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Non-BL/GL games with LGBT marriage

Sims Series

Fallout Series (except the first one and  Fallout 3)

Fable Series

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest/Birthright/Revelations

Conquest path has Niles for the Male Avatar.

Birthright path has Rhajat for the Female Avatar.

Revelations path has both Niles and Rhajat.

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Two sketch commissions for @talvikielo! First one featuring Joker as a stay at home dad taking care of his little ones. While the second one features Frey and Lest all bruised up from battle, while Vishnal and Dolce treat their wounds. Thank you so much for commissioning me! 

my fatesona, Rune, a wolfskin who radiates empathy and kindness, and isn’t very solitary. He has a fascination with humans, which has been kept quiet for quite a while as when he was younger it made him appear stupid to the rest of his pack

Rune never felt a sense of belonging from his pack despite being a wolfskin, so he basically just walks away from them, easier said than done due to the rest of them thinking his dumb self will just lead humans right to them. I imagine he’d be a revelations character only and would just join a battle without knowing whats going on because he just wants to help!

Rune does have a child unit who will make an appearance Soon…anyway i’m down for any interactions/supports so feel free to discuss fatesonas with me or even message me saying how yours might interact with him, i mean it i love that stuff!!

About requested readings

You can [ask me] a tarot or a rune reading – [here] are my previous readings – about anything* you want to solve or analyze. I’ll be glad to help you, so it’s FREE! ~

Note: I will only do the reading for the single one who’s asking. No relationship readings. No readings for a third person.

*Tarot can give you an opinion about stuff like health concerns and legal matters, but a reading will never tell you «do this and that» or «you will be just fiiiiine, trust the staaaars». You, with your own actions, make your fate. Tarot cards – or runes – can only give advices, or show you ways you might not have seen.

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Remember: it is easier for me if you have a question or an actual problem. If you do, try to explain it, even anonymously. OR you can simply ask for a general reading, as well!
You can choose the spread you find most suitable, too, or leave it to me: my default spread is The Star of Truth (6 cards) – read below.

Your privacy really matters, so just PM me and I’ll avoid to reveal anything personal.

Note: I’d rather not do private readings by chat, I’m sorry.
In any case, if you don’t get something from the reading / I did not explain myself very well / you’d like me to solve other doubts – or simply want to natter with me – my mailbox is always open!

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My decks:

    {Nature: gentle, composed, kind}
    «It may be testing, but you can do it!»

    {Nature: outspoken, frank}
    «Black or white. There’s no in between.»

    {Nature: dreamy, moony, nostalgic}
    «The answer might be where you’d never looked for… or maybe right in front of you!»

  • THE CLOW (from Card Captor Sakura)
    {Nature: friendly, caring, loving}
    Do not underestimate this deck: it’s clear and reliable!

    {Nature: clear, straight to the point}
    «This is the situation, and here are some options you might want to consider!»

    {Nature: schematic, traditional}
    Just a deck of poker cards I use for old granny’s divination.

Note: You can choose whichever you find most suitable for your question: just state that! Otherwise I’ll use my default deck.

• • •

Spreads I made:

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Hello! It’s about time I look for more blogs to follow, because my dash has been a bit dead. Please like/reblog this if you frequently post any of the following:


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Six of Crows

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A Court of Thorns and Roses

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever played Portal by Valve Corporation? I'm just about to replay the first and second game and then I wondered "Maybe @soobaki would like it." You solve a lot of puzzles here (some are really hard), but there's also some story. Give it a try! (You and your brother are going to be very busy this summer trying to play all the games you were recommended) :D

ive played most of portal 2 (borrowed it from a friend), but i never got to play the original! i rly enjoyed all the puzzle solving, even tho there were points where i got rly frustrated at times. 

maybe ill try to track down the original? my gf just played it, so….

& lmao WE RLY ARE….. first up is fe: echoes (I AM. SO HYPE.) & loz botw, tho. chris has been looking forward to watching me accidentally launch link off a cliff for months now, & id hate to disappoint him

(hes also letting me use his switch on “indefinite loan” in exchange for getting to watch me play botw, so. priorities)

ANYWAYS youre correct in that portal is up my gaming alley~ i love strategy and puzzle games, altho i tend to struggle w things like portal & loz b/c i uh. am just not as fast w my hands as i could be. games like fire emblem are perfect b/c i dont have to go too fast, and i can plan ahead

“We’ve got a Royal Visit today!”

Part 1. Probably. Maybe it’s the if hype playing (just 9 more days!), but I can’t stop thinking about this crossover for some days now. Especially for my favorite Prince/Butler duos <3

I am also thinking with the idea of Frey and F!Kamui playing dresses with their respective moe butler/maid, or Volkanon trio vs Gunther trio, Joker and Clorica facepalming over Felicia and Vishnal’s cooking/disastrous kitchenworks, Vishnal as Joker’s fanboy, Lest and Frey teaching Kamui(s) about farmworks, or why not all 8 (+1 if blue haired maid?) of them together having a big tea party together? Venti and Lilith (or Dragon!Kamui?!) together? Gaaah, so many ideas! But, yeah. These four maaaan!! They take all the priorities!

This rad Rune Factory 4 X Fire Emblem if crossover fanart was done by equally rad hasuyawwn! Thank you soooo much again for taking my commission! ♥


I participated in a fun hashtag in Twitter where I drew a series of effort-free drawings for RTs!
The two big ones on the top are FE characters (Lon'qu and Silas).
Some of the rest of them are Lanziee (Tales Weaver / Children of Rune) and Princess Lucia (Song of the World).
I realized this is a good way to give back to my followers. Wonder if there’s a way I can do the same on Tumblr?