father lion

i was trying to figure out how lance could get blue back, allura could still pilot a lion (if she wants to?), and shiro could return as black paladin.

in my desperation, i had a revelation.

this trailer opens up with this shot, in which voltron is fully formed, yet there’s another lion off to the side. they’re going to explore the origins of voltron eventually, and they’ve already shown that it’s different from the 80′s version. although the narration says “word of voltron has spread”, suggesting it was only recently created, the cracks on this area of wall make it an unsuitable place to create such a piece, so this must have been damage over time. 

now, if it was a white lion in that picture… 

in the 80′s voltron episode “secret of the white lion”, allura runs off to chase this white lion because she thinks it has the spirit of her father. in actuality, the lion is one of haggar’s robeasts in disguise. 

the thing is, few concepts have been directly replicated from the 80′s version, which is why speculation based on it is often useless. fundamentally, the show is different. in the 80′s, zarkon was just one of many kings in the drule empire, voltron stayed on allura’s planet of arus most of the time, voltron was a “defender” not an “attacker”, etc. 

however, the writers have used it as inspiration in creative ways. examples: shiro’s scar across his face is in the exact same place that the blood was when shirogane (golion only) died, the cat was haggar’s in the 80′s but now belongs to one of lotor’s generals, lance has a crush-type thing on the princess in both versions but it manifests itself very differently, the sentries are a product of the 80′s version insisting that all the drule enemies were robots so that destroying them wouldn’t upset the censors, arus is the name of the planet on which allura’s ship landed and was the name of 80′s allura’s planet, alfor existed as a spirit rather than an AI in the 80′s, etc. 

to go out on a total limb here, what if they take the whole “allura connected to white lion” concept and run in a totally different direction with it, as they have with so many other things?

the sixth lion, if it exists, was separate from the other five who formed voltron together. maybe it was created after the fact, and is under galra control at the moment. 

so what if they found the white lion, and it wanted allura as its paladin?

this doesn’t offer a solution to the whole “who is piloting the castle?” conundrum, but i’m desperate here, alright. 

Disney Fathers

A father loves you

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He teaches you about the world

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He loves spending time with you

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He loves to make you smile and laugh

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And being your father makes him smile

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He watches over you

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He is always ready to protect you

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And he will fight to keep you safe

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He gives you advice when you need it

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And is there for you when you’re sad

He helps you find out who you are

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And he learns from you as well

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He supports you and your dreams

Even when no one else does

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He wants you to achieve your goals and fly

And he is proud when you succeed 

No matter how far you go, he’ll be there when you return

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No matter how long you were gone

He prepares you for the world as best he can

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And lets you go explore it

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No matter what, he will always love you

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The one that raised you might not have been a true father

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But somewhere in the world you will find a father

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Your father might be a brother

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Or a teacher

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Or a stepdad

Or a friend

But they will be there for you

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And they will love you

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And support you

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And you will find them 

Because everyone has a father somewhere

Comparison of Steven’s and Nora’s Tapes

For Steven:

Isn’t it remarkable, Steven?
This world is full of so many possibilities.
Each living thing has an entirely unique experience.
The sights they see, the sounds they hear, the lives they live, are so complicated and so simple.
I can’t wait for you to join them.

Steven, we can’t both exist.
I’m going to become half of you.
And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that’s me loving you and loving being you.
Because you’re going to be something extraordinary, you’re going to be a human being.

Take care of them, Steven.

For Nora:

Isn’t it wonderful, Nora?
This world is full of so many possibilities.
Each living thing has an entirely unique experience.
The sights they see, and the lives they live, are so complicated and so simple.
I can’t wait for you to join them.

Nora, we can’t both exist but i won’t be gone.
I’m going to become half of you.
And every moment you enjoy yourself, that will be me loving being you.
Because you’re going to become something extraordinary, you’re going to be a human being.
And that’s my favourite part, a human being.
A human being, a human is an action.
i wonder who— how you’ll be, what you’ll think, what you’ll want…
I’m so happy for everybody who’s going to know you.
I’m rambling.
if they look to you, trust yourself.

