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This scene sealed the deal for me!
Of course the other two seasons had a lot of gay subtext of Nanofate, but this scene where we find out THEY SLEEP IN THE SAME BED!, not only that but they fucking share a damm child…. Oooo man!! Had my yuri feels bursting.

I don’t know why people still think there “Bestfriends” yeaa I’m gay asf with my Bestfriend, but have you read the manga’s theres a fine line when you and your bestfriend are in love and when you and your bestfriend just act gay with no real intentions.

Like in:
Magical Girl lyrical Nanoha Vivio there are hints and clues
Magical Girl lyrical Nanoha Innocent, sooo much loveeeee between the too! ,Etc.

Even the creators and voice actors say they’re together.

Ehh anyways my point is they are Married and a legit couple, theres even a magazine of them together married.

Just wish the creators would say they were officially canon. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’ve gone down the youtube spiral and stumbled into a retrospective of the Nanoha franchise. 

I forgot how much I liked that series despite its really dubious origins, which I’d rather forget and the retrospective brought up (the series was a spin-off of an erotic visual novel and anime. Thankfully Nanoha wasn’t any part of that story but she is related to the characters). 

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is a magical girl series that’s unlike the magical girl series of old even though it had the premise of one Nanoha is the Magical Girl equivalent of a Mecha anime with power-ups, upgrades, and a firepower equivalent of MORE DAKKA. 

Nanoha Takamachi, the titular protagonist, who started out as a young girl who wanted nothing more but to talk to her opponents has, when diplomacy fails, adapted the policy of peace through very, very superior firepower.

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Enter Fate Testarossa, a powerful mage antagonist in season 1. 

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Fate was a clone, who was abused by her mother (creator). She was supposed to be the clone of Precia Testarossa’s beloved daughter, Alicia but somehow according to Precia Fate turned out to be a ‘failed’ clone because Fate was not Alicia despite looking like and having Alicia’s memories. 

Fate was the first person Nanoha used her idea of ‘befriending’, handing her a beatdown so that Fate would stop and realize that what Precia is doing to Fate and to everyone was wrong. 

The third protagonist in the series is Hayate Yagami, who started out sickly but ends up as one of the most powerful people in the series:

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I love that the show followed them to adulthood as they join the Time and Space Administration Bureau and become the military Aces of the multi-dimensional peacekeeping army. 

And, most of all I love that Nanoha and Fate are a couple who grew up together, and even adopted a daughter together.