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Iris West development and backstory through the seasons...

Season 1

Personal development:

  • We meet her father and actually see their relationship right off the bat.
  • We get flashbacks of her as a child growing up with her father and Barry, and we see that she’s very protective of him from a young age.
  • Iris visited Barry all the time while he was in his coma and would talk to him a lot (probably trying to wake him up).
  • Iris is the first person Barry wanted to tell about his powers, but a huge part of arc is the dumb men in her life trying to protect her by lying about everything that is happening around her.
  • She’s in a stable relationship, and even though the guy was as dull as dishwater, he was a good man who didn’t abuse her.
  • She lives at home with her father for half of the season, but moves in with her boyfriend at the beginning of 1A after his Christmas gift to her is a key and half of the rent. 
  • Even though she’s fascinated with him, and he’s the main focus of her blog “Saved by The Flash” she stops talking to The Flash after he beats the snot out of her boyfriend.
  • She finds out that Barry is The Flash because of a bolt of Blue Lightning (likely the speedforce) that connects them at times when she’s really upset (or so it seemed).
  • She was angry at her father and Barry for lying to her for damn near a year about Barry’s other life. 
  • She finds out she’s married to Barry in the future according to a newspaper from that future and handles it surprisingly well. 
  • She begins to acknowledge her feelings for Barry, which are buried deeeeeeeeep down.
  • When she’s confronted by the Villains of the week she never backs down, often saving herself. She’s no damsel. 
  • She is consistently shown to be the driving force behind Barry’s powers, often his biggest milestones in S1 are linked to her somehow. She also manages to save him from a mind controlling meta gorilla when no one else, not even Cisco’s fancy tech, can. 
  • She watched her boyfriend commit suicide, and even though she had some feelings for Barry, she stayed loyal to his ass til the very end. 

Professional Development:

  • We learn that she’s in school and working at the local coffeeshop.
  • She finds out about “The Streak” and is instantly fascinated, which leads her to start her blog “The Streak Lives” (her refusal to stop writing this blog leads to her and Barry not speaking, at least not as “Iris and Barry”, for probably about a week).
  • Due to the quality and popularity of her job, she’s offered a job at Central City Picture News where she is assigned to work with Mason Bridge.
  • Iris wants to report on human interest stories, like a women’s shelter, but is immediately put into a Flash box, which she doesn’t appreciate since she’s not speaking to him at the time. 
  • She eventually earns the respect of Mason Bridge to the point where he clues her in on his suspicions about Harrison Wells and she begins to investigate (sadly, this storyline didn’t lead to the awesomeness that it should have but it was a development). 

Season 2

Personal Development: 

  • She sort of becomes the defacto leader of the Scooby Gang at STAR Labs after Eobard Wells disintegrates. 
  • She finds out that her father had been lying to her all those years about her mother, Francine, who has shown up to reunite with her daughter (I’m still pissed about how this SL went down, but it was a thing that happened).
  • She has a long lost brother that she didn’t tell her father about immediately, and was completely torn up over.
  • She is friends with Linda and fights for Linda to have some agency when her evil Doppelganger shows up instead of allowing the team to just keep Linda in the dark like they did her all of S1.
  • When Wally shows up, she does everything she can to welcome him to the family.
  • When Joe doesn’t do his parenting thing, Iris steps in to try to give her brother some guidance before he gets himself killed street racing. 
  • When her mother dies, she’s the one who is able to get through to Wally and get him to stop being quite so reckless.
  • She damn near gets herself killed trying to protect Wally from himself
  • Romantically, she doesn’t have much going on for most of the season, but we do eventually get to see her grieve Eddie and let him go.
  • She tries dating her fine ass boss, but that doesn’t really work out because she’s all up in her feelings about Barry. 
  • She is ready to pursue her relationship with Barry, but his emo ass Flashpoints instead. 
  • Most of her personal arc is centered around her family. 
  • She’s literally the only one who can get through to Barry when he’s being his most hard-headed. 
  • She also literally saves Barry from The Speedforce after he damn near kills himself trying to get his powers back after he gave them to Zoom. 
  • Very Lightning Rod-y in the latter half of this season. The show establishes her as Barry’s “home”. 

