannah constructed a makeshift ouija board, and asked the spirit if it wanted to be friends. After receiving a positive answer, she felt guilty about being afraid of the spectral child.


JORDAN. Near Amman. 1969. Young Fatah recruits train by the refugee camp of Baka.

All these young people come from Palestinian refugee camps - most of them are orphans, their fathers having been killed in fighting. Many come from Karame, a bombed village near the Jordan River, victim of March 1968 fighting. They go to school in the morning and usually train in the afternoon. They start their training between the ages of 10 to 13, but they are only allowed to go into combat at the age of 16.

Photograph: Bruno Barbey/Magnum Photos

Killer logic
  • Rumple: *takes one dying child from his family to give to a childless one; feels guilty for years and tries to reunite father with kid*
  • Rumple: *uses a baby for bait for the Black Fairy but obviously never intends to let her take it; he hates her*
  • Rumple: *makes a deal for Cinderella's baby that he literally never intends to collect on*
  • Rumple: *saves a thousand children from being ripped apart by ogres*
  • Rumple: *doesn't kill Robin for stealing from him because he's not the kind of man to leave a child fatherless*
  • Rumple: *helps reunite Hansel and Gretel with their dad*
  • Killy: *murders a man pleading to go back to his family*
  • Killy: *sells his stepson to a band of killers*
  • Killy: *deliberately mutilates Ursula and further alienates her from her father from pure spite*
  • Killy: *orphans his own baby brother out of, you got it, pure spite*
  • Killers: How DARE they make Rumple look better than our angel baby?
  • Killers: Rumple's an abandoner and Killy an abandonee so of course they react differently.

saint-homicide  asked:

I do not see enough questions about Enoch, and I personally think he sounds amazing. I need more info!! Maybe more details on the encounter that made him hate his own kind?


  • Is selectively mute. The only oc of mine who has ever heard him speak is Papaya. 
  • Half Human Half Demon. His mother was human and his “father” was demon. 
  • IF U GIVE BIRTH TO ANYTHING DEMON-LIKE YOU DIE!!! So once he was born his mother died and uh his “father” wasn’t even there to begin with so instant orphan lmaoo (this is one of the main reasons why he hates nightmare demons)
  • He hates NMD for a lot of other reasons too hence why he’s a hunter who often carries around weapons for blunt-force trauma and a lighter/matches. 
  • ANYWAYS even though he’s only half nmd he has gashes, which only appear on very “strong” nmd. He is the first Human/NMD to have these gashes (that we know of at least).
  • These gashes are at the sides of his mouth so he wears masks a lot. These gashes are not painful nor do they make it hard for him to eat. He just can’t eat while they’re drippy but he’s not stupid enough to do that
  • He tends to keep away from people. He’s similar to Luca in the “lone wolf/dont talk to me” type of living lmao. It’s not impossible for him to care about people, he just rather….not…do that lmao
  • He actually has the opposite problem? He cares TOO much, in a way. Which is why he hunts NMD…he thinks they are bad for humans. He thinks NMD are harming people, so he tries to get rid of them. He feels like he’s doing the right thing. 
  • Papaya tries to teach him that NMD arent inherently bad but yknow…old ways of thinking die hard. He’s learning though! 
  • AHAH When he first met Luca he tried to kill him LMAO which is funny to think about. Now theyre forced to tolerate each other since Papaya is a mutual friend. 
  • Enoch’s clothing style is very…”city boy” I guess? He doesn’t just throw on anything lmao. And, yes, he usually patrols cities at night for nmd. He’s a city boy at heart. 
  • YKNOW with his style and looks I bet if he wasn’t a NMD/a fuckin murderer he could have been a model of some kind or internet personality or some shit. But nooo we cant have nice normal ocs here
  • Peter: Hey, have you seen Logan? I lost him.
  • Wade: Lost?! His children could be orphans already!
  • Peter: Father-less, mother-having orphans
Gingerbuns...is not a crack ship

Here’s why: 

For @reylo-sin-anthology and any other doubters. 

Armitage Hux grew up on a miserable planet called Arkanis. It rained all the time. The high school he went to had a mascot: the Mosquito. Everyone had red hair. Not much to look forward to. Hence…

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Always having a stick up his ass. 