Take care of them, Nora.

From what we can see, comparing the two videos, Steven’s was shot first. Not only are Greg and Rose more unsure about what they’re going to say and do, they’re also figuring out what should go into the video in the first place.

The first few scenes, which show Greg’s sleeping, messing around, and meeting the seagull for the first time, as well as Rose’s not knowing what the buttons do and experimenting with them, reveal that whatever practice they did going into the video shoot ultimately didn’t prepare them for it fully.

At the same time, when comparing what’s being said between Steven’s and Nora’s tapes, they have the same substance; the same message is being delivered: Rose hoped her child would get to live life to the fullest and make experiences that were fun and happy. She wanted to assure her child that she cared, even though she wouldn’t be there. Most of all, she wanted to assure them that being human was a great thing. 

The thing is, Steven’s message is much more brief, and a little more formal. Rose clearly practiced what she wanted to say, and in the first tape, she went for it, likely because of nerves.

By the second filming, she seemed more comfortable in front of the camera and that’s also why she could clear up her nerves and keep expounding on her ideas.

So Steven, who read very deeply into the words of his mother, may have picked up on her saying he would be extraordinary and a human being. And he fixated on becoming someone worth calling extraordinary, when in fact, Rose had always meant to say by virtue of living, one could be extraordinary. 

And we can’t really blame him, because he went from being another Beach City kid to being at the centre of an intergalactic conflict. It’s hard to accept that these things would happen to him if he weren’t destined for something.

I’d go as far as to say that hoping he was part of some magical destiny gave him strength at times, despite how bleak the situation could be.

The thing with this line of thinking though, is how much it wears on someone. The responsibility of being accountable for all these people and all these systems that were quite obviously out of his control and consequently responsibility in the first place was heavy on him.

Steven does want to be a hero. He does want to help people. But he felt more comfortable with this being his choice and his decision, not some destiny thrust upon him, not a tradeoff between his life and the many others he’d have to save.

I think Greg’s talk with him helped him process those feelings, which he’d been keeping inside for a while now. Steven thought everyone expected him to be like Rose, and that may have been true at some points in the show, but his father never did. And that’s what made Greg’s words so reassuring, because his sincerity could be felt in all of them.


[Talking about Warrior:] “I don’t think I’ve cried like that since I thought I was lost in the woods when I was 8 years old.”

Tom Hiddleston, weeping during films since 1981

Initial Thoughts: Lion 4

This moment is so artfully rendered. The build-up to this scene was the boiling over of Steven’s feeling Rose’s presence and pressure in his life. 

And then as Greg reassures him of Rose’s desire (that all the best parents deep down want for their children) for Steven to find himself, embrace it, and be happy, Rose is there, watching from behind them.

It’s very much like the scenes we usually get in the temple, when Rose’s portrait hangs over everyone. But over there her eyes are closed and she’s frozen in a picture-perfect moment. 

This scene dispels the lasting tension brought about by that version of Rose, the individual who was perfect and could do no wrong, the gem who must have had a motive for having Steven.

The Rose behind Steven and Greg had fully accepted her role as mother. She giggled, rambled, and admitted to her imperfections and inadequacies. She hints at the regret of not being able to really meet her son.

Her eyes are wide open in the paused video. It’s as if she herself became more aware and at the same time more open about herself. The resolution is blurry, because we can never really get the entire image of someone else, not even in video. It’s not the clean pastel colours that we see in her portrait.

Leading up to his, Steven did feel alone. He felt he was carrying the weight of his destiny by himself. This scene beautifully shows that both his parents are there to support him. Rose may have left behind a repository of “junk,” both the literal and metaphorical, but Steven wasn’t entirely wrong.

