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Undyne (Undertale) // Yumetarō (Gimmick!)

Rokusho (Medarot / Medabots) // Nakoruru (Samurai Spirits / Samurai Shodown)

Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury / Garō Densetsu and King of Fighters)

ARE YOU OKAY?! These are it, we’ve finally reached the end of all the characters I’ve drawn so far. This batch specifically has, I feel, most of my best drawings and most polished ones. I’ll probably revisit this and draw some more but for now this is the last part. Did I draw one of your favorite characters? Did this make you discover a cool character or game that you now like that you previously didn’t know of? I hope it did.

Also, for those curious and because I kept track of it, the final color count of all the illustrations together is of 37 different colors (counting the background as a color).

The Japanese Super Famicom version of Fatal Fury Special is pretty great. Specifically that one, none of the other SNES versions of the game have the following.

This version has a thing where if you hold Heavy Kick down for a while (roughly 5 seconds) and release, you’ll get a special move without having to do the motion for it.

If you hold HK down for longer, you’ll get a different move.

It basically allows you to bypass any restrictions you might have on being able to perform a special move, including but not limited to:

Most importantly, there’s Jubei. One of the moves Jubei can perform like this is a command grab, a command grab that is USUALLY only supposed to be able to come out when he’s right next to his opponent. 

Instead, his command grab works no matter what when it’s performed this way. It doesn’t matter where the opponent is or what they’re doing, they’ll get grabbed. 

It’s a shame that this was patched out of every other SNES version. 

Actually, maybe it isn’t.