Bliss FatGirlSixPack

I received am email today from Sephora because I’m a Beauty Insider who spends way too much money on makeup.

One product that really caught my eye (and my wallet’s eye) is the FatGirlSixPack “tummy-toning” gel. According to the description, this gel assists in the toning and firming of your midsection. It does not aid in weight loss, nor can you expect to lose 6 inches around your middle.

Honestly, these types of miracle gels and creams always leave me a bit skeptical, so I read a few reviews before I dismissed the product immediately. A few woman claimed that while they did see some differences around their tummy, they decided to use this product on the cellulite around their thighs, and it worked great.

I have some unsightly dimples and unevenness around my thighs so I am tempted to give this try. At $38, I’m hoping Bliss is giving me a product that will live up to its description, even if I am using it against its true intentions.

Have you ever tried a Bliss product? What are your thoughts?

Bliss FatGirlSixPack $38.00 http://tinyurl.com/csmdkw2