Fat Amy

my classmate looks like Fat Amy from pitch perfect.  

If I were fat, would I be the kind of fat person who is loud and proud of her wonderful jiggle, you know, more to love? Would I be the kind of person who, when in the presence of a fat joke, would bellow with loud laughter, making sure my laugh is a little louder than everyone else to show my blatant defiance of society’s stereotypical and unrealistic expectations of the human body, to show that I am not afraid or belittled by such stringent, narrow standards of beauty. To show i am bigger than life, that fat is more than just fat, it is curves, slopes, and slides that a stick skinny person could never pull off. Would I be the one to prove a voluptuous figure can be beautiful and even sexy when worn like a priceless, brand name dress, because it’s all about the attitude, being comfortable in your own skin, and owning it. To display that kind of confidence to prove that not all fat people are afraid and tiptoeing around the issue; they can be proud and attractive. The kind of girl who would rather boldly plunge forward openly about her unique size rather than hide and hang back and be made fun of, a sad and willing victim. 

Or would i be the kind of fat girl who is always afraid to eat big portions in public, only stuffing her face sick in the privacy of her own room because anxiety and loneliness brings on intense, never-ending hunger pangs. Food is her private and comfortable friend. Would I be the kind of girl who cracks a tiny giggle at fat jokes just because she knows everyone will stare at her to wonder how soft and sensitive she is in the presence of such joke.  The tiny giggle will let everyone know that she is okay and has a sense of humor, when in actuality she feels completely naked whenever that sort of joke comes up. Her tiny giggle would hopefully suffice in satisfying their curiosity so they can look away. So that afterwards, she can shrink and become as invisible as possible. Because a fat joke reminds her that she is a source of endless comedic satire and the butt of so many jokes because her butt is not a cute, small butt like the physicality of the word would seem to imply, its more like a fat hanging, wobbly ass, that no matter how many pairs of Spanx she wears, no measure of polyester could squeeze it together nice, firm, and perky like those Victoria’s Secret models. 

Anyways, I loved Fat Amy in PItch Perfect.