How lucky am I that of all the paths to cross, I stumbled upon yours. Out of all the universes I could’ve made, I got to create one with you. Life is funny like that, and I tend to enjoy it’s humor.
—  @endlessunicornsauce
Your smile

You don’t even need to try to make my heart melt. You smiled at me today. I was sure of it this time. Your smile was so simple and mesmerizing that I couldn’t help but stare. I know I should’ve said something to you, but the way you smiled at me left me completely speechless. At those moments I could tell we had a lot more than what other people had. And so I continued my day, silently smiling to myself as I passed the hallways. While others would stare and ask if I was in the right state of mind. I would then just tell them it was just nothing. But in reality, just one smile of yours, was my everything.