Did Chapter 13 today. Here’s Ardyn talking about MTs and Prompto’s “secret”

Ardyn: The infantry units you callously dub “MTs” all began as babes in this very facility. Imprinted with serial codes and incubated until they were strong enough to fight. What a pity. Innocent souls fated to suffer…at the hands of a foreign king. Well, not so “MT” after all, are they?

Ardyn: The most fascinating tidbit about your dear Prompto…

Noctis: What….?

Ardyn: Turns out, he’s not empty either. He’s got quite the “skeleton in his closet”.

Diamondelf193 Masterlist

Here it finally is! Everything that I’ve ever written and will write is all right here. Check this often since it will be regularly updated!

1. Every Rose Has its Thorn - (Smut rating) - G Dragon

Status: Completed

Kwon Jiyong. Better known as the one and only G Dragon. Party boy and superstar. After a drunken one night stand with his new red velvet haired stylist, Victoria, the two begin a friends with benefits relationship. The arrangement seems perfect, until Jiyong is tested on what he’s willing to do to keep it a secret from the public eye, and Taeyang’s new promiscuous lady is always determined to get her way. With betrayal left and right, it’s only a matter of time until Jiyong begins to feel like this relationship should be kept exclusive.

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

2. MAMACITA - Super Junior

Status: Completed

A newcomer helps new and mysterious friends catch most wanted criminals and fall in love in an old western society. Because of their decisions, their dark pasts start being revealed.

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

3. I Know You Like Me - Kim Heechul

Status: Completed

Sometimes the one you hate most is the one you love. Superstar and diva, Kim Heechul, and SM trainee, Leenah Jung, have an instant irrational hatred for one another. Several obstacles cross their path, testing their hatred and care for each other. In the process, one just might admit feelings for their SM rival. Who will confess first?

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38

4. Maybe Tomorrow - Kim Ryeowook

Status: Completed but going through editing - Coming Soon

Wattpad & Asianfanfics Exclusive

Spontaneous Kim Sungah meets the shy Kim Ryeowook. Helping him overcome all of his insecurities, Sungah shows him what a true first love fantasy is all about. But that’s just it. A fantasy. A game. Ryeowook immediately falls head over heals in love with Sungah, but eventually, he begins to question if her love for him is real or if he’s just a rebound guy.

5. The Prince’s Maiden - Cho Kyuhyun

Status: Hiatus

In the midst of three vampire brothers fighting for the throne, a peasant girl becomes a faithful servant of the prince who falls for her. Along the way of making her way up the ranks to join him in the kingdom, choices of love, betrayal, and torture come into play…

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

6. I Needed Her - (Mature Rating) - Kim Taehyung, BTS

Status: Completed (Sample only available)

Good boy Taehyung befriends a group of delinquents, which not only seals his, but also everyone else’s fate. Loss of innocence, loss of chance, loss of love, for what? In a life with nothing but pain, one cannot expect everyone to make it out alive. Will sanctuary ever come?

Chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

7. Paparazzi - Suho, Sehun

Status: Hiatus

Wattpad & Tumblr Exclusive

Lee Soona and her fellow group of sasaengs reek havoc on the sensational EXO. Soona is determined to reveal all of their secrets even if it means betraying everyone she knows and getting close to the one she admires most; Kim Junmyeon himself. They cause havoc. They threaten. They scar. They ruin. They stalk. The worst of it is, is that they might never stop…

Chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

8. Human Again《我是003》- Wang Junkai

Status: Hiatus

Wattpad & Tumblr Exclusive

Can love from one person be enough to feel human? AI 003, Zhang Lihua, looks after Xia Chang An as an experiment to test if an AI’s programmed mind can feel and change from one human thing; love. Only now, it’s no longer an experiment. Thanks to Chang An, Lihua will soon realize what it really means to be human, but it may already be too late.

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

9. Puppy Love - Park Chanyeol

Status: Ongoing

Marianne’s new puppy must try to adapt to human life after mysteriously transforming, but they must be careful when falling in love because a wolf can only mate with one for life. It won’t be long until they realize this pup’s master might have a few unknown mysteries of her own.

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

10. The Devil’s Spy - Yesung

Status: Coming Soon

Wattpad Exclusive

Violet is kidnapped for ransom and top spy Yesung is assigned to protect her because of a powerful artifact she possesses. But there is a traitor in their midst. After the murder of one of their own, competing spies all come together to find out just who the corrupt culprit is…

Chapters: (Undecided)

11. My Little Fake Chef - Zhang Yixing

Status: Coming Soon

Cha Seoyeon is a famous chef who decides to take part in the world’s biggest cooking competition for chefs from across the globe to represent their countries. Before the competition even begins, Seoyeon is a guaranteed winner, that is, until her identical twin sister, Cha Miyeon who has no cooking experience, secretly takes Seoyeon’s place after she is injured in a car accident. Will Miyeon’s artistic skills and knowledge from watching Seoyeon and cooking shows be enough to win? Or will she have to rely on the help from a handsome Chinese competitor?

Chapters: (Undecided)

12. Let Me Stay With You - Leeteuk

Status: Coming Soon

Wattpad Exclusive

Min SunJi connects to Super Junior’s Leeteuk through dreams, understanding his struggles and helps him find the strength to live on. When they meet, SunJi realizes she wasn’t the only one having those dreams of their destined bond…

Chapters: (Undecided)

13. When In London - Lee Donghae

Status: Coming Soon

Wattpad Exclusive

While in London, Lee Donghae meets SoonYee, who seems to be unaware of her past and existing troubles just like himself. After Donghae falls for her, SoonYee will soon learn that her frequent dream may have already happened before…

Chapters: (Undecided)

14: VIXX: the Circus - Lee Hongbin

Status: Coming Soon

Wattpad Exclusive

The VIXX Circus. It has everything. The Ringmaster, the Animal Tamer, the Fire Bender, the Illusionist Magician, the Psychic Fortune Teller…The Freak. The freak show is what makes the circus worth going to. They have many stunts and surprises to show you… Secrets to reveal. So come on down, and let the Ringmaster show you around. VIXX: the circus, enter, if you dare…

Chapters: (Undecided)

15. Bound to the Maze

Chapters: (About 20-30 chapters each part)

simple pt. 2 // peter parker

word count: about 4k

a/n: the much requested part two, thank you very much for the encouragement!! tell me if you want a part 3 :) and warning for offensive language <3 once again unedited bc i’m lazy

part 1



When you’re in love, the world suddenly feels like a better place. Okay, maybe you don’t want to use the word ‘love’ to describe a relationship with a person you’re just getting to know. You just like him a lot. Scenes of Peter’s cute little grin and his eyes crinkling when he smiles flash in your head. And now, you can call him whenever you want.

But you weren’t lying when you said you wouldn’t be able to call him quite yet. You know you’re going to be too tired by the time you take off your suit. And you still have your homework on top of that. In your hierarchy of priorities, first comes being a superhero, next comes school, and then Peter. Though sometimes the line between the first and second blur. You might not even be able to call him tomorrow as you promised, much to your dismay. But as much as your heart wants to put Peter above everything else, you know better than to be irrational like that.

You’re still happy that you got somewhere with him, though. You just hope he’ll understand that you get busy.

You practically skip down the street with your earbuds in, feeling a little bit crazy for doing so but hardly caring. You hurry into your usual alleyway and set your bag down. You tuck away your phone and earphones into your backpack and slide off your clothes. As you do so, you think you hear a noise and turn around to face the street. You see nothing, strangely enough. You change a little faster and slide on your mask. Shoving your street clothes away, you hide your bag. You wait on the roof, hoping the sound you’d heard was just a figment of your imagination.You can’t afford to have your alter ego exposed to the public when you want to keep on the down low.

