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The Curse of Limbo: Age

When I was 1, my mother and father got into their first argument. When I was two, my first baby brother was born– he looks just like mother. Still does. When I was 3, my last baby brother was born– he acts so strange and he’s the luckiest one too. He almost died twice, but an angel is always there to save him. When I was 4, my father moved out and my mother was finally free from his tyranny. When I was 5, my grandmother smiled because she caught me in my first lie. When I was 6, my grandfather passed away– I cried for a whole week… or maybe for the whole day… time is an illusion, yeah? When I was 7, I burned my grandmother’s kitchen down. She covered for me. When I was 8, I made a best friend at school. The next day he was another kid’s best friend, so I cried about it. When I was 9, my grandmother from Vietnam passed away. My mom cried that whole month. Time is still an illusion. When I was 10, my mother still hit us. When I was 11, I questioned my existence. Why am I here? When I was 12, I told her to stop hitting us. She called the cops on me. They said I didn’t do anything wrong. Case closed. When I was 13, I got my first heartbreak. When I was 14, I smoked my first blunt. When I was 15, I popped my first pill. When I was 16, I was single for a whole year. When I was 17, I met a smile with poetry written all over it. When I was 18, she broke my heart. When I was 19, I started to smoke a lot more. When I was 20, I was so damn lost. When I was 21, all we did was fuck. When I was 22, she said that this was enough. When I was 23, I dropped the razor. I’m 24 now. I wonder about 25. I chase after 26. I’m in love with 27. It gets better.


Thank you All you guys, this has been AMAZING!!!🎉 AWESOME, and I don’t know how to say just AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Btw, Danielle trying not to show her motions) Vine remix- https://youtu.be/rgW6t5tPRPU

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RPG Maker Horror Games - Endings:

Witnessed a lot of endings in my Let’s Plays, about half and half when it comes to the protagonist or another main character lead to their demise or a happy ending for everyone/most people. So here’s my list of videos if you want to see a specific ending but don’t want to play the game to get to that point, to keep everything as canon as possible, there are no demo endings included:

Misao (Bad Ending)
Misao (Normal Ending (Aki))
Misao (True Ending (Aki))
Misao (Normal Ending (Akito))
Misao (True Ending (Akito))

The Witch’s House (Normal & True Endings)
The Witch’s House (No Save Playthrough)
The Witch’s House (______ Ending)

Mad Father (All Endings with All Gems)

Ib (Fan-made Ending)
Ib (A Paintings Demise)
Ib (Welcome to the World of Guertena)
Ib (Together, Forever)
Ib (Promise of Reunion)
Ib (Memory’s Crannies)
Ib (Forgotten Portrait)
Ib (Ib’s All Alone (All 4 variations))

Paranoiac (Bad & True Endings)

The Sandman (Good Ending)
The Sandman (All Bad Endings)
The Sandman (Sandman Playthrough - Good & Bad Endings)

Goodbye Rebeca (All Endings)

The Crooked Man (Ending)

Mogeko Castle (Normal Ending)
Mogeko Castle (All Deaths, Bad Endings and True Ending)

Mermaid Swamp (Yaobikuni)
Mermaid Swamp (Forever Deep)
Mermaid Swamp (Secrets)
Mermaid Swamp (Underwater Dream)

It Moves (Ending)

Ao Oni (Ending)

Amayado Bus Stop (True Ending)
Amayado Bus Stop (Happy & Bad Endings)

Blank Dream (Bad Ending)
Blank Dream (Normal Ending)
Blank Dream (Yuzu’s Good Ending)
Blank Dream (Ryotaro’s Good Ending)
Blank Dream (True Ending)

Infectious Nightmare (Bad Endings)
Infectious Nightmare (True Ending)

The Dark Side of the Red Riding Hood (All Endings)

The Boogie Man (Precious Box)
The Boogie Man (White Dream)
The Boogie Man (The Boogie’s Fine Tonight)
The Boogie Man (Happy Dream)
The Boogie Man (Come Rain, Come Shine)

Akemi-Tan (Normal Ending)
Akemi-Tan (True Ending)

Re:Kinder (Bad Endings)
Re:Kinder (True Ending)

Bevel’s Painting (9 Endings)
Bevel’s Painting (True Ending)

Shiro no Noroi (Bad Ending)
Shiro no Noroi (True Ending)

Black Sempai (True Ending)
Black Sempai (Normal Ending)

Libretta (Both Endings)

Red Book: Discordia Tales (Ending)

The Gray Garden (True Ending)
The Gray Garden (Bad & Normal Endings)

Yume Nikki (Ending)