Rose was indeed leaving things behind for him. But they weren’t necessarily leading to a big revelation of his destiny. Each time we encountered something Rose meant for Steven to find, it was only a tool and not a determinant towards what Steven would do next. 

And in this episode, we recall those places all over again, reinforcing this theme. The armoury, the fountain, the room. Even Lion.

All these things Rose left behind were left without instruction. That’s why Steven became confused and certain it was a cryptic message left for him. In reality, it was because she never wanted anything of her son. She wanted to share so much of her life and her history but she knew she wouldn’t be there to do it.

It was precisely because Rose didn’t want him to feel the pressure to take up her mantle that she left things largely unexplained.

There were definitely flaws to her approach, but her intentions, seen very clearly in her two videos, stayed true throughout her journey to becoming Steven’s mother.

From day one, that neither knew who Steven would be is a reflection of what every parent feels when having a child. 

What I feel this episode really cements is Steven’s decision-making as an individual. The significance of his life’s choices rests on him. And I hope these are themes we get to explore more in the rest of the Steven Bomb and in the show.



Simba knows when to be Professional 

Kion: Dad c'mon we gotta get you cleaned up an-
Simba: *is perfectly clean and neat* Ah one of my loyal subjects..How may I be at your acquaintance today?
Kion: What….B-but how..h-how did you?…
Simba: Hush, my son. Your father is trying to talk at the moment.
…: Oh your majesty is so elegant and well mannered!
Kion: You were just covered in mud and bug guts seconds ago! How did you do that?
Simba: …….Hm? What did you say Kion?
Kion: Sure..go ahead ignore my entire question………Are you sparkling?….

Simba may be a responsible king and father but there’s a difference of how he portrays himself in front of his family and friends (He’s a bit of mess, since he still keeps part of his hakuna matata life style) to how he portrays himself in front of any one else.


Cub loving his dad II by Tambako The Jaguar
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Same scene as before, but even cuter! :)

Keith’s mom and Red

Throughout the show Keith’s heritage was hinted for example with his knife or the quote “You fight like a galra soldier.” from Zarkon. But what if there is more? My headcanon: Keith’s mother piloted Red.

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It would explain why Red was on a galra ship.  Keith’s style, the way he relies on instinct rather than skill is what makes him perfect for Red and also seem like a galra soldier. This connection might mean that the red lion was meant to be piloted by a galra, similar to how Zarkon received the black lion.

Also maybe the reason Zarkon found his fighting style similar to a galra’s was because he has seen the red lion in action while piloted by a galra. I would like to draw a parallel here between the Shiro-Keith dynaic (comand-second in command) and the former black pilot-red pilot dynamic.. Supposing the red pilot is someone close to the leader there is a fat chance for them to be an other galra.

Also! We have seen the red lion go out her way to save his son  Keith countless times, in an intensity that is unlike the others. Maybe Red remembers and recognizes the son of her former pilot.

At this point I kind of run out of proof and now I will just state my questions and speculate.

1. How did Keith’s parents meet?
2. Why was Blue on Earth? How could Keith sense her?

1. I believe the parents met somehow trough Voltron, since humans in the show’s time not really involved in space culture. The space program is in it’s early stages so there isn’t much of a chance for a galra and a human to just randomly meet. So then how..?

2.My second idea is that his father piloted the blue lion, met the mother, fell in love, had a baby and fled back to Earth with Blue and the child when Zarkon gone bad. This would mean Keith is not only connected to Red, but Blue also, hence sensing her.

In conclusion I believe there are greater connections behind how our favorite paladins got chosen for the job. Maybe it’s one of those ‘history might repeat itself’ cases. Maybe I should just go sleep a little and chill.

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Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, step-fathers, adopted fathers, grandfathers, and father figures, who teach us to be strong, to be ourselves, and to love. This is for the hugs and kisses, for the support and encouragement, and for the love our fathers give us.