More Than Just Freedom.

“You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.”

I’ve watched Pitch Perfect 3 more times than I probably should have but I’m okay with that :’). And it made me did some thinking. Well, mainly because I’m a film major student and because of how much of a trash I am for Beca/Bellas (or Kendrick and Snow in general), it made me realise that the finale number - Freedom was probably more than just what you saw and felt.

Yeah sure, it was the last number they performed together (mainly Beca but still), yes it was emotional and that I may have shed a tear or two, yes it was sad that this performance was the last one they will probably ever perform as a group (yes I am pissed about Bechloe as well like many of y’all). I felt that there’s more to it or maybe I’m reading into it too much, I don’t know.

“I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away.”

The first film started off as Beca being standoffish at first because of her past with her family and making mixes/djing was her only way to shut herself out from everything that she’s been running away from. However, that all changed when she met the Bellas. Through them and the things they’ve created and experienced over the years in college, she found a new family, possibly the kind of family love she missed out so much on because she didn’t get to have that as a kid. They changed her, acapella changed her. Music has always been her roots, but the Bellas and making acapella made her deepen her love for music.

Acapella is something that is very raw and very stripped down. Everything comes solely from one’s voice and for good acapella music to happen, everyone in the team has to play their equal part and pull equal weights to make the music sound good. Beca knew that, she thought acapella was really lame and geeky at first but she understood the deeper meaning of creating music and being as one together with her team, working together to create something beautiful. Beca also knew that without any one of them, the Bellas wouldn’t have been as successful as they were and sound as good as they are.

“I won’t remember performing and competing, I’m gonna remember you weirdos.”

This sounded very Beca, she isn’t the type to openly show her affection like Chloe does but she admitted that without the Bellas she wouldn’t have met a family that changed her whole life.

Next coming back to the third movie, Theo told Beca that the record label was going to sign her as a solo act, but Beca didn’t even bat an eye or hesitate one bit and turned it down saying that this was her family they were talking about, and that she’d rather not perform at all or not care about the whole DJ Khaled opening performance if it meant that she was going to ditch the people who changed her entire perception of things, who made her who she was, who made her believe in family again, something she thought didn’t exist; at one point in her life. 

After the whole hostage crisis thing, the Bellas each opened up about their plans and that they quickly realised that they’re all growing up, and growing out of things. Eventually, Chloe  mentioned that even though they may take different paths now, they will always be a family at the end of the day. 

“Real family don’t hold you back, they lift you up.”

And so they did, they supported Beca and her dreams knowing that no one loved music more than tiny DJ herself and they wanted to do everything they could to help Beca reach her goal. 

Now, to the finale performance. Beca started off the song, layering her own voice at the beginning. She knew that now she was on her own, she would have to fill in the flaws that her team used to cover for her on her own, and the parts that her team would used to sing for her.  She would now take her own path, but at the same time she knew that her family was also watching her being brave on her own for the first time. Now, acapella had become Beca’s roots, because of it she found the Bellas; her family. Why didn’t the song start off with actual instruments playing? Because Beca wanted to embrace her roots. She understood the change that she had to make and accepted the change of the Bellas as a whole. Beca then headed down, taking Amy with her and soon all of the Bellas were joined with her on stage. They sang their hearts out for the last time. In the past they sang for each other and for the team, for the audience but today, just for today they sang for Beca and for themselves. Acapella were also the roots for the Bellas and not just for Beca. It was what brought them together. 

Towards the end of the song, the curtains drops revealing a band/ochestra playing for the Bellas. This signified change and that they were okay with that because at the end, they were still singing together as one big family, with that same big voice, with the same roots that brought them together. 

“I won’t let you down, I will not give you up, it’s the one good thing that I’ve got.”

Beca then lets go of the Bellas as she took a step forward. The Bellas behind her holding hands, in smiles and tears. The Bellas together with Beca now finally realised that their journey together as a group has ended but it has only just begun as a real family (quote from Britt). Beca is okay with it because she knew that she will always have her family shielding her from behind; the family who made her who she was. 

Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but I thought about how far the Bellas have come together, and that the final number felt more than just a song even though it didn’t have crazy choreography like the finales from the first two movies, it was their anthem of change, growth, maturity and a solid validation of their family bond and I thought that that was really raw and beautiful, and that all of this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the Bellas immense love for music and more importantly their love for one another. 

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