Re;member (The Wish That Did Not Reach)
Re;member (The Distorted, Conveyed Feelings)
Re;member (True Ending)

Paranormal Syndrome (Ending)

Paranormal Syndrome 2 (Ending)

Black Winter (All Endings)

Sukutte (Ending)

Wizard of White Box (All Endings)

Pilgrim (Ending)

Dreaming Mary (Normal & True Endings)
Dreaming Mary (Both ??? & Happy Endings)

Mikoto Nikki (All Endings)

Cloé’s Requiem (Normal and Bad Endings)
Cloé’s Requiem (True Ending)

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (All Endings)

Pocket Mirror (Bad Ending 1)
Pocket Mirror (Bad Ending 2)
Pocket Mirror (Normal Ending 1)
Pocket Mirror (??? Ending)
Pocket Mirror (Normal Endings 2 & 3)

Shuutai Headless (All Endings)

Underworld Capital Incident (Both Endings)

The Wedding (All Endings)

Prom Dreams (Normal & Bad Endings)
Prom Dreams (True Ending)

Mad Father (Steam) - (All Endings)

Friendship (All Endings)

.flow (All Endings)

Forest of Drizzling Rain (All Endings)

Ghost School (Bad Ending)
Ghost School (True Ending)

Hello Charlotte (Steam - EP.2) (All Endings)

CaNDLE (All Endings)


This blog will be continuous with updates as time goes along! (Not sure how useful this would be for you @pinkuboa, but I’m sure one or two times you might of been asked about endings to certain horror games). :)


EDIT 1 (01/09/16): Added Cloe’s Requiem’s True Ending, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Pocket Mirror, Shuutai Headless and Underworld Capital Incident endings

EDIT 2 (28/12/16): Added The Wedding, Prom Dreams, Mad Father (Steam), Friendship, .flow, Forest of Drizzling Rain, Ghost School, Hello Charlotte (Steam - EP.2) and CaNDLE endings

Title: Lang Love Interest (Daughter of Scott Lang! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Full of resent for her father after moving; the reader is ready for everything about their new place to suck. Except, it doesn’t.

Word Count: 1664

Warnings: Teenage awkwardness :-)

A/N: I WANT TO WRITE A PART TWO ALREADY! Let me know if that’s something you’d want :)This was such a fun request, you guys. It also definitely helped me get out of the slump I felt like I was in. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!




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Still impatient about Good Morning Call until Spring 2017?


Watch Miss in Kiss 2016 (Netflix)📺
Miss in Kiss is the fifth adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss. A romantic Taiwanese comedy story where a high school girl finally confesses her love to a fellow senior. However he arrogantly turns her down and rejects her. But as fate would have it a natural disaster destroys her home leading to both her and her father moving in with his chilhood friends who ends up being the father of her classmate whom she confessed her love to.

Unlike GMC Miss in Kiss is being uploaded on Netflix every other week.😒

⬇These are the other remakes⬇

Itazura na Kiss (Japanese) 1996
It Started with a Kiss (Taiwanese) 2005
•Season 2 - They Kiss Again
Playful Kiss (Korean) 2010
Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (Japanese) 2013
•Season 2 - Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa

I hope you guys enjoy this drama. The first three episodes are available on Netflix. Episode 4 should be up by December 15th🎄☃.



Surprise! Another fic for Nessian Smut Week! (Note: Takes place in fae universe) Hopefully you all enjoy it since I am still testing out the waters of writing mature content. Happy reading~!


           “Whatever you want sweetheart. Just give the word,” Cassian smirks and shrugs his shirt off.  Her pale hands rove his exposed chest riddled with scars. She glides fingers down his tanned muscled skin. Nesta leans up to give him open-mouthed kisses on his collarbone.          

            “I want more than words Cassian. I want you moaning for me and making me never want to leave this bed.” Nesta gripped the sides of his face and brought him down in a searing kiss.     

           Leaves rustled above Nesta as she sat on branch overlooking her previous home. Her fae ears could pick out the sound of her father moving in one of the rooms from the opened windows and summer breeze stirred the loose stands of golden brown hair that had escaped the simple braid.

           Currently she was wearing plain clothes she had taken from the local village. She didn’t feel terribly bad for the theft since the clothes were mostly ragged, but she couldn’t stand to stay in her fine Night Court clothes after wearing them through her journey and over the wall that still stood between the fae and human lands. The dark blue shirt she now wore was large enough that it hung slightly off her shoulder and the pants were a tad tight, but Nesta wasn’t going to complain if that meant she could wear clean clothes.

