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You Calm Me (A Madi/Silver fic)

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It was a breezy night on the island but did nothing to relieve the sweat that coated Madi’s body from her head to her toes.  Her mother, the mid wife, her friend Eme, and several others surrounded her in the spacious hut she now shares with her husband, John.  All of them awaiting the glorious moment of a new prince or princess to welcome to the new world.

John paced outside with the other men, looking up towards the hut every second, wishing he could be there with her.  He understands the etiquette of not allowing the father in the room during the birth but he wanted to yell ‘etiquette be damned’ and do as he pleased.  Of course he would never upset Madi for anything in the world so he politely did as he was asked.

A clap to his shoulder startles him and he looks to his left only to see a smiling Flint, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

“I hope my God son doesn’t take forever to make an appearance.  I’m most anxious to make his acquaintance.”

John narrows his eyes. “You?  What do you even know of children let alone infants?”

“You’d be surprised,” Flint counters.

“Something you’d like to confess to?”  John asks.

“Not a confession at all but a tale I’m sure you’ll garner enjoyment from,” Flint answers.

John gives a shake of his head as Flint forges into yet another story that no doubt hinders on the many influences of one Miranda Barlow.

Meanwhile, Madi is trying her best to remain calm but the pains are coming harder and faster no matter what she does.  The mid wife continues to caress her brow and face with a cool cloth but nothing will alleviate her discomfort.  She looks to Eme.  “Fetch…..him….please.”

“But….ma’am….it is not appropriate for him to attend you at this time,” Eme states.

Madi grits her teeth as she says firmly, “I don’t care….what you deem as appropriate.  I need my….husband.  I need….John.”

Eme looks to the mid wife and Madi’s mother, both women unsure of what to do in this circumstance.

“GO!  NOW!”

At Madi’s words, Eme exits the room hurriedly.

Only moments later, John is seen making his way inside.  His eyes zero in on Madi lying on her side with her back to him.  She is curled up in a fetal position, rocking herself through the pain.  His eyes grow misty as he considers what she is enduring.  He tightens his grip on his crutch as he moves further into the room.

Madi recognizes the noise of his walk immediately and turns her head to look at him.  She smiles upon seeing him and reaches a hand out..

The mid wife immediately removes herself from the chair by Madi’s bedside making way for John to sit as he grasps his wife’s hand.

“You’re here,” Madi announces breathlessly.

“Yes of course.  Where else would I be?”  He searches her eyes anxiously, lost in the thought of his presence aiding her in any way.  He wishes he was the one to endure this pain of bringing their child into the world.

“I need….to….calm down.” She smiles as she squeezes his hand. “You…calm…..me.”

A/N: Just a little Madi/Silver drabble that came to me and wouldn’t let go until I wrote it out.  I hope all enjoyed it. Thank you.