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doors in survival horror/horror vidya
  • Silent Hill: The door is rusted shut. It also has no knob and isn't real. None of these doors are. What, did you think we'd let you in any of these doors? Fucking idiot.
  • Resident Evil: This door requires an absurdly specific key only obtainable by doing an absurd puzzle. Why is everything in this building fucking locked?
  • Resident Evil 4: Just kick the door in half. You don't give a fuck. Fuck this guy's house, it's my house now.
  • Haunting Ground: Go print out some words on a stone printer. They're like keycards. But rocks.
  • Rule of Rose: Some little fucker is going to shut the door on you. What a prick.
  • Dino Crisis: I hope you like scrabble.
  • Dino Crisis 2: It seems that someone misplaced a large vehicle into this door. Go find a key in a pond to open the other door.
  • Fatal Frame: Hey I hope you like doing silly puzzles because here's a clock, go ahead and input that time you read about earlier.
  • Left 4 Dead: I mean, yeah, that door opens, but the hunter behind it isn't going to make things easier for you. Oops, it was just a horde.
  • Penumbra: Well that door's right fucked, innit? You see those boxes over there? You know what to do.
  • Amnesia: Same as above but with Mr. Struts on your ass the entire time.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: If it's a locked door, you're gonna need a keycode. Hope you're ready to fight the burer behind it. The pseudogiant, too.
  • X-COM: There's a lobsterman behind that door. Don't open it. Don't even open the sub door. There's lobstermen out there. Time to leave.
  • Cryostasis: You're going to have to go into some guy's memories and make it so that he doesn't get dead to get through this door. Or maybe a bear's memories. Awesome.
  • Echo Night Beyond: Look through some really slow moving cameras until you figure out what you need to open the door, then proceed to immediately make a mad dash for the items while a ghost of a little girl kinda jogs towards you in an apparently immensely threatening fashion because your heart rate is literally breaking 300 bpm whenever she's within 3 feet of you.

10 Women Directed Horror Films to Watch This October*

#Horror dir. Tara Subkoff (2015)
Six preadolescent girls face a night of terror when the compulsive addiction of an online social media game turns a moment of cyber bullying into a night of insanity.

Amer dir. Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani (2009)
Three episodes in the life of Ana, a young woman living in a mansion on a cliff by the Côte d'Azur.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer dir. Fran Rubel Kuzui (1992)
A flighty teenage girl learns that she is her generation’s destined battler of vampires.

Evolution dir. Lucile Hadzihalilovic (2015)
A young boy becomes suspicious when he realizes the only residents of his seaside town are women and boys.

Fatal Frame dir. Mari Asato (2014)
Michi a student in a conservative all-girls school, must resolve the mysterious disappearances and deaths of her fellow classmates.

Goodnight Mommy dir. Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala (2015)
Twin boys move to a new home with their mother after she has face changing cosmetic surgery, but under her bandages is someone the children don’t recognize.

In My Skin dir. Marina de Van (2002)
A woman grows increasingly fascinated with her body after suffering a disfiguring accident.

The Invitation dir. Karyn Kusama (2015)
While attending a dinner party at his former home, a man becomes suspicious that his ex-wife and her new husband have sinister intentions for their guests.

Prevenge dir. Alice Lowe (2016)
A pregnant woman’s unborn child psychically spurs her on to murder.

Raw dir. Julia Ducournau (2016)
A young vegetarian undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual at vet school, an unbidden taste for meat begins to grow in her.

*More women directed horror HERE and HERE.

My favorites from my Survival Horror collection! Digital games like all my Resident Evils or Corpse Parties not included ofc. There’s still lot I want, like english PS2 versions of certain Fatal Frames or Silent Hills or physical copies of certain PS1 games that I have digitally…. hopefully someday!