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The worst thing about the resurgence of Fates wank is that this attitude is exactly what lead to the minor Echoes blowback that the ones who hate Fates are so salty about.

For over a year and a half the default state of the FE fandom has been relentlessly, aggressively shitting on Fates because it became a self-sustaining meme. When that becomes the environment, the way that people have learned to behave, guess what happens when people don’t really like a new game that comes out? They use the exact language they’ve been taught to use, that they’ve seen praise going around for using for nearly two years. The anti-Fates meme instilled a viciousness and disrespect for other fans that’s widening the old/new gap and only going to continue for new games, regardless of whether they’re good or not.

Fates became roundly hated for things that were factually untrue; it flat-out doesn’t matter if Echoes has elements truly worth criticizing or not. The fandom shunned measured criticism so effectively that it’s just not how people are going to engage with Echoes or, at this rate, future games altogether.

Musical Theatre Asks
  • American Idiot: What's your favorite alternative band?
  • The Book Of Mormon: Are you religious (+ religion if yes)?
  • Camelot: What's your favorite legend/fairytale?
  • Chess: What's your favorite game (videos games count)?
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: How much time do you think you spend on Tumblr?
  • Evita: What do you want to do with your life?
  • Hamilton: Are you throwing away your shot?
  • Heathers: What was/is high school like for you?
  • Into The Woods: Do you get along with your parents?
  • Jesus Christ Superstar: Who's your favorite celebrity?
  • The Lion King: Have you ever lost someone close to you?
  • Les Mis: How many languages do you speak + which ones?
  • Next To Normal: Do you have a mental illness, or know someone who does?
  • Once: Do you play any instruments? If so, which one(s)?
  • The Phantom of the Opera: How well can you sing?
  • Rent: What do you look for in a friend?
  • Spring Awakening: Who was your first crush? Describe them.
  • Sweeney Todd: What's the most violent thing you've done?
  • West Side Story: Do you believe in fate/destiny/etc.?
  • Wicked: Do you think yourself a hero or a villain + why?

anonymous asked:

Hey, I wanted to ask a question: Why do you feel so strongly about Noctluna? I support it myself but sometimes I get saddened or irritated by others bashing it and of course, the lack of content in the end. Sometimes, the fandom makes me feel bad for loving them... Can I hear some genuine positivity, please? Thank you. Oh and your edits are amazing!

Hi there!

I’m so sorry to hear that that a part of the fandom makes you feel about them that way sometimes, and I certainly feel with you on that part. But don’t let it ever make you feel bad for loving them! I would just advise you to ignore stay away from such things, and also don’t mingle in the ship wars, it doesn’t make one look good or wise, but foolish. Oh and thank you for liking my edits! Glad you do!

Well then, onto the positivity part hehehe. So here is my vision on Noctis and Luna throughout the game, and why I feel for them so strongly. Note though, I am just pointing out some things again from my view and why I love them :D

This might be a unpopular opinion but I don’t necessarily view Noctis and Luna as ‘badly written’ or lacking in development. I look at the game and story in its whole including their relationship (the bigger picture so to speak). The circumstances they live in, the roles they have, fates etc. You see a major romance plot isn’t what FFXV is about, its a part of it but not the main focus, and I think a lot of people were expecting a major obvious romance thing like they were used to in past FF games. The worlds and stakes are different in this game and so are the actions and motivations and struggles of the characters in FFXV. Well, I do want to add that more content around Noctis and Luna is always welcome, but even if more content doesn’t get released , I would still love them.

For me the way how Noctis and Luna were handled was quite refreshing, it was different and I loved that. I love it when developers go out of the box and show different approaches when it comes to romance and the take in the story. Its a tragic approach true that, and I am a big sucker for tragic love stories. Rest in pieces though my heart ;__;

I believe they did have a lot of development, and I mainly point this to that they did write for over 12 years in their ‘lover’s notebook’ which contains 12 years of memories (in game information confirms they have written to each other for over 12 years). And I can only imagine what they wrote to one another over these years, they’ve gotten to know each other only through this way and to be able for having it kept up for 12 years tells me that they were really devoted to one another (it takes a lot of dedication). I do wish maybe we could have gotten a few snippets of written pages by them in order to get a better picture, but in the anime brotherhood we did get to see they were sending each other pictures with notes, letters and gifts. Its a very intimate way of communicating.

