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Common Toxic Herbs and their Effects

This is not a complete list by any means, but these commonly noted plants, herbs, and flowers should be handled with care or avoided altogether. 

Aconite (Wolfsbane, Monkshood) - all parts: dermatoxic, hepatotoxic, and neurotoxic

Adam and Eve (Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Wild Arum) - root: dermatoxic and gastrotoxic if ingested

African Sumac - leaves: dermatoxic; possibly fatal

Agave - juice: dermatoxic  

Angel’s Trumpet - all parts: cardiotoxic; often fatal

Apple - seeds: cytotoxic in large doses

Apricot - leaves and seeds: cytotoxic in large doses

Arnica - gastrotoxic 

Asparagus - berries: dermatoxic and gastrotoxic if ingested

Azalea - all parts: cytotoxic and neurotoxic; rarely fatal

Betel Nut Palm (Pinyang) - all parts: gastrotoxic if ingested

Bittersweet Nightshade - all parts: neurotoxic and gastrotoxic; rarely fatal

Black Hellebore - all parts: cardiotoxic and gastrotoxic; possibly fatal

Black Locust (False Acacia) - root bark and flowers: gastrotoxic

Black Nightshade - all parts except ripe fruit: neurotoxic and gastrotoxic; possibly fatal

Bleeding Heart - leaves and roots: neurotoxic

Bloodroot - rhizomes: cytotoxic

Blue Passion Flower (Common Passion Flower) - leaves: cytotoxic

Bracken - all parts: carcinogenic

Buttercup - all parts: gastrotoxic and dermatoxic 

Calabar Bean (Ordeal Beans) - seeds: neurotoxic and gastrotoxic if ingested in large doses

Cassava - leaves and roots: cytotoxic in large doses

Castor Bean (Castor Oil Plant) - seeds: cytotoxic if ingested or inhaled

Celandine - nephrotoxic 

Cherry - leaves and seeds: cytotoxic in large doses

Christmas Rose - all parts: gastrotoxic

Cocklebur - seedlings and seeds: gastrotoxic and neurotoxic

Columbine - seeds and roots: cardiotoxic; easily fatal

Corn Lily (False Hellebore) - all parts: cardiotoxic; often fatal

Cowbane (Water Hemlock, Snakeweed) - root: neurotoxic if ingested

Daffodil - bulbs and stems: gastrotoxic; possibly fatal

Datura/Moonflower - all parts: gastrotoxic and cardiotoxic

Deadly Nightshade (Belladonna) - all parts: cardiotoxic and neurotoxic; often fatal

Desert Rose (Sabi Star, Kudu) - sap: cardiotoxic with skin contact

Dumbcane - all parts: dermatoxic; possibly fatal

Elder (Elderberry) - root: gastrotoxic

Elephant Ear (Angel Wings) - all parts: dermatoxic and gastrotoxic

Ergot - neurotoxic 

Foxglove - leaves, seeds, and flowers: cardiotoxic; often fatal

Garlic - all parts: gastrotoxic in some animals

Giant Hogweed - all parts: dermatoxic

Golden Chain - all parts, especially seeds: neurotoxic and gastrotoxic; possibly fatal

Goldenseal - all parts: gastrotoxic and neurotoxic in large doses

Grapes/Raisins - all parts: gastrotoxic in dogs

Greater Celandine - all parts: gastrotoxic in large doses

Hemlock (Spotted Cowbane, Poison Snakeweed) - all parts: neurotoxic; possibly fatal

Hemlock Water Dropwort - roots: neurotoxic if ingested; possibly fatal

Henbane - all parts: neurotoxic and cardiotoxic

Holly - berries: gastrotoxic

Honeybush - all parts: gastrotoxic

Honeysuckle - berries: gastrotoxic in mild cases and cardiotoxic in severe cases

Horse Chestnut - all parts: neurotoxic

Hyacinth - bulbs: gastrotoxic and neurotoxic; possibly fatal

Iris - rhizomes: gastrotoxic and dermatoxic 

Jequirity (Crab’s Eye, Rosary Pea) - seeds: neurotoxic and gastrotoxic; often fatal

