father of deer

Mac & Bud, Weimaraners (2 & 10 y/o), Rolling Hill Park, Gladwyne, PA • “They’re half brothers with the same father. Mac hunts deer. He chased and cornered one and they got into a pretty big fight. Bud is very mellow. He sucks on a ‘security blanket’. He’s getting older and kind of has a dad bod now.”

From the other side

Hi, first of all thank you for sending in your request! I honestly love prompts like this and I also love family-fic + time travel prompts. To be honest, this would probably have gone longer but I want to tell you that I really feel like adopting this prompt and turn it in to an actual short series! So look forward to that, whenever it may come out! Anyways, hope this is enjoyable enough for you to read.

“We ought to be careful.” Damian stops prodding the box-like machine with his batarang stares at his father. He feels like a deer caught in headlights especially since he had thought he had been subtle enough to do it behind Bruce’s back. Also, his father had been staring at the monitor.

“Scoot over.” You say to Dick haughtily and Dick rolls his eyes at your tone causing you to roll your eyes back in response. “I can’t see the machine over your big head!”

“That’s what she said.” Jason starts to snicker which made the two of you glare at him. Your in-sync actions made him laugh even more. He always loved watching the two of you interact – it is seriously better than any dramas that are currently airing on TV. It is also hilarious seeing the sexual tension between the two of you. Jason just finds it hilarious how the two of you are oblivious to your own feelings.

“Could you be more of a child, Todd?” Damian shakes his head at Jason’s jab. “Tt.” He crosses his arms and Jason merely ignores Damian, still laughing to himself about how hilarious this entire thing is. Why is he the only one who can see the sexual tension between Dick and you!?

Tim is still typing away on the keyboard while Bruce is overlooking the monitors, trying to find something in between the codes that can allow them to identify the unknown machine.

The machine had been something that was left behind by the villains that had appeared out of the blue while they had been on patrol late that afternoon. Things took a turn for the worse when the villains – all three of them – knew at least half of their real identities before blowing themselves up. In other words, your only clue in trying to figure out how in the world they knew your real name has just blown themselves up in to pieces, leaving behind only the machines and more questions than answers.

“I have never seen any of these algorithms before.” Tim murmurs under his breath as he tires his hardest to find an in-between where he can easily slip his own codes to crack it. But this device – machine, whatever – is filled with an entirely new advanced element, one that he has never encountered before and even with the extensive knowledge as well as database Tim has on his own hands, he is only hitting dead-ends.

Suddenly, everything starts going haywire. The vitals start to go up and down crazily and the machine starts to whirr continuously, the sound growing louder and louder as the seconds tick by. Everyone gets in to their fighting stance, each holding at least a weapon as they stare at the machine with the exception of Tim who is slowly starting to panic because what the heck just happened and what caused it to happen?

“Tim!” Bruce stands to cover Tim. “What happened?” He asks over his shoulders, keeping his eyes locked on the machine. The machine is starting to shake now and the whirring sound is getting louder now.

Tim shakes his head, looking at Bruce. “It suddenly activated itself – I don’t know how that happened. The energy readings are off the chart!” Just as he finishes saying this, the machine emits such a bright light that most of the people in attendance had to close their eyes at how bright the lights are.

You can feel someone pulling you away from the machine – you had been the closest to the machine because Dick’s head had been too big earlier – when the lights grew brighter, some unknown energy pulsating off of the machine and you can hear several different sounds of metals and a loud explosion comes from the box, almost shaking the entire cave. It did disrupt the bats though.

When the smokes clear and the whirring noise stops, the lights grow dim, all eyes are on the machine now. You are about to reach for your fallen weapon when you realize that you are currently half-lying on something warm and solid! Your eyes widen when you notice that the warm and solid thing you had been on is none other than Dick! He is staring at you in an unidentifiable emotion before letting you go. (What in the world? You didn’t even notice he had his arm around you!).

“Look.” Tim is the first to point to the machine. Said machine is bigger now – almost looking like a smaller version of the Zeta Tube. Just as Damian is about to approach the machine, the machine opens causing Damian to jump back, narrowing his eyes. Then out of the blue, a person appears from the machine – though technically, in reality, it was more like the person was thrown out of the Zeta Tube.

Everyone watches with anticipation, especially when the boy groans and pushes himself up. The first person he had seen is Damian and a smile appears on his face. “Uncle Damian!” He throws himself towards Damian who side-steps, causing the boy to almost fall if he had not managed to push himself off the floor, doing a somersault instead.

“Tt.” Damian is still staring at the boy.

The boy turns around and when his eyes land on you, his face brightens and the smile on his face grows wider when he spots Dick beside you. “Hey, Mom and Dad!”