Professional Development: 

  • She is still working at CCPN
  • She’s literally being shot at and jumping out of high rises chasing a story about mortgage scams (good thing her BFF is The Flash…)
  • She uses her skills as an investigative reporter to do some research on her mother, which is how she finds out about Wally
  • She gets a new boss who wants her to be harder on The Flash, but pushes back against him and convinces him that not all heroes are fakes. 
  • She has an entire episode where she is investigating the car racing ring her brother is in. During that episode we see her going to the races, and going to visit the guy who runs them. 
  • In episode 22 when Zoom unleashes holy hell on the city, Iris’ voice is the one we hear offering them hope through her journalism (literally)

Season 3 so far after 7 episodes (not counting Flashpoint, which was just one ep)

Personal Development: 

  • She’s fighting with her father over his lying to her about her mother (or so it seems), but this is resolved pretty quickly.
  • She and Barry begin dating, and after an awkward start have hit their groove and are as adorable and PDA happy as expected.
  • She is struggling to find her place on “Team Flash” since she doesn’t have a bunch of science knowledge and no special powers
  • She is the main support system for Barry when he starts getting to down on himself. 
  • She is meddling in her father’s love life (as much as he will let her) because she’s falling in love and wants the same for him. 

Professional Development: 

  • She is investigating the mysterious husks left around the city, which is how Barry lures her to the dinner he set up to try and fix the team and her relationship with Joe.
  • She has an office now (which will hopefully be explained)
  • She went to visit Magenta’s foster father as a journalist to try to get more information out of him about what happened, so she’s investigating meta stories.
  • She was investigating something (we don’t know what) when the Monster attacked. 
  • There are way more references to her job and CCPN, even if we aren’t actually seeing her in there, than there were before now. 

Alright, I’m quite sure that I’ve left some things out, so feel free to add, but we can’t claim that Iris is only being developed as half of Westallen, she is a very well rounded character, and we know for sure that we have more coming. Outside of Barry, Iris is the character who has been give the most personal and professional development out of anyone else in the cast. There is no doubt that she is the Leading Lady. 


“Step back a bit (Y/N).” Barry muttered as you stood as high as your tiptoes would let you and tried to look down at the Raptors.


“Why can’t I go help, Blue listens to me to.” You insisted and he chuckled.


“She wants you to think she listens, now just watch your father.” Barry ruffled your hair as you watched Owen work the Raptors.


Delta spotted you and started to wonder off, making soft chitters at you knowing that you were the source of secret treats, Owen whistled and after a hesitant complaint she rushed back into formation.


Twenty more minutes and the Raptors were bored and no longer paying attention so Owen rewarded them and headed over to where you were stood, grinning ear to ear, waving at the Raptors when they all started to stare at you.


“You been giving them mice again?” Your father asked as he stopped next to him and crossed your arms.

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Fracture (The Flash)

Imagine being Barry Allen’s daughter and never really understanding why he doesn’t want you to explore the abilities you inherited from him…Until you meet him and he’s ‘not’ your father…(Time travel, bad description I know…)

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Barry sat in the kitchen of his home sipping some coffee scrolling through the news paper head lines on his thin pad. Technology only seemed to get thinner and larger each year. Smart glass had come along way in the last 20 years.

He smiled seeing Iris’s name on an article and bookmarked it to read later. He stopped when he heard a swishing noise, “Stop.”

There was a clatter as a bowl spun in the sink. He shook his head looking at his teenager stuck in mid stride leaving the kitchen, “You’re running late today, sweetheart.”

“…which is why I had cereal and now I’m going to run to school.” You looked back at him smiling putting your foot down finally, “Soooo see ya!”

“Stop.” You froze again your shoulder slumping down in defeat, “What have I told you about ‘running’ to school?”

“Unless there’s a fire…don’t do it…” You sighed looking back at him, “Dad, I’m really late…”

He sighed putting his pad down on the table and stood up walking over to you, “I just don’t want you to miss out on anything. I’ll drive you.”

