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You know, I originally thought that if in my wildest of dreams, Alter actually made Sorey and Mikleo figures, I’d want them in kickass fighting poses, like what they did for Fate T. Harlaown or Black Heart. I thought that would be the best use of their amazing ability to capture the motion in a scene in still vinyl.

But no. They had a better idea instead and came out with this really simple scene of the two of them sitting on the ruined stones of some ancient civilization, Sorey with the Celestial Record in hand, wind gently blowing through their capes, while they give each other the fondest and most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen on one of their figures.

And I am completely blown away by it, because just like how I thought Zestiria would be the game that could never exist, these two figures with that expression of pure love on their faces is something I thought I’d never get. Just the way they captured the motion of the wind with their capes and the feathers on Sorey’s cloak and earrings, the way the capes are just flowing … like shit, that’s the kind of motion I try to capture with words in my fics and pray I succeed with. And seeing them side by side basically looking at each other like that, excuse me while I jump off a cliff and into a massive ocean of feels because damn I can feel the love coming right off of both of them.

Saying this now, when the pictures of the painted prototypes come out, I’m pretty sure my reaction tags will be nothing but wheezing and incoherent screaming because I can’t remember the last time I was this excited over the release of a set of figures.

Official art.

But there is something about their eyes that I don’t like. But if they give us the long overdue NanoFate I’m willing to forgive those eyes.

*Screams, flails, dances and celebrates*

I just watched a YouTube review of *Legend of Korra* and one thing that struck me was when the reviewer said he was actually a bit thankful the studio and producers behind LoK made sure it’s for general audiences and aired in an American network.

For a second I was puzzled until the reviewer explained how LoK has absolutely no fan service-y sexualization of Korra.

And then it hit me: this is true.

Unfortunately anime culture is so skewed heavily *for* male gaze and what a Japanese otaku thinks is attractive. So women characters in anime are in an unnecessary sexualized clothes and presentation

Badass women are slowly being pushed into cutesy helplessness – Fate T. Harlaown is drawn helpless and cutesy in Vivid to elicit the “Moe” response from the audience, to the point people forget she is badass*.

Also noticeable: there are hardly any girl/woman who are drawn as muscular as Korra even when it’s called for.

Heck, Arturia Pendragon (King Arthur) used to be described as having a bit of muscular arms (because broadsword!) and suddenly years later Nasu is all: No Saber (Arturia) is as weak as the other girls without her magical strength.

I guess this is the reason why I love Shiki Ryougi because her clothes are a kimono and a goddamned leather jacket with combat boots.

(Seriously how is younger Nasu better at this than older Nasu?)

Even little girls are not safe from male gaze.
These are the moments I remember the words: anime was a mistake.

Seriously if you look at the trailers for animes that will be airing there are a *lot* of pandering to the male gaze – a sports anime where women volley balls with their breasts (or was it ass? Or both?) is one example that come to mind.

Anime was a mistake.

(*I am not happy at the writers diminishing Arturia’s awesome strength of character, and exceptional bullheaded stubbornness– she is more than a “waifu”.)