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Lol, Connor’s statement is obvious and I would have respond in the same matter as Haytham.


Like father, like son.


19-year-old Nathan Leopold and 18-year-old Richard Loeb were both law students at the University of Chicago when they decided that they wanted to commit the “perfect crime.” During the summer of 1924, the two young men rented a car and drove to a local private school where they met 14-year-old Robert Franks and offered him a ride. They had picked this boy due to the fact that he was the son of a wealthy watch manufacturer. The murderous duo had already written a ransom note when they picked the young boy up and it was delivered to his father, Jacob, the following morning. Before Jacob even had a chance to respond to the ransom note, the body of his son was found in a culvert. Found near his body was a pair of glasses which were traced back to Leopold. They confessed that they had attempted to knock the boy unconscious with a chisel but they had hit him too hard, killing him. Loeb died in prison in 1936 and Leopold was released in 1958. 

  • Evie: Rupert Ferris.
  • Jacob: Rupert Fuckface.
  • Evie: Pearl Attaway.
  • Jacob: Pearl Ass-blasting-bitchloid.
  • Evie: David Brewster.
  • Jacob: David Son-of-a-Bitch-ter
  • Evie: John Elliotson.
  • Jacob: John Elli-shit-son.
  • Evie: Phillip Twopenny.
  • Jacob: Phillip I-Don't-Give-Two-Shits.
  • Evie: James Brudenell.
  • Jacob: Prick.
  • Evie: Maxwell Roth.
  • Jacob: Roth.
  • Evie: Crawford Starrick.
  • Jacob: Crawford Star-dick.
  • ...
  • Evie: Father.
  • Jacob: Dickface #1.
  • Evie: ...George.
  • Jacob: Dickface #2.
  • Evie: Jacob!
  • Jacob: ♫ ~SEXY MOTHERFUCKER~ ♫

What does Haytham Kenway want for his birthday? You guessed it more Haytham Kenway. December 4, 1725-September 16, 1781.

Who do I choose?

Summary: Your Paul’s imprint but your also Emmett’s mate ( Rosalie does not exist in this story, nor does Paul’s imprint in the movie! )

Characters: Paul Lahote, Emmett Cullen, and you of course!

    Ever sense you moved to Forks with your sister Bella things have been getting weird. It started off when you went to Billy’s with your father Charlie. Jacob had some friends over, you remember meeting Quil, Embry, Seth, and Jared. But there was this other guy, his name was Paul. When you locked eyes with him it was like everything stopped. For a minute, just a minute it was only you two in the room. You had to shake your head just to get the thoughts of him out of your head. Everyone in the room was looking at you with a shocked face.

Ever sense then you’ve felt a pull towards him. Like he needed to be there at all times. 

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But mostly for you Haytham. 

So I did my maths (quite literally):

Jacob and Evie were born in 1847. The DLC facts happen 20 years after Syndicate wich means that Evie and Jacob would be 41, hence 1888.

From the animus database we know that Lydia was born in 1893, that is to say 5 years after the DLC. 

This means that by the time that the “Jack-the-Ripper-Affair” happens, Emmett (Lydia’s father and Jacob’s son) must be at least in his teenage years - if not older. 

So… Has Jacob a partner? But then if he does, they’re not living together. Where is she during the events of the DLC? Does Evie knows about her? And what of Emmett? 

I need answers.

Onward to London
  • Onward to London
  • Jacob Frye/Evie Frye
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Jacob: ‘Patience’, Evie.

Evie: Ah, the gentle sound of opportunity passing us by.

Jacob: So what’s stopping us? London is waiting to be liberated. Forget Crawley.

Evie: Father would have wanted us to listen-

Jacob: Oh, Father. You could continue his legacy in London.

Evie: Freeing future generations from a city ruled by Templars. You know, Jacob Frye, you might just be right.

Jacob: Then, shall we?

Evie: Yes, let’s. Onward to London!

I think the reason Jacob would be aggressive to Evie about her and Henry obviously liking each other was because he was jealous that Henry was going to take her away. Not in a romantic sense but the fact is they are twins and they are the only constant in each other’s life, the fact that there mom is dead and their father wasn’t in their life for the first six years of it which is the time people form their strongest attachments, that means for the last twenty years in many ways they were all the other had. Even though Evie was closer to their father still Jacob was the one that she was closest to, so the idea of her liking a guy could be that a core pillar of his world was changing and that’s scary. The fact that she is planning to go to India doesn’t help. I’d think Jacob either would go with them or he and Evie would send letters every week or something.

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Templar’s vs Assassin’s (but secretly go Templar’s) 

Sort: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Requested by: Someone a long time ago

Jacob: Gryffindor
Franklin (Jacob’s Father): Ravenclaw
Abraham: Gryffindor
Miss Peregrine: Ravenclaw
Emma: Gryffindor
Hugh: Gryffindor
Bronwyn: Hufflepuff
Enoch: Slytherin
Olive: Hufflepuff
Millard: Slytherin or Ravenclaw
Claire: Gryffindor or Hufflepuff
Fiona: Hufflepuff
Horace: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw

These are JUST the characters from the first book. Additional characters are added later, if you want them.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

sakura-kagurazaka  asked:

Popping in on the discussion about Jacob. Evie adored her father while Jacob resented him. Ethan played favorites since Jacob was the one who 'took his wife away' and Evie was the only 'good child.' Jacob looked for any opportunity to try and do good even with all the berating he was given. Not once did I hear Evie give him praise. They are polar opposites, sure, but at least he was doing work in London. I've been in Jacob's shoes and I can tell you... I've had to put down the controller and sob

Then I hope you will be joining us on March 6th now @kawaiiassassino has put forward a Jacob Frye appreciation day. Spread the word! No I don’t think Evie ever did give Jacob praise until right at the end of the game. He’s taken so much shit, he needs more love!

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Aww, I just checked Robert's wiki and noticed that he's named after both his grandfathers! Robert is Pat's father and Jacob is Jack's (lol John apparently) father. I love naming traditions like that. If Robert ever has a kid he needs to continue the tradition :)

honestly i love that robert has such a legacy and history attached to his character which literally transcends through the generations, connecting him to all those who came before him, who made him who he is. 

and yes, if robert ever has a son i need him to be called jacob, it’s basically canon to me now


Lol, Thomas Hickey is slow at times.