“Why?” You looked up at him, “I could be there before first period starts…”

“Spend time with your old man. I miss you.” He put his arm around your shoulders giving you a good squeeze, “Grab bag I’ll meet you at the car.”

You sighed annoying, “Fine…”

He sighed watching you sulk off. He grabbed his keys looking at the wedding band hanging on it, “We miss you…”

He stood there a moment longer before clearing his throat and walking out seeing you come down the stairs with your bag. He caught you looking at him concern washing over your features. He smiled, “I’m fine sweetheart.”

“You know that doesn’t work on me…” You told him frowning.

“I know…I wish you didn’t have to feel it.” He cleared his throat again and smiled more, “Come on, we’re late as it is.”

“I wouldn’t be if you would just…” You started as you walked out the door.

“Yeah I know, I got it, you want to run.” He shook his head, “It’s not going to happen…you know the risks. You and your brother push it too much as it is.”

You sighed looking at him defeated as you waited next to the locked car, “I just don’t…get it…You’re…you know…and you run all the time.”

He looked at you across the hood, “I didn’t have this all the time like you. People your age are…volatile and an unknown force. Get in.”

You got in and buckled up as he continued, “With all the changes a person of your age goes through, all the emotions, and hormones…”

“Dad…” You gave him a look that told him to stop talking.

He smiled at your embarrassment, “What I’m trying to say is…I did a lot of stupid things in my twenties with my ability…messed a lot of things up. I don’t want you to get in that position.”

“You always say there are these consequences to running fast…but you never say what they are…you never talk about it.”  You felt this dread wash over you as you watch him bite his lips, “…you have the same look on your face when you told us about mom…”

He took a big breath as he changed lanes, “I will tell you…I will…I promise…I just can’t right now.”

You looked away from him out the window as you felt tears coming to your eyes, “It’s been three months and you still won’t tell us what happened to her…”

Barry glanced at you gripping the steering wheel, “Y/N, I promise.”

“Whatever…” You wiped your face and fell silent.

You made it to school fifteen minutes late. It didn’t matter much to you. School wasn’t all that important to you. A year and a half and you were out of here to discover the world.

Lunch rolled around and you walked over to your twin brother sitting next to him with a huff. He smiled at you, “Dad caught you, didn’t he?”

“Shut it…” You glared at him shaking your head, “I swear he is so controlling it. It’s like…he doesn’t even want us to have these abilities.”

Malcom looked at you, “He just wants us to use them for good. Like him and Oliver.”

“Well…I was.” You made face and rolled your eyes, “I was attempting to higher my education.”

“Yeah…sure.” He smirked at you.

“Can it.” You pulled out your pad and opened up a folder, “So…I may have found the big…event…”

Malcom stopped eating and looked at you, “Really?”

“Uh huh.” You nodded at him a triumphant smirk on your face, “You wanna see?”

“Is the sky blue and our father the Flash?” He told you eyes twinkling.

You laughed a little, “Good one…here take a look. It’s really vague. Cisco did a lot to not mention what was really going on.”

“How did you find this?” He started reading an entry from STAR labs.

“I…may have…found dad’s passwords.” You told him, “And since he’s the boss…and Gideon likes me…”

“Why you? Why doesn’t she like me? It doesn’t make sense…she’s a computer…” Malcom said getting frustrated.

“It’s a girl thing…” You smirked at him before pointing at the pad, “There…that’s it.”

“I don’t see anything different?” He told you, “Other then ‘Barry’s acting weird and pulling a Doc Brown.’”

“That.” You smiled at him for a moment before it faded, “Seriously…Back to the Future, one the greats…”

He shook his head, “I never got into that stuff like you.”

You rolled your eyes, “Time travel, Malcom. Dad time traveled.”

“Really?” He made a face of skepticism.

“Yes.” You told him, “And if he can do it, so can we and we can save mom. We just have to get him to tell us what happened to her.”

