I just want to say that chubby chasers have a bad rap.  If someone likes bigger people, it’s the same thing as having a preference for any other type of person.  

Granted, fat women especially have been over sexualized by the fetish community of feeders, but chubby chasers aren’t necessarily fetishists.  Nobody deserves to be sexualized if they don’t want to be but chubby chasers aren’t a bad thing.

I used to think just like that, I used to want someone who didn’t necessarily like fat girls because it meant that I was appealing beyond being a fat girl even though there is nothing wrong with being a fat girl. It’s just another measure of self hate

Chubby chasers can be problematic when they are still “in the closet.” They hide their lovers for fear of being discovered and that’s painful especially for the person they are involved with who is being hidden because of their size.

Open and out chubby chasers are awesome though! I wish there were more of them out in the open!


FA Frenchie

This kind of assumption, that a chubby chaser who goes after a chubby person couldn’t possibly also be interested in them as a person, too, really bugs me.  I’m glad Ms. Frenchie could give her usual right-on-target wisdom about this issue.  On that note, this is also one of the most enlightened, truly accepting blogs on size acceptance that I have ever seen.  Give it a looksie.