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Imagine how Black Hat would react to losing his powers. "FLUG! I CANT SHAPESHIFT!!!" "FLUG! I CANT TELEPORT AND I'M STUCK IN A TREE!" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S NOT READY?! FIX THE INVENTION! I WANT MY POWERS BACK!" Not only that, he reverts back to how he looked in the 2012 Villainous shorts. Imagine everyone trying to comfort him (Flug, Dem, 505, and the mom squad). I imagine his fri- employees getting super protective when they see a hero in the area.

asdgfhgjhkl god the 2012 shorts give me life ngl–

  • It’s like eldritch puberty all over again. he suddenly cant control anything anymore and it’s awful and god these clothes are tacky what the FUCK was he thinking
  • BH keeps taking off his question-marked hat but there’s an identical hat underneath it and he’s flipping out
  • He’s so used to teleporting places he becomes fucking lazy with walking. 5.0.5 just carries him from place to place; it’s kinda nice ngl. Not like he’d ever say that haha–
  • “Flug I’m going to turn you inside out if you don’t fix this!” “W-well, sir, on the plus side, at least we know that the device works?” “And the device to FIX it better work as well, Flug.” “Y-yes sir!!”
  • Dr. Flug acts scared of him just so BH feels better, even though he knows he can’t carry out any of his threats. On the other hand, Dementia makes it worse. She keeps annoying BH because she knows he can’t retaliate and it’s hilarious.
  • BH was screaming at her for the first half hour but eventually tired himself out and resigned to his fate. Meh, at least 505′s comfy.
  • He refuses to go outside like this. Not because of any heroes, but because he looks and feels fucking awful at the moment. Flug gives the mom squad some excuse as to why he’s not at yoga; they bake BH a “get-well-soon quiche.” BH refuses to eat it until he’s back to normal and can fucking absorb it into his body.
  • “eating?? with a mouth?? fucking disgusting, what do i look like, a heathen?” “Black Hat you literally dissolved into a pile of flesh and teeth” “yeah, it’s called manners.”

Meh. I have a problem xD I like the descriptions of the Pale woman and I want to draw her, but I hate her very much. I can’t draw a character when I hate it so much. (Have you seen any drawing in my gallery about Molly? NO xD) But I do not know, I don’t like Kennit and Wintrow and I drew both…. ARgh!

PS: I hope nobody ever orders me a commission of Molly XDD (but yes, it’s my job) xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
PS2: Oh, yes, soon I open a commission again!

Dark Fate Yuma Ecstasy 01 Translation

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-Scene: Castle Bedroom-

*Rustling Noises*

Yui: Kyaa! W-Wait… …!

Yuma: No. … …Mnnn.

Yui: Nn… …!

(He started kissing me right as we entered the room… …I can’t breathe)

Yuma: Hah… … … …Aah?

Yui: (Eh? What’s Yuma-kun looking at?)

Yuma: Hey… …how’d you get that wound?

Yui: Eh, wound… …? Where?

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