fate zero masters

MF Blogs Master List (Ver 1.4)

Here is a list of all the MotherFuckers who participate in this dreaded mess of a grail war. If I miss you on the list (or mess something up) please send me a message and I will fix it. I decided to put version numbers on this. If you see the number change, then the list has been updated.

Fate/Stay Night:

motherfuckingfaker  - Archer

motherfuckingtohsaka  - Rin Tohsaka

motherfuckingtsubamegaeshi  - Assassin

motherfuckingprincessofcolchis  - Caster

motherfuckingirishguarddog  - Lancer

motherfuckingkotomine  - Kirei Kotomine

motherfuckingheroofjustice  - Shirou Emiya

motherfuckingkingofknights  - Saber (she has been around since before this and is not strictly in mhgw, though she does RP with us a bit)

motherfuckingkingofheroes  - Gilgamesh (the original MF blog, he doesn’t do the mhgw thing, but he is the original and you should definitely check his blog out)

motherfuckingbewitchingserpent  - Rider

motherfuckingsakura  - Sakura Matou

motherfuckingkingwithoutanahoge  - Saber Alter


motherfuckingmasterofbluebeard  - Ryuunosuke Uryuu

motherfuckingsola-ui  - Sola-ui

motherfuckingmercuryblob  - Volumen Hydragyrum

motherfuckingwavervelvet  - Waver Velvet

motherfuckingirisviel  - Irisviel Von Einzbern

motherfuckingspearoffianna  - Lancer

motherfuckingmaguskiller  - Kiritsugu Emiya

motherfuckingflatescardos  - Flatt Escardos

motherfuckingbluebeard  - Caster

(+) mother-hecking-hubblog  - Kariya Matou

(+) motherfuckingfatherofdouchebag  - Byakuya Matou

Fate/Extra (and Fate/Extra CCC):

motherfuckingdragonidol  - Lancer

motherfuckingredsaber  - Saber

thegoddamnghostinthecell  - Hakuno Kishinami

(+) motherfuckingkingofhumanity  - Leo Harwey

(+) motherfuckingtamamo  - Caster


motherfuckingarchetypesaber  - Saber


motherfuckingsaberofred  - Saber

Fate/Strange Fake:

motherfuckingenkidu  - Enkidu


motherfuckinggenna  - Gilgamesh

(+) motherfuckingwizardmarshall  - Zelretch

(+) motherfuckingsakurasaber  - Saber [Okita Souji]


motherfuckingsatsujinki  - Shiki Tohno

Carnival Phantasm:

motherfuckingholygrail  - Seihai-kun

Honorary MotherFuckers:

luviasohohos  - Luviagelita Edelfelt

priestessoffuyuki  - Caren Hortensia

Kara No Kyoukai:

(+) motherfuckingpuppetmaster  - Touko Aozaki

(+) motherfuckingvoidorigin  - Shiki Ryougi

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files:

(+) motherfuckinglordelmelloiii  - Lord El-Melloi II

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya:

(+) motherfuckingmagicalloligirls  - Illyasviel von Einzbern /  Kuro /  Miyu

Inactive MF Blogs:

motherfuckingtigeroffuyuki  - Taiga Fujimara  - Fate/Stay Night
motherfuckingutterdouchebag  - Shinji Matou  - Fate/Stay Night
motherfuckingrabiddog  - Berserker  - Fate/Zero
motherfuckinggreatestgreekhero  - Berserker  - Fate/Stay Night
motherfuckingkingofconquerors  - Rider  - Fate/Zero