Kava Kava - nephrotoxic, hepatotoxic 

Kidney Bean - raw: gastrotoxic

Larkspur - young plants and seeds: neurotoxic; often fatal

Lemon - oil: dermatoxic and gastrotoxic to animals  

Lily - all parts: nephrotoxic

Lily of the Nile (Calla Lily) - all parts: dermatoxic and gastrotoxic if ingested; possibly fatal

Lily of the Valley - all parts: cardiotoxic; possibly fatal

Lima Beans - raw: gastrotoxic

Lime - oil: dermatoxic and gastrotoxic in animals

Lobelia - all parts: gastrotoxic 

Mandrake - roots and leaves: gastrotoxic and neurotoxic

Mango - peel and sap: dermatoxic

Mangrove - bark and sap: dermatoxic and eye irritation

Mayapple - all green parts and unripe fruit: gastrotoxic

Meadow Saffron (Autumn Crocus) - bulbs: gastrotoxic; possibly fatal

Mistletoe - leaves and berries: gastrotoxic, cardiotoxic, and neurotoxic; rarely lethal in adults

Moonseed - fruits and seeds: gastrotoxic; often fatal

Mountain Laurel - all green parts: gastrotoxic

Nutmeg - raw: psychoactive in large doses

Oak - leaves and acorns: gastrotoxic; rarely fatal

Odollam Tree (Suicide Tree) - seeds: cardiotoxic; often fatal

Oleander - all parts: dermatoxic, cardiotoxic, and gastrotoxic; possibly fatal

Onions - all parts: gastrotoxic in animals

Orange - oil: dermatoxic and gastrotoxic in animals

Peach - seeds and leaves: cytotoxic in large doses

Pokeweed - raw leaves, berries, and roots: gastrotoxic and dermatoxic; often fatal

Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac - all parts, especially leaves: dermatoxic; possibly fatal

Poison Ryegrass (Darnel) - seeds: neurotoxic

Potato - raw: cytotoxic

Privet - berries and leaves: neurotoxic and gastrotoxic; possibly fatal

Ragwort - all parts: hepatotoxic

Redoul - all parts: gastrotoxic, neurotoxic, and causes respiratory issues; can be fatal in children

Rhubarb - leaves: nephrotoxic

Skullcap - hepatotoxic

Spindle (Spindle Tree) - fruit: hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic; possibly fatal  

Stinging Tree (Gympie Gympie) - bark and sap: dermatoxic; sometimes fatal

Strychnine Tree - seeds: neurotoxic; often fatal

Sweet Pea - seeds: neurotoxic and damaging to connective tissues

Tomato - leaves and stems: cytotoxic in large doses

Uva Ursi - neurotoxic, dermatoxic 

White Baneberry (Doll’s Eyes) - all parts, especially berries: cardiotoxic; possibly fatal

White Snakeroot - all parts: gastrotoxic; often fatal

Winter Cherry (Jerusalem Cherry) - all parts, especially berries: gastrotoxic; occasionally fatal, especially to children

Wisteria - gastrotoxic

Yew (English Yew, Common Yew) - leaves and seeds: gastrotoxic if ingested and respiratory issues if inhaled

definitions of terms used in this list: 

  • carcinogenic - a substance that can cause cancer
  • cardiotoxic - toxic to the heart 
  • cytotoxic - toxic to living cells
  • dermatoxic - toxic to the skin
  • gastrotoxic - toxic to the gastrointestinal system (stomach, intestines, etc.)
  • hepatotoxic - toxic to the liver
  • nephrotoxic - toxic to the kidneys and urological system (ureters, bladder)
  • neurotoxic - toxic to the neurological system (brain, nerves, brainstem, spinal cord, etc.)
  • psychoactive - pertaining to substances that change brain function and result in alterations in perception, mood, or consciousness

last updated: 6-29-2016

Types as Seasonal Aesthetics


ISFP: You are the specks of pink cherry blossoms blowing in the wind and the pleasant breeze whispering against people. 

ENFJ: You are the first warm day after the blistering cold; a sign of hope. 

ESFJ: You are the very picture of a family having a nice picnic in a lusciously green park.

