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I’m so on board with the imposter theory. When you think about it, Red has never properly introduced himself to Liz… because in doing so he would’ve been directly lying to her (about who he is)? He seems cool with it when it’s perpetrated against Zoe 😍😂 Btw about the family driver post, I think both cars in the second pic are police cars.

Hello Anon!

You’re absolutely right about Red never telling Liz he IS Raymond Reddington. I have that in my imposter theory as well. The only thing Liz has DIRECTLY asked him is if he is her father. Even in Gregory Devry, which is an entire episode about Red not really being Raymond Reddingon, Liz never directly asks him if he is really Raymond Reddington. So if she doesn’t ask, he doesn’t have to tell her. Hence, NOT lying. ;-)

As for the photo you’re referring to, there are two police cars in that photo, but I was referring to the black town car over to the left. It’s the same town car that we see two other times in the episode.

“Family. Familia. Famille” - [Tom Hiddleston - One shot ].

Based on: Imagine: Tom being your ex, the one your family loved and welcomed when the two of you were together, and even wanted you to marry but things never worked between you. A couple of years later, he’s invited to a family event, which makes things super awkward for you because you’re still single but you don’t want him to know, and you’re well aware of how communicative and pushy your relatives can be, not to mention how much they will be praising him all evening long.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Family drama/fluff. 


Mia rolled the end of her side braid around her bun and secured it with a bobby pin while staring at herself in the mirror.

The curtain next to her billowed open and the cool ocean breeze raced through her, reminding her to pay attention to the sound of the crashing waves outside her parents’ beach house; something she hadn’t indulged in, in a long time.

Her bedroom door opened and it took her visitor less than 5 steps to reach her and rest her chin on her shoulder while putting her hands on her arms.

“Isn’t it odd how even when we look the same, I’m still the prettier one?”

Mia rolled her eyes at her identical twin who stared back at her in the mirror.

“Fuck off”.

Ava laughed.

“You look nice. I wonder why”, she said and Mia caught an ironic note in her tone but brushed it off.

“It’s been a while since the whole family’s gathered”, Mia said with a shrug.

“Oh, I’m sure, Aunt Marie will appreciate your effort. Come on”, Ava chuckled.


Ava frowned and studied her sister for a second.

“Oh!” she exclaimed raising an eyebrow, “You don’t know”.

“Ava”, Mia sighed, “You’ve been here for a minute and you’re already getting on my nerves. What is it?”

Ava stood up, walked towards the door and opened it before glancing back at her dumbfounded and two-minute younger twin.

“Mother invited Tom”.

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Love For All Season~Kol Mikaelson ~2

Part 1

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“ You can’t kill Klaus. Not yet, first step is saving my friends” Davina walked into the room holding a grimoire in her hands.  She opened it searching until coming to the page, “ I need to break Klaus’s sire bond first then you can do whatever you want to him.” 

Mikael chuckled darkly, Luna turned her gaze towards to the younger witch. 

“ Let’s have some fun and we will make sure Klaus will be erased” 

“ That’s what I like to hear” Mikael smirked.

Humming to a tune as she made her way down the street of music playing the streets twirling her necklace with her fingers as her eyes laid onto a guy. He was pretty cute. Had his hands in his pockets as he looked around, she made her way over to him.

“ You look like your having fun” she chuckled. Her voice brought the guys attention to look down at her. She was small compared to him but her eyes captivated him. They were hazel with a tint of green in them. She was a pretty sight, he thought. 

There was something about her that looked off though. 

“ Luna Knight” she introduced herself. 

“ Kaleb” he nods, greeting her back. 

 Marseilles, France 1001

A young Luna Knight running through her cottage laughing as she was chased by her father Gregory Knight. She was merely 12 years old when it happened. Her father’s cries in pain brought her to a stop, she turned around seeing her father on fire yelling for mercy.

The villagers came out to see the horror happening, her mother and sister came out of the small house seeing the horror. 

“ Daddy!” Her sister Ivy yelled running to the fire, weeping for her father. Her mother stared at Luna in horror. Luna’s eyes turned into dark red like the color of the flames.

