fatal bite


More people a year die from DROWNING than shark bites.

So go on and make a movie about that.

Also, shark diving cages have buoys on them so they DON’T sink.

AND ALSO, those girls would have died on the way down 156 ft (47 meters) to the “bottom” cause they weren’t descending properly, controlling their buoyancy or equalize their ears. Human bodies cannot take that pressure so quickly.

UGGGH STOP MAKING SHARK MOVIES Unless its nice shark movies showing how cute they are. They’re not evil things looking to eat humans. There are 375 (to date) know species of sharks and only about a dozen are considered particularly dangerous. The 3 breeds responsible for most reports are tiger, bull and great whites. Bull sharks and tiger sharks are aggressive breeds. Great whites aren’t but they’re just so massive, a bite from them is not the same it would be from a smaller shark. With that, shark bites are usually never fatal. Most shark bites are just them checking out the scene cause they don’t have hands and when they realize you’re not food, they leave! Never blame the shark for biting you, you are in the water, their home. It’s the risk you’re willingly taking getting in. If you’re scared of getting bitten by a shark, don’t get in the water! Just like if you were scared of any other animal! You don’t get in a place that says there are snakes when you’re scared of snakes! Snakes live there, you don’t. So don’t go in if you don’t want to risk seeing or being bitten by a snake. Same with sharks and the ocean.

Sure, they’re maybe a hundred or so shark bite incidences a year but humans, with commercial fishing alone, kill hundreds of millions of sharks a year and that’s just commercial fishing!!! 

Sharks vital to ecosystem! Stop making people fear them and want them dead! We need them.

(Trimeresurus trigonocephalus) Sri Lankan green pitviper
Mainly hemotoxic. Reported human envenomation symptoms of local pain & swelling generally subside within a few days. Bites & envenomations of plantation workers are relatively common, but only a few human fatalities from bites by this species have been reported.

The best thing about Harry Potter is that the books would totally work if you take the magic out of them.

Philosopher’s Stone: Harry moves to a mysterious secluded boarding school, there he hears about a dangerous item being hidden on the school grounds. Turns out one of the teachers is the terrorist that killed Harry’s parents.

Chamber of Secrets: A series of mysterious incidents happen in the school, where students get hospitalized due to near-fatal snake bites. It’s all connected to a mysterious chamber in the castle, and a series of similar murders that happened 50 years ago.

Prisoner of Azkaban: An accomplice to Harry’s parent’s murder escapes from prison, and Harry must learn the truth about the connection between the escaped prisoner, his father, and the new teacher at school, as well as the identity of the real accomplice.

Goblet of Fire: An international tournament between several schools becomes a dangerous game as the terrorist plans his return by infiltrating the school with one of his followers pretending to be somebody else.

Order of Phoenix: The government cracks down on the school, denying everybody who dare say anything about the terrorist’s return. Harry and his friends must create an underground group to train to fight the terrorists.

Half-Blood Prince: Harry learns more about his teacher’s troubled history, as well as principle Dumbledore’s history with the terrorist back when he was a student. Harry and Dumbledore travel to find one piece of the terrorist’s secret plan, only in the end for Dumbledore to die at the hands of Harry’s teacher.

Deathly Hallows: The terrorists have taken over the school. Harry and his friends travel across the country to find the rest of the pieces of the terrorist’s plan in order to stop him. They found out the terrorist is obsessed with an old legend known as the Deathly Hallows. The story ends with an all out battle between the terrorists and the school staff for the fate of the country.

A photograph showing the effects of a rattlesnake bite.

The thirteen-year-old patient was hiking in remote woods when he was bitten on the hand by a Southern Pacific rattlesnake. Though generally not fatal, a bite from this species of snake contains heamotoxic proteins that prevent blood from clotting. As the venom progresses through the limbs, the venom destroys the enzymes bonding blood together, causing them to rot. Paralysis, necrosis, and nerve damage quickly follows. Unless medical attention is quickly sought, oftentimes the affected limb must be amputated.

The Eurasian lynx can be considered quite a secretive creature. The sounds it makes are very low and often not heard, and their presence in an area can go unnoticed for years! They are of the widest ranging cats in the world and can be found in the forests of western Europe, Russia and central Asia.

This extremely efficient hunter uses fine-tuned stealth and pounce techniques to bring down animals four times its size, delivering a fatal bite to the neck or snout of an unsuspecting deer. During winter, its variably patterned coat is long and dense and large fur-covered paws help it move through deep snow.

