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You peeked around the edge of the doorframe, stifling a giggle as you slowly creeped up behind your father, keeping out of his line of sight. When you were close enough, you jumped out, letting out a loud “BOO!” Your father let out a yell of surprise, almost dropping the platter he was carrying. Whipping around, the only thing that remained of your presence was your echoing giggles as you darted away down the hall.

“Haven’t I told you to stop creeping up on people like that?” he bellowed after you, still recovering from his shock, “It’s bloody rude!”

“Can’t catch me!” you taunted over your shoulder, still laughing.

Alfred stifled a grin, placing down his tray and taking off after you. “Don’t be so sure!”

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Jaime Lannister x Reader Imagine

[Imagine: You’re a maid at court and you serve Cersei Lannister. Her brother Jaime, however, and you are secretly meeting. Of course you are not allowed to have a relationship so you keep it a secret.]

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is not too hot today and a soft breeze brings fresh air into the Queen’s chambers. 
“But it smells like shit. It always smells like shit.”, the Queen says. You smile a little. 
You look at the slowly setting sun and you wonder when the Queen will send you away again. It’s just not your day to be in company of other Ladies.
You want to see Jaime, want to be in his company only for the rest of the day.
The last time you met was two days ago when he told Cersei that the maester wanted to see you. 
A rather dumb excuse but no one noticed.

At the end of the day you sit in your own small chamber, painting the view from your window.
You’ve got a lot of freedom at court since you are the daughter of a Riverlands Lord.
You hear someone knocking the door. “Come in.”, you say and brush the paint off the brush.
As you turn around, your eyes finally meet his again.
“Finally, I thought you wouldn’t come.”, you say under your breath and run to him.
He takes a look behind him and closes the door.
Before he says another word, Jaime takes your face in his hands and kisses you.
How much you missed these soft lips meeting yours. How much you missed his smell, his voice and his bare presence.
“I couldn’t come to see you the last days, (Y/N)”, he says and takes his Kingsguard armour off. “There was no proper excuse for just disappearing for a few hours.”
“I understand, love.”, you say and take his hand so he comes to sit at the window with you.
“I’m afraid someone might see us if we sit there.”, Jaime says and leads you back to sit on your bed.
“You’re right, sorry.”, you whisper.
“No need to be.”, he says and kisses you again. The Jaime you know is so much different from the Jaime who wanders around court all day.
He’s not as arrogant as he is in his all day life when he is with you. Not as vain, rather vulnerable.
“So how’s your day been?”, you ask him. You can’t stop smiling like a little girl when you’re with him.
“Ah, how they usually are.”, he answers and plays with your hair. “I just stood guard in front of the door while the King was…having a good time. How was your day, my love?”
You laugh a little. You know how much it depresses Jaime that he cannot be the knight he would like to be.
“I was in the gardens with your sister. It was honestly not as stressful as usually, I think she’s doing good the last days.”, you tell him. “How long can you stay?”
“I can stay the night if you don’t mind. When the sun rises I’ll have to go but…there’s enough time for us before that.”, he says and kisses you again.

Nights with Jaime are always romantic. Well, as romantic as they can possibly be for two people meeting in secret.
Your only fear is that maybe one day you’ll get pregnant from him. You are not allowed to lie with a man just like Jaime isn’t allowed to lie with a woman.
He always promises you that he’s careful (and you know he is) but you can never be sure.
“But what if?”, you ask him while he puts on his Kingsguard clothes again. You’re still in bed since it’s not your time to get up. “I mean - I’m just a little scared.”
“No need to be.”, Jaime says and kisses you on the forehead. “And even if - then we’ll just run away together.”
You laugh quietly. Why is he never taking this one fear seriously?
“Gods, you’re adorable when you’re sleepy.”, Jaime whispers. “We’ll meet again soon, I promise.”
You breathe heavily. “You promise a lot, Jaime Lannister.”