Another reason why I love them so much is a bit explained in this post of mine: http://mistress-light.tumblr.com/post/161941452257/it-just-got-to-me. The reaching out theme I call it hahah. No but it just struck me every time Noctis trying to reach for her, and at the end finally being able to.

The most interesting and loveable thing on why I love this couple is because despite what their roles are, they longed to be together. Imagine all the promises they made in their notebook, all their plans together, hopes and dreams. The innocence in their childhood, and how it all ends.

“I won’t let you down “, “All I wanted was to save you” Noctis stating that all he ever wanted was to be with her. And same goes for Luna. Luna really came to terms with her fate and decision when she talked with Ravus in Altissia. Also the symbolism in her death scene (the spirit sequence of her death) first being children depicting the moments they were the most happy in their lives together, and then Luna suddenly transforming into her older self, which symbolises her resolve and facing the reality. Noctis remaining a child state, symbolises that he still hasn’t made his peace. He wants to believe and stay in his fantasy of being together in the mortal world. Yet it cannot be, for fate is cruel.

What fascinates me about them, is that despite their longing and dreams for one another, they had a responsibility to the world. Both were destined with divine roles upon them. It made things super hard for them on a emotional level in which they both had to cope and come to terms with. They had the choice by just dropping every thing and be selfish and let the world go into oblivion, they considered that. But both are very selfless people, they care about the world, people. They couldn’t be together with the knowledge of having failed the world. They truly were at peace in fulfilling their destinies and be together at the end, even if it meant sacrificing their own needs. Its a very strong and remarkable theme in their relationship.

In the end they were in their ‘Final Fantasy’.

So here you have it a bit in random points how I personally feel about them and what makes it work and love em in the end ;) Thanks for your question dear anon and I hope this may have brighten up your day.

Supergirl 2x15: A very brief review/ note...

I’m sure the writers of this damn show knew what they were doing when they unleashed this photo of Katie and Mel literally within an hour of the show airing.

Or perhaps not… but even so.  I am going to go out on a limb and say I am happy with my choice to let this be the last episode I watch until I hear about the rest of the season.  This episode, though it’s only 1/15, gave me some hope that perhaps better things are on the horizon.

What I loved was firstly, Mon-El was not the primary character of the show as he has taken up a LARGE amount of screen time this entire season.  Aside from the irritating ending, which I can comment on later, I didn’t mind him as a side character with side commentary and brief comedic relief.  I don’t mind the actor anymore, and when the character is not an asshole (which is rare on this show), he isn’t terrible… but again, a few okay moments don’t make up for all the crap he’s done/ said all season long, nor the lack of story the writers/ CW have given Kara in S2.  But moving on…

What made this episode AWESOME was we had some real plot with real issues that are totally relevant to the political climate we are facing today (at least here in the US).  This was a tragic story, no doubt.

We finally, FINALLY, had multi-character interactions, responses, confrontations, you name it on many different fronts, and I’ll list them here;

James/ Winn Brotp goals.

Winn/Lyra development.

Alex/ Maggie support/ relationship goals.

Alex/ Jo’on confrontation, fight, conclusion and resolution.

Alex/ Kara confrontation, fight, ultimate sister love and bonding that we’ve missed all season long, and somewhat of a resolution.

Kara (&SG)/ Snapper Carr conflict, fighting, actions, and major consequences/ Kara professional development FINALLY.

Kara/ Lena friendship and professional talk goals.

Supergirl/ Lena working relationship/ alliance goals.

Lena/ Lillian still going head to head and more Luthor drama.

Jeremiah/ Alex conflict, fight, resolution/ solution, more still to come!

Cadmus plot furthered with Lillian, Hank Henshaw, the fate/ future of Jeremiah, etc.  The mystery ensues, eyes are everywhere, and more plot for the future of L Corp as well.

And most importantly?!?!?!

Alex kicking ass, Maggie kicking ass, Lena kicking ass, Guardian kicking ass, Lyra kicking ass, Kara kicking ass, Jeremiah kicking ass and even Winn attempted to kick some damn ass.  Like, FINALLY, this is what a show encompassing every character and giving each person a story, some damn potential, some damn plot, can look like y’all!!!  It rocked!

All of this happened in ONE episode, and I was like, damn…. we actually have a bit of Supergirl back, thank you season 1, where have you been!?!?!




Reality has to come back around y’all….