It’s time for #TrilobiteTuesday! Every trilobite fossil tells a unique and often compelling tale. Whether it’s a 500 million-year-old Hemirhodon amplipyge bearing a potentially fatal bite mark like the one pictured here, or a 450 million-year-old Primaspis crosotus appearing forever frozen amid a fossilized field of crinoid stems, each example of these primeval life forms possesses the capacity to provide a captured-in-time glimpse of a long-gone undersea kingdom. With a trilobite in hand and a healthy imagination at play, each of us can partake in a private sojourn back to a time when trilobites first filled the planet’s oceans.


(Naja sumatrana) Equatorial spitting cobra, Sumatran spitting cobra


Harbors a potent neurotoxin. Local bite symptoms may include pain, swelling, & necrosis. If venom gets into the eyes, it may cause immediate burning pain w/ lasting inflammation & possibly even permanent blindness. Occasional human envenomations & fatalities due to bites by this species have been reported.

Morphology by flight (I know, it’s been done):

Earth: Earth dragons are generally the largest, with rough hides and strong stocky bodies. They often have oversized front limbs and claws to allow them to dig and build more easily, and may have smaller wings in order to squeeze into their tunnels. Getting into a fight with an Earth dragon is not a good idea: they’re physically very powerful and have incredible stamina.  In some parts of Earth’s territory there are dragons who have spent so many generations underground that they’ve lost much of their vision and skin pigment, rendering them nearly albino. These dragons navigate by touch or by sensing vibrations.

Nature: Nature dragons rarely grow to any great size, as being too large in the jungle makes it difficult to hunt or flee. Despite their smaller stature Nature dragons are plenty dangerous, as many have developed poison glands and some even exude toxins directly from their skin. It’s very common to see Nature dragons born in camouflaged patterns and colors that allow them to blend into the forest, though many are born in bright warning colors. Most Nature dragons have well-developed claws suited for arboreal life as well as large eyes that function equally well at night. Very magically attuned dragons will sometimes grow plants directly from their mossy hides.

Ice: Ice dragons can be a little startling to those who have never seen them before. Their bodies are compact and bulky in order to conserve heat, and even non-tundras have been known to develop full or partial coats of fur. Like Nature dragons they have large talons to grip the ice and some have specialized horns on their heads designed to break through thin ice to reach air or water. Some are capable of developing thick layers of blubber underneath their scales, giving them a roly-poly appearance.

Light: Light dragons don’t have very many distinguishing features due to their rather undemanding environment, but they are known to have a more elegant appearance than other flights. Light dragons tend to have slightly longer necks and limbs and walk with a smoother gait, but have comparatively little stamina and don’t last very long in fights. Their wings and tendrils, if they have any, are very long and sensitive to temperature and pressure changes. It’s rare to see dark-colored Light dragons in any significant numbers. They tend to be slightly more intelligent than other flights, in a “book smart” sort of way.

Arcane: Arcane dragons are smallish in size and often spindly in appearance, mimicking their deity. They are not known for physically being very strong but compensate with deeper and more powerful magic reserves. Like Shadow dragons, they are frequently bioluminescent but have less control over it, and some Arcane dragons are downright glittery. Arcane dragons are by far the most likely to experience mutations and it’s very common to see dragons of this flight with extra limbs, wings, tails, and even heads. More monstrous mutations are present in clans located deeper in Arcane territory. Some barely look like dragons at all. All Arcane dragons have large, sharp-sighted eyes suitable for stargazing.

Wind: Wind dragons are known for being the best fliers and have smooth, streamlined bodies as well as powerful wings. Many have developed sails and fins to help them better navigate treacherous air currents, and their lungs are able to function at much higher altitudes than other flights. Some Wind dragons can fly for days or even weeks without landing, eating and sleeping on the wing and gathering moisture from clouds. Their wings display a much greater variety in shape than those of other dragons: broad wings for soaring, short wings for rapid takeoffs, curved wings for tight maneuvering. To assist with flying Wind dragons have large airsacs that make them lightweight, and coincidentally very buoyant. Most are sadly unable to dive without great effort.