ENTP: You are the pesky allergies that come with the season making it more bittersweet. 


ENFP: You are the wanderlust, exploring the unknown depths of the unpredictable sea. 

ESFP: You are the city lights at night and a thirst quenching glass of a cocktail drink. 

ESTJ: You are that one friend who encourages physical activities and fun not be wasted on this season. 

ISTP: You are a pair of sunglasses; chic and protecting people’s eyes from the dangers of the sun rays. 


INFP: You are the crispy, fall morning and the wind blowing through strands of hair. 

INTP: You are the solitude of chilly nights and empty roads.

ISTJ: You are the mystical fog and the beginning of school. 

ISFJ: You are the beautiful, colorful leaves decorating houses, pavements and cars. 


ESTP: You are the chaotic and turbulent snow storms. You are the thrill of sliding down white covered mountains.

ENTJ: You are the cold air from people’s lips and the fatal sting of frostbites from being outside too long. 

INTJ: You are the rage of sleet and the sharp edges of ice. 

INFJ: You are the warm smell of hot chocolate and cinnamon on Christmas Eve.

Dark Side of the Signs


An innate ability to give authoritative military commands is the essence of your sign, but when others disobey you are puzzled and slightly hurt. You do know what’s best, after all. And if you yell loudly enough they will, eventually, understand. You cheerfully rearrange the furniture inside people’s heads and march away muttering ‘people to see, places to go’. Ultimately, you have no secret strategies, but this doesn’t matter because you are plugged into the national grid and in the end, everyone else is far too exhausted to murmur ‘no’.


’Slowly but surely wins the race’ is what you say. It is your life philosophy. And the thing is, nobody will ever persuade you to do things differently. Because you are so stubborn, so fixed, so earthy you are like some kind of stubborn, fixed, earthy thing. Or a rock face. Annoyingly, you sometimes do win the race – accumulating wealth, property, and status as you plod along. You see, yes, you were right. The story of the tortoise and the hare was right. Or the ant (good) and the stupid, improvident grasshopper (ridiculous)…..In the end it’s all about prudence isn’t it..Smug? Indeed. But comfy and cosy. Oh yes.


You possess the fascinating, charismatic allure of the sociopath. Perhaps it’s the breath-taking lies you tell, the spin you put on everything, or the dizzying speed of your mental processes. People are charmed, disappointed, charmed, infuriated….they can’t pin you down can they? They stumble about in the random thought generator which is your mind, lost and confused. And so are you. And you know, deep inside, that there is more than one of you in there. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing. Sometimes there’s a supporting cast as well. Great. You do so need someone to talk to.


As the Moon (your ruling planet) waxes and wanes in the night sky you are subject to mood swings of astonishing, ancient complexity. To ease this you hold on tightly to everything in your immediate vicinity – people, memories, receipts, half-eaten packets of crisps. You never, ever let go. Nobody understands you. You move sideways across the beach, zig-zagging towards your goals and hiding in rock pools. Sometimes you make a lot of money. But you never tell anyone. Or if you do you will probably have to kill them eventually.


There you are – radiant, playful, and such a little sunbeam. What’s not to like? The claws, mainly. You like to keep these sheathed, but you can’t help yourself sometimes. Someone tells you that you look tired. Or dares to disagree with you. Clearly, they do not know who you are. The fools! After this point it’s like one of those wild-life documentaries. It gets bloody. But you are quite deliciously lazy and easily distracted by flattery and shopping, so you soon forget that part. Until the next time. You need staff really. Or a minder. Because sometimes your victims retaliate.


You are blessed to have incarnated in modern times. Without antiseptics and antibiotics and waxing how would you get through the day? Nobody seems to grasp the dangers of infection and dirt in quite the way you do. You are not afraid to tell them either, because you enjoy giving constructive criticism, as you like to call it. Yours, after all, is the sign of service to others. But how ever helpful you are, it never seems to be enough. Chaos and filth reign and your work is never done. Karma can be very cruel.


