fatbettyfrancis-blog asked:

I'm convinced that Don has syphilis and that's the reason for his insanity.

That makes sense. I thought it was his fever because I hallucinate a TON when I get fevers. It’s always so realistic and scary too. But that does make sense. He would have syphilis from sleeping with one of his many lovers.

fatbettyfrancis-blog asked:

You seem like such a sweet, endearing young man. How do you feel about plus size women? Also, what are your feelings on "cougars"? Also, no chance you are related to the Bishops, I hope?

First and foremost, thank you for the compliment! I personally feel that anyone can be beautiful, regardless of their age, nationality or size! As for “cougars”, I don’t think I have an issue with them, love comes at any age! Why discriminate on the basis of age? It’s outrageous!

And heavens no, I have no association with that coot Helen or her disturbingly creepy son, Glen! Why do you ask Betty?