           Nesta closed her eyes in contemplation. She had left the Night Court almost five days ago as quickly as she could. Not a moment was spared to grab anything with her or tell anyone where she was going. Which was how she wanted it to be. She hated herself for not warning her sisters ahead of time so they wouldn’t worry, but Nesta had to leave the Night Court before she did or say something she regretted.

           The painful memory of Cassian and Nesta’s fight flooded her mind. They were arguing, but that wasn’t uncommon. Usually the fight was nothing major. They would bicker about the small things and tease one another, but the last argument turned into a battle zone. It started off small and escalated into a yelling match.

             She faintly recalled that the disagreement stemmed from her wanting to participate in the Blood Rite.  The Rite meant she would go unarmed into the mountains at the Illyrian camp without using her magic, Siphons or supplies. Nesta wanted to prove the Illyrians who still thought her frail and useless that she was a force to be reckoned with. She would show them that she was a true warrior rather than a weakling so many of believed her to be. And she planned to beat those pricks by using the Blood Rite they thought meant everything toward being a true Illyrian warrior

               But Cassian was firmly against it. He couldn’t allow his mate on the mountains alone with no allies against hundreds of Illyrians males who would seek her out and try to destroy her.

                   “You can’t order me not to be in the Blood Rite Cassian,” Nesta said firmly. “It’s my choice.”

                   “Like hell you’re going into those mountains,” Cassian turned to face her with his arms crossed. He held the posture of the Army Commander who wasn’t willing to budge on this matter. “Nesta those males will do everything in their power to break you up there. My blood is already boiling with the thought of what they would do if they got their hands on you.”

                   “Let them try,” Nesta haughtily turned her head up to face her mate. “I’m strong enough to take them.”

                   “Nesta you underestimate them-“

                   “No, you are underestimating me Cassian.”

                  “I’m not.” Cassian inhaled trying to control himself as he explained. “Why can’t you just trust me on this Nesta?”

                  “Because it’s my right Cassian!” Nesta flew her hands in the air in exasperation.

                 “You were not born an Illyrian Nesta,” Cassian raised his voice as well. “You have no idea what it means to take part in the Rite and I’ll be dead before you’re put in that danger.”

                 “So you intend chain me like Tamlin tried with Feyre?” Nesta argued back. At this point their voices could be heard by anyone in the House of Wind.

                  “Don’t you dare compare me to that fucking prick,” Cassian snarled. “I’ve trained with you and allowed you to train with the other Illyrians which is far more than what that bastard ever gave your sister.”

                 “You allow me to train? Well Commander maybe you should watch yourself, because last I checked I don’t take orders from brutes who think they can control me!”

                  “You won’t be participating in the damn Blood Rite,” Cassian brushed past Nesta as if wanting to end the argument before it got out of control. But it was already too late.

                  “Yes. I. Will.” Nesta gritted out and faced Cassian who froze in the kitchen. His hazel eyes darkened and Nesta could see the red Siphons flicker with restrained power.

                 “Don’t Nesta.” Cassian spoke in a deadly calm manner. “I am asking you to please listen to me instead of thinking about your pride right now.”

                 “And why?! Why should I when you won’t let me do this one-“

                 “What would happen if any of those males banded together against you Nesta? Do you think they will go easy on you?” Cassian’s voice boomed with unleashed emotions. “Do you know what would happen if they restrained you? You, a helpless female, at their mercy? I can imagine that they would do far worse things than what happened you as a human. Is that what you want Nesta? To be taken advantage of and being at their fucking mercy while I can’t do anything to help?” Cassian seethed at his release of pent up worries and rage at the thought of Nesta being hurt by someone. His words echoed between them and Nesta was frozen.

                 Memories of her past with Tomas didn’t plague her mind as they used to. She had grown stronger and more resilient since that day. As a human she had narrowly escaped him and as a stronger fae she didn’t imagine she could be pushed into a position like that again. But now Cassian had trudged up those memories and put them in a harsher light.

              Cassian thinks I’m still that defenseless human girl who could barely protect herself.

             The thought felt like a slap to the face and hurt worse when she could feel the way he was scared for her down the bond. He truly didn’t think she was strong enough to protect herself.

            Sadness sweeps Nesta up before she could can herself. A tinge of anger and fear swirled in the depths of despair that Nesta had fallen into. She quickly put up walls against the bond. Blocking him out and keeping her thoughts and feelings hidden behind them.

           Cassian’s head snaps up at the brief flicker emotions he felt from Nesta before her walls cleaved him off.


         “Don’t.” Nesta backed away. “Just don’t Cassian.”

           He took a small step toward her as if he was approaching an animal that may bolt in fright. His expression was one of shock and regret. A phantom hand tried to comfort her down the bond, but was met with fortified walls. Cassian’s breath stuttered when he felt their connection blocked by the walls she put up.

