father allah

songs I've been listening to a lot lately old and new

good songs I’ve been listening to :
get away - yuck
thinking about you - the big scary
chamber of reflection - Mac demarco
dissolve me - alt j
cobwebs- animal collective
street flash - animal collective
the purple bottle - animal collective
raspberry cane - youth lagoon
mute - youth lagoon
everything is happening so fast - mgmt
tiny dancer ( never gets old ) - Elton John
band on the run - Paul McCartney and wings
advanced falconry - mutual benefit
I just wanna die - FIDLAR
unfucktheworld- angel Olsen
post production - over the Atlantic
walkabout - atlas sound
oh Louie - Shannon and the clams
beetles - warpaint
liar - built to spill
Crimson and clover - tommy James and the shondells
I think it’s beautiful that you are 256 colors too - black moth super rainbow
skeleton key - Margot and the nuclear so sos
float forever - peace
jump into the fog - the wombats
what’s a girl to do - bat for lashes
last night at the jetty - panda bear
how can you really - foxygen
anemone - their satanic majesties second request
heartbreaker - girls
all die young - smith westerns
horse race - colormusic
the city in the sea - crystal stilts
Nancy from now on - father john misty
nightmare of you - I want to be buried in your backyard
tell me ( what’s on your mind ) - Allah-las
Bisou magique- melodys echo chamber
the sun was high - best coast
the hours - beach house
other people - beach house
sad girl - lana del rey
you and me - disclosure
she’s a rainbow - the Rolling Stones
im gonna crawl - led zep
punching in a dream - the naked and famous
Simeon’s dilemma - why
election - don dilego
never known love - thieves like us
bad kids- black lips
Billie holiday - warpaint
snow days - real estate
stop crying your eyes out - oasis
Caesar - Ty segall
one million lovers - the growlers
golden age - beach fossils
sleeping lessons - the shins
curse of curves - cute is what we aim for
ice hotels - dinosaur bones
daughters and empty space - the story so far
song for zula - phosphorescent
and many many many more

Dear Sister’s,
Beware on social networking sites; it’s easy to chat with boys these days. The chat start with simple message and then exchange of pictures and sometime lead to sexting. Please be careful don’t trust boys; their are some boys who share the chats with their friends and make fun. So if any guy say he’s interested in you ask him to talk with your father directly. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala grant you all righteous spouse who will be the coolness of your eyes.
Allahumma Ameen

Sunez  "We didnt Make up that the Black man is GOD"  

SubhanAllah, contemplate on these verses....

O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness - that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember.

O children of Adam, let not Satan tempt you as he removed your parents from Paradise, stripping them of their clothing to show them their private parts. Indeed, he sees you, he and his tribe, from where you do not see them. Indeed, We have made the devils allies to those who do not believe.

And when they commit an immorality, they say, “We found our fathers doing it, and Allah has ordered us to do it.” Say, “Indeed, Allah does not order immorality. Do you say about Allah that which you do not know?”

Sisters please take heed!
A man who truly loves you will move mountains to make you his wife and make you halal for himself.
He will spoil you rotten with his love, respect, compassion and trust.
He will enter from the front door and get to know you infront of your wali. He will prove his worth and he will prove why he should be considered to be your husband and put your parents at ease.
A man without a backbone and fear of Allah will destroy your deen and keep you as his girlfriend. He will flirt and talk and chat and meet. And he will keep delaying things because he is “not ready” or he will ultimately end it because “his mother is against it”.
Be smart.
Do not waste your time, energy and love on a jerk who doesn’t care about your akhira or his own akhira.
You donot want such a father for your kids.
Allah has already written the name of your spouse and the date of your wedding. It will happen when its meant to happen.
Do not lower your standard or compromise your deen.

Just think about the times our beloved Prophet pbuh would cry for his future ummah, for us. Today we are being attacked, falsely accused and treated worse than animals all over the world by non-muslims and even by each other. The Prophet pbuh knew about a lot of things, even things he never spoke about. Maybe he saw this day. Maybe he saw his ummah in pieces begging Allah to save them. And as a father would weep before Allah for his family to be saved from pain, our Prophet prayed the same way for his ummah.

If he loved us that much, maybe we should try harder to get to know him, to love him back and understand the way he cared so much. Maybe only then, we too would worry about our ummah the way he did.

Happy Physical Degree Day to the Founder of the Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths

Gods and Earths keep adding onto this culture.

Peace to all the Gods and Earths.

Peace to all those seeking to learn more about the Allah’s Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths.

Please go through the archives.

And thanks for following for whatever reason.

As we spread Knowledge and Wisdom to all the Human Families of the planet Earth.


“By the  Lord of the Ka'bah, I have succeeded.”

The words that Hazrat Ali ebn Abi Taleb (AS) said, after beeing hit with a poisoned sword during prayer. Today, the 21th Ramadan, marks the Imam’s (AS) martyr. A day where the Umah lost the best man after the Prophet (S), lost justice, the door to Allah (SWT) and the merciful father who all orphans are missing.