She had been banished from her own village begging her mother and sister that she wanted to be with them. But none of the villagers would have it, they band her from stepping foot there once more. 

She was left alone until she met the next year a man. A man that was named Mikael Mikaelsson who came to save her. He brought her to his wife Ester, where she was taught to control her power. 

This is the start where the most powerful witch was born. Luna Knight was darkness with red blood pouring like a waterfall. 

Mikael paced the room as Davina and Luna held hands chanting the spell that would unlink Klaus from Davina’s friends. Mikael was growing impatient and it was bothering him that the most powerful witch couldn’t do the spell in a snap. 

“ How long does it take you two to do unlinking spell?” he spatted at the two. Luna glared up at him, “ If your going to keep pacing like that and mumbling then we won’t get no where or do you want me to send you back where you came from?”

Mikael growled. 

He couldn’t place a finger on Luna because he knew who she was and what she was capable.

“ I know you want to kill Klaus but first we must save my friends. We have Esther grimoire. So be quite!” Davina glared over at him. 

Nothing was working so far and Mikael was growing impatient with the two girls. 

Luna new the originals back when she was a little girl. Her favorite was Kol out of all of them. Elijah was over protective of her. Klaus had a temper. Rebekah was her secret telling buddy. Kol was playful with her. Finn always read something to her. Mikael treated her like she was one of his until he found out that Klaus wasn’t his child. Esther was like a mother she never had, a mother that taught her well. 

Esther made Luna into the most powerful witch that anyone could cross paths with. Until she fell to sleep by Esther, she wanted to protect Luna from Klaus’s harm. Luna used to be close to Mikael, he thought by killing Luna, Mikael would fall to hie knees for Klaus. 

But he was wrong. 

A lot of people think Gregory would have been all Protective Dad if teenage Miles and Phoenix had a relationship but I think Gregory would give Miles plenty of his own space. He’d respect Miles’s independence and he’d be very supportive of them and kind to Phoenix he wouldn’t try to scare Phoenix. But then people are like “Phoenix is it nice knowing your date’s dad likes you?” “No it’s terrifying if I hurt Miles not only will I have HURT MILES I will have disappointed his father.”

Rapunzel AU where Miles is an Asian Rapunzel with long silver hair who is the prince of an asian kingdom. Gregory is the king of that kingdom and he is currently at war with another kingdom, where a Brazilian Prince Phoenix and his father rule, because Gregory believes that they had kidnaped his son. In truth, the wicked Manfred von Karma had kidnapped Miles as revenge against Gregory Edgeworth for idk humiliating him or something, and keeps Miles locked up in a tower hidden by the forest, which looks kind of like this:

Anyways there’s Gumshoe the Dragon, who is terrified of flying, and is probably Miles’ only friend, and there’s Kay the Rabbit. If you couldn’t tell at this point, this is the Barbie Rapunzel movie that I’m basing this off of. I love that movie.

IN ANY CASE. I’d also like to point out that Franziska starts off being on Manfred’s side AT FIRST, but then she realises that her father had literally kidnapped a kid and that Miles isn’t her biological brother at all, and she doesn’t know what to do with that information. Instead of really doing anything she decides to tell Miles about the basement of the tower, where a gift from Miles’ father lay. It’s a silver hairbrush, which for some fucking reason, idk, turns into a paintbrush in the middle of the night. Probably because Manfred destroyed all of Miles’ art supplies, and the brush felt Miles’ pain because he just wants to fucking paint man. Let him paint.

Anyways, backtracking because I went too far ahead, Miles goes down to the basement, and Gumshoe jumps and is so heavy that he busts a hole into the wooden flooring, revealing a hidden passageway that leads all the way to Phoenix’s kingdom. Miles is wandering around, taking in the beautiful sights, and comes across a scene where a young girl named Pearl is crying out from within a hole in the ground, brimming with deadly thorns. A little girl named Trucy is also there, crying out in frustration because she can not reach down far enough to save Pearl. Miles immediately dives into the scene and tells Trucy to get help while he tries to reach Pearl. Miles does, eventually reach Pearl and saves the damsel in distress, and just then, in comes Prince Phoenix, riding on a horse with Trucy in his grasp, looking panicked. 