“I don’t know, Y/N…” He looked at her, “Time is sensitive. I miss mom too, but…”

“You don’t feel it like I do…” You told him frowning, “I feel it…all of it. From everyone and I don’t want to anymore…mom made it better. She’s the only other empath that we knew.”

He looked away down at his hands knowing the loss of your mother hit you worse then him, “We have to talk to dad first…We have to know exactly what happened. Every detail.”

You nodded, “Okay…but he’s not in a talking mood today.”

Malcom frowned looking up at the sky. You watched his head tilt slightly and you looked up at what he was looking at, “What is that?”

You could feel the fear of the student body starting to ripple toward you as the sky turned black. You looked down shutting your eyes as you made a fist, “I don’t know.”

Malcom looked at you, “Hey…Look at me…” 

You did tears falling down your face, “It’s too much.”

“Let’s go.” He took your hand, “Just follow me.”

You felt him take off first as felt the speed force surge into you. You could feel him sending his calm toward you. The run home was short. He stopped turning to you putting his hands on your shoulders, “Are you okay?”

You took a few deep breaths and nodded, “Yeah…we need to call dad.”

He nodded pulling out his phone dialing as you sat down. You looked out the window. The darkness was rippling from downtown. You stared at it as you heard Malcom, “Dad, wherever you are…just…call us as soon as you can. We had to come home. Something’s happening.”

“He’s out there…” You stood up putting your hand on the window, “They were out there saving someone…he’s saving someone right now.”

“He’ll be okay…” He told you taking your hand, “He’ll come home.”

“How do know?” You looked at him, “Mom didn’t.”

He stood there looking at you unable to think of something to combat that remark. You sighed about to say you were sorry, but the ground shook under your feet. You latched onto your brother to keep from falling.

You both stared at one another as the world went silent, “Malcom…”

There was a crashing noise that made both your heads spin. You moved first to the front living room and saw a red mass laying in the room. Your heart thumped against your chest, “Dad!”

You both raced over to him flipping him over. He was really beat up, “Oh my god…daddy…”

He looked up at both of you, “Run…”

“Dad, no we have to get you help.” Malcom looked at him.

You watched your father reach up grabbing your brother’s head, “Run.” He looked at you, “I’m sorry…”

“Dad…” You watched him pulled himself up groaning as he walked toward the gigantic hole in the side of the house. There was a silhouette out on the street.

“Run as fast as you can and don’t look back.” He told you, “I love you both.”

You both sat there as he launched himself forward. You could tell this had been going for a while, the Flash was only holding on for his children. You shook your head feeling the intense rage and the love of both of the players on the field.  

“Y/N…” Malcom grabbed your arm dragging you up, “We have to go..”

“We can’t leave him…” You tugged the opposite direction that he was pulling, “No…We can’t!”

“We have to!” He shouted grabbing you around the waist and ran. You fought against him until you fell from his arms making him stop miles away, “Y/N…”

“We have to go back…we have to help him!” You shouted getting up.

“We can’t…we’ll only get in the way. We’re a liability to him. We have to go.” Malcom told you.

“No…I won’t accept the death of our dad that easily…” You told him feeling the earth shake under your feet again. You both look back and saw a cloud forming quickly. Your eyes grew wide as it began approaching quickly, “Malcom…”

“Run…Y/N, run!” He shouted as you both took off. 

You ran harder then you ever had. Pushing your legs faster then you thought possible. You looked over seeing Malcom in his own stream. He was looking at you. You shook your head. You knew what he was about to do.

He moved behind you. Having two metahuman parents made you both unique. You both had the speed force, but both had another ability attached to it. You gained your mother’s empathy. Your brother on the other hand could manipulate kinetic energy.

“Mal no!” You felt him put his hands on your back launching you forward faster. You could feel the everything around you melt away as you moved forward. Images flashed around you. All you could think was you wanted your dad. 

You came crashing to a halt rolling against concrete. Bouncing a few times you felt something crack and cried out as you came to a final stop. You groaned rolling onto your back looking up at a building seeing a star before you blacked out.