“What.” Your jaw drops when you finally realize what he had just said. You turn to look at Dick and the expression on his face mirrors yours.

Jason is the first one to break the tension by falling on to his knees, laughing. “This is fucking hilarious!”

Bruce stares at the boy – he does resemble Dick a whole lot, though the colour of his eyes are similar to yours and his hair colour is a mix of your shade’s and Dick’s – and he turns to look at the both of you, raising one of his eyebrows. “Is there something the two of you want to tell me?”

You sputter incoherently, looking at Bruce and Dick and continue to shake your head. “I – what – oh – no, what,” You still can’t fathom what in the world had happened just now and truth be told, you are still hung up over the fact that the little boy – he looks around nine or ten – just called you ‘Mom’ and Dick ‘Dad’. This is blowing your mind. You already have a gist of where this boy might have possibly come from but how did Dick and you even happen!? The both of you don’t get along well at all!

The boy looks around the place, muttering happily to himself. The bat-cave looks so weird – it is much livelier in the future – but right now, it looks a tad bit dim. Though it is nice to see all of his uncles as well as Grandpa Bruce in their prime ages.

Dick on the other hand is just feeling very overwhelmed with a whole lot of emotions. It’s not like he had never entertained the thought of ever getting together with you because he did, a few times and occasionally whenever he is under the influence of alcohol but that aside, given the chance, Dick knows he might want to try test the waters with you. The only problem there is that the two of you got off on the wrong foot when you had first met all those years ago.

“Uh, Dick’s son?” Tim calls out causing the boy to grin at his uncle.

“Yes, Uncle Tim?”

Tim flushes slightly at the affectionate nickname. “Can you please tell me what in the world did you just come out of and how are you here?”

“Better ask him what his purpose is being in our time.” Damian huffs. “You are Grayson’s son?” The boy nods his head, grinning at Damian. Damian can’t help but see the similarities between the boy’s grin and Dick’s very own so the probability that this boy is really Grayson’s son is high.

Alfred clears his throat. “How about I make some tea for everyone and we can all talk about this in the manor?”

Sweetest of Moments || Ryan Haywood x Reader

Prompt: The kids invade the stream and you finish up work early, only to surprise your lovely husband and the kids. 

Words: 1589

Warnings: You’re waifu Haywood, cute family, no swearings while the kids are around, a bit of some after though, and only fluff, also some sex jokes haha

Author’s Notes: I’m fully aware that Ryan’s actual children are to not be mentioned, and even writing a story including them + another person that isn’t his actual wife + Ryan is disrespectful and rude! 

So, it’s the same number (2) of kids with one older brother and a little sister, but with ‘switched’ names (Elizabeth and Oliver, Ellie and Oli) alongside the terms ‘little man’ and ‘darling’. 

Also, this is inspired by the ‘Ryan the Dad Guy’ series on YT [x

Additionally, some of these references made are from Ryan’s stream on 7/16/17 

Ryan had already begun streaming Thursday night and technically was also supposed to double with bedding the kids to sleep, but merely instructed them to ‘go to bed’ rather than sitting with them and reading a bed time story. It was fine as it was, and at least the kids were aware of how busy he’d be on the occasions of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some other miscellaneous days. 

And of course, as irony would have it, despite you and Ryan working at the same office, you’d stay in a bit late to help out the crew with editing and reviewing the footage to ensure all was perfect and well. 

Tonight, however, the children didn’t want to behave themselves and crashed stream night - bouncing about the room and asking about whatever game their father was playing. 

“Deer!” Ryan pointed out as one jumped across his screen. One of your little children, Oliver, jumped up curiously - bouncing up and down as he looked around the room. 

“Did you say dear? Is Mommy home?” He asked, hands grasping against the sides of Ryan’s chair as he looked to his dad for some confirmation. Ryan chuckled, beginning to correlate some words to explain what happened in the game. 

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45. Tease

Arthur catches them in the shed when she is pregnant with Rose.

They arrived a few minutes earlier and were supposed to head to the house but someone seemed to be horny and had grabbed his hand, determinately leading him towards the shed.

“Not that I’m complaining you know, but what did I do?” Ron manages to say in between kisses and gasps of air.

She flushes even more, he groans at the sight.

“I- I don’t know… After we Apparated I- I looked at you and y- you were out of breath and your hair was all over the place and I- I-” She’s trying to catch her breath too, her chest rising fast under his gaze. Her hair is uncontrollable, cheeks red and he perfectly understands what happened. He grabs her hips and slams her body against his and she moans in his mouth in reply. He can feel the soft swell of her burgeoning stomach against him and his knees tremble under the overwhelming rush of love and pride washing through him.

He needs to feel more of her, to have her closer.

His lifts her up on the table and her legs wrap around his hips easily. His hands sneak under her dress as he hears the shed’s door creak.