So, Hux grew up hearing these stories… about a Princess who lead a rebellion. It was like an awesome bedtime story really. 

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That’s right. A princess who talked trash to Darth Vader AND Grand Moff Tarkin. Look at that sass. 

Princess Leia didn’t break, even when they blew up her home planet. Kaboom!!!

So, there was always some respect there. Leia was an orphan that didn’t know her real father. Hux was a bastard. Both their dad’s were jerks that took off.

AND maybe there was something else too…

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Hux would have requisitioned the security Holos from Jabba’s palace. For science and all. Understanding your enemy… Hux did his homework. 

Let’s not forget that Leia beat the Empire with a farmboy, pirate, a walking carpet, and a teddy ruxpin clone army. 

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She also kissed her own brother. 

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They like that shit on Arkanis. 

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Carrie Fisher still has it going on, even today <3 <3 <3

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This is a man trying to impress a much older woman… who is out of his league. Although there is a recent opening. 

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Things still on my mind after season 2 (spoilers)

1. Antok and Keith shared a moment™ in which he said “we will meet again” or something to that effect. And before anything significant can happen with him he…dies? Like either he’s not dead or there is some weird writing going on.

2. When did Keith’s dad leave him, and when/how did he meet Shiro?

3. How DARE they show me Keith’s father but not give me baby Keith? His bio says he was orphaned at a young age I need to see this CHILD!!!?

4. Going on facts not theories, we have yet to see a single female Galra. Do they even have female Galra? Are they all the same gender or do they reproduce asexually? Or are females just not allowed in the military which has been our main exposure point? More importantly, if their reproduction works differently is Keith some crAZY mpreg situation? *twitches* oh god. I wish I hadn’t thought that.

5. Is that even Keith’s real dad? Or is it his foster parent after being orphaned and he doesn’t remember his real one?

6. So obviously the show has been gearing up for Keith to be the protagonist since season 1, it’s been pretty clear in the writing since the beginning to anybody who is as obsessed with storytelling as I am. it just wasn’t obvious right away since he and shiro have been passing the protagonist potato, and they needed to develop the side characters in season 1 or they would be unlikeable.
That being said, Shiro is gone now, and Keith still has protagonist angst™ to deal with. The only other people he has really significant interaction with are Lance and Allura. Long story short I think the Writing was gearing up to make Lance a lot more significant in season 3, if for no other reason to support Keith’s protaging while Shiro (who he is closest to, obviously) is gone. So long story short I think the Lance fans will get the development they are thirsting for in Shiro’s absence. It just might not come exactly as expected.


8. Still not over Hunk straight up saying “Galra Keith”

9. He got a lot of good stuff in season 1 so I’m not too upset about Hunk, but I wish the screen time he DiD have wasn’t reduced to his comic relief quirks. Though we did get some classic Genius Hunk Moments that I can appreciate. They can only do so much with their time when they had to gear up for Shiro to be gone at the end of the season tbh.

10. I have watched the season three (3) times now and will likely do so again, so I have been able to notice details in the writing I hadn’t before. They actually did a really good job despite the problems the fandom has been having with it.

11. Allura is ALWAYS suited up. Even when everybody else is in casual wear she is never in her princess dress. She’s growing up, she’s becoming a leader and a warrior, which parallels Keith’s development into somebody who is capable of leadership as well. Nice 👍🏻

12. “Your freind desperately wants to see you.”

13. At first, Zarkon’s obsession with the Black Lion bothered me, because if You make a villain obsessed with something it can weaken them, and therefore weaken the hero’s triumph. HOWEVER I think they did a good job here. He wasn’t obsessing over the black lion, he was panicking. Panicking because the lion that had been his since its creation is being taken by SOME RANDOM HUMAN HALF HIS SIZE?!?! He’s losing the advantage and he knows it. He’s not obsessed with the Black Lion anymore, it’s more of an obsession with Shiro. How the hell did this kid steal his lion out from under him?!?! He doesn’t have time to refocus until the end of the season. At that point I realized that it didn’t actually bother me. He wasn’t acting like an idiot, his character actually got a lot deeper after that. Nice 👍🏻

14. Last, but certainly not least: WHERE THE QUIZNAK IS SHIRO!?!?!