Shadow: Long, low bodies are characteristic of Shadow dragons, giving some of them a weasel-like appearance. Shadow dragons are the most acrobatic and flexible of the flights to better survive in the brambles of their home and have tough, almost rubbery skin. They are very frequently bioluminescent and can even control the patterns they display, flashing glowing eyespots to frighten enemies or going completely dark in order to sneak up on prey. Some Shadow dragons possess chromatophores that allow them to change color completely, which they often use for pranks. Even the largest of Shadow dragons are able to move in near silence, and breeds with feathers have structures similar to owls that allow them to fly extremely quietly.

Water: Unsurprisingly, Water dragons are suited for aquatic life and many come ashore only rarely, if at all. Fins and flippers have replaced limbs in many Water dragon clans and wings have adapted to be more useful for swimming, sometimes taking on a manta ray-like appearance. Every Water dragon is born with gills as well as lungs, though some lose the ability to breathe air after several generations and require spells to survive on land. It’s quite common to see dragons with large fins on their tails, with some even losing their hind limbs entirely in a mermaid-like fashion. In the deepest trenches of the Sea of a Thousand Currents dragons have begun to resemble deep-sea fishes, complete with glowing lures and mouthfuls of jagged teeth.

Plague: Plague dragons are built for wasteland living and are very thin, sometimes appearing to be starving to outsiders. They have long limbs and broad vulture-like wings suited for soaring on the desert currents and have powerful jaws designed to crush bones. Despite their emaciated appearance Plague dragons are quite strong, and their bites deliver fatal amounts of bacteria to their unlucky prey. Some have even developed the ability to spray acid from glands in their mouths and throats. They are generally dull-colored to blend in with their environment but can boast streaks of bright colors. Plague dragons have a more feral and animalistic appearance than other flights and often have extra horns, spines, and rougher scales as well as exposed teeth.

Lightning: Lightning dragons are capable of storing electricity in their bodies and releasing it on command through a series of specialized muscles similar to those of electric eels. Their bodies are long and sleek with coats of jutting spines that allow them to gauge air pressure and nearby currents. Like Plague dragons they are adapted to a desert environment and can survive on little water and food for long periods of time. Curiously, they are much better able than other flights to handle prosthetic limbs and artificial implants and experiment freely with these sorts of additions.

Fire: Capable of withstanding far higher temperatures than other flights, some Fire dragons are even able to bathe in lava with no ill effects.  Their skin is very thick and rough and impervious to most damage. Fire dragons are very brightly colored despite their sooty environment and tend to have compact, armored bodies.

before you leave

◇ A moment with His Highness Prince Zitao before he leaves for war.

◇ Huang Zitao x reader

◇ vampire!au + historical!au + prince!au

◇ dedicated to @catou1305

◇ word count: 779


You could see it all from here. From the green fields in the distance, to the lanterns that decorated the village what seemed metres from your eyes. The low rumble of joyous chanting and music accompanied the bright, colourful explosions that burst into the night sky.

The whole kingdom was celebrating. Every corner was covered with beautiful red and gold lanterns, beautiful flowers and ribbons in respect and happiness that the prince was finally marrying.

“The festivities are beautiful, are they not?”

Lips drag along your neck, a hand smoothing over your bare breast gently simply to touch you. The throbbing in your neck has dimmed to a light hum of numbness, and even as your love thumbs over the bite marks softly, you can’t find it in you to smile.

“Please, tell me what plagues your mind, my queen.” There’s desperation in his voice, and you vaguely register your mind taking a break from the plethora of violent images that wracked it. It’s a breath of fresh air, and it’s evident from how your breathing comes much easier. He can hear it.

He cannot call you that yet — his queen. Because you aren’t, not yet, and if you will be or not relies solely on if he comes back to you. A fear that haunts your heart like no other — that tomorrow, you’ll bid him goodbye, and that will be your last encounter. Werewolves are dangerous, after all, and that’s exactly what he’s going to fight against.

“You leave tomorrow,” you whisper. You don’t look over your side at him, perhaps too scared to face him and instead choosing to focus on the luxurious decorative fabric that draped down, surrounding the bed like a colourful halo. “I… Nothing, I suppose. I am simply worried about your wellbeing. There is no matter.”

“I was not aware that you feared the werewolves so much,” he murmurs after a few minutes. You can only sigh, inhaling deeply as you turn on your side to face him. Even now, in the low light, completely bare, he looks utterly regal. Truly, a king.

