I’m gonna start reposting some stuff I’ve posted when I first started this tumblr. such as this amazing Video by  Eric Wareheim

This is actually the very first video I posted on tumblr. enjoy your nightmares. 


Happy Thanksgiving y'all!  Apropos the holiday, I wanted to share these custom costumes from last year’s “Get Stuffed” commercial for FOX Sports 1.  Fatal Farm directors, Zachary Johnson and Jeffrey Max, asked me to create a basketball uniform in the style of the Plymouth colony.  To meet this challenge, I borrowed fashion elements of the historical and modern with the help of the local library’s children section.  To create an authentic colonial look, I rented a pair of 17th century pirate pants from United American Costumes and used them to create a pattern from which I made the basketball knickers.  Also rented were the hats, belts and shoes, although one actor had feet larger than any shoe available at the costume house.  So, for him I bought a pair of slip on dress shoes from Target and affixed a satin strip and loose buckle.  The uniform tops were lined in athletic jersey material to ensure the actors comfort, and the letters and numbers were cut and sewn by hand to create a hand made impression (as the Plymouth colony predates the sewing machine).