This time five days go by before you manage to meet again.
Jaime told his fellow Kingsguard knights that he had to do stuff for his father’s politics at Casterlyrock and you simply told Cersei you didn’t feel well because of your period.
“One day I want to be with you without hiding.”, Jaime says as you watch the moon shine on the ocean at night in your chamber.
“Do not wake hope in me, Jaime.”, you whisper. “You made a vow and I am to marry some other Lord one day, whenever my father decides.”
“You’re not going to marry anyone. Not in this life are you going to marry anyone except for maybe…me.”, Jaime says and kisses you on the cheek.
“You know we can’t.”, you say and your voice sounds so cold.
“My father always wanted me to be his heir and to have children so our line lives on. He wouldn’t mind. And what better match could your father hope for? You’d be Lady of Casterlyrock, a Lannister. (Y/N) Lannister.”
“You’re a dreamer, love. A complete dreamer. Your father has another son and my father has a daugher who will one day become Lady of Riverrun.”, you say.
“Riverrun?”, Jaime mocks you. “Riverrun? What is some silly trout compared to a lion?”
“I love how decent you are.”, you say sarcastically but kiss him, anyway. 
“No, come on, (Y/N). We’ll make it. One day, note my words! One day we will be in the sept and we’ll speak the words.”, he says. “I swear it by the Old Gods and the New.”
You don’t want to speak against him.
Therefore you love the thought too much.

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More percabeth parenting please!!

A hysterical wail erupts somewhere in the house, and gets progressively louder as it moves towards Annbaeth’s office, causing her to look up from her renderings in time for a sobbing, blonde haired child in a giant, sparkling pink dress to throw herself through the doorway and on to her lap.

“Ma — Mamaaaa,” her daughter cries miserably, burying her tear soaked face in Annabeth’s stomach. “Teddy took Bunny away and he says — he says he’s gonna cut her head off and feed her to the g-gorgons!”

There are days like today when Annabeth thinks that, if her daughter did not look so very much like her, someone had switched the bassinets on the day that Lydia Chase-Jackson was born, because Lydia behaves far more like her lineage belongs to flighty, emotional Aphrodite than stern, steady Athena.

Instead, she naturally blames the Poseidon side of the family for Lydia’s sensitive temperament. She dearly hopes is just a phase for her daughter. The princess dresses, tiaras, and tea parties Annabeth can deal with it and even enjoy — it’s the crying and wailing each week she’s getting fed up with. 

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can you write something about Sarada finding out that Sasuke had a big brother, but the one who is talking about Itachi is Sakura who talks very nice thinks about him, not Sasuke. And after, later on the same day, Sarada is asking Sasuke to get her to Itachi' grave( i hope kishi intend to make one for this brave men), just them too, without Sakura, a moment as daugher and father. And there, Sasuke is talking about his childhood with Itachi, Can you make the story to be melancholic, a little sad?

Uchiha Itachi

“Papa, who is that?” Sarada asked as she pointed up to a small photo frame that sat on the mantle over their fireplace.

“That’s my older brother, Itachi. He would be your uncle,” Sasuke responded as he picked up the photo frame and handed it down to Sarada so she could get a better look.

“You had a big brother, Papa?”

He nodded as he smiled and bent down to give Sarada a small kiss on the forehead. “Yes. I have to go now, okay? Papa has a mission today. I’ll be home tomorrow morning.”

Sarada nodded as she clutched the photo frame in her small hands. “Okay, Papa! Come home safely!”

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Olicity: At the Fish Counter

Anonymous said: Prompt - Oliver to Ava: “Don’t ever scare daddy like that again.” (thanks in advance if you decide to do this!)

Anonymous said: This prompt you can do later no rush. I love the Oliver and Ava fics. Can you do one where Oliver bumps into an ex-girlfriend and Ava there and she doesn’t like this woman and tells her mom what happens when they get home.

Anonymous said: I’m just gonna leave this prompt here: Ava starts to get jealous and feels like the odd one out when Oliver gives his attention to the other girls in his life (Thea, Felicity, Sara Diggle), so he decides to make it up to her by having a Daddy-Daughter day.

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

“Ava? AVA! There you are!”

Oliver finds her standing by the fish counter at the back of the store, because while she hates the smell, it always fascinates her that some of the fish on display still have their eyeballs, and that’s just the kind of curiosity that reigns his six-year-old. He instantly lifts her off the ground, checking her for any injury she may have sustained in the one minute and thirty-eight seconds she’s been gone from his side.

“Don’t you ever scare Daddy like that again,” he tells her sternly, a hand on her back settling her tiny form against his hip and then he’s satisfied that she’s okay.

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Even though I prefer some to others, I like almost all the ships of the show (Philinda is my OTP, but I like FitzSimmons, SkyeWard, BioSpecialist, FitzSkye, MayWard,etc.). There’s just one that I can’t swallow: Skyson. They just seem like they have a father daugher relationship to me, or a niece/uncle relationship. But the idea of them kissing, sleeping together, having fluff together is gross to me. Of course, I respect those who disagree. I’m just happy the show isn’t going in that direction.