I MAY have tolerated Mon-El as a love interest for Kara if he had been as background in this episode throughout the season, but that hasn’t been the case.  He was relatively sweet, somewhat annoying, I give him some benefit of the doubt here alone.  The real disappointment though, which this show gave us at the very end was, Kara was willing to give up her professional dream of being a reporter.  Being Supergirl and being with Mon-El was “enough.”  And to that, I just…. shake my head.  

What made it all worse was we had one episode of the old Supergirl back, only to give us promos for the next episode, which is entirely revolved around Daxamites/ Mon-El/ the Prince of Daxam/ Mon-El’s parents……  and the very end gave us some clips of that too, but….

It was like, we got to jump for joy and have hope because we had awesome plot development and multi-character/ relationship growth…. only to be whipped back into the Mon-El Show…. and that’s the real fucking bummer of the whole thing.  

I saw the pic of Katie and Mel, I saw all this badass action, totally swooned at some Supercorp moments, but in the end, it’s like…. it doesn’t really matter because the CW is going right back to the same old song and dance.  Mon-El centric, here we go.

In conclusion to this long rant/ bullshit review….

Thank you writers for doing something right and giving us a taste of the old show with actual complexity and not some weird frat boy story of nonsense.  Sincerest thank yous, like, you were on the right track.

With that being said, one episode doesn’t make up for a whole season, and we all know this goes back to being Mon-El centric next week.  We hope he gets taken away, but truthfully, we have no clue.  So until more fruitful efforts are taken on to make more episodes like the one tonight, I’m not supporting the show and I’m hoping it turns around for the better in season 3 and the writers take our feedback… :)

Oh… and yes, I ship Supercorp.  Thought that was obvious. ^_^  But also, some key moments….

That’s all folks. XD


New D&D kid! Eberron changeling druid/mystic Brin. They’re a traveling fortune teller/junk peddler/snake oil salesperson who may or may not use shapeshifting to skip town when people start leaving bad Yelp reviews.

They grew up around fey druids and generally understand The Natural World as something that also involves intersecting systems outside of the usual ecological ones (planes, dreams, fate, etc.) Looting and junk peddling is a PASSION as well as a solid postwar income stream. They’ve got some latent psychic feelings about objects and see them as a potential medium for connections between people and these natural systems.

Endgame goal is to have Brin understand objects as catalysts for fate/prophecy, and see their own place as someone who’d help invent and maintain these narratives a steward of The Natural World.

They’re gonna be the witchy liminal merchant that imparts Plot Items at the beginning of stories only to MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEAR when people come back with questions. :^)

The costume design goal here is to have loose, simple, layered pieces that benefit someone that’d change their height/weight randomly and also be rearrangeable to look roughly like different outfits as a disguise. (At the same time the examples still have obvious thematic/visual consistency because outside of w.e narrative purpose this has, I want some way to recognize Brin if I’m drawing ‘em as different people all the time, and because totally nondescript people are less fun.) Colors on the top are NOT canon but are just there to visually link different pieces and illustrate how they’re being used in each example.

Top pics outfits & some shifted forms, bottom is True Form changeling self.

“I said only that words were my forte, sweet lady. I never said I couldn’t fight. Though I would never claim to be any sort of true warrior. Not after failing to protect the ones I cared for.”

{ favorite unpopular characters meme - a character you love who is often villainized for their relationships }

the signs as things from fate/series
  • Aries: bazett showing up in prisma illya out of fucking nowhere for the sole purpose of beating the living hell out of several children for 3 episodes and then leave
  • Taurus: when iskandar rode his chariot right into the einzbern castle while holding a barrel of wine so he could personally invite team einzbern to a drinking party
  • Gemini: the AUO castoff
  • Cancer: "People die when they are killed"
  • Leo: the saber wars event in fgo
  • Virgro: the fact that the vn takes so much time to explain the rules of the holy grail war and then like 80% of the cast stomps all over the rules
  • Libra: sasaki kojiro the saviour of france
  • Scorpio: kirei jogging through the einzbern forest, beating up irisviel and maiya, and then jogging away again
  • Saggitarius: the holy grail war grand prix
  • Capricorn: the implied cannibalism of using servant cards to strengthen your other servant cards in fgo
  • Aquarius: hans christian andersen's voice
  • Pisces: the prototype universe having it's own spinoff universe despite literally just being concept art