fate zero challenge


Fate/30 days challenge - day 21

A fight you wish had happened | Cu Chulainn vs. Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

“You’re an even more beautiful and skilled young warrior than the rumours say.”
“It was an unbelievable honour to have a bout with the Prince of Light. I will cherish this memory deeply.”


Fate series 30 days challenge, day 13

Favourite relationship: Rider and Waver

What can I say? These two became my favourite Master/Servant duo from the beginning. I loved how Waver changed next to Iskandar and how he became from an annoying, attention hungry boy to a strong, determined man. Rider noticed Waver’s worths, even those he couldn’t see in himself AND Rider - maybe the only person in Waver’s life - complimented him. Their relationship is more like a student-mentor one than a master-servant and that’s why I love it so much. Maybe Waver didn’t won the holy grail, but he won so much better, I think.


Fate series 30 days challenge, day 11:

Favourite Servant Class: Lancer.

I JUST LOVE THEM, EVERY LANCERS! I can’t even explain why, because when I started Fate Stay Night, (Emiya) Archer was my only favourite, but look at me now, 7 years has passed and I’m fully obsessed with Lancers. I love all of them, Cu Chulainn, because of his fucking sexy smirk, Diarmuid, because of his whole existence and because he’s a highly loyal knight. And of course I’m fully love with Cu Chulainn Prototype version. And I really love those fan arts where these three are together, they’re like a big dork family and ahh I’m just fucking upset because my poor Lancers never ask too much (a good fight, to proof their loyalty) and they NEVER can get that. It’s just unfair…. It’s hard to be a Lancer.

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Zero with F1 in palette #20.

he looks like an alien

I actually forgot that a palette was combined so here’s the original with normal color :’D

👉 emoji/palette challenge