Soon enough, Spider-Man swings his way up and takes his seat beside you swiftly. “S/N!”

You look over at him and smile, once again forgetting that your mask hides your expressions. “Spidey, there you are!”

“Why do you call me Spidey? I always honor you by calling you by your whole name.” He opens his hand to reveal two silver Kisses. “A kiss for you, a kiss for me.”

You don’t know if this is a sly way of hinting at something, but you take it anyway. You unwrap it and carefully slide your hand under your mask to eat it. “Spidey is cute, don’t you think? Spider-Man sounds intimidating, like you’re an Avenger or something.” He looks away from you. Realizing what you just said, you curse internally. “Don’t take it that way. It’s just…if you become one of the Avengers…I won’t have you with me.” He turns to look at you again, tilting his head to the side slightly.

You pause. “I know how selfish that sounds, when the world needs saving and all. But I like this. Talking to you while I beat people up. Buying you churros. Having a friend that gets my struggles. I don’t want to lose you.” Your throat tightens at the thought of doing this whole hero thing alone. You gaze down at the ground far below, at the cars rushing by and people going about their day. You don’t even know if you’d be able to do this without Spider-Man in your ear making you laugh off the pain that comes with the job. He’s your support system.

“S/N, you’ll never lose me. I’ll still be friendly neighborhood Spider-Man when the entire world doesn’t need me. It’s okay! Even better, you can keep buying me as many churros as you want.”

You give a sad little laugh, trying not to choke up. He doesn’t understand. That’s how good of a guy he is. “Don’t you get it, Spidey? It’s not that simple. Being one of them isn’t going to be the same. You won’t be fighting weak idiots who decided to rob a bank. Not only will you get hurt, but so will your loved ones. There are dangerous people out there, ones that you might not be ready for. And people might die. I know that this is all going to torment you, because as much as you’ll want to, you won’t be able to save everyone.”

“I don’t know why you’re worrying about me so much all of a sudden. I can take care of myself, believe it or not. I’m tired of people treating me like a little kid. First, it’s Mr. Stark, and now you. Don’t you get it? I have this opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Save people and be a hero, with my heroes.”

You realize now that this is a dream come true for him. He isn’t going to let you get in the way of that. He’ll have to see for himself, and realize that you’re right on his own. Maybe that’s just his fate, for his innocence to be stripped away by reality at fifteen. Just the thought of it makes you feel like the scum of the earth.

“I’m not saying you have to do anything. This is all up to you. I’m just reminding you not to get blinded by your love for the Avengers and make yourself aware of the dangers.” He stares at the horizon, hopefully thinking about what you said. “Anyway, we should get going. It’s getting late.”

He stands up quickly and pulls you up. For the longest time, you stare at each other. Sometimes, you wish you could rip the mask off his face just so you could figure out what he’s thinking. It’s so hard guessing through the voice filters.

You’re trying your hardest to understand Spider-Man, so you slowly wrap your arms around him in an embrace. You rest your forehead on his shoulder. He hugs you back tightly as he mumbles, “I just wish you’d come with me. Then you could meet Mr. Stark and then he’d probably make some deadpan joke about teenagers in the Avengers and you’d think it’s the funniest thing ever.”

You snort, feeling a tear roll down your cheek under the mask. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Avengers.”

“That’s exactly what I mean, S/N! You’d get along with him so well. Please, think about it. For me?” He pulls away to look at you, hands on your shoulders.

You groan and shove him away. “You can’t pull that card on me. You’re my Kryptonite.”

“I am? What about that guy you like?”

“He’s amazing. And everything I could ask for, honestly. He gave me his number today.”

He pauses, scratching the back of his neck. “Oh, h-he did?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know when I’ll ever get time to call him, y'know. With the whole…” You motion to your suit.

“Well, what about me?”

A beat. “What about you?”

“You don’t…like me?” You turn to look at him, and remember what you had felt yesterday. You feel a little bad for forgetting about that.

“Of course I do. But the difference between you and Pe - I mean, the guy I like, is that I know him. I don’t know your name, I don’t know how old…wait a second. A minute ago, you said we were both teenagers. How did you know that?” You frown and cross your arms accusingly.

“Uh, I-I think I’d know if I was a teenager or not.”

“Spider-Man,” you say threateningly.

“Okay, okay. I just assumed, 'cause like, you talk about school. And the way you talk, it doesn’t really sound like a college student or anything. You sound like me. So…to me, you felt around my age. It was just an assumption.”

For a moment, you don’t believe it. But then again, you guess it makes sense. You just didn’t expect him to be that observant. Spider senses? You don’t even know if spiders are that keen. The only thing you know is that they’re arachnids and make annoying ass webs in the unreachable corners of your room. You consider reading up on spiders sometime.

“Oh, okay. Uh, what was I saying…? Right. You’re a cute guy, Spidey, but you and I both know we wouldn’t go far without knowing who the other is.” You try to sound as gentle as can, swallowing.

“Yeah,” he sighs. “You’re right. You always are. Uh, it’s getting a little late, we should get going.” He sets a hand on your shoulder, making your heart race a little. You do your best to ignore it.

You nod, smiling a little underneath your mask. “Ready?” You both leap off the edge, eager to get started.

Hours later, you’ve showered and gotten comfortable in your sweats and old t-shirt. You grab your backpack and sit on your bed, digging around for your homework. You find the slip of paper with Peter’s phone number scrawled on it with messy handwriting. Sighing, you stuff it back in. You’re faced with a dilemma of the worst kind. Spider-Man might as well be your best friend. He’s hilarious, daring, and he understands you better than everyone else. But Peter Parker is the boy you’ve liked ever since you laid eyes on him, and you’re just getting to know how funny and sweet he is. Choosing between them simply doesn’t feel like an option.

You know, rationally, that you should choose Peter. Spider-Man is complex and full of secrets and mysteries. But he’s the one who makes you laugh so hard you have tears streaming from your eyes and your stomach hurt. He’s the one you did stupid things with. He’s the shoulder you lean on when you’re upset about something. He deserves more than you can promise.

This just isn’t fair to you. You can’t possibly like both of them. You’re not even polyamorous, dammit. Even if you were, Spider-Man and Peter would have to like each other, too. Yikes. You’re not even sure if…

This is getting too strange for you to think about, so you decide to stop there.

You grab your phone from your bag and scroll through your contacts until you reach the one labeled 'Spidey’ with a spider emoji next to it. You’ve never called him while you’re not out in your suit. You consider calling him for a moment but remember that he told you he had tons of work to do. You scroll back up to 'Iris’ instead and call her.

“Y/N! What’s up?” You hear the familiar excited voice on the other end.

“Iris. Uh, sorry if you’re busy or anything. I just needed someone to, um, talk to.” You cross your legs and lean back against your pillows.

“Oh, yeah, of course. What happened?” Iris asks slowly and seriously.

“Boy trouble. There are two of them, and -”

“Say no more. You’re dealing with a love triangle, right?”

“Wow, yeah, how did you -”

“I just know these things, Y/N. So, spill.”

“I mean, there’s not much else to say. I feel like such an asshole, being in a situation where I’m actually considering choosing.”

“You can’t choose. I think you care too much about people to do something like that.”

“But what else can I do?”

“Well, you actually have a few options. The first would be to abandon both and be miserable. The next would be to accept your assholishness and try to keep both of them. Without the other knowing, that is.” She sounds weirdly calm about this.

