nebulator  asked:

12 or 14 for klance please!!

Uhhh I’m gonna go with 14 I think

(for 100 ways to say i love you)

14 - “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”

Have some older Klance.

Something stirs on the mattress, rousing Lance from his sleep. His long limbs are held close to his body, bringing his blankets with him. He is a cocoon of warmth. Cold air floods his nostrils. His eyes crack open.

Keith sits on the side of the bed. His hair is flattened down on the side he slept on and he tugs at the boots on his feet. His trembling fingers pull the cuffs of his pants down.

“Escaping?” Lance grumbles. Keith jumps.

He looks over his shoulder to meet Lance’s sleepy gaze. His features melt into a smile and he rolls onto the bed, wrapping his arms around Lance and pulling him close.

“I was trying not to wake you.” Keith gently kisses his temple.

“So you are running away.” Lance’s smirks with his eyes closed. Keith huffs out a gentle laugh.

“I figured I snuck in here last night, so I’ll sneak out to prevent your mother having a heart attack.”

“Do you know how many people live here? My mum would’t even blink if she saw you.” Lance chuckles. “She’d just think you were yet another child that was somehow related.”

They both laugh softly into the sheets. Keith keeps his hands under neath the blankets to keep them warm for as long as he can. his thumb rubs at a prominent scar on Lance’s side. A relic from a galena blade some time ago. 

Laying in Lance’s bed in the early morning, condensation forming on the windows and the lilt of bird song outside… it’s hard to believe that all that was real sometimes.

But the scars on their skin remind him. Their faces broadcast over the television and their names hanging off of some news reporter’s lips.

As much as some of these hurt, Keith is grateful. Because the boy now in his arms is his biggest reminder. Of course it would take an all-out space war for Keith to finally get a boyfriend.

“I’m also trying to avoid your sister.” keith confesses.

“Ah!” Lance laughs louder. “That’s fair enough.”

“She keeps asking when I’m going to propose to you.”

“Well when are you?”

“Shut up.” Keith shoves Lance, and the two of them laugh until the cold air sneaks underneath the blanket. Lance hisses and pulls the blanket closer.

“Stop sleeping naked,” Keith chides.

“Never. I know you want me for my body.” Lance presses himself closer and giggles. Keith rolls his eyes. With a wide grin, he gives Lance’s bare ass a squeeze.

“I’ll admit, it is a nice bonus.” He kisses Lance’s cheek. “So scruffy.” He licks his lips with distaste.

“I didn’t know you were coming. I had no time to shave.”

“So manly.” Keith runs the back of his knuckles against Lance’s stubbly jaw. 

With a kick of his legs, Keith pulls himself back into a seated position. He stands and begins to do up his belt. Lance watches with a lopsided smile.

“I’ll text you when I get home.” He promises.

“Say hi to Shiro for me.”

Keith nods. He walks over to the window and undoes the latch. He braces himself for the frigid morning air.

“Hey,” Lance’s voice cuts through the quiet room. “Take my jacket. It’s cold outside.”

Keith pauses. Then he runs over to Lance’s desk chair with a spring in his step. He pulls on the old, green jacket and beams. It’s faded and there’s a couple of patches in it now. Hunk had specially chosen out the bright pink fabric that he thought would compliment the jacket’s green colour scheme. The patches had been finely stitched, and several had doodles from their friends on them. Shiro had drawn a terrible stick figure family, while Pidge had drawn a fat unicorn. Coran had signed his name in glorious calligraphy.

“Love this jacket.” Keith buries his nose in the collar. The jacket reeked, but he liked the smell. Lance sweat and still the faint smell of exhaust fumes. Lance wore this continuously, and apparently didn’t even take it off to perform maintenance on his lion.

“I know you do.” Lance sighs. He watches his boyfriend zip up the old jacket. He should really give it to Keith. It fits him better now. However, the jacket had become so tied to his sense of identity that Lance refused to let it go completely. He was gradually weening himself to have joint custody of it with Keith. Keith’s bright smile definitely makes the sacrifice worth it. 

Keith pulls the old hood over his head and moves over to the window again. He opens it. Lance feels the cold wind rush in and Keith swears under his breath. He sticks his leg out and straddles the window sill. 



Keith pauses and chews his lip. His cheeks start to pink in the cold.

“Thanks for being my boyfriend.”

Lance turns and looks at Keith with narrowed eyes. 

“You never have to thank me for that. I love you.”

Keith beams and nods. He falls out of the window wondering if he’ll ever touch the ground again.

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