father of deer


“11.26.09 Your lovely card received. Father has gone to Starksboro deer hunting expect we shall have a feast soon are you looking for a deer to if so hope you will get one what cold rainy weather with love from A. L. T.”
Bristol, VT
Postmarked 1909

sarahwolverine  asked:

(part 1/2) Hey, i wanted to ask you if you could write an essay on how to use symbolism in writing? I usually don’t use things that symbolize a certain thing a lot in my writing, but now one of my characters looks a lot like his father whom he loathed and who also was known as tyrant. Main genetic difference: He has dull gold eyes, his father deer brown one. Now, bad lighting can make his eyes look brown, too, but how do I use that as device? How can I use it often enough to make it stick to the

(part 2/2)reader and how can I not use it TOO often, making it look overdramatic and the parallel too obvious to the reader?

Huh, I never considered talking about symbolism. I’ll have to do it! 

As far your question, I would have it so that there are times when your character’s eyes look brown, there is some kind of connection between him and his father, like he’s being tempted to do something that his father would do or something to that effect.

Depending on your book’s size, I’d focus on writing it as a few times throughout the whole thing, maybe enough to count on one hand. It would be noticeable, but at the same time not feel as if you’re smacking them upside the head with it, and almost mention it in passing from another character’s point of view. 

I’d have to know more to be too much more specific, but I hope that that helps.

I do kind of want to write something on symbolism now though…

Deer Father,

James burst into the house, slamming the door shut behind him and cutting off the cold wind.

“Eh! Potter! What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Lily?” Sirius asked raising his eyebrows suggestively.

“I was - I’m,” James paused for a moment. “I’ve some big news.”

“Hold on then, I’ll get Remus.” Sirius got up from the sofa, and went upstairs. Suddenly his head popped back down. “And Peter?”

James nodded.

He wandered around the house, seeing without really seeing. He did notice, though, that the living room looked like the Gryffindor common room. James smiled to himself, and then it grew broader as he remembered why he was there. He didn’t want to take to long though, he had to get back to Lily soon.

He had taken up one of the couches, then stood up and paced for a while before sitting back down again. The sound of multiple pairs of feet could be heard walking down the stairs. 

Sirius and Remus took up one of the sofas, and Peter took a chair. They looked at him expectantly. He stood up again.

He ran a hand through his hair. He opened his mouth, closed it. 

“Go on mate. What’s the big deal?” Sirius asked.

“I’m going to,” James had to start over again, running his hand through his hair again. “I’m going to be a father. Lily’s having a baby.”

The whole room froze as the news was absorbed. James had a stupid grin stuck on his face, both his hands in his hair now. Sirius jumped up first. Wrapping his best friend in a hug, he said his congratulations.

James was still grinning. Remus was next, excitedly patting him on the back, next was Peter. They stood there for a good five minutes, questioning James on everything about Lily’s pregnancy.

“Listen! I don’t have long, I really want to get back to Lily,” James said.

“One beer, before you go,” Remus said, and ran to the kitchen, got a butterbeer, and came back. James accepted it and took a rather large swig. 

“I’m going to be a father,” he muttered to himself, sitting down. “How am I -”

“You’ll be fine,” Sirius assured, knowing where this was going. James nodded, thought about it again, and that stupid grin crept back onto his face. 

“Sirius, will you be the Godfather? Lily and I talked about it. She agreed.”

Sirius was stunned. “Yes. I - of course, I’d be h-honoured,” Sirius said, tripping over himself. He smiled, thinking nothing could beat this, except perhaps when he and Moony had -

“I’ll get going now, Lily is calling her parents to tell them, I just really wanted to tell you guys,” James said, interrupting Sirius’s thoughts. Remus nodded.

“Congratulate her for us, will you?” It was James turn to nod, which he did vigorously. He stepped out into the cold, but there was a warm fire burning in the pit of his stomach.

I’m going to be a father.