You cut her off this time, your expression turning a bit horrified. “Iris, no! Do you have any solutions I can actually, like, go through with?”

There’s a pause. “Uh, not really. But I’ll investigate some more options! And then I’ll -”

“Investigate…wait, that’s it. Iris, thank you so, so much! I really underestimated you, and I stand corrected. Okay bye!” You hang up before she can respond, struck by a sudden idea.

You practically leap off of your bed, ready to start. But as you try and land in cool position, you trip over your desk chair and land with a thud. It looked cooler when Spider-Man did it. You clutch your side, groaning. To no one in particular, you say, “I’m okay!”

You scramble to stand up, rubbing your side for a while before sitting at your desk. Grabbing a notepad, you scribble down words only coherent to you. There are a few things that don’t make sense right now. Spider-Man was being weird today, so maybe if you find out something he hasn’t told you, you can have a reason to keep out to his business. If nothing else, it’s something to do to at least keep you distracted.

By the time you’re finished, it’s late. Papers are littered across your table and your room is somehow more of a mess. Satisfied, you turn to your bed again, ready for the blissful release of sleep. Your eyes fall on your school bag, and the math textbook peeking out of it. “God, why?” you groan, setting your head in your hands.

At school the next day, you feel a little dead inside. You’re sleep-deprived and upset at a million things. You guess it’s just one of those days. But when your eye catches Peter across the hallway, all of that melts away like butter. He’s wearing his blue sweater and has his earphones in as he walks. He doesn’t see you, so you turn away and head to class instead.

The whole day goes by in a daze except for Chemistry. From beside you, Peter says quietly, “No sleep?”

“It’s that obvious, huh?” You twirl your pencil between your fingers, looking at the board.

“Homework wasn’t that bad, was it?” His eyebrows furrow for a moment.

“Well, I, uh…sort of stayed up worrying myself sick about a friend. And then I realized I had homework.”

“What were you so worried about?”

“Nothing that matters.”

Peter doesn’t push further, instead letting the silence sit while you open up the textbook to take notes. Finally, he says, “Oh yeah, I forgot. Um, I gave you the wrong number yesterday. Like, by accident of course. Not on purpose on anything, in case that’s what you were thinking. Not that I think you’d think that. But it was my old number, so -”

“Peter, shut up.”

“O-okay.” He watches you silently as you write down something in your notebook. You look back up at him when you’re done.

“Just give me your new number after class. Don’t stress out.” You give an encouraging smile. You have a feeling he’s trying to hide something, but you don’t bug him about it. He didn’t push you on your secrets, so you let him have his own.

Peter nods and smiles back, sliding his palms against his jeans. He’s so nervous, it’s hard for you to not find it a little adorable. You’re plenty nervous yourself, of course. You’re always an anxious mess around Peter, and your heart rate’s been out of the roof the whole period. You’re just slightly better at hiding it than he is.

“Do you have paper?” Peter asks at the end of class, putting away his books.

“Uh, yeah, I should…” You dig through your bag, taking out some of your things and placing them on the table as you search. “Ah, here we go.” You come up with a piece of paper, glancing at Peter.

In his hand is one of the papers that was in your bag. His eyebrows are furrowed as he shows you the paper. It’s titled 'Things Spider-Man is doing that are weirder than usual’. Your eyes widen as you snatch it away and stuff it into your bag.

“I can explain, but later. I gotta hurry to class,” you say hurriedly.

“Sighing, Peter quickly writes a number down and hands it to you. "Sorry,” you mumble, glancing back at him once more before racing off. Now you need to make a list for Peter too, with the way he’s being today. It’s all very fishy to you.

When you and Spider-Man meet at your spot, there’s no mention about Stark or the Avengers from either of you. You think that’s probably for the best. You continue along as you normally do, making jokes and trying to have fun.

“Which is why the suit works the way it does! It make everything a whole lot easier. Sometimes I just want to take it apart and look at how beautiful the work is. Of course, it’s all by my hand anyway, so I don’t need to take anything apart. I kinda know where everything is.” You excitedly talk about your suit to Spider-Man, explaining mechanical features.

For a few seconds, there’s silence. He finally speaks, sounding as dreamy as someone can with a dumb voice filter in. “I could listen to you all day, S/N.”

“W-What?” You ask, a little taken aback by the sudden comment.

“Hm?” He says, playing innocent. “What was that?”

“Oh, nothing,” you say as you try not to grin under your mask. Under your breath, you mutter, “Clever little asshole.”

“What?” Comes the response this time.

“Huh? What’d you say?”

Spider-Man starts laughing on the other end, and eventually you join him too.

Incidents like these happen frequently with Spidey over the next few days. Meanwhile, you and Peter seem to keep ending up in mildly embarrassing situations involving each other. You don’t know whether to feel shame or start laughing. You still haven’t gotten around to calling Peter, either.

And then in your own time, you start finding correlations between what Peter says or does and what Spider-Man will say or do. They’re just little things, like Peter scratching the back of his neck when he’s embarrassed and then Spider-Man showing the same habit later on. You don’t know what that means. Are Peter and Spider-Man just very similar? Or is there something else going on? For a while, you think that your good friend Spidey and Peter know each other somehow. That means they might have picked up habits, which explains a lot. But it doesn’t explain everything.

You ponder over this as you start your walk from school. Suddenly, you get a little curious and search around in your backpack. You come up with a crumpled piece of white paper with the first number that Peter gave you and the other paper with the second number. Pulling out your phone, you dial the first number. You don’t expect anything to happen. Who knows, maybe he accidentally gave you the New York Rejection Hotline.

You press the call button. Instantly, the contact name 'Spidey ’ comes up, and your eyes widen. Almost instantly, he answers, voice filtered as always. “S/N, what’s taking you so long?”

You feel numb inside. Your hand drops to your side as you stop in your tracks. People walk around you as you stand still. Through the phone, you can vaguely hear, “S/N? Hello? This damn suit can’t handle a single phone call…”

You hang up and scroll through your contacts to a different phone number, labeled 'Peter Parker’. Sighing, you call him for the first time. “Y/N? I’m sorry, I’m a little busy right now. Can we please, please talk tonight or something? 'Cause that would be cool!”

It’s only then that you come to the realization that you didn’t even consider before. Peter and Spidey are so similar because they’re the same person. You couldn’t bring yourself to let go of “either of them” because a part of you recognized that they were two halves of a whole.

You’re suddenly a little angry with Peter. He doesn’t know how you spent the last few days wondering how you could possibly deal with your supposed 'love triangle’ issue. He doesn’t know that you stayed trying to figure out why he was acting so strange. Maybe he was trying to joke with you, but you’re sure as hell not laughing.

“Y/N, are you there? Ugh, what is up with this thing? This connection is crap!”

You hang up again and practically start sprinting towards your alleyway. Not even bothering to change, you easily make your way up to the top of the building. Spider-Man/Peter sits facing away, grumbling about his suit. Suddenly, he stops. You have a feeling he knows you’re here.

You feel the wind from up here whipping through your hair. You kind of imagined this as looking heroic and cool, but your hair’s getting all over your face. Frankly, it’s a little annoying. You tie your hair up instead so that you can actually see when he turns around. But before he can even say anything, you steal the chance.

“Take the mask off, Peter.”

He stands up and slides the mask off. Peter turns to face you, messy brown hair blowing everywhere. His eyes are empty. How does he manage to make the hair thing look good? Does he practice or something?