“They are powerful, my love,” you remind him perturbedly, clasping your hands with his tightly, tightly, tightly, like this is your last time. And gods know that it might be. “Their bite is fatal to your kind. There is not yet a suitable antidote to heal a werewolf bite—”

“And I have armour,” he assures strongly, composition not faltering when he releases one of his hands from yours, soothing his thumb over your cheek. How, you wondered, could he be so composed? You were sure the anxiety broiling in your stomach was reciprocated — you knew he sometimes feared for his own life — and yet, laying in front of you now, he seems much more level-headed than you could ever be at a time like this. Prince — King — Zitao, indeed.

“If armour protected those who wore it as well as you expect there would be no fatalities in this war,” you mutter to yourself, hating how the word roll over you tongue. You’ve grown to hate the word war, along with many others that never fail to leave Zitao’s mouth when others are around: territory, combat, strategy.

“Our armies are superior to any warriors they can muster,” Zitao continues, “And while they may be brutes, they are not stupid; when they see the battle has been lost, they will surrender.”

And that may be the case. But who’s to say that it would be a lost battle for them? They were too unpredictable, and too difficult to guess their next move. This whole war was, actually. Vampires and werewolves, black and white, night and day. It was near impossible to guess the outcome.

“There should not be a worry in your heart, my love,” he finishes softly. Your silence continues to speak lengths to him, your eyebrows furrowed and your eyes clouded with thought. “I’ll return to you. And when I do…”

“We will hold a marriage fit for the queen you are,” he grins, watching your face light up at the mention. He presses his lips to your forehead, speaking between pecks, “And it will be the envy of all the Five Realms.”

“As long as I become your queen, I have no worries,” you finally speak, surrendering your prying thoughts to him and closing your eyes when Zitao wraps his arms around you, pulling you to his chest. The far off sound of bright explosions and folk songs make your heart flutter, and you doze off to the sound of happiness. This was truly home.


System detected a potential_hazard: Part 1/?

I’m just having a little fun here, don’t mind me.

As expected, a lot of people were curious ;) We’ll check in on them later.

I might make a couple more of these short comic things (like 2-4 updates per topic) about stuff that reveals things about Fatal, but aren’t necessarily going to be prominently featured in the actual comic. Just whenever I have time/am between comic updates. Really I just wanted an excuse to draw red-eye Fatal. I like him lots :)

Also the gif doesn’t always work? Not sure what that’s about? 

I know people love the symbolism of the orb web but lemme tell you a secret

This, beautiful and menacing structure has become a representation of fear. If you’re thinking horrible venomous beasties on eight legs, you think of the tell-tale orb web. BUT LET ME TELL YOU A SECRET THAT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE

This is INCORRECT. Very, irritatingly incorrect in multiple ways ways. I’mma cover two really quickly because it is so common to see the circle webbing with a Black Widow Spider upon it. 
1, Black Widow spiders have their “hourglass” on the bottom of their abdomen. A Redback spider is the one you’re thinking about with red stripe on the back of its abdomen.

2, Black widows do not create orb webs.
and, three:


Orbweaver spiders, such as the European Garden spider, the Golden Orb Weaver, and even tiny Jewel spiders are completely harmless, and are the artists behind these masterpieces. There are many species of Orb weaving spiders, but none have been known to give fatal bites. Maybe ones that could make you have a rash and headache, but nothing deadly.

Now, if you really wanna be exact in your arachnid symbolism, make a web more like this:

or this, 

These are the nests of the Australian Redback spider (below) and the very common Black Widow spider (above). Really, they’re ten times creepier and it’s disappointing that people choose to vilify harmless little orbie webs because they want some creepy ambiance.

(Also jsyk Black Widow spiders are one of the most docile spiders to handle and only bite if they think they’re in a life threatening situation. The survival rate of encountering one is pretty much 99.9%.)

Long Overdue {TVD 2x03 Review}

1. Rewatching the “Previously On” I get why Tyler’s “So the black sheep returns” line to Mason bothers me, it’s because the saying is “So the prodigal son returns” anything else just sounds awkward.

2. Elena’s reaction to Jeremy’s neck being snapped still leaves a lot to be desired, I mean in general but also when she actually thought that Damon killed him for good.

3. I still don’t get why they’re so interested in whether or not the Lockwoods are werewolves at this point, it just feels premature. I feel like Bonnie needed to have a flash of Mason kissing Katherine for them to be so invested in whether or not they’re werewolves because right now, if they are, who cares.