          Nesta didn’t stick around the House of Wind. She hurried away and sought sanctuary away from the pain his eyes held as she cut herself off from.

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Henrietta Lacks

Though she died of cervical cancer in 1951, her cells were discovered to have unique properties. These immortal “HeLa” cells were instrumental in developing the Polio vaccine as well as other key scientific landmarks including cloning, gene mapping, and in vitro fertilization. Yet, her story has raised controversial questions about the ethics surrounding privacy & patient consent. Who was this unrecognized woman?

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Twice the love, twice the pain - Dean Winchester x Reader - Sneak Peek (Single Father/ Nanny AU)

Moving in a new town, getting a job as the nanny of a lovely girl and yet you would have never imagined something like this would ever happen. On the first day of kindergarten and you get to meet two men that are bound to change your life for the best and worst at the same time.

Nobody would have ever been able to predict the outcome of this meeting. For any of the three of you.

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“Alright so one last thing-” he looked at them seriously “-What have we said about strangers?”

“Kick hard first, ask questions later.” they said firmly in unison but before Dean could say a thing a chuckled was heard from behind him.

He almost jumped for a moment and his back straightened. He got up on his feet and turned to face the person, slightly flustered but trying to keep his calm. He straightened his tie and sweater and cleared his throat.

“Is there a prob-” he was about to ask but the words got stuck in his throat the moment he locked eyes with… you.

“Oh oh!” you clasped a hand over your mouth “Pardon me- I- I didn’t mean to- I just- I kinda heard what you were saying and-” you breathed out a nervous chuckle that – although it shouldn’t – made his heart skip a beat “They’re literally the most adorable sight I have ever seen.” you breathed out shyly and he chuckled a little awkwardly as well.

“Uh I uh-” he rubbed the back of his neck “Thank you, I guess.” he chuckled and you laughed slightly as well.

You leaned down so that you could look at the little girls that were staring up at you with big green eyes. The blonde one’s were more of a forest green while the other’s had some brown-gold hues to them.

“Hey!” you waved your hand at them “What are your names little ones?”

The girls shared a look before in the end grinned and waved their hands “Hi!” they giggled.

“I’m Mary.” th blonde said.

“And I’m Sam.” the brunnete followed.


Who is excited for another version of Friends after all?!?

Looks what’s coming next! Oh dear Chuck, if this turns out ot be a series I will so enjoy it! Heads up: this was requested differently, you will see, but being related to Luci I HAD to think of this new angsty series! 

I really would love you focused on this and when the first chapter comes opinions would be grately appreciated! It states Dean x Reader but only because it begins as such! Mind you, it is a Dean x Reader x Sam

Also, tags are open for this!

746. Teddy Lupin was a stoner. While on Christmas and Summer breaks, he would have a muggle friend sell him weed to do him over the next semester. Harry quickly learned that when Teddy had dark green hair, he was high, but asked him not to give to James, Albus, Lily or Rose. McGonnagall knew perfectly well, and would charm the joints out of his hands when she caught him.

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Brogane/Kogane family headcanons!

Oh boy here we go! This also takes place while Keith is on college!

  • Shiro still lives at home with Momma Kogane even though he’s engaged because he’s scared to leave his mother by herself.
  • Momma Kogane was Korean and Shiros father was Japanese. She moved to America and to the south to meet Keiths dad once Shiro was old enough because Shiros father was abusive.
  • She had Keith with his father and he passed away, so she was officially a single mother, but Shiro helped out as much as he could with the baby.
  • Shiro used to have rather long hair but shaved it off to look tough and like the dominant male of the house, and Keith really looked up to him as a kid.
  • Keith still looks up to Shiro but won’t admit it at all.
  • Keith talks about Lance all the time and Shiro teases him and messes with him.
  • Allura keeps asking Shiro to move in with him but he’s scared to leave his mom. 
  • Keith steals Shiros food all the time and Shiro is not afraid to pull the food away from him. That’s his. 
  • Shiro and Keith are gossip buddies. 
  • Shiro and Keith talk about their sex lives very vividly with each other. It gets sort of gross sometimes. 
  • Shiro still acts like he’s 5 even when he’s older than Keith. He wouldn’t ever admit that to the public though. 
  • Shiro and Keith fight like toddlers, Momma Kogane has to pat their heads roughly with newspapers to get them to stop. 
  • Momma Kogane is so short she needs to get a step ladder to hit Shiros head. 
  • Shiros secretly scared of the newspaper. 
  • Keith and Shiro still act like young teenagers and do some awful things in their bedrooms and watch horrible things and Momma Kogane scolds them.
  • Momma Kogane loves Allura and Keith and takes care of them whenever they stay over. 
  • Momma Kogane has no filter and will freely point out being able to hear sex or how big Alluras chest is. 
  • She also tells very embarrassing baby stories of them. Shiro joins when it’s about Keith. 
  • Momma Kogane is quite tiny too. 4′9, 5′1ish. She’s a small Asian mother who loves her children and she wears loose patterned clothing. 
  • Momma Kogane switches from Japanese to Korean and both of her boys can fluently speak those two languages along with English. They speak it fluently a lot in their own house. 
  • Momma Kogane has a chore chart.
  • She is also a very good cook. 
dallas winston headcanons