So. They meet.

In any case, I’m like, way too tired to finish this, but if you watch the movie you can see where this is going. 

Hard Cover Book Haul 05/10/2015 

My local bookstore was having a big sale on their hard back books! 

The Invention of Hugo Cabret By: Brian Selznick

Egg & Spoon By: Gregory Maguire

The Bone Season By: Samantha Shannon

The Wrath & The Dawn By: Renée Ahdieh

Peaches For Father Francis By: Joanne Harris

Wildwood By: Colin Meloy and Illustrated By: Carson Ellis

Headcanon -

Edgeworth’s eyesight was not very good since his late teens. He read too much books and wrote too much papers and all. But somehow Manfred forbade him from getting glasses without explaining the reason why. Edgeworth guessed that it was because his bad eyesight was his flaw, an imperfection, and he should not show in around by wearing glasses. The student of Von Karma had to be perfect in every aspect of his life.

So Edgeworth listened to Manfred and didn’t get any glasses. It became one reason why he got those deep furrows between his brows even when he was still young.(In AAI, young Franziska complained about his wrinkles getting deeper, and he was only nineteen.) Well, of course the main reason Edgeworth scowled a lot was because he was always in a foul mood from his constant nightmares and pressure of being perfect, but it was also because he had to squint in order to read all those legal documents with his eyes.

Edgeworth got his first glasses around the seven-years-gap. When his mentor was long gone and he didn’t care about that “perfection” anymore. But when he first saw the mirror wearing his new glasses, Edgeworth finally realized the TRUE reason why Manfred never let him wear one.

He looked like his father, Gregory Edgeworth.

Miles Edgeworth didn’t really resemble his father as a child, but as he grew up from a beautiful boy into a fine young man, he became more and more like him. Manfred hated it. He loathed watching the spitting image of Gregory Edgeworth, the man who got him penalized, and also the man he murdered. He could totally see what would Edgeworth look like if he wore glasses. So Manfred didn’t let him wear it, and instead let him always dress like a Von Karma. With all those cravats and ornate suits.

(Later, Edgeworth discovered that Klavier also had a bad eyesight. But Klavier still refused to get glasses, saying that it’s not his style. Edgeworth understood that Klavier was afraid that he would look like his brother if he wore them.)


(I was watching a playthrough of The Inherited Turnabout and got to this and just. Consider my heartstrings plucked. Don’t do this to me Greg)


This game is such a tease, they start to pan towards the defense and then abruptly cuts off. I love the references to Phoenix. And of course the additional Gregory backstory and Miles’ character development. It’s a shame that this wasn’t localized outside of Japan but THANK GOODNESS for the fantastic international fan group who worked so long and hard on an AMAZING English patch!!!! I know I’m late in playing it but it was wonderful. Now I think I’m ready to go back and replay the original AA trilogy :)

age: 26
zodiac: virgo
height/weight: 5’ 11"/150 lbs
gender: male
blood type: A
laterality: right-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: biromantic/demisexual
yaoi type: seme
hobby(ies): singing, dancing
personality: he’s usually serious and calm. always careful when it comes to decision making. he’s also rather joyful and by far, the wisest of the classic 4. just don’t make him angry. as leader/representative/mascot of his ‘generation’, freddy keeps everyone together and close as a family. he’s easy to talk to and will help you w/ your problems, which keeps him close to bonnie and goldie. he likes everyone and crushes hard on bonnie, but doesn’t know that bonnie feels the same way about him. the only person he hates is foxy for his constant attempts of persecuting bonnie and disturbing the entire relationship balance, which involves his relationship w/ chica. freddy also has a biased against toy freddy, who constantly blames him and the others for their eventual termination (idk)

age: 10
height/weight: 3’ 7"/57 lbs
b day: 8/30/1977
gender: male
blood type: A
laterality: right-handed
siblings: gregory
hobby(ies): singing, playing outside
personality/story: a relatively joyful kid who is very good at cheering ppl up. (this explains how he and brandy quickly became friends) he’s always intrigued by the minor details of things and it’s easy to grab his attention and interest. he’s the younger brother of gregory. their father, henry aaron, the founder of fredbear’s family diner (who was dealing w/ the consequences of the bite and mourning of his wife’s death, who passed away while giving birth to felix) was unable to take care of him and gregory. he defaulted to putting them up for adoption and would return ten years later… only to find felix.