“…be careful!” You fading away as you heard people running toward you.

“She’s just a kid…Cisco help me get her inside…”


A young Barack Obama, known to his friends as “Barry,” arrives in New York City in the fall of 1981 to begin his junior year at Columbia University. In a crime-ridden and racially charged environment, Barry finds himself pulled between various social spheres and struggles to maintain a series of increasingly strained relationships with his Kansas-born mother, his estranged Kenyan father, and his classmates.Barry is the story of a young man grappling with those same issues that his country, and arguably the world, are still coming to terms with 35 years later. Only on Netflix December 16.

Two Babies [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: can i request how the reader would react to being pregnant with evil!barry’s child? and how evil!barry would react and what he’d be like as a father?

a/n: evil!Barry yo

It’s positive. Oh my god, it’s positive. The tiny stick cradles in your hand as you stare at it in shock. You’re pregnant. With Barry’s baby. The man you have been fucking around with for the past months. What are you going to do? How will he even react?

There’s no use use in hiding it. You can’t even if you tried. The door slams closed, Barry’s black vans dropping on the floor, making an echo. “Babydoll, your man is home! Got you some…thing.” He smirks, bare feet padding on the shaggy off-white carpet, hands behind him.

Thinking fast, you hide the stick in the cabinet, standing in front of it. You smile up at him, fingers toying with the brass handle. His mossy green eyes squint and he stalks towards you, hands landing on the white stone, caging you in. He frowns, looking you up and down; you peck his lips, urging him to make out with you.

His eyes close and he pulls away, lower lip lingering on yours. You know he knows. “What’s up, babydoll? Mmm, what’s wrong?” He hums, lanky index finger dragging along your jaw, the glint in his orbs causing you to sigh. “I asked you a question, babe,” he mutters.

“I’m pregnant!” you sputter, widening your eyes at him. A deep breath escapes you and you avert your gaze at him.

Throwing the silver box on the bathroom counter, it slides, hitting the wall. Barry cups your chin between his pointer finger and thumb, turning your face upward. “It’s mine?” He stares at you intensely; you nod. “And how long, baby, has there been another baby?” he quips, leaning on his other hand as his lips twitch into a smile. Though Barry wouldn’t admit it, he was planning on having a child with you.

Your soft green sleep shirt falls off your shoulder as you run your hands up his bare arms. “Two weeks,” you mumble, “I think.”

Barry hums, grabbing your waist, pushing your shirt up your stomach. Ten long, pale fingers sprawl against your skin. “Now I have two babies to steal for,” he chuckles, lips ghosting your cheek. A baby means Barry has to protect you at all costs.

Headcanon that after so many years with the Young Justice team, Batman sort of accidentally adopted them all. Obviously Dick is his son, since he adopted him after his biological parents died, but he’s so close to Wally that they’re almost like brothers. Then Wally started hanging around at Wayne Manor so much that he has a room and everything, leading to him thinking of Bruce as sort of a third dad (after his father and Uncle Barry). And after finding out about Kaldur being Black Manta’s son, he tries to be a better influence on him and accidentally adopted him too. There’s also Roy, who would stay with Bruce and Dick whenever Ollie was busy and still spends the night every once in a while when he’s too tired to go to his own place.

Then Superman decided to be a deadbeat and ignore his son, so Batdad filled a role and started treating him like his own child. M'gann’s family is back on Mars and J'onn can’t be around all the time, so she hangs out around him and Alfred more often. It didn’t take long for Bruce to take notice of Artemis’ need for a good parental relationship and some love, so he lets her stay at the manor every so often. Then there was the promise he made to Zatara, and Dick was absolutely thrilled to be around Zatanna more often. And Raquel always seemed like an outsider compared to the others, so he unofficially adopted her as well so she could get closer to the other members. Eventually they all start staying over at the manor if a mission ends late or simply for a team bonding sleepover/movie night. And one or two of them might have made the mistake of slipping up and calling Batman “Dad” on occasion.