“I don’t want an explanation. I don’t care if you thought that was a sort of game, to make me stay up almost every night worrying about this or to make me obsessive enough to start writing lists about you. It’s been almost a week of this. I’m tired and I’m done.” You turn away to leave at that, determined to stay in control of your emotions.

“But…what about Queens?” Peter asks hesitantly, looking out at the area. You look out at the people destined to be saved. But now, you don’t think they’re supposed to be saved by you.

“Spider-Man can take care of it until he becomes a big Avenger that doesn’t have time for the neighborhood anymore. Queens doesn’t really need two superheroes.”

Peter obviously has a hard time accepting this. He looks like he could start crying at any given moment, and just thinking about that makes you want to cry too.

When a tear spills down your cheek, you quickly swipe it away with your sleeve.

“Y/N, if you’d hear me out, I…I know you’d get it. I-I never thought you’d get hurt, I thought I was protecting you.” Peter’s voice gets wobbly towards the end. The knot in your stomach tightens, making you feel sick inside.

“Protecting me how? By being the source of my constant and undying anxiety? Yeah, I feel so fucking protected, thanks.” Peter flinches, and you have to look away to continue. “You told me you could take care of yourself. And I backed off. But then you keep this from me, like I can’t do the same. You’re a hypocrite, and you’re a liar.” You clench your fists, fingernails digging into your palms.

He doesn’t stop the tears streaming from his face, rolling all the way down to his chin as he watches you leave his world. You don’t want anything to do with all of this. You just wanted something simple. Of course the most normal looking guy turns out to be fricking Spider-Man. Of course this is the guy you have such a major crush on.

You turn away as hot tears flood your vision. You close your eyes tightly, letting the tears run free. You don’t need any of this. You can’t handle any of this. Peter being Spider-Man crosses your line between simple and convoluted. In fact, this all is at the far edge of the convoluted side.

You walk home as fast as you can. When you get to your room, your take off your suit and fold it up. You place it on your highest shelf, imagining it gathering dust over time. You can’t be a superhero. You can’t save the world just because you have a few cool powers. Maybe that’s not your job to do.

No one is ever as simple as you wish they could be, not even Peter. Maybe you should really take Iris’ idea and leave him alone. It just hurts too much to even think about him. It hurts to imagine how excited he gets about everything and how he never ceases to make you grin.

It hurts too much to love Peter Parker.

Chapter 13 dialogue

Hello my fellow Ardyn fans! This is a small shout out for you all to help me with my audio files I try to record for you all!

Before I release chapter 13, I really want to know if I got all lines. If you miss any in the upcoming list. Please let me know! (locations where he says it would be a huuuge help too!) (This will follow for chapter 14 as well, when I’ve finished that list =D)

Thanks in advance and enjoy the list!

“Look at you, all by your lonesome.”
“How does it feel to be powerless?”
“Can’t help your friends if you can’t help yourself.”
“Can’t you simply taste the air of foreboding?” (laugh)
“Must be tiring, having to run all the time.”
“That magic is a royal disappointment.”
“It’s all coming along swimmingly, isn’t it?”
(Another laugh.)
“Poor Prompto must be feeling the heat right about now.”
“Ah, you should’ve seen the look on your face! You’d best hurry. Next time, it might really be your friend.”
“That’s one of my personal favourites.”
“Are you certain it wasn’t the real thing? Wouldn’t want to make a mistake…”
“Oh, it’s just so unfair! (laugh)”
“Your heart’s desire so close now! Soon it will be within your grasp. I suggest you take the central elevator. It will take you to your goal.”
“I believe you’ve lost something: your spine.”
“Oh, now they’ve found you…”
“If a king cannot protect himself, how is he to protect others?”
“The higher you climb- the further you fall.”
“Not so tough without your borrowed toys, are you?”

“Did you hear that? There’s something out there…”
“A-ha! Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.”
“You really are helpless without your friends babysitting you.”
“I have great doubts about your friends.”
“Tragedy could strike at any moment.”
“What was that noise?”
“Is it scary being on your lonesome?”
“I love surprises!”
“Oh, you’ll fall for anything.”

“The Empire made considerable inroads into the science of daemons.”
“Well, after I showed them the way, of course. We’d managed to make daemons… right here.”
“Your head can do more than wear a crown. Use it!”
“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re lost?”
“Ever wonder where daemons come from?”
“Once upon a time, they were children of nature- beasts and men. Aw, and you’ve killed so many.”
“The infantry units you callously dub ‘MTs’ all began as babes in this very facility.”
“Imprinted with serial codes and incubated until they were strong enough to fight.”
“What a pity. Innocent souls fated to suffer… at the hands of a foreign king. Well, not so ‘MT’ after all, are they?”
“Oho! Well done, my boy!”
“The most fascinating tidbit about your dear Prompto…”
“Turns out, he’s not empty either. He’s got quite the ‘skeleton’ in his closet.” (Evil laugh)

“How will this story end, I wonder.”
“Where are your friends? You don’t think they ran off without you?”
“Where does it hurt? You can tell me.”
“You still haven’t found Gladio?”
“Only a matter of time before Ignis bumbles into a trap.”
“You must feel very much alone right now.”
“Your buddies have bright lives ahead of them. Don’t take it personally if they choose their over yours.”

“In case there was any doubt: it’s a trap.”
“A little pain never hurt anyone. On you go!”
“Hurry. While your dawdle, people are dying.”
“Reunited with your retainers at last. How very touching.”
“Must be a fine feeling, having friends. Look how happy you are!”
“I pray you find your dear Prompto soon.”
“I knew you’d go that way.”
“Oh, you’re such a tease.”

“Your Majesty, your precious Crystal awaits you. To liven things up I thought I’d take you on a stroll down memory lane. Of course, memories decay with time.”
“You could still get to the Crystal…if you went on your own. Your friends will have to stay behind.”
“You’d better think fast. I don’t envy you your decision.”
“Betraying your friends for the greater good-the mark of a monarch! Step forth, your Majesty!”
“If you wish to obtain the Crystal’s power you must be prepared to lose all else.”

“Do you suppose your dear friends are still alive?”
“Those who died for you-do you even wonder what went through their minds?”
“Can you even recall their final words?”
“Your journey is over, Noct.”

“Ardyn explains critical plot while Noctis is grunting yaaay!”

Once more, thank you for taking your time to go through this list. If anything’s missing of these lines I have already recorded, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3                  AO3 

The silence at night was something Cullen still found strange. The peace the countryside afforded, the simple quiet of the rural setting, was nothing compared to the quiet he found in his own mind. The longer he found himself tending to the sanctuary, the more his own sanctuary seemed to grow.

It had been months since Rylen had appeared, eager as always and with a quick wit. He was a good man, and the addition of his help meant a few precious hours to himself. At the other man’s insistence, they had built two smaller outbuildings further out on the expansive grounds; close enough to be fully involved, but with enough space for quiet peace and time alone. It was humble, a simple self-contained two bedroomed cabin, with a large fireplace he found himself sat before most nights, book in hand and his mabari snoring at his feet. A collection of books slowly grew on a shelf by the mantlepiece, accompanied only by his greatsword, unmoved since he had made this place home, unnecessary, a relic of a past he barely knew.

His faithful companion, however, had stirred tonight and stood guard at the door, growling at whatever was beyond it.  He allowed himself to finish the page of his most recent library addition before rising from his chair, opening the stiff wooden door and allowing the mabari to push past him, bolting down the stairs and into the darkness.