Balancing the scales of your psyche is your life’s task. To this end you constantly say things like ‘ on the one hand, on the other hand’ – applying this modus operandi to everything – relationships, outfits, holiday plans, menus. But you are cunning. Machiavellian even. Because underneath you know exactly what you want, and how to get it. Your ruthless charm bathes others in a sweet, warm glow and they fail to notice what you’re up to until it’s way too late. Still, death by chocolate – it could be worse.


Dark side? Bah humbug. You are a smouldering gothic creature and proud of it. If you are in denial about this you are in big trouble. Being awake for a thousand years gives you the edge over everybody else. Nobody nurses a grudge like you do, because you know revenge is a dish best served icy cold. Your poisonous sting is fatal, but lack of self-acceptance means you will use it on yourself one day and then the sky will darken, the mirror will crack, and your bones will turn to dust in a heartbeat.. To avoid this you probably require a lot of sex, money, and a shrink.


Symbolised by the mythic centaur, you are half-human, half-horse. You are fine in a large paddock, but react badly to life in a stable. You kick, you rear, and you tell everybody they are fat, useless, and you hate them. When you tell the truth it is unvarnished and largely unpalatable. It is, of course, the truth. But sometimes honesty is not the best policy. As a hybrid being, you are prone to extreme reactions – sunk in existential angst one moment, galloping off across the plains the next. You are redeemed by philosophy and jokes.


Another symbolic hybrid, you are half goat, half fish. Eh? No wonder you are so focussed on nailing everything down. And you never give up. You run corporations, you direct your own movies, you live your dream. So why are you so lugubrious? The answer is simple. Half of you climbs the mountain. The other half messes around, making surreal jokes and partying hard in expensive locations. You are not good at conflict resolution -you are not a Libran. It’s depressing. Luckily you tend to live for a long time and might get it right eventually.


Lovely, impartial, humanitarian you. There you are with your amazing ideas, your cutting edge philosophy, your wise objectivity….you are the future. But wait. It’s not all eco-friendly in there is it? Somewhere in your head is a laboratory, a space station or the world wide web. Your interest in others can be a tad chilly when it comes down to one-on-one. You encourage them, they respond, you feel claustrophohic. Intimacy? Just say no. Floundering about in the swamps of the human heart slows you down. And seriously, you do have worlds to conquer.


It is said you contain within yourself the personality traits of all the other signs of the zodiac. You are the shape-shifter, the walker between the worlds, the one who swims to the ocean’s depths in search of poetry, wine, and the secrets of the universe. This is why you are so confused and prone to shooting yourself in the foot. At your best, after many incarnations, you learn to confuse others by casting spells and morphing into whatever they want you to be. You are a hall of mirrors with no exit sign. Embracing quantum theory may help. Or it may not.

—  Jane Lyle
The Maze Runner - Newt: If I Ever Say We’re Through Again, Take Your Clothes Off And Remind Me What I’ll Miss Out On

Request: i loooove your imagines. Can you write one where you and newt were in a relationship but you broke up and you start dating thomas but newt still loved you and tries to win you back? thanks! (:

A/N: Thank you! I’m glad you love them!

Warning: This oneshot/imagine is really… feelzy. It talks about feelings and emotions quite a lot and I spologise if that’s not your cup of tea. It’s not really mine either so just be prepared, it might not be that great.

“You’re looking a little gloomy, Y/N.” You turn your head to the oncoming voice that belongs to none other than Thomas, one of Newt’s best friends. You sigh dramatically and turn back to the view of rows and rows of old, cracked and worn Deadheads, lined against the trees.

“What do you want Thomas?”

He doesn’t say anything at first, as if amused by your sudden resentfulness towards him. You know this by the raising of his eyebrow and the small smirk that manipulates his lips. “I want to know why you’re looking so sad.”

You turn back to him, “Oh I don’t know, Thomas. Maybe it’s the fact that my memory has been wiped, I’ve been chucked into a cage full of boys, minus Teresa, and the only way out is through the Maze that changes each night, but hey! Make sure you go in the day! Otherwise you could get a happy little surprise of a fatal sting from a spider-looking creature called a Griever.” You roll your eyes and look back out across the grim Deadheads that conveniently seem to match your mood. Why would he even ask? You stop breathing for a moment… did he ask because he suspects something more…?