And that’s how Bruce woke up one morning and realized that he somehow managed to take custody of an entire group of mostly superpowered crime fighting teenagers without even meaning to. Now he’s stuck with a household complete with an acrobat, a hyperactive speedster who doubles as an insane eating machine, two aliens, an Atlantean, a magician, a pair of grumpy archers, and a teenage girl who already has her own baby to take care of (Amistad is canon in the YJ universe I checked). Plus, he has Jason, Tim, and Barbara to worry about. Honestly, he’s just so tired and at this point he not only has to deal with these crazy kids on missions, but now he has to make sure they go to bed on time and provide emotional support since they have more baggage than he does. He stills loves them though and can’t help appreciating the occasional card or tie on Father’s Day.

Her Father Is...?! - Barry Allen/The Flash x Reader

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Summary: Your Deadshot’s daughter, you’ve been keeping this secret from the team and Barry. When Cisco finds out just who this ‘Eagle Eye’ vigilante is, with the blood of the girl who got injured after helping The Flash against meta-humans they realize just who they are around with.

Team Flash has been wondering who this girl was, the one that would randomly show up just on time to either save Barry or just be around in the right time when help is needed. Barry actually didn’t mind the help but still wondered why someone would randomly help even though their aim with a gun was always on point that it kind of amazed him even more.

When Eagle Eye got injured she bleed a bit but had helped The Flash with ending the danger around one area, leaving quickly like she always did she didn’t realize Barry had been watching her leave.

“She left again.” Barry said.
“Dude she got injured right?” Cisco asked over the com.
“Yeah but what does that have to-” Barry started but realized something.
“Exactly! We can figure out who she is with the blood sample!!” Cisco explained.
“Alright be back there soon.” Barry agreed.

Looking around he saw no one was really around and quickly pulled out a cotton swab, apparently the chat with Cisco and Caitlin had been useful since they’ve been wondering who this girl was for months now. She always just came and left.

“Got a sample be there in a flash.” Barry said.

Rushing back he took off his mask and quickly handed the sample to Caitlin, taking it she went ahead to processed it. Cisco went ahead to compare it to any other DNA that their files had. About a good five or so minutes passed before they got a match.

And this match…was one they weren’t ever expecting.

“Oh my god…” Caitlin whispered.
“It’s…” Cisco started.
“It’s (Y/N)?” Barry finished shocked.
“Barry…look who she’s related to.” Caitlin pointed out.

The teams eyes widen as they saw the words right there.

’(Y/N) Lawton - 100% chance rate/related to Floyd Lawton A.K.A Deadshot’

“Her father is…Deadshot? The best assassin there is?” Cisco asked.
“That can’t be right…her last name is (L/N)…” Barry mumbled.
“Wait she hid this from us?” Caitlin asked.
“Course I did.” A female voice spoke.

Turning around they saw Eagle Eye standing there in her black and gold uniform, a mask over her face and a small like looking glass over her eye almost a like look to Deadshots but different.

“Why didn’t you tell us this?” Wells demanded in a question.
“I knew you’d never accept me if you knew who my father was.” You sighed taking off your mask.
“Wait so he’s really your dad?!” Cisco shouted.
“Where else do you think I learned my shots?” You sighed.
“So what we have…means nothing?” Barry asked rather hurt.
“What we have is real, I didn’t want to tell you about my father because I know no one here nor anywhere likes him. He’s done bad things but I’m not him…I’m using what he taught me to help.” You explained.

You knew that the looks they had were hurt, anger and betrayal. So thinking that all this was over you shook your head and left. Once again you’d have to move to a different city and change your last name. It wasn’t like you didn’t love your dad you were a soft spot to him his greatest weakness but to protect him you moved to Central City and went off the map so no one could use you as leverage on him to get whatever they needed from him.

Fighting your tears back you walked into your apartment that was a ten minute walk from Star Labs. Opening the closet door you looked at the empty and folded up boxes and sighed. Another move was gonna be hard but it had to happen since now you lost another good group of friends and what was worse you lost your boyfriend Barry Allen who you loved a lot.