A scent he knew, that pulled him was back to battlement meetings and the several months that had passed since the same woman had been stood face to face with him, drifted through the air. He had heard nothing, not even a word that her passage had been safe. He was unsure what he had been expecting; after all, she was travelling to be wed. But their parting has left so much unsaid, so much hanging in the balance of fate. He was not innocent, of course, and he blamed himself as much as anything for lacking the courage to stay at her side in bed, for staying away all morning until her mount had left the path into the distance. But regret was a fickle fiend, and he had almost broken his own resolve to contact her himself, even just to ensure she was safe, happy.

“Is there anybody there?”

The light from his cabin spilled into the darkness, the mabari preoccupied with sniffing at a package left at the foot of the stair. He sighed to himself, disappointment at the absence, beginning to trot down the stairs. It was not unusual for overnight visits from some of the men who lived within the sanctuary, often confused or addled enough to lose themselves amongst the grounds, or for a stranger to appear in the night begging for amnesty. Cullen, however, froze as said package began to move, wriggling in the darkness and began to wail loudly.

He cleared the last steps in a leap, grabbing at what he now saw to be thickly layer blankets, and amongst them a babe, rounded cheeks pink in the night air, swaddled heavily and protesting loudly at the disturbance to it’s sleep. His hands seized around the child, eyes wide and stunned, staring down at the screaming infant.  

“Maker’s breath, who left you here? You are only a tiny thing…”

The child was alone, accompanied only by a cloth bag and little else, and Cullen grabbed at it before hurrying back into the warmth of the building, mabari settling at the now closed door, fire still glowing at the hearth inside. The baby quietened as he hushed it, gently rocking the bundle of blankets in one arm, and as he leant down to peer closer, the familiar scent filled him, the cloth the child was swaddled in heavy with it. It was the scent of memories, of a life he once had known, of a woman he had once held. It was although she had walked in with this bundle, as real as she had ever been. As he unravelled the cloth, he felt fear rise within him, knowing an answer to his rhetorical question that was all but certain as a roll of parchment, tucked within the outer wrappings, fell onto the floor. Familiar cursive writing scrawled upon it made his heart sink, the looping scrawl of her handwriting like a ghost across his heart.

The Free Marches are no longer safe for him. I was betrayed.

You are the only one who can protect him.

I beg you forgive me, for I cannot forgive myself.

His head spun, a thousand questions rising within him.  The Free Marches no longer safe? What did that mean? Betrayed? By who? For what?

But with a whimpering wail, the questions were laid to rest as the infant pulled his attention back. In the light of the slow fire, he unwrapped the bundle, a hand grasping at his finger, flinching against the sudden cold, before staring up at the man before him. Large, bright eyes, easily recognisable as his own even so new, a smattering of dark golden hair, full lips with a perfect pout; he was a beautiful child. Clasped in one fat hand, a medallion crafted with the symbol of the Inquisition, the familiar old insignia smooth under his thumb. Cullen spun it between his fingers, tracing the carving on the back.

Finnian Josiah Anthony Rutherford. Summersday, 9:46 Dragon.

“Three weeks. You are three weeks old, my little one.” He could barely whisper, the words leaving him rather as a choked sob, shock finally giving way to emotion, free hand wiping at his eyes. A son. He had a son. They had a son. Elicia had kept this hidden from him….Maker, it could be none other, as if he could imagine another…

The baby began to wail once more, and Cullen desperately hushed as he rocked him, scrabbling for the cloth bag that had accompanied the baby. She had filled the bag with his belongings; a bottle of milk, fresh napkins, plaid weave squares, clothes so small they barely covered his own hand, a knitted blanket he suspected had been handmade by the very person who had left it.

“She planned all of this, didn’t she…?” The baby fed hungrily as he offered the bottle, whimpers silencing, and Cullen sighed, leaning back into the chair, unable to break his gaze with his small charge. “Maker above, this is madness…How could I not know about you? Why did she…”

She had been set to marry, betrothed to another noble heir at her family’s demand. But if she had been with child… that would have put all of that in jeopardy.

His child, he reminded himself.

He had so many impossible questions, and such few answers.

“Hush, little one. You are safe…Finn.” He tried the name, the words rolling over his tongue, the baby himself snuffling as he fed. A son, he a father… How on earth would he explain this to Rylen, to the others? How on earth would he raise a child, alone? “Maker, when I asked for redemption, this…this was not what I expected…”

Unexpected was perhaps an understatement, but as the baby snuggled into him, Cullen felt a warm peace once again return to him, above even the pain and panic. Whatever remained unknown, whatever questions rose within him, the infant’s tiny grasp seemed to answer each one and the swell of love in his chest burned as hot tears prickled at his eyes once more.

As the Long, Long Nights Begin: Chapter Two

AU.  After the fight with Gaston, Belle is just in time to save the Beast’s life-but too late to break the spell. Can they manage to find some happiness anyway?

You can read Chapter One here or on fanfic.net.

Two days ago, the servants had seen the last petal fall from the rose, its faint, eerie glow extinguished forever. The stem had immediately crumbled into ashes on the table.

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Some how when I was really looking at @therealjacksepticeye thumb nail, editing a profile pic,
it kept reminding me of  Neon Genesis Evangelion  - Opening ‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’

zankoku na tenshi no you ni
shounen   yo shinwa ni nare [2]

Like a cruel angel,
young boy, become the legend!  [2]

[Short Instrumental Intro]

aoi   kaze ga ima
mune no DOA wo tataite mo
watashi dake wo   tada mitsumete
hohoende'ru anata

A blue wind is now
knocking at the door to your heart, and yet
you are merely gazing at me
and smiling.

sotto   fureru mono
motomeru koto ni muchuu de
unmei sae    mada shiranai
itaike na hitomi

Something gently touching–
you’re so intent on seeking it out,
that you can’t even see your fate yet,
with such innocent eyes.
dakedo itsuka kidzuku deshou
sono senaka ni wa
haruka mirai mezasu tame no
hane ga aru koto

But someday I think you’ll find out
that what’s on your back
are wings that are for
heading for the far-off future.

zankoku na tenshi no TE-ZE
madobe kara yagate tobitatsu
hotobashiru atsui PATOSU de [3]
omoide wo uragiru nara
kono sora wo daite kagayaku [4]
shounen   yo shinwa ni nare

The cruel angel’s thesis
will soon take flight through the window,
with surging, hot pathos, [3]
if you betray your memories.
Embracing this sky [universe] and shining, [4]
young boy, become the legend!

zutto   nemutte'ru
watashi no ai no yurikago
anata dake ga   yume no shisha ni
yobareru asa ga kuru
Sleeping for a long time
in the cradle of my love
The morning is coming when you alone will be called
by a messenger of dreams.

hosoi   kubisuji wo
tsukiakari ga utsushite'ru
sekai-juu no    toki wo tomete
tojikometai kedo

Moonlight reflects off
the nape of your slender neck.
Stopping time all throughout the world
I want to confine them, but…

moshimo futari aeta koto ni
imi ga aru nara [6]
watashi wa sou jiyuu wo shiru
tame no BAIBURU [7]

So if two people being brought together by fate
has any meaning, [6]
I think that it is a “bible”
for learning freedom. [7]

zankoku na tenshi no TE-ZE
kanashimi ga soshite hajimaru
dakishimeta inochi no katachi
sono yume ni mezameta toki
dare yori mo hikari wo hanatsu
shounen   yo shinwa ni nare

The cruel angel’s thesis.
The sorrow then begins.
You held tight to the form of life
when you woke up from that dream.
You shine brighter than anyone else.
Young boy, become the legend!

hito wa ai wo tsumugi nagara
rekishi wo tsukuru
megami nante narenai mama
watashi wa ikiru

People create history
while weaving love.
Even knowing I’ll never be a goddess or anything like that,
I live on.

zankoku na tenshi no TE-ZE
madobe kara yagate tobitatsu
hotobashiru atsui PATOSU de
omoide wo uragiru nara
kono sora wo daite kagayaku
shounen   yo shinwa ni nare

The Hunger Games AU Part Two

part one


It was almost sad that the crash of the canon ringing through the arena was becoming your favourite sound. Because each time it rang, it meant you were one step closer to being with him.


