I realized today that I am now down 90 lbs!
I haven’t lost a single pound in a month. I weighed myself this morning and I lost two pounds! Wohoooo I have 25 lbs to my goal weight, and then I’m good to go!
Anyway, last year at this time, I was squeezing myself into size 20-22 clothes…. today, this is a size 8 dress. I put it on and I had one of those - “holy crap, I am not fat anymore,” moments!
I have to say, I am freakin proud of myself! Previously when I have “dieted,” and I would plateau, I would just give up and go back to my old eating habits, but NOT THIS TIME!!!
I was consistent with my meals and no snacking! As someone who eats out of boredom or trying to avoid feeling stuff, I have conquered my Mt. Everest!


I challenge the non-Asian folks to me tell what fruit this is. Also, if you are Bengali and don’t know what it is, then ask your parents. #fruit #tropicalfruit #thisfruitcancureworldhunger #thisfruit #bengali #bangladesh #bangladeshifruit #nationalfruitofbangladesh #vegan #raw #rawvegan #desifruit #sweet #natural #nature #fatgirlproblems #nutritious

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I work in a place that has no AC and it gets to about 110 in the place add humidity to that and its hell. im not wearing pants or a shirt with sleeves its to hot and sticky.
i was approached by a girl who i work with and told me i was not allowed to wear what i was wearing. Now keep in mind i work with skinny girls who wear less and they are in the AC part of the place.

Fat girl problems

I hate skinny girls who ask me if I wanna workout with them to ”get fit.”

First of all, skinny girls are fucking skinny no fucking shit but tell me, when was the last time you tried to lose 20-50 pounds?  Here’s the answer: never. You don’t know how it feels to be overweight your whole life because you’ve probably been skinny your whole life so it comes “easy.” You can run a month and get abs, for me it might take years. That doesn’t mean I don’t run my ass off.

2) “You should exercise and eat healthy.” Hey dumbfuck you must think you’re a profound genius giving me common knowledge advice? Are you an RD? Are you constantly monitoring my dietary intake and logging the amount of energy im exerting? Thank you for your words of wisdom girl who eats hot cheetos for dinner. I do not make excuses for myself, I am more aware of my body than anyone else. Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I’m uneducated but it does mean you’re a smartass.

3) Your body is not the same as my body. Do not act like we are all made equal. We do not retain fat in the same areas, our metabolisms are not indentical and you will never know how it feels like to be me.

4) The struggles are fucking real. Eating disorders are fucking real. Body image issues are real. Mental, physical abuse, depression, self-harm, personality disorders, down to daddy/mama issues these are all fucking real.  HOPELESSNESS IS REAL. and sometimes its easier to give in than to keep fighting. Your input on my weight does not help in any way and more than likely will make me hate myself even more.  Just remember nothing’s black and white. There’s always more to every story.

5) Nigga you dont know me. never ever ever act like you’re better than me. Want some good advice? Stay humble. You can still be 200pounds and run 8 minute miles. Theres no way for you to know how fast i run, how much I workout, how much I lift, how many mountains I’ve climbed, or what my body’s capable of. The level of fat on me doesn’t do what’s underneath justice.

6) Muscle matters. I can assure you one of my quads are equivalent to all the muscle on your body because I am fucking heavy. No complaints here. I’m strong as fuck.

7) MY BODY IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. If I wanted your advice I’d ask for it. I’ve never never asked another person to judge me in my life. I don’t wake up in the morning yearning for your approval. Do us all a favor and keep your negative opinions to yourself.

I am my own savior. I’m fully aware of my own existence, my self-worth,  my self destructive behavior and I’m CONSTANTLY trying to reach enlightenment every single day but damn

The next time someone tries to give me “skinny” advice I think I’m gonna punch them in the throat.