He was actually the first guy you fell in love with and were overjoyed when he asked you out, dating Barry was something you actually loved. He brought so much happiness to you that you never thought you’d be having him not in your life.

“Well he is now..” You frowned as tears finally rolled down your cheeks.
**Back With The Team**
“Guys she hasn’t done anything wrong.” Barry explained.
“She lied to us Barry.” Cisco countered.
“But she must of had a good reason to, it was clear she wasn’t proud of what her father was doing…so we just let her go? Let her leave?” Barry asked.
“She could be dangerous, she could’ve killed us whenever she wanted to. You saw her out there Barry…she’s got the best aim like her father.” Wells explained.
“But she didn’t kill anyone.” Barry defended you.
“Yet.” Wells ended the conversation by leaving.

Barry sighed and sat down on a chair in the Cortex, he knew you weren’t lying since he saw the hurt in your eyes that you always try to hide from him and the others. It was just how you were. Even if he was mad that you didn’t seem to trust him enough with the information on who your father was he believed it had to be for a reason.

“What if she was scared to tell us?” Caitlin spoke up after thinking.
“Scared of what?” Cisco asked.
“Scared to tell us who her father was…maybe she was afraid how we will react.” Caitlin suggested.
“And we reacted the way she thought we would.” Barry said slowly.
“Oh god….(Y/N).” Caitlin said worriedly.
“I gotta go to her!” Barry explained.

Both Caitlin and Cisco nodded and Barry rushed out, he was at your house within seconds thanks to his powers. Frowning he noticed you were packing up your things and more fear formed within his chest.

“Don’t!” Barry shouted.
“What are you doing here?” You asked, voice cracking.
“I’m sorry we reacted the way we did, we were shocked at this…but it doesn’t mean we don’t trust you anymore…please stay.” Barry explained, slowly walking to you.
“Why should I? I lost my friends…and you.” You cried.
“No you didn’t, it doesn’t matter to me who your father is…your not him. Your you.” Barry told.

Cupping your cheeks in his hands he leaned in close to you, oh how much this boy loved you. If he could he’d scream it out loud but due to wanting to keep you safe from his rivals he would make due with telling you with each moment he could.

“I love you, (Y/N) okay? Don’t ever doubt it.” Barry whispered.
“I love you too, Barry…please don’t leave me.” You cried.
“I wont, I’m never letting go of you.” Barry replied.

Hearing these words comforted you more then you had thought, but just knowing that finally you were accepted despite who your father was made you feel so happy. Sure you were one of those tough girls who didn’t take crap from anyone (one thing Barry loved about you.) and sure you put off the ‘I have nothing to fear’ type of attitude..but you were still human.

You did have some fears and weaknesses.

One was Barry.

Two was your friends.

And yes…Three was your father.

Even if he does kill others for money he did make enough time to be there for you and be as much of a father that he could be.

Thankfully you wouldn’t have to move now cause you had a home, a new family and a wonderful boyfriend who accepted you no matter what happened.

They’re not fucking brother and sister. Who cares if they grew up together!!! IT DOESN’T FUCKING MATTER! THEY ARE NOT FUCKING BROTHER AND SISTER!!! Joe is not Barry’s father. Idk if you were paying attention but that spot goes directly to Henry. You know him right. The guy Barry lost all his shit over and changed the time line for??? Ringing any bells???

Joe did a great thing and opened his home to Barry. And you all are just using it as a way say westallen is incest. It’s so FUCKING DUMB.

Idk why I’m even writing this….It’s just getting ridiculous at this point. Like how are people even still asking Candice that question. I just needed to get it out…



“SINS OF THE FATHER” finale! Wally’s quest for knowledge about his villainous father takes him and Barry Allen to the Australian outback and into the debt of Captain Boomerang, one of The Flash’s oldest enemies and the last person to see Wally’s father, Reverse-Flash, alive.

On sale MARCH 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Barry finding out that Snart died a hero hit me in the feels. In that one episode last season with Snarts father, Barry told him that he knows there's good in him despite his criminal ways. He must be very proud of him :').