“I see Newt has rubbed off on you.”

“What?” You snap, giving him a ferocious glare from the corner of your eye, you can only just make out his relatively dirty face. He wears a blue shirt with a stain that reminds you of blood and you’re suddenly worried, is he about to spring bad news on you? Would it be about Newt?

“Your sarcasm. It sounds very familiar.”

“Oh shuck off.” You spin yourself around and notice that Thomas is only on a crouch rather than sitting in the grass like yourself. You eye his supposed-blood-stain, “Rough day in the Maze?”

He looks at your face for a moment, you’re not entirely sure where he’s looking. It makes you self-conscious, it makes you wonder if there’s something on your face. Then he shakes his head, his eyes dart around nervously until his lips form words, his voice almost croaks out, “No, no. It’s just grape juice.”

“Huh. How did you know I was implying blood?”


“Ah.” You nod your head knowingly, of course that curious cat would have asked, he has it out for Thomas; you think.

Thomas moves from his crouched position, his feat scraping against the dirt until he takes a seat beside you. His legs arch upwards and cross over each other at the ankles. He rests his arms over his knees and then he looks at you expectantly, all emotions plain to match his flat tone of voice. “You going to stop avoiding the subject now? What’s up?”

At first, you shy away. You never talk to Thomas, and when you do, it was always about Newt. You guess not much will change in this conversation… “It’s just your ass-of-a-friend, that’s all.”

Thomas nods his head slowly while saying, “Ah, I thought at much.”

“He –he’s so infuriating! He told me he couldn’t be with me anymore if I wasn’t going to act like I cared! If I wasn’t going to “share my emotions and feelings” with him! I’m sorry I find it almost impossible to do that, ugh!”

Thomas’s look softens, his blue eyes somewhat comforting, “So you broke up with him before he could, right?”


The cool night breeze shuffles your let down hair around your shoulders before biting at your ankles, Thomas’s arms spike up goose-bumps but he doesn’t seem to care, or notice. “And was that the right decision? Do you miss him?”

You take in a long breath before blowing it all out, as if it could clear your mind off the stress and negativity. “That’s the thing, Thomas.” Your voice comes out barely audible, a cracked whisper. You’re not sure if it’s the coldness of the wind or if it really is your tears sliding over your almost numb cheeks, but you choose to ignore it anyway. “I’m not even sure if I miss him or if I miss having someone in that way.”

“Does this mean you’re confused? Is that what you’re feeling?” Somehow Thomas managed to edge closer, you didn’t realise it until you could feel the slight hiss of his breath. You haven’t been looking up at his eyes until now and you can’t seem to recognise the emotion inside them. You never knew Thomas was good at hiding his feelings, maybe he’s almost as good as you.

You shake your head, only slightly, strands of hair fall over your face. “I’m lonely.”

Thomas’s hand moves to the side of your face, tucking a strand behind your ear. You almost roll your eyes at how cliché this feels but your heart is beating loud, almost too loud and curiosity gets the better of you. You want to know what his next move is, even though you already know.

“You don’t have to feel lonely anymore…” Thomas’s hand rests on the back of your head and pushes you both together, your lips find his, blindly, and you feel the rush and the thrill of this new intimacy between the two of you. Something new, something fresh. Your hand presses against his chest and runs up to his shoulder as the kiss takes a quick turn to more than just quick peck. You lay back onto the ground and run your hands up his hard-muscled back and then trhough his short, cropped hair.

All the while making out beside a cemetery, you start to wonder if this new thing with Thomas will last. If you want it to last. Are you just doing this to get Newt out of your head? Is this the only way to take the heartbreak away, the betrayal?

But it all comes down to this, as you kiss Thomas all you can think about, all your mind repeats, is how dare Newt betray you like that. How dare he turn on you just because you have a difficult time expressing your true feelings? How dare he threaten to end it all, all that you had because he couldn’t here an “I love you” just to satisfy his ego. Why would you spew up fake words instead of being honest with him? You knew what you were doing and he scared you to death when he suggested a break up.

So if you were that terrified of losing him, then why did you end it?

