fatal fluffies


This was meant to be something short and fluffy for fatally-procrastinating​ because she is sick and we were talking about needing more fluff in our lives. It ended up being a lot  longer than I anticipated.
But still fluffy I hope!
Featuring her Warden, Aeryn Cousland and Alistair. [Apologies for any discrepancies with their relationship/progression  etc. X.x;;]

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“Must you be so infuriating?” Morrigan’s angry growl caused conversation across camp to stop and all eyes to turn to her. Her body was rigid as she loomed over Alistair and Aeryn who sat by the fire warming themselves. “You are making me sick.”

“You know what you need, Morrigan?” Alistair peered up at her, smiling, “you need some love in your life.” He squeezed Aeryn’s hand on his knee, clutching her smaller fingers within his. Turning his head, he nudged his fellow Warden and kissed the side of her temple. “It does wonders for the soul.”

Aeryn glimpsed Morrigan, saw the corner of her right eye twitch.

“Oh, I forgot!” Alistair feigned ignorance, “you don’t have one.”

“Ugh.” Sneered Morrigan, “I had hoped to talk to you,” she jerked her finger at Aeryn, “without this lummox present. Come to me when you have extracted yourself from his stifling embrace.” The witch turned with a flourish and marched across the camp towards her own secluded tent and fire a few paces away. Far enough so she didn’t have to communicate with the others if she didn’t want to.

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