That’s how many times you’d caused the boom. That’s how many times you’d taken a life to protect your own. Each death bringing you a little bit nearer to  being reunited.

It was almost scary how the stain of another tribute’s blood on your skin caused you to smile.

Win this for me baby

Ashton’s words echoed through your mind like a mantra, his smile keeping you motivated and his eyes being what you saw when you closed your own. Ashton was the reason you were still breathing, and not just because he was in your thoughts.

He’d found you the sponsors like he’d promised, each parachute bringing you a gift that helped you survive.

There was no surprise you were in the final two.

You’d captured the hearts of the capital just as you’d captured Ashton’s, each of them rooting for you almost as much as he was. George, although he tried his best, had died on the third day. You didn’t know how, and a small part of you was thankful it hadn’t had to have been you who’d killed the other tribute from District Four.

But with the end in sight, you didn’t have a lot of time to reflect on the misfortune of the fallen.

With calculated steps and cautious eyes you make your way towards the Cornucopia, where you knew they wanted the final fight to take place. The bow in your hand felt lighter than ever, and as you got ever closer, you made sure you were ready with an arrow.

It was almost too easy.

He’d been there, the male District One tribute, waiting patiently for you to arrive. It was like he was a sitting duck, almost wanting you to take the victory.

Your arrow was in his head before he’d even registered your presence. 

The final canon blasted, signalling your win, and you couldn’t help but grin. The fanfare rang shortly after, a voice ringing through to congratulate you, but all  you could think about was him.

The second you’d been reunited, you’d collapsed jumped into his arms with a choked laugh. His golden eyes were still the warm and welcoming shade you remembered in the cold nights, his own smile still as dazzling. His lips were soft against your own chapped ones, his hands strong as they held your shaking form.

“Good job baby.” 


“What better way to cause a scandal than a wedding?” He’d grinned, holding the ring out to you. “Marry me Princess, I promise you don’t have to do this on your own anymore.”

He’d been right of course. The second the capital had learnt of the engagement, you’d been the topic of any and all conversations. And with the next reaping ever coming closer, the prospect of you and Michael working together to help the newest District Seven tributes fuelled the talk even more.

And it wasn’t that you weren’t excited. Because Michael was the light in the darkness that was your life after the games, the hand that pulled you back into the sunshine. The idea of spending the rest of your life with him was as close to perfect you’d ever find, the man who’d saved your life in so many ways. Moving to the capital after your win, moving in with Michael, had been no where near as horrendous as you thought.

“I can’t walk around and pretend I didn’t kill all those people.” You’d breathed one night, your return to District Seven looming over you both. “I can’t go back there and act like nothing has changed.”

“Then don’t go back.” He’d whispered back, his gentle voice comforting as usual. “Come back to the Capital with me. You wouldn’t be the first victor to make the move, and you won’t be the last. Live with me.”

It hadn’t taken much convincing. He’d helped you back your bags and you’d moved from a world of trees and brown to one of towering buildings and bright colours. The people of the Capital had been overjoyed, often stopping you to comment on your performance. Michael would smile and agree for you whilst you smiled and bit your tongue, resisting the urge to scream. He knew how to make you look good, it was his job after all, and he never failed to keep them fawning over you, even if you didn’t want anyone’s attention but his.

“You can choose your favourite and I’ll make it for you.” He grinned, pinning designs of the beautiful gowns around the walls.

“I thought the groom wasn’t supposed to see the dress before the wedding.” You’d smiled, grinning at the appalled look on Michael’s face.

“And let someone else dress you? That’s my job Princess, you think I’d let anyone but me create the most important dress you’ll ever wear?”

“But it’s bad luck Mikey!”

“You know what’s bad luck? You wearing a dress made by someone who can’t tell the different between pearl and porcelain and which goes better with your skin tone.”

And the fate of two innocent children who were inevitably going to be the same age or younger than you was still lying on your shoulders, as was the death of twenty three others, but you had Michael. And now, you always would.


It was possibly the longest game of hide and seek you’d ever played.

Luke, true to his word, wasn’t trying to kill you. Since your encounter with him six days ago, he’d disappeared. The canon had blasted three times since then, finally signalling it was down to the final two, and the evening projections confirmed your assumptions that Luke was the other tribute left. And despite the arena’s many ways of trying to flush the pair of you out, fires and floods included, it was if he’d actually vanished.

Sometimes at night you thought you could hear him moving, finally giving up his idiotic notion of not killing you and coming to claim his victory. But then the sun would rise and you’d live another day trying to find the Capital’s favourite, searching for him so you could end this game of cat and mouse.

It was near impossible, and eventually, you gave up.

Sighing, you stomped to where you knew the Cornucopia was, throwing down your pack and taking a seat under it’s shadow. Picking at the grass, you began twisting some strands into a grass doll like you remembered your mother showing you as a girl.

“What are you doing?” A voice called, and a sigh left your lips as you looked up to finally see the boy you’d been looking for.

“Well I was bored of trying to find you, so I thought I’d wait for you to find me. Didn’t take you very long, were you already following me?”

“I’ve been following you for three days.” He admits, dropping down to sit in front of you. “You just couldn’t see me.”

“Well why haven’t you killed me yet? You could be home by now.”

“I told you pretty girl, I don’t want to kill you.”

“Well how else will you win?”

“Guess I won’t.”

You stare at the blond, eyebrows furrowed as you tried to work out his intentions. He smiled, his blue eyes dropping to your hands. He chuckled, leaning back on his elbows with a smirk and an eyebrow raised.

You gonna kill me beautiful?” He asked, cocking his head to the side. “End the games, win for yourself, go home.”

“I haven’t got a weapon.“ You admit, not telling him you hadn’t actually killed anyone since you entered the arena, managing to survive by hiding.

“You can use my knife.” He shrugs, reaching for the blade and holding it out to you. “Think of the irony. The Capital will absolutely love it.”

“Why are you doing this? Why won’t you kill me?”

Luke smiles, his eyes trailing from yours to the knife still in his outstretched hand, back up to yours before he chuckles again.

“Because I don’t like ruining beautiful things.” He grins, placing the knife in your hand. “Now stab me so you can go home.”


The days were longer without Calum by your side, especially when you knew what was happening to him.

You’d sobbed as the train had left, knowing Calum would be sitting terrified, consumed by the fate he’d been damned to. You’d spent the time leading up to the Games being a constant wreck, barely able to eat or sleep or live with the knowledge the last time you ever saw Calum would be his death on the screen for everyone to see.

It wasn’t until his interview with Caesar you realised he intended on keeping his promise to you.

“I made a promise to a girl, to my girl.” Calum mumbled, instantly earning a chorus of aw’s from the Capital audience members, even Caesar’s face softening. “To come home. She’s counting on me, and she believes in me. And I plan on keeping my promise.”

His declaration made you realise that Calum was relying on your faith in him, relying on your love in order to bring him home. You thought of his lips on yours and the way he smiled at you, the way he called you his girl and the way he’d told the entire nation he was planning on coming home to you.