4. You know it’s cute that Elena says if Stefan has a problem with Damon going on the road trip she’ll stay home and Stefan is Stefan and mature and tells her to go but the show is transparent by having Stefan bring up that they can go later and that question is never answered, Elena just offers (and not in a manipulative way) to stay home and Stefan tells her to go. There’s no real reason why they couldn’t wait a few days so the show should’ve made it time sensitive.

5. Also Isobel’s office would not be intact if she hadn’t been at work for months/years, like a new professor would’ve been hired. “She’s technically still missing” that doesn’t mean that they just keep her office there like a shrine.

6. “I mean this is the south honey but no one likes to reminisce about the old slave days” TVD’s one reference to enslavement and it’s tone deaf af.

7. Watching this Stefonnie scene like … so Paul how excited were you to be able to share this scene with Kat?

8. I was talking about this with my friend, the whole “did Damon know Jeremy was wearing the ring” it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if he knew or didn’t know because he still killed her brother because she wouldn’t kiss him, it’s still a gross act of violence and punishment so the debate is frankly stupid.

9. “If you kill her, I swear I will never talk to you again.” “What makes you think that has any power over me?” Because it does and you’re obvious and trash about it.

10. Neurotic Vampire Caroline is exactly the same as Neurotic Human Caroline tho, nothing about it is amplified.

11. “Why are you staring at him with your Serious Vampire look?” “My wha – my Serious Vampire Look??” Still a very cute exchange. Steroline should’ve stayed here.

12. “It’s a bummer were not friends anymore because I could tell you what I know.” “Now who’s manipulating who?” That isn’t really how manipulation works, but whatever. Or good manipulation, I should say.

13. TVD’s Aztec version of the lycanthrope origin story is a very generic origin story that literally did not need to be repeated.

14. Why is it such a huge ass deal that the werewolf bite is fatal to vampires? So is fire and so is a stake. They’re actually pretty vulnerable creatures.

15. Not that finding out that something else can kill you is a small deal but if it’s a big deal it has to be like a huge, OTHER VAMPIRES SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS kind of deal. How is there no vampire grapevine?

16. Caroline actually waits a long time to reconcile with Matt, like it was full-out sunny when she compelled that girl to leave and it’s full-out night when she’s like “Are you mad?”

17. Also love how worried Elena is about Stefan on the phone, calling him to be like so we found out all this information and it could be bullshit but it’s a full moon, like she is so endearingly worried.

18. “Doppelgangers usually torment the people they look like, trying to undo their lives.” “More things we already know.” Why are they acting like Katherine completely destroyed Elena’s life? That happens later but right now, she has just gone to the Forwood wake disguised as Elena and kissed Damon, she’s just been petty. Damon killing Jeremy as a result of not being a grown ass man because his feelings were hurt by Elena and Katherine is a Damon thing not a Katherine thing.

19; You know, it would’ve been cool if Stefan knew werewolves existed and a long time ago a force whose job it was to hunt werewolves down and exterminate them came to him like you should join our force and he said no because he finds it wrong and he’s trying to stay away from killing because it’ll reactive ripper tendencies so he’s been keeping the Lockwoods safe by keeping his mouth shut and then when Damon finds out and Stefan isn’t surprised he’s like why aren’t you surprised and Stefan explains to him what happened those years ago and Damon is like why didn’t you tell me, and Stefan’s like I was sworn to secrecy. Well why wouldn’t they tell me about their super secret assassination mission? Because you’re not exactly super secret assassin material, Damon. You lash out too much.

20. Why is TA chick telling Ric to call her, she said, like, 5 words to him.

21. Ian trying to put on an accent saying Katerina Petrova is ridiculous. Stop it.

22. “Men snoop too you know” no one said it was only women, Damon you sexist ass.

23. Stefan really was like Caroline’s older brother/father figure in season 2 tho.

24. “I mean if I followed my own advice I should’ve walked away from Elena a long time ago.” “Do you ever think yo should’ve? “I know I should’ve. I just can’t.” One of my favourite SE quotes.

25. Did anyone really care about Jenna and Ric?

26. “This doesn’t mean that things are back to the way things used to be, Damon” except what was “used to be” though? Seriously, I’m asking because they actually do not spend much time together in season 1 and if they did it was always about Stefan. They didn’t even develop a shorthand or anything, it’s not even like Elena was comfortable with Damon, she just shouldn’t have been as angry as she should’ve when he was killing her friends.

