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I am a HORRIBLE father.

duizhangdeluxe replied to your post: I mean Suho is the father of eight man children…

SAME i think people on tumblr assume dominance = daddy kink for some weird reason but they def don’t have to be related, and i think suho ABSOLUTELY would love trading dominance play :’)

listen don’t even get me started because !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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did all of my artworks with @kyletwebster amazing brushes


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

You’re the lover of a Queen who use to rule over the kingdom with kindness. You were the kid she use to practice sword fighting with, and she was the young princess who slipped you money for your family to eat and taught you how to read. As you grew up together, you were excited for the prospect of being the Queen’s protector, lover and father to her children. The power has driven her mad though, she’s cruel and sadistic, and her only pleasure is to torture those who serve her. A servant who owes you her life informs you of the your lover’s plans for your assassination. You have a choice; kill your lover and take over the kingdom for yourself, or let her continue to rule and escape to live your life on the run.

Magical baby finder!

Say it with me now everybody;



a magical baby-finder what can tell Anakin Skywalker who his children are.





Darth Vader doesn’t know who Luke is until he’s told the name of the Force sensitive pilot who destroyed the Death Star. He couldn’t even sense Luke until Luke actually used the Force in the Death Star trench. Untrained Force sensitives do not go PING PING PING on your handy dandy Force Radar, even less the “magical relationship and baby-finder” extra app that doesn’t exist.

Darth Vader can’t tell that Leia is his daughter because she isn’t trained and thus doesn’t ping in the Force and they have no personal relationship and Vader… doesn’t know who she is to him.

Darth Vader can’t tell Luke is his son before he’s told his name. Their handy dandy telepathic connection? Does not come into existence until AFTER Luke has been told who Vader is and thus is as aware of Vader (and who/what he is) and there’s enough of something like a “relationship” for the Force to ping off on.

The Force, friends, droids, galactic citizens of the Republic and Empire and various sundry criminal elements and Hutts,

is not


magical baby-finder

You will understand someday when you are a parent yourself.

basically every emotionally abusive parent ever

And then the cycle starts again with another round of douchebags raising children.


Soooo, i had some thoughts about Colleen Holt. and ofc angst. 

super sorry if you cant read the text. its basically a report of the disappearance of the kids and the Kerberos mission.