And suddenly, you felt stronger again.

And of course it hurt. It pained you to watch Calum in the arena, battling for his life, his body littered in bruises and cuts but you could see it. You could see it in him, how he was determined to make it back for you.

You saw the pain in his heart he first time he killed someone. The way  his body dropped slightly, his appearance so similar to that of the day he’d boldly announced he didn’t like trains. You saw the way he’d silently prayed for a second, silently begged for forgiveness from someone, anyone. You had a feeling it was you, and you willed him to know that you still loved him.

You felt his pain the firs time he was seriously injured, the dagger in his leg allowing the dark thoughts to creep back in. But you pushed them away, knowing Calum needed your support, even from thousands of miles away. You’d never felt such relief when he’d received a care package from a sponsor, thanking any God there was for the fact they were looking over Calum, for the fact they were on your side.

You see the hope in his eyes when he realises he’s in the final two. The way he realises he’s got a chance to come home to you like he’d promised, the way each move he makes is suddenly more calculated, the way he’s become a hunter, fully prepared to kill in order to escape from the hell he’d been forced to live in.

You see the joy in his eyes when he wins, and you feel as though the weight of the world is off of your shoulders when you realise Calum’s coming home, even if it means he has to face another train.


The time for idle discussions has long passed
The brutal sentiments of human nature
Has decreed that any such pointless exercises
Are long lost upon the pale petals of your lips
I don’t care if the men are fuming outside
If their boats are lined with the sweet vengeance
Which does motivate those rascals to dare
To steal such an innocent fate by greasy hands
I just let myself go unseen in these vignettes
I let you corrupt my senses, anytime you please
And now the story of a young naive prince
Who steals the glory away, who kisses reason goodbye

Because my hands shake in the forbidden moonlight
I see the tides crash with fury against the bay
And we write the story of an angel inside our hands
I crumble like clay at your tender touch
Those fingers! Caressing my cheek when the life
Has faded away from such a rosy red eclipse
Night has released a little cry from the seas
A sigh from you which struggles in regal vanities
Mingling with pleasures which were opposed by your kind
I learn more from your alien intrigue under the walls
Of ancient paintings, when young men turned into Spartans
Their beautiful bodies framed by the glory of youth

I have no vices which threaten your virtuous mind
I’m caught in clean rivers, flowing over my old skin
And turning crimes of devotional natures
Into times when I left love more the wiser
Hold my hand into yours, like that. By the great sea,
Doubt is purged from my mind in the darkest eye
In the most alluring hour, you destroy my misconceptions
Educate my charms to those of the most prized kind
Your jewellery sparkling like untold diamonds
The only prejudice of elitism laid upon your bare skin
We wait, two figures alone at the glorious sea
And my love, I drown in your endless waves washing

There is no disturbance, not when you stand like that
A queen of hearts against the stubby decorations
Of your garden patio. Your plump arms linger around
The stones and rocks I notice of a grey and dull texture
Your skin is of a tanned colour and your heart of a coldness
Which burns into infernos when I ignite the first spark
Your green eyes which lie behind those dingy sunglasses
And your sun hat, laid upon the deckchair by the shed
Bring colour to these eyes once more, before I lose
The passionate ego of my words. Only you understand
That man, the glorious bastard he is may enjoy forbidden
Pleasures alone from society when the sun is glorious
But he tomorrow, might not be the same as in this moment.

Request: The Cage

Request: Can you do a Lucifer X Reader story where they’re stuck together in the cage? But with happy end, please.

Word Count: 1,012

Oooh, this was an interesting one to write. I hope you like it, and thank you!<3

“Lucifer!” You hiss, your attention snapping to the source of the echo, “Lucifer, did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“Listen!” You instruct – you know better than to run towards it, this place only expands if you try to run. There is no end to it. You’ve never seen the walls of this cage in the thousand or so years you’ve been trapped here. The archangel pauses, and then the sound comes again.

“That’s…” He falters, as if unable to believe what he’s hearing, “The seals!”

A sound of pure mirth escapes you and you must just be radiating glee because to have been all but forgotten by all for a millennium is a cruel fate, especially for an innocent such as yourself.

“Lucifer!” You cry, hurtling towards him, “Lucifer, they’re coming!”

“Michael?” He asks, and you nod in confirmation. He swears loudly, grabbing your hand in his, “We have to leave.”

He’s about to zap the both of you out of there but he can’t – wait, he can’t? His eyes widen in panic and he tries again, and again, and again, all to no avail.

“Lucifer?” You ask, confused. He shushes you, panic quickly setting into his beautiful features.

“I can’t.” He hisses, “I can’t. Y/N, run!”

“Oh, brother.” There’s a soft voice from behind the pair of you and your stomach turns unpleasantly, “She isn’t going anywhere.”

“Y/N, get behind me.” The archangel instructs, pushing you away protectively. You stand behind him, watching the fire burning between the angels’ eyes.

“You’re protecting a human?Michael asks, something like amusement in his azure eyes, “How… ironic.”

“I don’t need to justify myself to you.” He hisses. The older angel merely chuckles.

“No, Lucifer, you do not. You do, however, need to justify yourself to our Father.”

Lucifer’s face turns from arrogance to worry, and he glances back at you, “Let her go.”

“She knows too much. She comes with us.” Michael shakes his head and you visibly wince, panic setting in. Lucifer protests, but it is futile.

You don’t know why he chose you, and you don’t suppose you ever will know what made you different; what distinguished you in such a way from the other humans that Heaven’s Rebel himself was drawn to you. He bestowed upon you a gift – or, as some may see it, a curse – immortality, so that you could be with him throughout the aeons and see the world change.

That is, if you hadn’t been thrown in this (quite literally) godforsakenhellhole.

“Do you think-?” You dare to question, and Lucifer shakes his head.

“It can’t be.”

“It must be.”

“Coincidences happen, Y/N. One was accidentally broken a couple of hundred years ago, remember?” He reasons, but you shake your head.

“Two in a matter of hours? Something’s happening!”

“Don’t touch her.” Lucifer hisses, drawing you into his side. You quiver – who wouldn’t? – at the prospect of meeting God Himself, but you hide it nonetheless and straighten your back confidently.

“She isn’t your property, Lucifer.” Michael reminds him, “Father gave humans free will. As far as I’m concerned, she is as guilty as you.”

“She’s done nothing.” Lucifer spits back, keeping you close to him. There’s something about being here, back in Heaven that sets him off. He’s on edge, constantly looking around him as if someone is going to pop up and shove a blade into his heart.

You eventually, after walking the corridors of Heaven for what could be years, reach a large, grand door. Lucifer’s grip tightens on you and as Michael heads for the door, out in front, he bends to your ear.

“Y/N, listen to me. Do not say a word. I will protect you, I swear it, but do not infuriate anyone.”

“I promise.” You reply, and he lets go of you, walking into the room. You’re ushered in behind him, and you get the distinct feeling that this trial has an already decided outcome for the both of you.

Suddenly, the archangel is at your side – that’s three gone, of sixty-six. He grips your hand and stares into the bleak, dark corners of the cage.

“Damn this place.” He mutters, and you smile slightly.

“That’s what they did.” You reply, and he chuckles slightly, before you look at him, “So… what do we do now?”

“There’s nothing we can do, Y/N. We must wait, and bide our time.”

“Father, what do we do with the girl?” Michael asks, looking at his father. You keep your eyes on the ground, your stomach turning somersaults.