27. “I thought friends don’t manipulate each other.” But Damon, you and her just established that Elena knew from the beginning of the day that you “lost her forever” which means that you weren’t her friend, you were someone with information that she needed. Also considering that you killed her brother, lied about knowing if he would come back to life and just admitted that you lied, you have some fucking nerve to stand on her porch and tell her she’s just like Katherine because you’re in your feelings.

28. I guess we’re supposed to assume that Liz invited Katherine into the house thinking she was Elena and that’s how she got into Caroline’s bedroom?

Thanks for reading!

idontbelieveinfear  asked:

49 Ford vs. some ugly armed bounty hunters (and his worst fear of never being able to complete his mission)

“I’d rather die,” he snarled as he spat in its face. The bounty hunter recoiled and wiped its face- its nose?- with its appendage. Ford saw it as an advantage and kicked his legs out, catapulting the body off to the side and away from him. He scrabbled on the hot desert sand as he flipped himself over and started to run, his feet sinking into the dunes. He unclasped his gun from his hip and turned, sand billowing like dust under his boots. He saw the hunter slinking past a dune; its broad hind feet keeping it from sinking in the sand. It bared its teeth at him and its bottom jaw split from each other. It now donned two bottom jaws, complete with tongues, teeth and venomous fangs. Its four black eyes glinted in the hot desert sun- well, suns; plural- and it released a scream. In its pure form, it sounded like a mix between a hawk and a huffing puff adder; except it was much, much louder.

His translator deciphered the scream in a matter of moments. Ford fired his gun and the animal dodged, making a beeline after him.

“That can be arranged.”

He barely had time to move before the hunter leaped at him. Ford managed to dodge to the side as the alien crashed into the ground, scrabbling for hold in the sand. Ford aimed his gun again and fired, the blast of the bolt nearly knocking him back into the dirt. The bolt hit and the animal screamed.

The translator parroted the same sound back.

Ford fired again. The alien struck out with its tail, catching Ford right in the chest. He felt the air rush out of him and he saw stars when he hit the ground. He lay there, staring at the suns for a few moments, too stunned to move. His breathing came in ragged gasps. A shadow loomed over him, the drastic change in light, making him recoil. The bounty hunter screeched again, its mouth agape with its venomous fangs peeling towards the front of the mouth, ready to inflict a surely fatal bite. It pressed its clawed hand to Ford’s chest and kept its face far enough away to make sure the previous escape didn’t happen a second time.

Ford tried to kick out, but he only disturbed the sand beneath him.

The animal’s body coiled inwards and its neck craned back, its mouth aimed right for Ford’s neck.

He suddenly registered the weight in his right hand.

He flicked it up and fired.

The sound of the explosion and the burst of electric blue light ripped him from his hearing and sight, leaving him scrambling for sense as the mayhem silenced. He only felt the weight of the beast press against him, feeling the prick of teeth at his neck.

I missed, his brain panicked and he started to struggle, trying to force himself back into alertness, the whiteness of his vision and the ringing in his ears sending him further down the rabbit hole. I’m dead. I’m dead. It’s got me. Can’t defeat Bill. Can’t defeat Bill. He’s got me now nononono-

The burst of panic and realization brought tears to his eyes, but he was too dehydrated to actually shed anything. His heart was beating out of his chest and he screwed his eyes shut as sight began to return to him.

I don’t want to see, don’t make me look.

He held his breath and waited.

He heard nothing except for the whistling of the wind and the ringing in his ears.

He felt nothing but the sifting sand at his back and the terrifying weight on his chest.

When he peeled his eyes open, he saw nothing but the pair of blazing hot suns and the hunter on his chest, jaws askew with deep violet blood trickling from a massive wound on its head. Its black eyes stared forward and Ford could see his reflection in them.

He felt sick.

He scrambled out from under the animal frantically, kicking and scrabbling against the sand. When he finally released himself of the restraints, he fell on his hands and knees, his stomach trying to empty itself. He hadn’t eaten for days so he was left to dry heave, the rancid air and nausea only making it worse. A voice told him to get up and keep moving, but his arms and legs shook badly just holding himself up in that way. He contemplated just collapsing and laying in the sand, but he knew that was an even worse idea.

Either he’d burn to a crisp in the sun, get found out by more hunters or animals, or he just wouldn’t have the energy to get up again, succumbing to the voice that told him to give up and sleep.