⁃ Dallas was born and raised in a fairly decent neighborhood in New York until his mother died when he was 11 years old. Then he and his father moved to the rougher side of the city where he started to get into gang trouble.

⁃ When his mother died, his father turned to alcohol and completely shut him out. He would get into fights and trouble with the police in an attempt to get his father’s attention back, but by the time Dallas realized that his relationship with him was ruined, he already had a name on the streets.

⁃ His mother is the only person he will ever admit to loving, and he blames his father for her death.

⁃ He was 13 years old when he first witnessed a murder; a member of his group had stabbed a rival gang’s leader. Dallas was the youngest and newest member of his gang at the time, and he could still hear the older boys’ voices as they plotted what to do with the body.

⁃ The chaos that occurred in the weeks after the murder changed Dallas for the worst. Several members of his gang were murdered or missing, and he eventually became the leader of what was left.

⁃ Dallas tried to grease his hair back after being teased about his long, unruly white strands, but hated the way it made him look just like his father. When he told his friends that his long hair was his signature look, he didn’t mention the long hours he spent crying as he stared into the mirror, glaring at the blue eyes that looked identical to the man’s he hated the most.

⁃ He taught himself to stop caring about others at a young age, and though he figured they didn’t care about him either, he did it so he didn’t lose anyone else that he cared about.

⁃ He moved to Tulsa when he was 15 years old, and the first person he met was Sodapop Curtis when he was in the principal’s office for not paying attention. Dallas admired the way he could joke his way out of trouble, and the two immediately hit it off.

⁃ Dallas liked Mrs. Curtis, as she reminded him of his mother and filled the empty space he lost when she died.

⁃ At first, Dallas didn’t like Steve Randle at all, and provoked arguments and fights with him until they ultimately respected each other.

⁃ He always wished he had gotten his mother’s darker features rather than his father’s lighter ones, and couldn’t help himself but take an interest into the quiet boy with the same black eyes as his mother.

⁃ He started staying at Buck’s after screaming at his father and getting himself kicked out. He had been walking around with bloodshot eyes when Buck found him on the side of the road. He gave him a ride and a place to stay, and though Dallas never said so, he was thankful, even when he ultimately went back home.
⁃ His rivalry with Tim Shepard began at a party when Dallas sat a little too close the girl Tim was seeing. He could still remember the slight smirk on Tim’s face as he walked away with a busted lip, leaving Dallas with a black eye and a new challenge.

⁃ Dallas lived a few blocks away from the lot, and one night when he was heading home, he ran into Johnny sleeping on the grass. He sat down next to him, and found out the upsetting details of Johnny’s home life that sounded too familiar to his own. He swore he was gonna teach Johnny’s parents a lesson from that moment on.

⁃ His mother worked at a candy shop when he was younger and would always bring him a paper bag full of peppermint taffies after every shift. When he moved to Tulsa, Dallas stole peppermint taffies for Johnny and Ponyboy.

⁃ One night, after fighting with his father, an enraged Dallas found his way to the Curtis home. He figured everyone was asleep, until he heard a familiar cheeky voice. Dallas never figured out how he did it, but Soda managed to get a lot out of him that he had been holding in. It wasn’t the last time that he and Soda had a talk like that.

⁃ On the streets, he was Dallas Winston, but with his friends, he was Dally. Johnny was the first person to call Dallas the nickname and if it had been anyone else other than Johnny who started it, he would’ve smashed their head in.

⁃ He hated total utter silence. He was used to the noisy city sounds and the loud parties at Buck’s, and felt uncomfortable when it was too quiet for too long.

⁃ When Dallas saw Johnny beat half to death in the lot, a sudden new anger filled him. He realized that Johnny was the only person he deeply cared about, and he didn’t want to lose him like the others. He jumped every Soc he saw for weeks until Johnny finally told him to knock it off.

(pt. 2 to come)