“She is a danger. I cannot interpret her next move, or its motives. She may never have taken a life, but she has yet to come into her own – look at me, Y/N.” He commands, and you find yourself looking up into the eyes of your creator, “You have made some decisions, and you must now face the consequences. Take her with him, then they can have their forever.”

Lucifer protests, his voice ragged. When words fail him, he bolts towards you – however, he is quickly apprehended and dragged backwards. The last thing you see before everything goes black is him staring helplessly at you, trying to apologise silently.

So over the next few hours, you wait. Hours become days, which become weeks, and in turn, months. More and more seals break, more and more frequently – then, one day comes when there’s total radio silence. Nothing. The silence is strange – you’ve counted sixty three, or four seals – you think three, he thinks four. You try to stay positive – they couldn’t have been stopped now, surely? Nonetheless, you’re nervous.

Then a bright light fills the cage, illuminating everything, to every corner. You stare at Lucifer, who finally smiles a real, true smile. The world seems to fracture around you, and your vision is overtake with light.

Before you know it, you can taste fresh air and feel the breeze on your skin. This church is dank and dark, but it’s… it’s real. You’re back. The Earth is beneath your feet, and soon, it will kneel before you.

The nobles sharpen their tusks like wild boars with the hope of great change | A fanmix for the last Trastamaras who ruled (or tried to rule) Aragon and Castile.

We’re on our way – Radical Face [If your heart has become spare parts, if your days are now just something you must bear. Enrique IV]

Iscariot – Walk the Moon [I never imagined you dead (I never) But tell me, are you even aware that all that we did, you undo? Iscariot, you fool. | Enrique & Alfonso]

Horse and I – Bat for Lashes [You’re the chosen one, there’s no turning back now. | Isabel I]

Us – Regina Spektor [We’re living in a den of thieves and it’s contagious. | Isabel & Fernando, early years]

All the right moves – One Republic [Soon they’ll take us down before anybody’s knowing our name. They’ve got all the right friends in all the right places so yeah, we’re going down. Juana, at the succession war]

Empire – Alpines [I’m building an empire. I’m building with my body and soul. I’m building an empire. So little time and so much to do. Isabel I]

Actions and Motives – 10 Years [The fact you did it and don’t admit it won’t make you innocent. Fate finds you wicked and turns you victim for everything you have done.Fernando II]

Everybody wants to rule the world – Lorde [Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down. When they do, I’ll be right behind you. Isabel & Fernando, last years]

All is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye) – Radical Face [So I collected all our plans and crimes and set them all alight. The only thing that bound me to this place you took with you when you died, so goodbye, goodbye. Fernando, after Isabel’s death]

I met up with the king – First Aid Kit [He said don’t think less of me, I’m still the same man I used to be, but no one believed him. Fernando & Juana]

Pearl – Katy Perry [She is a pyramid but with him she’s just a grain of sand. This love’s too strong, like mice and men, squeezing out the life that should be let in. Juana I]

Dark Paradise – Lana del Rey [Loving you forever can’t be wrong. Even though you’re not here, won’t move on. Juana, after Felipe’s death]

Echo – Jason Walker [Alone, alone. I don’t really know where the world is but I miss it now. Juana, in Tordesillas]




New Clothes, Same Ambassador

The fireplace burned brightly as a servant prodded the flames and added more fuel, fresh from the surrounding wilds. Dorian’s legs stretched across dear Josephine’s desk, ankles crossed and arms linked behind his head. The desk hid beneath piles of papers, a mess of trade agreements and diplomatic treaties, Josephine had a system. He shifted his body, parchments falling off in stacks. Dorian chuckled, I suppose I put a hole in her system, he thought. This room seemed one of the few to be free of actual holes, however, and the draft that carried throughout Skyhold stopped short at her door. He reminisced, many a scandal he had committed on a desk like this. Strong, sturdy wood supporting the weight of two writhing bodies; hand carved details making imprints on his brown, smooth skin. Political men seemed fond of their desks, and Dorian was fond of fucking on them, it seemed fitting. This desk, and the woman normally stationed at it, also brought him the pleasure of ancient archives he only dreamed of before. He ran a hand over the edge, letting it drop as he came to the end of it. A knock on the door startled him and he straightened in the seat, causing the rest of the papers to fly in various directions.  

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We were both broken souls. We knew so much chaos, so much unhappiness. We were both damaged to the extreme, and thus we met while trying to reconcile with our thoughts and actions. I do not know if it is fate, or destiny, or what have it. I suppose hurt people are attracted to hurt people. Living a life where pain is so prominent, it makes sense to attach yourself to something that has also experiences such pain. You can never get away from it. Though somehow we are okay. We do not dwell in our sadness, instead we bring out the happiness of the other. It is a strange mutualistic symbiotic relationship. It is innocent love.
I Needed Her - BTS Drama

Good boy Taehyung befriends a group of delinquents, which not only seals his, but also everyone else’s fate. Loss of innocence, loss of chance, loss of love, for what? In a life with nothing but pain, one can not expect everyone to make it out alive. Will sanctuary ever come?

Rated M for mature themes. Warning: Graphic language, violence, suicide, sexual situations and rape.

I Needed Her


We all have different lives, different meanings, yet we still suffer all the same. We suffered alone. The only place we could find happiness was with each other, but when alone, bad thoughts and bad actions just took over. I just needed her…

When friends are together, we say nothing of our sadness. We were happy, at least we thought. To be honest, I don’t think any of us ever were. Why wasn’t I good enough? Why did she leave? Was everything my fault like she said it could be? Was I selfish? Was I just too broken already? I needed her…

The world around me is cold and dark. Friends help me find peace and sleep, but when I wake, my broken soul surfaces again. I needed her…

I made her resent me, afraid of me, terrified of me. My mind was lost, not thinking a thing. She was there, and there was me. I had lost myself. In a single moment, I lost who I was. This wasn’t me, it couldn’t be. I didn’t know who I was anymore.

I am Taehyung, and I killed without thinking. Seeing blood staining my hands and broken glass being slipped from my fingertips, all I could feel was hate, hate for myself. This choice was not something the me of yesterday would choose. I hurt her too, I brought it upon myself. I wouldn’t have her now…

I am Jimin, and I betrayed her. All we had was each other. She loved me like no other ever did. I found myself believing I loved her in a way I know I should not feel but I’m weak. I thought she felt the same, but I didn’t realize how wrong I was until it was too late…

I am Seokjin, and I did nothing. She needed me just as much as I needed her, and I never did enough. Now I have no choice but to regret it for the rest of my life.


Because I needed her…

I am unable to gaze after my own reflection because all I can see is the monster I became. I was a monster that I wanted to destroy. Happiness is only a distant memory. It was like a childhood dream. My good was replaced with an evil I could never accept.

Within myself, I try to come back, I try to make my soul feel alive again. I then realize, I can no longer feel alive until she came back to me. She will never return to me ever again. She feared me, hated me, and was now terrified of me.

I was nothing anymore, nothing to her. It didn’t matter that I needed her, because she did not need me. She did not want me. I am a monster worthy of death in her eyes and in my own no matter how many tears of regret I shed. I am a monster worthy of death, but I am not a monster I can destroy. I can never die, which makes the monster beneath me cry.

I am Taehyung, and I made her run away from me.

I am Jimin, and I made her disappear forever.

I am Seokjin, and I never deserved her at all.

My punishment is to live. I must forever feel my guilt eat up my heart until I am nothing. Only until my empty heart can take no more. It makes me pathetic, because all of this happened,

just because I needed her…