Dear fat girls,

               Stop cosplaying fat characters. I mean, if you really love that character, than sure, go for it. But stop cosplaying them because you think they are the only characters you can “get away” with cosplaying. If I had a dollar for every fat girl I’ve seen as Pam from Archer or Ursula or LSP, I would be planning a vacation right now.

               Admittedly, my first cosplay was LSP (Lumpy Space Princess). I wanted to badly to cosplay, but so many characters that I loved were skinny and beautiful and I told myself I couldn’t be them. So, I thought to myself “I will pick someone fat” to be comfortable. LSP is lumpy, proud of her lumps, and it was a good jumping on point for me.

               Here’s the thing though… there was no point in starting with LSP. People respond just as positively to me as Captain Marvel as they do to me as LSP. I have received almost NO negative feedback on my cosplay because the community is AMAZING AND SUPPORTIVE.

              Fat girls, take it from a fellow fat girl. COSPLAY WHO YOU WANT. Don’t feel pigeon holed into stuff you don’t really care much about or that you feel obligated to do. You can be WHOEVER you want to be.

               I am still finding ways to be comfortable in my own skin and though I am losing weight, or am working on it, I want to cosplay who I want to cosplay. Find ways to make the costume more comfortable for you. Captain Marvel for instance, I turned into a dress because 1. I thought it would be cute and fun and 2. I am not ready to wear a latex suit of some kind (and it seems WARM)!

               If you want to cosplay someone but don’t know how to make it accommodate you and make you feel good, ASK THOSE AROUND YOU! Ask me! I will HAPPILY help you! I will even draw designs! Just DON’T pick things you have no passion for because you feel you can’t be who you want to be.

               Fat girls, you are fat and you are beautiful. Cosplay who you want and OWN it. Make the shapes flatter yours, alter costumes, think outside the box! Just DON’T settle for fat characters because you feel you have to. Only cosplay them if you really –want- to.



Your fellow fat girl <3