It’s been about a month since Thomas and you declared it official. You’re still not even sure if it’s real, if this is actually happening. The past weeks went by in a blur of secretive make outs with Thomas every time you felt a pang of hurt from Newt, if you started to miss him again or if Newt in general was just on your mind. And then Thomas had to talk. He had to open his big mouth and remind you that he is, in fact, a human being with a human brain and human feelings. That he doesn’t want this just to be a thing, that he really does have feelings for you and you must too because why would you be staying around him this long? So you just agreed to it. Maybe it was to get back at Newt, maybe not. If it was though, you doubt it would work because he wanted to end things with you anyway.

Thomas isn’t annoying. You do not hate him, in fact, you quite like him as a person. You definitely admire him; he’s got an amazing courage that you’ll never have. The thing is though… he’s just not Newt. He’ll never be enough. But Newt? It’s too late for that. Whatever it was you had with him, it’s gone. Completely. And you’ll just have to learn to forget about it, you suppose.

Before you almost completely lose yourself in your own mind-boggling thoughts you’re quickly pulled away from it, “Do you need some cheering up?”

Your lips spread into a thin, tired smile, “No… I’m just thinking. You should be on your way, I’ll see you when you get back. Okay?” You try to not sound pushy but you’re not sure if you want to be around Thomas right now. All you feel is guilt.

Thomas looks at you momentarily, as if he knows what’s going on inside your complicated mind. Hell, you would love to know what he knows. “Alright, I’ll see you later.” He comes over to where you lean against a tree and kisses your forehead sweetly.

“Bye…” You mutter and he tries to hand you a pleasant looking smile, but it comes out warped and forced. He knows.

You bring your hands up to your face as you slide down the rough, barky tree, feeling quite sorry for yourself but also extremely frustrated. Why can’t you just not screw things up for once? Why can’t you just love Thomas like you love Newt?

Your eyes snap open, wide. Your breathing quickens as you realise what you just thought to yourself. Do you love Newt? You can’t…


Your hands slide away from your face and you feel strands of hair stick to the sweat laced across your skin from your hands. You tug them free as you almost gap at the boy standing in front of you. You’ve never been this nervous around Newt, you hate that you feel this way. It’s so foreign, so irritating. You were always confident around Newt, as was he, now you’re both acting like shy little kids.


He looks as worn and tired as you feel. His eyes drop for a moment before they find yours again, this time sad but almost terrified. “How… how are you?” His voice comes out a little bit shaky and uncertain, but his brown eyes don’t leave you and maybe that’s why you decide to answer instead of running away like your mind told you to.

You laugh, “Seriously? That’s all you have to say?” You shake your head, “Just go.”

Newt blinks in…understanding, as if he knew you were going to reply in that way. Of course he knew, he knows you better than anyone in the Glade. “Alright, Y/N, fine. Do you want me to say what I really want to say? Although I know I shouldn’t?”

You stand up from the ground and brush down your legs, straggly bits of grass fall into the dirt as you shake them off. You eye Newt with a puffed out chest, your chin in the air, “Go ahead. I can take it.” You smile sweetly.

Newt breathes in and then out, his eyebrows knitted into a frown. His lips pursed in an irritated, pissed off manner. “You’re a slinthead.”

You chuckle, “Oh really? And why’s that?”

“Why the hell are you with Thomas? Did… did what we had mean absolutely nothing!?”

You walk up to him and speak in an intimidating, firm voice. “Oh so you’re still at that? Trying to make me admit it?”

Newt becomes confused, “Admit what?”

You shake your head, “You know what!”

This time it’s Newt’s turn to shake his head, “No, I don’t.”

You shove his shoulder, “You wanted me to tell you that I love you, even if I didn’t. You wanted me to say it until it had no meaning anymore! What would the point of that be? Why would you want to overuse such a meaningful phrase like that because you’re so bigheaded that if you don’t hear it, you’ll just break up with me? The funny thing is, though, you get you’re wish.” You point at him with a furious, outstretched finger, “I do love you. I love you so much I can’t stop thinking about you and you’re stupid self. I love you so much I became terrified and ran away to someone else because I’m scared of loving you.” Your hand drops to your side while your other wipes the side of your face. You look at your sleeve as you catch something glossy at the corner of your eye and see the tears before you feel them slide down your face. You shake your head, “Are you satisfied?”

