fatal crew

Everyone in the crew regards Gavin as unlucky. He constantly trips over his own feet, forgets and misplaces important things, gets his vehicles stuck in the most inconvenient of places, the list goes on. It’s very hard not to think that life is out to get him with how often little things go wrong in the crew’s day-to-day, and it’s somewhat of a running joke that Gavin is certainly going to be the first major fatality in the crew. After all, with a crosshair potentially trained on their heads every time they leave the penthouse, death is inevitable. 

But whenever the crew says something along those lines, Gavin just laughs and goes along with it, none of the usual offense that comes with them pointing out his otherwise clumsy nature. He knows that he won’t be the first to go, has narrowly avoided a messy end enough times to know that he’s got a guardian angel or devil or what have you watching over him. Has had an RPG miss him narrowly enough that the fuel singed his stubble, had the propeller of a rival crew’s transport plane buzz close enough to give his hair a trim. For every scrape and scrap he’s endured, he’s been spared losing his life.

Gavin got a concussion from having the car he was standing on rammed out from under him by a police cruiser? If he hadn’t been knocked to the ground, he would’ve caught a bullet to the head from one of the other officers on the scene. Totaled car from having a tire shot out? If he’d made it past the intersection he would’ve ended up between a tractor trailer and a hard place. 

For all that he seems unlucky, Gavin really is extraordinarily, almost supernaturally, fortunate. 

-Inspired by the newest GTA LP