fate laid a hand

Creepypasta #708: A Boy And His Powers

Story length: Medium

I noticed at a very young age that I had this power. It started by finding a dead bird. I cradled the little thing and as I wished for it to come back, I felt a heat well up inside me and the bird flew away. 

I would discretely do the same thing for the family dog, and then again when my little sister’s beloved turtle stopped moving. It was hard to keep it a secret as pets were miraculously recovering, but I thought of myself as a sort of super hero and never told a soul.

When I was 11, my little sister caught a terrible disease. Her organs began failing, she basically was immobile and could only scream in pain. The doctor’s were stumped, and the family was devastated as we were forced to watch her suffer. 

Finally, there was nothing more we could do but bring her home and try to make her as comfortable as possible. I wasn’t sure if I could use my powers on a person but I sure as hell wanted to try. It was late at night when her fate finally came. 

I snuck in and laid my little hands on her stiff body. I felt the heat, my own tears, and then little sis opened her eyes! I was about to scream for joy when she locked eyes with mine and whispered, “It was mum.”

I heard my mother enter the room, and close and lock the door behind her.

Credits to: evilpettingz00

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Top 5 brittana moments & ur fav movie ?

top 5 brittana moments:

5. the look. you know the one. but here’s a gif anyway.

4. fate has laid a hand on these dorks

3. dem churros

2. the whole episode heart, honestly, but especially this :)

1. and finally, the obvious number one is when they became wives!

fav movie: the heat w/ sandra bullock and melissa mccarthy

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Hi I once sent in a request about QN hitting their gf and you said it doesnt follow the rules but you still wrote it and i aprecciate it soo much,you did a great job (as usual).I was wondering if you could do a part 2 where their gf avoids them for awhile and doesnt speak with them,afraid to trigger them again.But they alologize and promise to never dl that again and treat her bruise?I know its still not following the rules but I feel very sad that it ends like that. I would be very grateful.😆

HECK yes! I apologize if this is not what you expected, but I really don’t feel like continuing this request. 

QN hitting their s/o HERE

Quartet Night after hitting their S/O

Reiji Kotobuki

After that fateful night, their relationship began to spiral downward. Ever since Reiji laid his hand on the one person he cared for more than himself, she has been avoiding him. As the bruise showed in all its glory in blue and black, his guilt grew immensely. Even after begging for forgiveness, she still does not want to be alone with him. It wasn’t until she was completely avoiding him did the realization sink in deeply, this could not be fixed. He desperately wanted to talk to someone, seek advice. But how do you admit to abusing your partner? He felt too ashamed to ask for help to mend the broken relationship, eventually changing his bubbly personality into a shell of his former self. Even the other bandmates becoming increasingly worried of his odd behavior but not bother picking too deep into it. It wasn’t until he had finally had enough, he needed to get this sick feeling off his chest. Racing towards that familiar place where it happened, he banged on the door to the beating of his heart. Immediately, the door opening to his s/o in all her beauty, with a saddened look upon her features. Dropping to his knees did he finally beg for forgiveness, swearing with everything he had to never lay another hand on her.

Ranmaru Kurosaki

Ranmaru always knew he was a bit violent, but to harm his s/o was something he never thought he would do. Even when his previous hardships brought him into depression, this was the lowest he has ever been. Not once did he leave his room, only to go out to the local bars to hopefully forget his behavior. But to no avail, she always haunted his mind. The sound her cries when his fist made contact with her jaw playing over in his mind like a broken record, the picture of betray in her eyes burned in his memory. He looked down to his fist that was slightly bruised, but not as bad as her bruises that covered her wrist and jaw. It has been over a week since he has last seen her, also known as the longest week in his entire life. His behavior more hostile, picking more fights and drowning his sorrows every day. Then, it finally came to him. This was not going to blow over like a bad storm, he needed to be there for her. Beg her to take him back even though he knows she deserves far better. But how can you let go of someone who brings out the best of you? Immediately walking towards her apartment, with his bleeding heart on his sleeve to ask for forgiveness in a last ditch attempt to save this relationship.

Ai Mikaze

The emotionless robot was at his wits, how could he strike someone over an object? His loving s/o out of all people to be more exact. He knew he was lucky to have met someone who understood and respected his strange ways. So why did he slap her in the first place, he did not know. All he knew was he needed to fix this. Day after day, the robot stayed secluded in his mind. The guilt and shame building more in the pit of his stomach, making his nauseous.  Hours of research on how to resolve this, but to no avail. He knew this had to be something from the heart, to show his true feelings and guilt that he felt to her if he wanted to save this relationship. It has been two weeks upon last seeing her by his side. He knew he was not good with expressing his feelings, everyone did. So he wrote her a letter every day they were apart, pouring his heart into every neatly written letter that was filled with love, adoration, and begging for forgiveness. Though, he has not sent them yet. Why? He wanted to hand deliver it, to show her he was committed and a changed man that could protect his partner.


After the incident, the count has fallen into despair. He feels the most emotion out of all members and does not know how to process them, even going as far as to breaking more of his ceramic tea set in a fit of rage and guilt. Even drinking specially blended herbal tea not aiding his constant headache from not sleeping. Ever since you have left his side, he could not sleep aside from short naps, that was over a week ago. It was safe to say he was at the lowest part of his life. Never once did he imagine to be as low as to lay a hand on his lover, especially over a petty object. He knew she was always clumsy, that is what made him love her any more. That particular day he was already frustrated, but taking it out on her was wrong and now he was paying for it. He knew he was to beg for her forgiveness, promising the sun and moon that he would never do it again and to be a better lover. 

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This Brittana fandom is the best. All it takes is a two second clip to send us all into a raving frenzie! I love it! BRING ON BRITTANUARY! The wedding of the century.

This is what we have all suffered and endured for, their love kept us going. Where canon let us down fanfiction picked us up and reminded us of their love and now we shall be rewarded for our faith in them. BRITTANA IS ENDGAME

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Jess, what's the biggest giveaway to you that makes you believe Naya and Heather really had something going on a while back?? I know they said people thought they had something going on, but what is it that really gives it away to you?

OMG the list is toooooooo big. Aside from the constant swooning about each other in interviews back then and the touching and eye fucking they did while touring that was caught on camera by the fans in the crowd not to mention Naya’s “fate laid a hand” pic of both of them in shadow looking into each others eyes. The couch pic with Naya posted on facebook with “me and you and you and me and both of us togetha” and Hemo’s reply ” in love always”, and I can go on and on BUT for me it’s the famous interview when the reporter was clearly talking about their characters and asked if they made out and instead of doing what most actors do and talk about their characters Heya assumed she was asking about them and both got so flustered they lost their ability to speak and Naya was like “huh huh huh” while licking her lips nervously while looking at Heather for help and Heather looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I mean c’mon…. if nothing was going on why would they react that way and think they were being asked about their personal relationship and not their characters.