“That’s… Y/N, that’s all I ever wanted you to say. Even if you shouted at me. Even if you threw klunk at me, I just wanted to know what you were feeling inside that complicated mind of yours. I’m not bigheaded, I’m not using your “I love you’s” to boost my ego. I just wanted to know your true emotions for once… even if we had to break up for you to realise them.” Newt shakes his head. “I wasn’t going to end things with you, I was just mad. Mad that I told you everything and you never said anything back to me. It was selfish and disgusting of me to threaten you like that and I promise I will never ever do it again, I swear.”

“You can’t threaten to break up with me if we’re already broken.”

Newt’s hand raises to the back of his head as he rubs his nervous spot eagerly, he always does that when he becomes unsure of things. “I need you.”

You blink as more tears spill.

Newt stumbles closer but stops hesitantly. He knows this isn’t right, that we shouldn’t be like this behind Thomas’s back but then your mind flashes back to the image of Thomas as he left for the Maze. How he looked at you so knowingly, like he knew Newt was going to confront you today. Like he knew it was time he’d have to let you go and watch you from the sidelines again.

“I need you.” You breathe out and Newt rushes over to you, holding your body against his. You feel a new wetness and you push your head from out of his hold and stare up into his glossy brown eyes. Tears slide down his face, you wipe them away with your fingers.

“Thank you. For letting it out. I’m sorry it had to happen the way it did… I shouldn’t have pressed you like that but I was so worried that I had completely and utterly fallen for you and you didn’t see me as anything more than a boy-toy.” His voice comes out stressed and rushed, you don’t even take notice of half of what he’s saying because you’ve already forgiven him.

You lovingly place hurried kisses up along his neck and over his jaw but before you can reach his lips you feel his wet kisses all over your face in retaliation. You scrunch up your nose and giggle with each touch, hardly believing this is happening. And then he stops drowning your face in kisses, he takes your face into his hand and presses a needed passionate kiss on your soft lips. You stay in his embrace for a while longer, savouring every bit of it.

“Next time I tell you that we’re through, take all of your clothes off and remind me what I’ll miss out on.” You say, your head pressed against his chest. You feel his chest shake with laughter as he hears your muffled voice.

“That’s a promise.”

A/N: Honestly, if you hate it, I don’t care. I’m not real confident about this one but I hope it met some of your standards, sorry. I might just be having an off day.

Also, I’m running out of requests! I literally have no more in my ask box so please, please, please send me some more ASAP because I really enjoy writing but I suck at thinking up really good ideas so please go crazy.

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Keep requesting!


The high seas of Storm Brian have brought some unusual visitors to Penparcau and Aberystwyth in West Wales.  The first to arrive was the jellyfish-like colonial hydroid Portuguese man o’ war.  This animal is more at home in the warmer waters of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, but was pushed off course by the extreme weather event.  Their venomous tentacles can be up to 30m long, and even those washed up dead on our coast can have a very painful sting, possibly fatal to children or animals. 

Having these exotic animals arrive on our local beach was an amazing thrill and caused huge debate and interest locally.  Our first sighting was on the 6th October 2017, and they were still present by the 30th of that month.  The Marine Conservation Society appealed for records and we were pleased to add ours to the attempt to track the progress of these creatures around our shores.

The second exciting visitor is actually a resident of Cardigan Bay waters, but rarely seen on land, the Curled Octopus.  Again, in response to the stormy sea conditions, they have been seen on Aberystwyth and Penparcau beaches.  The above animal was luckily found alive by a local man, and safely returned to the sea.  We were approached by the Beach Stuff website, who spotted our octopus records on Facebook, and asked to use them in an Interactive Map of stranded Octopus around the UK that they then shared with the Marine Conservation Society.  Social media has been a very useful tool for tracking these animals in almost real time as they move around our coast.

