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The Fat Unicorn Livestream is up and Running! Playing chill music and drawing fat unicorns. 

You’re more than welcome to come and watch and chat! 

Chat is On

Mic is Off . 

Dom is not Taking Commissions today, sorry! 

- Mod Dom 

Zodiac SQUAD: Water Squad
  • Pisces: *bobbing head to some music*
  • Scorpio: *walks into the room and sees Pisces* *walks over and pokes them in the shoulder* Hey.
  • Pisces: *looks over and turns down speaker* What?
  • Scorpio: Have you seen Cancer? I can't find them anywhere.
  • Pisces: Have you tried the bathroom?
  • Scorpio: Oh. No. Let me go see. *heads to the bathroom, opens door*
  • Cancer: *sitting in the tub, staring at the wall, crying*
  • Scorpio: Whoa. What the heck happened to you?
  • Cancer: *sniffles* P-p-pisces said Rhinos are just fat unicorns in disguise. And that they are going extinct!
  • Scorpio: Yeah? So are bananas.
  • Cancer: WHAT. WHEN WAS THIS?!

Anonymous: Solangelo - date at the Zoo & i-am-a-demigod-and-wizard: Solangelo get caught making out by Leo Percy and Jason and Nico gets super embarrassed but Will doesn’t care Prompt!

A/N: So I may have combined these. High T-rated, I guess. I hope you like this, I do, and again, sorry for being late.

When the boys hear that Nico di Angelo has never actually been to a zoo, they are in uproar. “But the animals!” “That’s so depressing!” “Were there not zoos in the 40s?” The questions are vaguely idiotic and irritating, and possibly immature, but Nico appreciated the concern all the same.

That is, he appreciated the concern until Jason and Will showed up with five tickets to the New York Zoo, with the proud knowledge that Nico would be accompanying them, Percy, and Leo all afternoon.

“Don’t I get a say in this?” Nico asks, and Will beams with absolute sunshine.

“Is your answer yes?”

“Oddly enough, no.”

“Ah. Then oddly enough, no, you don’t get an opinion. Come along, babe.”

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