part 1 of many
DS by me

AU where Manfred actually loved Miles like a normal father.

I mean, most people would develop a deep attachment if they raise a child for fifteen long years. That’s like twice as long as the time that Phoenix raised Trucy. But as we all know, Manfred von Karma was not “most people.” He never loved Miles, he just despised the boy, which is obviously shown in his evil grin when Miles was about to be convicted as a murderer. So this is an AU where everything else is same but Manfred is a normal person who actually has a human heart.

So, Manfred killed Gregory, and then he started raising Gregory’s son for his future revenge. But since then, everything went horribly wrong for Manfred. He found himself actually growing fond of that boy. Miles was so talented, beautiful, and diligent. That boy loved Manfred like his own father, sincerely believed everything what he said, and honestly did everything to please him. Manfred was always feared and respected by everyone he knew, but he never had someone who truly loved him like this. Miles was a son he always wanted. The best son he could ever wish in his life.

Manfred was shocked and appalled when finally realized how much he treasured the boy. According to his original plan, he was going to frame Miles as a murderer and send him to death row. But NO, Manfred couldn’t bear to lose him anymore. He had already done enough to that poor boy. Manfred murdered his father, and poor Miles was still having nightmares from that incident. It broke his heart every time he had to watch the boy getting terrified at elevator or suffering panic attack from earthquake. Oh God, what would Miles think if he ever found out the real killer of that incident?

Manfred tried to make amend of what he had done by being a perfect father for Miles. He taught Miles everything he knew, gave him the best education he deserved. Manfred wanted Miles to think of him as a better father than Gregory. Because Miles was HIS boy. NOT Gregory’s, but HIS. He wanted Miles to forget his dead father, consider himself as Manfred’s son and be proud of it. Yes, he was totally competing with the dead man’s ghost over his son.

It was the happiest day of Manfred’s life when Miles became a prosecutor instead of defense attorney. Of course he was a perfect prosecutor, just like his adoptive father.

Everything was great. Until one day when the statute of limitation for DL-6 was almost over, Miles suddenly turned himself in for a murder. Miles got a terribly wrong idea from his constant nightmares, and confessed that it was him who shot his father in that elevator fifteen years ago. When Manfred came back from abroad and heard about his son getting a death sentence, he screamed.“No! He’s innocent! I’m the one who killed Gregory Edgeworth! I’M THE MURDERER! NOT MY SON! TAKE MY LIFE INSTEAD!”

Nobody believed his words. Everyone thought Manfred was just lying to save his adoptive son. There was no evidence to prove Manfred’s crime; he already destroyed everything years ago, so that Miles would never know who killed his real father. His crime was perfect. So damnably perfect. And now Miles was going to die as a murderer; just like his evil plan from fifteen years ago. Manfred felt like Gregory came back from his grave for revenge and claimed the custody of his son.

No, no, he is MY SON, Manfred yelled at Gregory, I’ve raised him for fifteen years, I love him more than anyone in the world, I’ve tried everything to be a perfect father for him, you don’t have any right to take him away from me now. But there was no one to answer him.

Houses of the Holy - Part 3

Word Count: 2385

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Sam made an attempt to go after the man but Dean and you held him back. “What are you doing? Let me go!” Sam demanded.

“You’re not gonna kill somebody because a ghost told you to!” You yelled. “Are you insane?”

“I’m not insane. I’m not gonna kill him.” Sam pleaded. “I’m gonna stop him.”

“Define ‘stop’.” Dean said firmly. “What are you gonna do?”

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