Under the Sea

As a marine and freshwater biologist in training, life under water is my absolute favourite and utterly fascinates me! I realize that I am coming into this topic with the invisible backpack of all my previous schooling. I have had the privilege of learning about life in the oceans for the past 4 years and so I am coming into this topic with previous knowledge, terms and skills for understanding the complex ecosystem that is the ocean. I hope to communicate some of that knowledge and love for the ocean with you all too.

Life underwater is the most diverse of anywhere on the planet and consists of some of the craziest looking creatures adapted to living there that I have ever seen.

This is the Portuguese man-o-war. It can deliver fatal stings to those unfortunate enough to get too close. Although they may look like jellyfish, they are in fact not. Man-o-war are a siphonophore which means that they are made up of specialized individual animals called polyps or zooids that all work together for the overall function of the animal. This is different from jellyfish because they are a single multicellular organism. The idea behind the polyps is that they function as individual specialized sections (ie. The stinging tentacles, the floating top above the water etc) but form together to become a single species. The long stinging tentacles help this crazy creature to catch prey to eat while it floats along the surface of the oceans, if you ever see the gas filled “bladder” above the water be sure to avoid it!

Next let us look at mantis shrimp. I hope some of you have heard of these crazy creatures before because they have some pretty incredible abilities. Mantis shrimp are actually a part of the group of animals that they look like, the crustaceans. There are actually more than 450 different species of mantis shrimp, ranging in colours from brown to fluorescent like the one pictured. Mantis shrimp are special because of their ability to incapacitate and kill their prey. They have a sort of coil spring mechanism in their claws that allows them to “punch” at speeds up to 23m/s. This is incredibly fast! To put that in context for those of you who don’t enjoy math that is so fast and hard that some larger species are able to break aquarium glass with the shear force. As well if the initial punch misses their intended prey, the after shock wave is still sometimes enough to stun or kill it. To make these creatures even more amazing compared to the three types of colour-receptive cones that humans possess in their eyes, the eyes of a mantis shrimp carry 12 types of colour receptive cones! That’s a lot of colour variation and definitely comes in handy while living on the ocean floor in sometimes very dark environments.

I highly recommend that you watch the video below to learn more about the mantis shrimp. Its both hilarious and informative.

Lastly, I want to introduce to you an animal I have gotten to personally work with in my classes before. Say hello to the sea cucumber! These slug like creatures live on the sea floor and are well known for the toxins they contain and because of their often spectacular defensive systems because when your small and squishy you generally become an easy target for food for other animals. In order to defend themselves, or sometimes when they are startles, the sea cucumbers will expel their tracheal branches (in the video below) which they use to take in oxygen, through their butt to entangle prey or confuse predators! How crazy is that!

As well you can learn more about sea cucumbers (and sea pigs using the video below!

I hope you enjoyed learning about some new and very cool creatures!

The beautiful purple-striped jelly is best appreciated from a safe distance! Though not fatal, its sting can be painful. In spite of this, ocean sunfish have been seen munching on these jellies and are thought to be immune to their sting. If you’re not an ocean sunfish, you can still safely see purple-striped jellies in our Open Sea wing!

Thank you to P.J. Taylor for the photo!

Future!Rogue's Acquired Powers

Hey, so I just now thought of this (thank you bakuenns for reblogging that gifset) but has anyone ever talked about how Rogue acquired Sting’s powers? Future!Rogue said he killed Sting, but I just realized that it sounds very familiar to what Sting said about Weisslogia, and that he and Rogue killed their parents to become strong. As it turned out, their parent dragons were dying anyways, and actually told them to kill them, so that they could power up their dragon slaying magic. My thought now is that during the fight with Acnologia, Sting was fatally wounded or something, and actually told Rogue to kill him, in the hopes that Rogue could become more powerful by killing a dragon slayer, similar to killing a dragon. Of course something went wrong because F!Rogue is crazy, but this makes sense as to why he’s still set on defeating Acnologia at all costs. I always assumed that it was Frosch’s death that caused him to go crazy/evil, but what if it was both Sting and Frosch’s? I can see that situation with Sting brining up memories of when he killed Skiadrum as well, making it even more emotional. But yeah just a thought, it doesn’t really affect the plot, more just about how F!Rogue came to be.