After he had calmed down and his stomach stopped clenching, he stood on quivering legs and continued to move across the seemingly endless desert.

He didn’t look back once.

Short Writing Prompts

I just realized that the Smiling Titan A.K.A. Grisha’s first wife is the only titan in the series that inflicts bodily harm/killing a human before consuming them. 

Here, she crushes her spine. In the anime, she rips her in two. And this is the only time we see a titan fatally injure someone without biting into them or eating them. This may be an indication that she may not be as mindless as other titans. This action displays more intelligence as the action was deliberate. It’s only cruel cruel irony (by Isayama’s intentional writing) that the victim was Grisha’s second wife…. Also Eren’s mother.

How often do you have to drink?” 
“Every night, to feel good. Every few nights, to stay sane.” 
“Have you ever bitten anyone?” 
“No. I’m not a murderer.” 
“Does it have to be fatal every time? The biting? Couldn’t you just drink some of a person’s blood, then walk away?” 
“I can’t believe you’re asking me this, Snow. You, who can’t walk away from half a sandwich.” 
― Rainbow Rowell, Carry On
Carry on
A Change Of Life

Summary: Phil changes Dan into a vampire and takes care of him as he goes through the “newborn” phase.

Phil hummed softly to himself as he heated Dan’s drink up in the microwave as Adam had done for him during his change. When Phil was a “newborn”, he had been exactly how Dan is right now. Dan is very much a weakling at the moment and loves to be babied. He’s still very jumpy and childish, but Phil expected this; it’s only been two weeks since he changed Dan.

~Two Weeks Earlier~

“So,” Dan whispered as he snuggled closer to his boyfriend, “You’re really a vampire? How old are you? Will you ever die? How can you die? Wait, so you actually drink blood?! But I’ve seen you eat food! Have you drank blood around me? Do your parents know? Do PJ and Chris know? How come you don’t attack anyone? What-”

Phil eventually stopped his boyfriend’s obsessive questions by putting his hand over his mouth. He knew Dan would have a lot of questions, and he was more than happy to answer them; but he needed Dan to slow down a bit.

“Well,” Phil started, speaking softly, “yes I am a vampire love, I’m 169 years old. I won’t die and it’s absolutely possible for me to die, but only if I kill myself by starvation. And I do drink blood but I eat other things too; I can eat ‘normal’ food but it won’t help me live or fill me up, but I can eat for the taste. No, I haven’t drank blood around you, I drink it from the source and before you ask, I have never killed anyone. No one knows what I am besides you, me and Adam. And as long as I’m well fed, I can control myself.”

Phil slowly uncovered his lover’s mouth, staring into his chocolate brown eyes. His eyes showed nothing but shock and love, to Phil’s delight he didn’t seem to be afraid. Phil let out a soft sigh of relief a he stroked Dan’s soft hair.

“So… that means that I’ll die and leave you here alone?” Dan whispered, his eyes suddenly watery.

Phil reached out and wiped his love’s tears with his fingers, “That’s why I told you what I am baby, you have a decision to make. You’re getting older and… well. If you want to be with me forever, I’ll need to change you and if I don’t do it now while you’re still young, the blood would be fatal to me and the bite fatal to you.”

Dan bit his lip before kissing Phil lovingly, wrapping his arms securely around him. Phil smiled softly into the kiss before running his fingers up and down Dan’s back, trying to calm him without making it obvious what he was doing.

Eventually, Dan pulled away from the loving kiss, “Phil, I want you to change me now.”

The vampire’s eyes went wide in shock as he looked at his boyfriend. He really wants this? He wants to be with him forever?! A smile broke out across Phil’s face, showing his fangs to Dan for the first time. Dan slowly traced the protruding fangs with his finger, marveling at their size.

After Dan moved his hand away, he looked up at Phil expectantly, only to see him sigh and bite his lip. “Dan, I love you more than anything and I want to be with you forever, but this is a huge decision. You have to think about everything that you’ll have to get used to and how things will change, how you will change. Do you really want that?”

The brunette thought to himself for a minute before nodding, “I want you to change me Phil. I don’t care about the consequences. I love you and as long as I have you, I can deal with anything else that might come at me. Just promise to never leave me when I am a vampire.”

