“إنك لا تقابل إلا نفسك في طريق القدر… كن كاذباً تسرع إليك الأكاذيب … كن لصاً تتشبث بك الجرائم… في أي طريق تذهب لن يكون قدرك إلا صورة من نفسك…”

On the road of fate, you do not meet anything except yourself: Be a liar and lies will come to you, be a robber and crimes will surround you. Whatever path you take, your fate will be nothing other than your own image.
It didn’t matter if we were 3000 miles apart or 300 miles apart.  We were meant to find one another, & fate would have led us to each other either way.
—  me (love is strange, but fate is far stranger)