fate of man

Valter/Subaki C-A Support

 Written by  snapdrakegames


Subaki: Good evening, Valter.

Valter: Hmm… who are you? I’ve seen you scurrying around once or twice.

Subaki: I am Subaki, retainer of the noble Lady Sakura.

Valter: Ah, that delectable sweet. Tell me, how is the ripe little child?

Subaki: Lady Sakura is doing well.

Valter: Ah. How lovely.

Subaki: …I don’t like your tone, Valter.

Valter: Is that so? And how, precisely, do you intend to respond?

Subaki: Well, that all depends on whether your intentions are what I believe them to be.

Valter: Hmph. So you’re merely the protective type, eh? How distastefully bland.

Subaki: Excuse me?

Valter: And yet… you did seek me out of your own volition. Tell me, little soldier, why did you ask to meet me?

Subaki: Err-

Valter: Now, perhaps you’re merely trying to improve your skills as a warrior, and seek my expertise. I’ll have you know, I am quite experienced in the bloodier arts.

Subaki: I wouldn’t-

Valter: And on the other hand, I know you prize your independence. No, you wouldn’t approach me for something as trivial as battle advice. Could it be you desire something more… confidential?

Subaki: Evidently not as much as you desire to hear your own voice.

Valter: Ah! So you do have a personality in there somewhere. Congratulations. Still, I hunger for something a touch more satisfying. Goodbye, Subaki.

[Valter leaves.]

Subaki: …What is that man?

[Valter and Subaki have reached support rank C.]


Subaki: Valter, you filthy crow! What did you think you were doing on the battlefield this morning?

Valter: Spare me the lecture, you pale invertebrate. I assure you I’ve heard it all before.

Subaki: You abandoned your position to pursue a troubadour! Lady Sakura was left defenseless and this is your excuse?

Valter: Here’s a bright notion. How about you dispense with this pretense of the responsible retainer to the succulent little princess? I’ve indulged perhaps too much on that particular dish, and besides, we’re both completely aware of your ulterior motives.

Subaki: Wh-what are you trying to imply here?

Valter: Well, firstly, I’d like to dispel any conviction that you might change me. I watch the life drain slowly from the helpless because I enjoy it, and it’s futile to try and convince me otherwise.

Subaki: And you just come out and admit it? You disgust me.

Valter: Enough about me then. Let’s talk about you, Subaki, and how you’ve spent the last week lurking around in my wake and monitoring my every move.

Subaki: You threatened my liege. It’s only responsible of me to-

Valter: Yes, yes, you’re merely proactively defending the peachy little delicacy. You’re making sure she stays safe from the dark, scary predator slinking among the shadows. And if confronting the beast gets you a closer look at it, well, all the better, hm?

Subaki: Wh- you dare accuse me of-

Valter: What you don’t understand, Subaki, is that I’ve heard everything you might have to say before. I’ve seen your insecurities and your pride and your darkest secrets reflected a million times across a million men. They’re all dead now, though. I killed most of them. However, seeing as that’s not an option here, I’ll have to settle for a slower approach.

Subaki: You think you can break me? You, the pathetic little sociopath?

Valter: So long as we’re talking about pathetic things, a word of advice. When you want to watch someone like a hawk, try to keep your eyes away from their abs. It leads to mixed signals.

[Valter leaves.]

Subaki: A plague on him! A plague on that man, his house, and…. And his disgusting, chiseled jawline!

 [Valter and Subaki have reached support rank B.]


Subaki: *Pant, pant* Come on, Subaki, just a few more training routines and you can take a break.

Valter: Subaki. What a surprise to find you here.

Subaki: …

Valter: And now what, not dignifying me with a response. My my, you grow more predictable by the hour.

Subaki: What do you want, Valter?

Valter: You.

Subaki: Wh- what do you think you’re-

Valter: And don’t bother pretending that you feel any differently, little foal. I’ve seen the way you look at me. I know how you truly feel.

Subaki: Ugh… what, did the Summoner punish you again? Drag you away from some noble girl you were about to brutalize?

Valter: Shut it. I hunger for the strongest prey, the ones who know their place yet refuse to accept it. I crave the way their spirit withers as I tame them. But the ones who willingly submit to me… well, on occasion they can be almost as fun.

Subaki: And you think me one of those gullible peons? I’m afraid, Valter, you’re about to find yourself sorely disappointed.

Valter: Is that so? Despite you being the one to stalk me? Despite you inventing and convincing yourself of false pretenses just to interact with me? Really, Subaki, you ought to realize that I’m nowhere the cretin you seem to think I am.

Subaki: Don’t cut yourself too much slack, Valter.

Valter: Admit it then. Look me in my disgusting, chiseled jawline and tell me you don’t want to be on your knees.