Phil smiled and kissed his true love’s cheek, “Okay, if you’re sure. But it’ll be a painful process for a few days, then very confusing. Then you’ll be insanely horny for about three or four days and finally, your change will be done and you’ll be a newborn vampire for about a year. You’ll have to rely on me for a lot of things so you’ll have to trust me.”

A light blush came onto Dan’s cheeks as Phil told him all of the phases of his change, but he knew he could make it through all of them. “Okay Phil, I can handle it love.” He kissed his boyfriend’s lips softly as he stroked his cheek.

“Okay baby, I’m going to bite into your neck and both of your wrists. It’s going to burn for a minute but it’ll go away. You’re going to feel numb for a few hours but then you’ll feel burning all throughout your body and random bursts of excruciating pain, but I’ll be here the entire time. If you need help during this at all, tell me. I mean it Dan.”

Dan nodded and laid down, watching his boyfriend intently as he stood, moving Dan into a more comfortable position before tilting his head back, sinking his fangs deeply into the brunette’s neck. Dan gasped out in pain, writhing beneath the vampire as tears sprung into his eyes. It hurt more than anything he had ever felt before, but he knew he had to endure it.

Phil pulled away with a sad look in his bright blue eyes. He pecked Dan’s cheek after licking the blood off of his own lips before biting down into each of Dan’s tanned wrists. This time didn’t hurt nearly as much and Dan was grateful of this fact. But this relief was short lived, all too soon Dan felt burning in each place that his boyfriend had bitten.

Tears formed in his eyes as well as Phil’s as the pain took place. Phil touched each bite with his cold fingers, offering a little relief from the agonizing burning,  “I love you Dan, so much.” Phil whispered, placing butterfly kisses on Dan’s sweaty face.

Dan smiled tearfully, gripping his boyfriend’s hand tightly, “I love you too Phil, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be doing this. This hurts even more than the first time we had sex.”

Phil chuckled and shook his head, “You’re hopeless.” He whispered fondly as he held his changing boyfriend closely to his chest.

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i usually spent more time on arts so sorry for this poorly drawn fish boy
happy shark week!
todays shark fact: we share jaws with jaws! that is, we share a common ancestor with sharks that allowed for the evolution of movable jaws, and they were one of the first jawed creatures! so that’s why they call him jaws… 
this ability to move ones mouth changed the animal game and life on earth as we know it. 
so now we can munch! Shark also depend on that first bite catching (fatally wounding) their prey, which is why sharks biting into humans is devastating, even when sharks don’t eat (or want to eat) humans. we look like seals, and they only have one bite to get their dinner and regulate the marine trophic cascade that allows us to get up to 80% of our O2. Thanks, Jaws! 

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So biggest thing I see in the kc fandom is how much they hate Stefan for the things he's done but klaus they have no problem with. In fact most of them didn't even watch the show and decided Stefan's a fuckboy after he repeatedly tried to protect Caroline. And where the fuck was klaus when idk she lost her mom...got pregnant. Oh right, making out with another woman. Just an observation. Thoughts?

So true! This is one of the biggest things about KC I don’t understand. The fans constantly go on about how Stefan is a horrible person. HAVE THEY MET KLAUS? With his humanity, Stefan is a great person. He would never want to hurt anyone and feels everyone’s pain. He wouldn’t want harm to come to anyone, especially not people he cared about. Where are Klaus didn’t even hesitate - HUMANITY ON - to fatally bite Caroline, the one girl he was supposed to care about? Just to make people fear him and put his point across??? Sure, when Stefan had his humanity off he did some terrible things but they literally have no feeling when their switch is off?? Anyone would be like that. Once Stefan had his humanity back he would have HUGE amounts of remorse and regret for the things he had done where as Klaus just didn’t give a shit and has no regrets for the things he’s done because he thinks that everything he does is okay and justified and he’s Klaus so he can do whatever he wants.. and the only reason Stefan turned it off in s8 because he’d basically sacrificed himself to the devil and couldn’t do the things he was gonna made to do with his humanity on! Everything Stefan ever did was for the benefit of someone else and in the end he lost his life because he was always trying to do right by other people. The only person Klaus wanted to do right by was himself, atleast until Hope came along. But even now he didn’t hesitate doing horrible things for her. Caroline never talked to Klaus so would of never told him about her mom etc because it’s none of his business really. I mean what was he even going to do to comfort her even if he did know? Buy her a new mom? That’s all he was ever good for to her, new possessions.