OK…. the experiment is set to start on saturday but I have some uncertainties….

I’ve been logging calories while eating only what I deem “healthy” … and it is tough. I don’t know if I’m willing to spend that much on food alone. I’m thinking I might just change this to eating a normal, healthy diet of around 2,500 calories and then supplementing the rest with a good weight gainer. That makes this whole thing feel cheapened though. But cheap is good… for my wallet.

On that note, can anyone recommend a good, preferably all natural weight gainer?

that pic is old. I couldn’t even button those shorts now. but I’m lazy.


so I thought I’d give an update of sorts, just giving a run down of what I’ve been eating. For example, today  I had:

Meal 1: two slices of whole wheat bread, 4 tbsp of peanut butter (i really like PB okay!) and a cara cara orange… total of 620 calories.

Snack: hard boiled egg, 1 c of 2% milkfat cottage cheese, and 1 large apple. Total of 364 calories

Meal 2: 5 oz can of tuna, ½ can of water chestnuts, tbsp of mayo, 2 slices of wheat bread, 1 light cheese string stick thing, 1 tbsp of chia seeds, and 5 meatballs (homemade recipe with super lean ground turkey, eggs and onion basically). Total of 720 calories

Meal 3: Chicken breast, sweet potato, 2 tbsp BBQ sauce, 1/3 c of part skim mozzarella cheese, and 1 c of broccoli, ¼ c of slivered almonds, 10 baby carrots, and about a cup of fresh pineapple. Total of 750 calories

2,454 calories eaten . And then I supplemented the rest with Serious Mass, two (very large) scoops being 1,250 calories for a grand total of 3,704. Not too bad. I needed 3,600 at a minimum so that’s decent but I tihnk I can do better.

I like healthy food. I really do. I feel better when I eat it but there’s no denying how boring it can be. I feel like my menu is kind of minimized. There are other good things to have like oatmeal, salmon… uh.. .black bean burgers? beans in general… Avocado! uhhhh? I should eat more vegetables too.

Looking at my nutrient details, I did go over my fat goal by a bit and my sodium too. Not by a lot, but just something I need to watch for and adjust. Oh, I also want to replace PB with something like almond butter or cashew butter. Got a shit ton of protein though. Way over my limits for Vit A, C, Calcium, Iron… so that’s good. I think.

Anyway. There’s that. I feel like a fat stuffed pig after my big Serious Mass shake. Time for a belly rub…