Subaki: You… you… Fine then. Yes, Valter, I find you attractive. I think perhaps I have since I first caught sight of you on the battlefield.

Valter: There you go. Was that so hard to admit?

Subaki: But the more I learned about you, Valter, the more I learned of your putrid morals and actions, the more I hated you. And the more I hated you, the more I hated myself for finding you attractive. Every time I talked to you, I left feeling disgusted, not just at you, but at myself, for having the gall to think of you like I did.

Valter: Then surrender. Give in to your feelings, little foal, and let your master come for you.

Subaki: Not a chance in hell. You know what I’ve realized, Valter? My body might love you, but I’m far more than a mere body. My mind is perfect and every part of it is screaming for my body to cut you down where you stand.

Valter: Heh. Heheheheh! Poorly played, Subaki. I thought I was in for an easy hunt, but if you intend to fight me, even when your body begs for me… you’ve only strengthened my resolve to break you swiftly.

Subaki: Try your hardest, Valter. You won’t come out on top.

Valter: Oh, Subaki, I’m afraid I’ll just have to prove you wrong.

 [Valter and Subaki have reached support rank A.]

Tarot cheat sheet

Major Arcana

The Fool-Beginnings, Risks
The Magician- Actions, manifestations
The High Priestess- Hidden knowledge, Secrets
The Empress- Resources, Abundance
The Emperor- Boundaries, Order
The Heirophant- Education, Lessons, Unity
The Lovers- Love, decisions
The Chariot- Progress, determination
Strength- Managing situations, endurance
The Hermit- Searching, analysis
The Wheel of Fortune- Fate, Luck
Justice- Decisions, Balance
The Hanged Man- Waiting, sacrifice
Death- Transformation, Rebirth
Temperance- Negotiation, common ground
The Devil-Restrictions, Indulgence
The Tower-Unexpected failure, breakdowns
The Star- Hope and guidance
The Moon- Anxiety and deep emotions
The Sun- Growth, Recovery
Judgement- The past, second chances
The World- Success, completion

Minor Arcana

Cups- Water Element, “I feel”- How emotions rule over and work within the meanings of the cards.

Ace- Love, Beginnings
Two- Partnerships
Three- Celebration
Four- Boredom, longing
Five- Loss, sadness
Six- Peace, reconciliation
Seven- confusion, possibilities
Eight- Departure, leaving behind
Nine- A wish coming true, contentment
Ten- Happiness, family
Page- Opportunities, Chances
Knights- Emotional and dreamy influence
Queen- Intelligent and intuitive influence
King- Charismatic and Wise influence

Pentacles- Earth Element, “I have”- How possessions rule over and work within the meanings of the cards.

Ace- Money, success, beginnings
Two- Decisions, balancing finances
Three- Showing talents, chances
Four- Stability, hiding
Five- Financial loss, chasing
Six- Generosity, supporting
Seven- Potential with work
Eight- Money coming, building success
Nine- Comfort, success
Ten- Inheritance, something lost
Page- An offer
Knight- A dependable influence
Queen- A genorous influence
King- A prosperous influence

Swords- Air Element, “I think”- How thoughts rule over and work within the  meanings of the cards.

Ace-  Success
Two- Stalemate
Three- Heartbreak
Four- Rest, overwhelmed
Five- Conflict
Six- Leaving conflict behind
Seven- Theft of positivity
Eight- Restriction
Nine- Anxiety
Ten- Endings
Page- Intelligence, alertness
Knight- A opposing influence
Queen- An independent influence
King- A strong willed influence

Wands- Fire Element, “I desire”- How desires rule over and work within the meanings of the cards.

Ace- News, beginnings, fertility
Two- Making plans
Three- Travel
Four- Freedom, rest
Five- Stong opinions, fights
Six- Victory
Seven- Work, effort
Eight- News, attack
Nine- Stress, suspicion, strength
Ten- Burdened, work
Page- A message, understanding
Knight- A motivational influence
Queen- A creative influence
King- An expressive influence

When I enter a fandom and realize there is no escape

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istituto degli obsoleti rosa croce // rose cross institute of the obsolete

‘uniform’ for the ‘school’ that most of the dgm crew is at in langlocked lurid / afwf aka my hp-au dgm xover fic

Anime World You Belong In Based on Your Zodiac Sign    [Part 2]

Link to part 1: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/anime-zodiac-astrology#

Aries: Gurren Lagann

Taurus: Gintama

Gemini: Akame ga Kill

Cancer: Noragami

Leo: One Punch Man

Virgo: Black Butler

Libra: Angel Beats

Scorpio: Tokyo Ghoul (You got this Scorpios)

Sagittarius: Tales of Zestiria the X

Capricorn: Fate/Stay Night: UBW

Aquarius: D-Gray Man

Pisces: Magi

“Archer, You know who they are?” by Banira.

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