“Erhm. I- Sorry. Didn’t mean to- I was looking for… Erhm-” Arthur stutters before becoming suddenly highly interested with the shed’s ceiling.

Hermione buried her face in his neck as soon as she heard the door, meanwhile he’s still staring at his father like a deer caught in headlights.

A very brightly red deer.

They’re married for heavens sake. His wife is pregnant. It’s not like his father thinks this baby came from magical apparition.

Finally after an awkward long silent minute, Hermione seems to be the most composed of the three of them, she lifts her head and clears her throat.

“Tell Molly we’ll be there in a minute.”

When they get inside, he’s certain George is smirking and Ron’s gaze instantly shifts towards his father. He is trying far too much not look at him and Hermione.

He sighs and looks at his brother. “You heard us Apparate didn’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Ronniekin,” George replies a little too sincerely, mischief dancing in his eyes. “You sure you’re having a girl Hermione,” he then asks, glancing at Hermione, all too amused still.

“Yes, why?” She frowns and Ron groans internally.

He’s not sure what his brother has under his sleeve but he’s sure as hell Hermione won’t like it.

“Well, it’s just that pregnant women are usually, you know, hornier, when they’re expecting a boy.”

And there it is.

George!” Angelina and Molly tuts indignantly in unison. The older woman ends up also slapping a half-coughing half-laughing Arthur on the arm.

Harry looks like he always does in these situations, like he’d rather be somewhere else. And Ginny is giggling by his side.

Surprisingly, Hermione raises her chin up and sits calmly at the diner table. George wiggles his eyebrows towards them at the end of the table, and Ron isn’t sure he understands what just happened.

That is until he catches sight of Hermione’s wand under the table. She’s always been the best at nonverbal spells. He smirks as he puts his hand on her knee under the table, giving her his approval. Not that she needs it.

George never learns. Never ever mess with Hermione. And since she’s been pregnant, her magic has been a little more intense.

He glances at his wife, a small smile dancing on her lips. This diner has gotten way more interesting.

abboh  asked:

I was talking with a friend about the mama hux.pic and drew and she came up with message as "hux is a good mama - and kylos like the protective father deer that rams anyone who dares fuck with his flock" and I just though of FOREST FAWN (au? I dunno) like fox au except with deer I guess. I dunno. Seemed like a cool concept. Any ideas?

Ahhhh!!!! Oh my gosh, I love this idea! 💛 Hux, with white spots across his cheeks and a little tail, and Kylo, with his big antlers, make for th perfect protective parents over their two little fawns 🦌🌳✨

The Benders - Part 3

Word Count: 3095

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Gross body parts, Blood, Burns

A/N: This is so fucking horrible I’m so sorry

Tagging: @letsgetoutalive @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnfanficpond @pb-5minutefanfiction @faith-in-dean @blacktithe7 @supernotnatural2005 @paolathedragonichuntress @nothingeverdies @thegirlwiththeimpala @queen-of-the-unbroken-hearts @deans-cherry-pie1

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“You don’t plan on staying here, do you?” Sam asked with a knowing look on his face.

“Hell no.” you replied.

“Go. We’ll be fine.” Sam said. You nodded and walked out of the barn directly to the house.

You entered the house through the basement door and pulled out your flashlight. “Gross.” You whispered as you looked at all the jars in the room that were full of various body parts. You glanced to the next wall and saw Dean, examining a wall full of Polaroids.

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Welcome The Ferns to the Aurora Family!

So These kids are gonna be my regular gameplay type thingy as I hope this is a thing I can stick with.

So get ready to see them around, I’ll give a little lowdown on the Sims now though 

The Mother - Faline 

She’s just a loving mum who just wants to see her kids do well while also being a little bit of a child herself


  • Cheerful 
  • Childish
  • Ambitious

The Father - Bambi commonly known as deer man

He’s a first-class terrific Dad, he is the fun-to-be-with, cool Dad, topped off with some great Dad Jokes™️. Alike to his wife, hes an absolute goofball.


  • Cheerful
  • Goofball
  • Family Orientated

The Daughter - Ena

She’s the little perfectionist whos had her eyes set on art since she could pick up a paint brush. 


  • Perfectionist 

The son - Thumper

He’s an absolute rascal and always is causing a ruckus at school and at home but he always makes up some sort of excuse that seems to get himself out


  • Goofball

Hopefully You’ll see them soon :))

Also if someone could find them a good house or even build me a house for them I would be so happy

“They say that [Abba Theon] used to go out of his cell at night and stay in the company of the wild animals, giving them drink from the water he had. Certainly one could see the tracks of antelopes and wild asses and gazelles and other animals near his hermitage. These creatures always gave him pleasure.” Paradise of the Desert Fathers