fate halloween

happy halloween!! here’s my piece for the FEF trick-or-treat exchange: DARK MAGE NILES ✨👻✨👻

thank you to my giftee @pelleass​ for the prompt of dreams – i will never turn down the chance to draw this glorious man in his glorious (borrowed or stolen, probably) dark mage outfit! hope you enjoy it, and have a great halloweekend 💜


Happy Halloween & Trick or Treat!!
Give this spooky butler & candy thief some candies or they’ll trick you~!

…Yes. I drew my two husbands from each game, FE:Awakening and FE:Fates…
Don’t judge me. I love them both *sweats*

Joker/Jakob is in a Mad Hatter costume, Gaius is in a Wolfssegner costume (thus 4 ears lol). Joker’s hat says 12% off because he’s born on December 3rd~ I would’ve made it 12.3% to make it more obvious but the hat was too tiny.

I kept thinking Halloween was yesterday and thought I was late… why…