I’ve finally given in and have decided to try, emphasis on try, to start posting my workout progress. Personally, I’ve never liked seeing anything workout related because weight-loss is a touchy subject for me. I don’t like the word and the assumptions that come with it, but maybe that’s just me. Here’s to new beginnings and Daryl Dixon arms, I suppose? #fatgirlworkout #workout #fitness #ish

Remember That Time I Scheduled an Appointment at the Gym and Was Fat-Shamed?

Welcome to Tumblr, blog readers! I’m sorry for any complications if you were trying to read my blog between yesterday and this morning, I was transferring everything over here because Blogger’s platform really was not cutting it anymore. 

If you don’t remember my nervous fiasco with this gym , read the post here and come back. Oh, hey! So, my gym membership officially expired. Yep. But, I got an email the other day saying I was late on a payment, so I figured I’d give in to their shady scheme of getting members to stay and I’d go in. I was nervous, but I needed a gym, and I knew that I will always be intensely intimidated by the recreation center at school, so bam. There it is. 

Mama and I went in there today, and I got my membership back! I got a cute little tour and jesus christ, the machines are cray. There’s one sit down elliptical machine, there are all of these big red weight machines, and this insane cardio machine that has a weight machine built into it! Crazy. I can picture myself on it already, being all confused and getting tangled in the mess of resistance bands. 

So, anyway. I have an appointment Monday at noon. I’m excited because this gym is so nice and it’ll be a huge step up from the waste of space that my apartment complex considers to be a gym. I’m excited to see how it works out! I can cancel at anytime, which is nice! While I was getting the tour, there was no mention of my weight, no mention of weighing myself, and no other fat-shaming mentions. The gym was practically dead, it must have been the time of day, which I’ll need to remember! 

I’ll be posting soon about my adventure in healthier eating, and just having a healthier lifestyle. I hope that all of you with Tumblr with start following my blog so it’ll pop up on your dashboard! 

xo cortnie